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☆ Timber Management

Farm-management Software
Brad Hodgson’s cabinetmaking is a good complement to Root Prairie Galloways, their growing grassfed-beef enterprise. Our farm financial records consisted of receipts for sales and expenses that were retained by my mother for annual tax accounting .
United States, Pennsylvania
Lakes - Tall Timber
Vacation, have a family reunion, build your retirement home, or investment. Abundant wildlife, including deer, turkeys, armadillos, eagles. Electricity & water at road frontage. Storage for boat or RV.
United States, Texas
Integrated Pest Management
A healthy plant is your first line of defense. I’ve solved this problem by painting the handles a bright color. Do a few aphids or slugs require action?Is a sizeable portion of my crop endangered and needs immediate attention?When selecting varieties...
United States, California
Horse Farm Management
Whatever type of equine facility you are interested in, there are some basic tasks that will pretty much be a given: Create Productive Pasture Horse farms—and small-acreage horse farms, in particular—easily become overpopulated with horses, making...
United States, Pennsylvania
Organic Pest Management
This article originally ran in Hobby Farms Presents: Orcharding. Healthy soil produces vigorous plants that are less likely to have problems with pests. Some organic pesticides disrupt beneficial insects, and should be avoided.
United States, Pennsylvania
Seeking Land/Timber Management
02/94-02/96 Courtesy Clerk, Marlinton Foodland, Marlinton, WV 24954 Responsibilities Included: Cashier, taking inventory, and carrying out groceries. 05/97-08/97, 05/98-08/98, 12/98 Procurement Forester, W.M. Cramer Lumber Co., Inc.
United States, Ohio
United States, West Virginia
United States, Virginia
CSA Management Software 101
An account representative from any of the software programs should be willing to talk with you about your farm and the direction you’re headed while they walk you through the CSA farmer’s side and the CSA member’s side of their program.
United States, Pennsylvania
Sawn Timber
Belgium, West Flanders
Belgium, Wisconsin
Selective Forestry/Professional Timber Management
We do free appraisels/consultations. Selective Forestry working with Professional Timber Mangement. Also we buy land thoughout michigan to sustain the beauty of Michigan
United States, Michigan
Drought Management of Livestock
“If it is necessary to feed grain or use a different grain, mix the old grain with the new, gradually increasing the concentration over at least a week,” Pennington says. Livestock might be tempted to eat poisonous plants when other grazing options...
United States, Pennsylvania
Walnut timber and kernel of walnut
The full package of documents and certificates. Customs clearance in Russia and in Europe. Packing in boxes, polyethylene terephtalate, vacuum, marking, pallets. Walnut selling We deal with selling of walnut timber and kernel of walnut 1/2, 1/4, 1/8.
Ukraine, Kharkiv
Pest Patrol: Integrated Pest Management
Regularly observe your plants, monitor any pests and promote those beneficial insects. They harm beneficials and aquatic life, so care must be taken with their application. Use great caution when applying copper-based fungicides.
United States, Pennsylvania
Management Basics for Sheep Owners
Consult your veterinarian and reference materials, such as Popular Farming Series: Sheep , for guidance. The shelter will need soft bedding to absorb urine and to give your sheep a comfy place to rest and ruminate.
United States, Pennsylvania
Wolf Management On Your Farm
Learn to live side-by-side with wolves on your farm with a range of control techniques. Why Killing Isn’t The Answer While some farmers and ranchers disagree with policies in place to protect and promote wolf populations, turning to lethal wolf control...
United States, Pennsylvania
Standing Timber on 80 acres mostly Cedar
Location Hwy 69 Greenville TX Hunt county Contact Sirish at 512-909-8752 if interested. Need land cleared for agriculture. I am selling Standing Timber on 80 acres mostly Cedar, some Pear and misc.
United States, Texas
What Is Phytophthora: Phytophthora Symptoms And Management
There are many phytophthora species, some that favor warmer weather and others cooler, but the majority of these oomycetes appear in the spring and fall.Phytophthora symptoms are often generalized, causing weakness and slow collapse in affected plants.
United States, Ohio
Hydrilla Management: Tips On Controlling Hydrilla Weeds
The numbers have since increased until infestations have become a budgetary burden in those localities with the highest populations of the plant. It has also been discovered in some northern and Midwest regions.freestar.queue.push(function() { googletag.display("div-gpt-ad-300x250-ATF-1");...
United States, Ohio
4 Manure Management Options For Your Farm
There, the manure’s nutrients will go unused and have the potential to leach into waterways and groundwater—not to mention the limited landfill space the manure will occupy. “Best-management practices on small farms are practical, cost-effective...
United States, Pennsylvania
SLICES OF TROPICAL TIMBER - Translated with google
Spain, Valencian Community
Belgium, Wisconsin
Edged Beech/ Ash Timber
Germany, Hamburg
Belgium, Wisconsin
Interior Foliage Plants: Winter Management and Care
Fertilize in April with a formula created for these plants.Success depends upon choosing the right plant for your interior. Tropical rainforest plants such as bird's nest and maidenhair fern, bromeliads, spathophyllum, Dieffenbachia, spider plants and...
United States, California
Timber cutting
Denny's Restaurant, State College, Pa. February 1991 - March 1992 Head line cook Over seeing cook on the line, training, ect. Excellent costumer service skills. Perkins Family Restaurant, State College, PA May 1998 - April 2000 Food production manager...
United States, Pennsylvania
OAK SQUARE EDGED TIMBER FINEST QUALITY slavonian - Translated with google
Germany, Baden-Wurttemberg
Belgium, Wisconsin
Perkins Timber
Based in Pittsburgh, we serve the entire Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio areas. We specialize in the sale of timber and the supervision of all aspects of logging. We pay 100% cash before removing a single tree from your land.
Timber Harvesting
Currently i have my own processor and skidder. My name is brian jensen and i am looking for work in the logging industry. Cut and skid harvested trees Operate a harvester and skidder...very mechanically inclined
United States, Wisconsin
Timber Pine
Please send me the reply as soon as possible. I would like to get price offers and other necessary information for the followig sizes 2'X2', 2'X3', 2'X4', 4'X4', 9'X1', 12'X1' all having a standard length of 6 meters.
Austria, Vienna
Australia, Victoria
Ethiopia, Addis Ababa
Timber land
Land must req river touch or water facelity,with permission of lifting water from natural sources,if land is located interiror part its o k but also at very competative rate,so its possible to wait for long crop cycle.
Australia, Queensland
Niue [New Zealand],
United States, California
Timber Request
Pricing is important. Each post must be nine feet long and a minumum of three and a one half inches in diameter. I am planting a vineyard and am looking for post material. I require 1600 9 foot posts a minimum of 3 1/2 inches in diameter
United States, Texas
Timber Wanted
We are a timber co in indiana, who works tri state area ,we pay top prices , buy all kinds of trees and grade trees , veener ,saw trees ect. We are looking to buy all kinds of timber or timberland we like hardwoods but solfwood ok if with mixed hardwood
United States, Indiana
United States, Ohio
United States, Kentucky
Cottonwood Timber
I have parrots that i need to make toys for and stands as they go throw a large amount of wood to chew but it must be safe for them and untreated meaning just cut down and nothing has contaminated the wood in anyway.
United States, Kentucky
United States, Tennessee
United States, Georgia