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Tree Rigging Equipment Farm Supplies For Sale In Welland Pelham

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Miller Anchorage Connector 6ft Webbing With D Ring
Prices start at : 41.99 USD / each

Provides temporary anchorage to overhead support beam for fall protection systems! 1 3/4" webbing cross-arm strap features a D-ring which slips through a web loop. Rated to 310 lb, tensilestrength 5,000 lb.


    Product Features

      • 1 and 3/4" webbing cross-arm strap features a D-ring which slips through a web loop: Product Features
      • 1 and 3/4" wide webbing: Specs
      • Tensile strength 5,000 lbs: Specs
      • Provides temporary anchorage to overhead support beam for fall protection systems: Product Features
      Welland Pelham
      Arborist Tote Bag, Charcoal Black
      Prices start at : 20.29 USD / each

      This duffel bag is spacious AND durable! Whether you take it out into the field, or just use it for storing those "have to have on hand" products, this arborist tote bag gets an A+! Spacious, durable, and easy to carry, the ATB will be number one in your...
      • Dimensions are 20" x 12" x 9.5": Specs
      Welland Pelham
      Throw Weight 14oz With 150ft Slick Line and Storage Bag
      Prices start at : 51.99 USD / each

      Slick shot - designed for accurate throwing! Complete with 14oz cordura nylon throw bag, 150' of 1/8" braided polyethylene snag resistant line, and a durable nylon storage bag.


        • Durable nylon storage bag: Specs
        • Throw bag made of 14oz cordura nylon: Specs
        Welland Pelham
        Buck Rigid Line Flipline Lanyard
        Prices start at : 200.99 USD / each

        90 degree twist in the adjuster aligns a carabiner perfectly to your saddle. An easily adjustable rope lanyard with stiff handling characteristics of of a wire core flipline, without the steel cable! This 7/16"uniline rope lanyard comes with a BuckGrab...
        • Overall length 8': Specs
        • Includes the Buckadjuster one-way cam: Product Features
        Welland Pelham
        US Rigging Aluminum Micro Pulley
        Prices start at : 15.19 USD / each

        445lb Working Load Limit Tensile: 4,450 lb, WLL: 445 lb, Sheave: Aluminum, Sheave Dia: 1-1/4", Side Plate : Alum., Rope Dia: 7/16", Weight: 4.2 oz, Ship wt .5 lb.
        Welland Pelham
        CMI Pulley Stainless Steel With 2.4in Aluminum Sheave 850lb Working Load
        Prices start at : 86.99 USD / each

        Stainless steel pulley for arborist use.


          • Stainless steel sideplates: Specs
          • Uses 1/2-inch rope but can handle up to 5/8-inch: Specs
          • Minimum breaking strength 8500 lbs.: Specs
          Welland Pelham
          CMI Double Pulley Aluminum With 1.25in Sheaves 700lb Working Load
          Prices start at : 63.69 USD / each

          Aluminum pulley for arborist use.


            • 1 and 3/4-inch thick: Specs
            • Aluminum sheaves: Specs
            • 3.5-inch diameter: Specs
            • Aluminum sideplates: Specs
            • Takes 1/2-inch rope: Specs
            Welland Pelham
            Tree Climbers Companion Book
            Prices start at : 20.49 USD / each

            The International Society of Arboriculture gives this book their "thumbs up"! Teaches methods of climbing and working safely in trees with a minimum of unnecessary effort and maximum productivity.


              • Written by Jeff Jepson, copyright 1997: Specs
              • Tools of the Trade:Webbing Slings: Specs
              • Pre-Climb Inspection: Specs
              • Rope Installation: Specs
              • Positioning in the Tree: Specs
              Welland Pelham
              2-in-1 Buckingham Safety Lanyard with Steel Snap Prusik, 10ft Length
              Prices start at : 151.99 USD / each

              The combination of braided rope and twisted rope offers the best combination for this application. The prusik is constructed of Blue Streak 16-strand rope, then looped around a 3-strand twist nylon rope.


                • Different color thimbles to easily distinguish each end of the lanyard: Specs
                • Blue Streak 16-strand rope looped around a 3-strand twist nylon rope: Specs
                Welland Pelham
                Petzl Footpro Webbing Loop With Gate Connector For Handled Ascenders
                Prices start at : 44.99 USD / each

                A height adjustable elastic keeps the foot in the loop, regardless of shoe type.. The Footpro is a versatile accessory used with handled ascension devices during the "sit-stand" rope climb! The strap can be adjusted to proper length with the double back...

                Product Features

                  • Underfoot strap is abrasion-resistant and is slightly rigid to make it easier to step into: Product Features
                  • Length easily adjusted with the DoubleBack buckle: Product Features
                  Welland Pelham
                  Petzl Rope Ascender
                  Prices start at : 94.99 USD / each

                  The ergonomic molded handle allows for a comfortable yet powerful grip. The wide lower hole allows the carabiners lanyard and/or footloop to be easily attached. The wide opening allows the handle to be easily grasped, even with gloves.

                  Product Features

                    • Better grip on wet ropes is safer: Product Benefits
                    • Safety catch is integrated into the body of the rope clamp to help prevent snagging: Product Features
                    • Toothed cam with self-cleaning slot optimizes performance even with dirty or frozen ropes: Product Features
                    • Aluminum and chrome-plated steel contruction: Specs
                    • Type: Right Handle
                    • Upper hole for clipping a carabiner around the rope: Product Features
                    Welland Pelham
                    Tear Away Bungee Lanyard For Chainsaws
                    Prices start at : 32.29 USD / each

                    Constructed with a tear away safety pack that activates when 200 lbs. 1 and 3/4 inch ring for saw suspension on saddle when not in use and 1 and 1/8 inch ring for saddle attachment.


                      • Measures up to 50 inches fully extended to provide ample reach when cutting: Specs
                      • 6 inch nylon loop with twist half hitch to saw handle (Hi-Vis Yellow): Specs
                      • Measures 32 inches when relaxed: Specs
                      Welland Pelham
                      Samson Treerig Eye Slings
                      Prices start at : 60.99 USD / each

                      For best results, a cow hitch is typically used to secure in place. Constructed from Samthane-coated stable braid spliced with a 6-inch eye on one end! Commonly used to secure around a tree trunk creating a secure point for a rigging block etc.
                      • Color: Orange
                      • Ship wt: 3 lbs
                      • Working Load: 1,630 lbs
                      Welland Pelham
                      Petzl Grillon Adjustable Work-Positioning Lanyard
                      Prices start at : 212.09 USD / each

                      The rope is lightweight, flexible, abrasion-resistant nylon and includes a protective sleeve for reduced contact to abrasive surfaces. A mechanical device lanyard, which allows easy flow of line through the cam, but locks when load is applied! Pressing...

                      Product Features

                        • Connects to the side or waist attachment points of a harness with carabiners (sold separately): Product Features
                        • Braided nylon construction: Specs
                        • Ship wt: 2 lbs.
                        • Reinforced eyes on each end for carabiners (carabiners are not included): Product Features
                        • The rope is lightweight, flexible, abrasion resistant nylon and includes a protective sleeve for reduced contact to abrasive surfaces: Product Features
                        Welland Pelham
                        Safety Lanyard Adjustable Double Braided Rope With Locking Snaps
                        Prices start at : 43.99 USD / each

                        Adjustable from 3 to 6 feet. A safety snap on either end with thimble on spliced end for freedom of movement! Heavy duty 1/2 inch Walthane coated, double braid polyester rope. 5,000 tensile strength.


                          • 5,000 lbs. tensile strength: Specs
                          • Adjustable: 3 to 6 feet: Specs
                          Welland Pelham
                          Prices start at : 19.19 USD / each

                          Single bag holds 15 gallons of water. Excellent for newly planted shade and street trees. Single bag fits 1in to 4in diameter trees. Two bags zipped together fit an 8in diameter tree.

                          Product Benefits


                              • Reduces plant shock: Product Benefits
                              • Easy to use: Product Benefits
                              • Filled with water - 30" high x 18" wide (at base): Specs
                              • Two water release points per bag: Specs
                              • Follow Instructions (After bag is 1/4 way full, gently lift up on straps at top of bag) to assure proper drainage: Specs
                              • Bag is empty in 5-9 hours: Specs
                              Welland Pelham
                              Bullet Throw Weights with Bottom Loop
                              Prices start at : 17.99 USD / each

                              So you need options! Lower-throwing weights provide the highest entry, especially with the Zing-It line and a Big Shot, but dense canopies or rough bark can create enough drag to keep the small weight from reaching back to you.


                                • High visibility blank and orange adds visibility in motion: Specs
                                • Weight: 8 oz
                                • Shot-filled weight: Specs
                                • Available in 3 different weights: Specs
                                Welland Pelham
                                Rock Exotica Pirate Double Locking Carabiner
                                Prices start at : 21.99 USD / each

                                Gate Opening .99". The high inward sleeve strength aids in security, while the large gate opening provides for quick attachment. Designed with a unique Pull-Down & Twist Sleeve! It's intuitive and once you've tried it, you may never go back to a traditional...


                                  • Major axis breaking strength 5845 lb ("major axis" is when the carabiner is pulled in both directions lengthwise): Specs
                                  • Overall length 4.2": Specs
                                  • Overall width 2.8": Specs
                                  Welland Pelham
                                  Ooze Tube Drip Irrigation Bag
                                  Prices start at : 12.99 USD / each

                                  The Ooze Tube is an innovative and uniquely engineered watering system for establishing trees as quickly and as cost effective as possible. Promotes root development by slowly decreasing water output as the tube empties.
                                  • Ship wt: 1 lb
                                  • Description: 15 gallons, fits 2- inch caliper trees
                                  Welland Pelham
                                  Weaver Work Positioning Saddle Four D Ring w/ Extra Wide Back
                                  Prices start at : 199.99 USD / each

                                  Our most popular saddle! Four fixed dee saddle: This saddle offers a seat strap with fixed D-rings for more stability. Sizing Note: Allow adjustment for seasonal clothing. 1" neoprene leg straps keep the seat strap securely in place.


                                    • Size: SM
                                    • Seat strap floats on waist belt for easy positioning and comfort and is lined with soft oil tanned top grain steer hide leather: Specs
                                    • Weighs approximately 6 lbs. (medium size): Specs
                                    • Extra wide back provides extra comfort and support where it is needed most: Specs
                                    • Waist Size: 30-34 inches (20-inch Dee to Dee)
                                    • 4-Dee Extra Wide Back Saddle: Specs
                                    Welland Pelham
                                    Velcro Cushion Wrap Pads
                                    Prices start at : 211.49 USD / each

                                    Velcro climbing pads have a double back cinch loop that provides a snug fit to the leg! Steel insert keeps the climber stationary and is compatible with Buckingham titanium/steel and Bashlin aluminum climbers.


                                      • Sold per set: Specs
                                      • Compatible with Buckingham titanium/steel and Bashlin aluminum climbers (we don't sell the Bashlin brand but if you own a pair it will work: Specs
                                      Welland Pelham
                                      Block & Tackle Stainless Steel With Delrin Sheaves 16-Strand Rope
                                      Prices start at : 558.89 USD / each

                                      Combine with the Buck Port-A-Wrap III for the ultimate lowering system. Complete with 50' of 1/2" braided BLUESTREAK rope. Stainless steel block and tackle with black Derlin sheaves! Stainless steel cam locks rope securely in place while taking up slack...
                                      Welland Pelham
                                      Buckingham Safety Lanyards
                                      Prices start at : 124.99 USD / each

                                      The prusik is constructed of Blue Streak 16-strand rope, then looped around a 3-strand twist nylon rope. Carabiner shown on sliding prusik not included with 11CV or 12CV. The perfect work positioning lanyard! Provides the climber a means to stay continuously...
                                      • Type: Eye-to-Eye Prusik, 10 ft Length. The perfect work positioning lanyard. Provides the climber a means to stay continuously secured to the tree when climbing over obstructions. The prusik is constructed of Blue Streak 16-strand rope, then looped around a 3-strand twist nylon rope. Braided and twisted rope provides a secure system. Carabiner not included with 11CV.
                                      Welland Pelham
                                      Tree Guying Hose 5/8\
                                      Prices start at : 0.89 USD / each

                                      5/8" O.D., 3/8" I.D. in 2 1/2 foot lengths. Priced each; approx 40 lb per 100 pieces. Utility grade, reinforced hose! Strong, utility grade reinforced hose, approx. Color based on available material.
                                      Welland Pelham
                                      Auger Style Earth Anchor
                                      Prices start at : 7.49 USD / each

                                      Retrievable and reusable. Ground gripper anchors are strong, versatile, and easy to use! Anchor almost anything, with ready-made, instant holding power. Priced per anchor.
                                      • Length: 18 in
                                      Welland Pelham
                                      Leonard Fertilizer Tablets for Containers 14-4-6 Controlled Release 3 to 4 Months 12 grams
                                      Prices start at : 90.79 USD / each

                                      A great value! Slow release nutrition that delivers bigger and healthier plants for strong growth! Compare the value! Leonard's fertilizer tablets eliminate the need for measuring small quantities of dry fertilizer, and provide a scientifically safe plant...
                                      Welland Pelham
                                      Samson Accessory Cording
                                      Prices start at : 50.49 USD / each

                                      Braided, non-fade polyester cover! Multi-use, spiral-ply, heat-set nylon core for long-term flexibility and controlled stretch. 300 foot length.


                                        • Braided non-fade polyester cover: Specs
                                        • Diameter: 3 mm
                                        • Length: 300 feet
                                        • Choose from 3/5/8mm. x 300 feet: Specs
                                        • Tensile Strength: 460 lbs
                                        • Weight 2/4/11 pounds: Specs
                                        Welland Pelham
                                        Spur Straps With Ring Leather Lower 26in
                                        Prices start at : 29.39 USD / each

                                        Yellow top grain Latigo steer hide leather! Lower straps are necessary to secure spur sets to the climber's leg. Overall length is 26". Lower straps feature split rings which makes securing the stirrup to your foot fast and easy.
                                        Welland Pelham
                                        Yale XTC Fire 16-Strand Rope Climbing Line
                                        Prices start at : 125.09 USD / each

                                        Smoothest cover runs well through cammed devices; tightest cover in the industry. This construction keeps a firm, round shape that provides an extra measure of safety. Highly visible 16-strand, great performance with friction hitches.


                                          • 620 lb working load: Specs
                                          • Shipping weight: 9 lbs
                                          • 6,200 lb tensile strength: Specs
                                          Welland Pelham