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Wheat Germ Oil Plus for Horses
Prices start at : 19.99 USD / each

Feed 2 to 4 oz. Wheat Germ Oil Plus for Horses is a dietary source of balanced fatty acid complex from wheat germ oil and cold expelled soy oil. Ensures a healthy, lustrous hair coat.
Cool Omega 40+ Equine Dry Fat & Protein Supplement
Prices start at : 31.30 USD / each

Feed 2 to 8 oz. Cool Omega+ is highly palatable and digestible. Provides calories for daily performance and weight gain without the negative impact of increased grain feeding. Cool Omega 40+ Equine Dry Fat & Protein Supplement provides a unique blend...
CocoSoya Granules Fatty Acid Formula for Horses
Prices start at : 16.95 USD / each

Daily feed directions: 2-4 scoops for maintenance; 4-8 scoops during heavy work, 3-4 scoops for glossy coat, 4-6 scoops for lactating mares. In addition, it acts as a prebiotic to support healthy digestive function.
Nu-Image Hoof & Coat Support for Horses
Prices start at : 22.39 USD / each

Feed 2 scoops per day for 3 days, then 1 scoop thereafter. A nutritional supplement of fatty acids, biotin, zinc and amino acids scientifically formulated for healthy, lustrous hair, mane and tail.
Poly Zinc Pellets for Horses
Prices start at : 17.95 USD / each

Poly Zinc supports melanin production in darkly colored manes and coats for protection against sun bleaching, and helps improve brittle, flaking hooves. The polysaccharide coating allows the zinc to be released in the small intestine so it can be absorbed...
Simply Flax All-Natural Ground Flaxseed for Horses
Prices start at : 23.99 USD / each

Simply Flax provides a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Provides 21 gm Omega-3 fatty acids, 20 gm fiber, 38 gm crude fat, and 14 gm crude fiber per 4 oz. Of Simply Flax per horse daily.
White As Snow Coat Enhancer
Prices start at : 71.95 USD / each

New hairs grow in rich, shiny and healthy. Natural ingredients including omega oils and seaweed are incorporated into the hairs that are forming under the skin. Conditions the skin to help stop the drying ravages of the sun.
CocoSoya Essential Fatty Acid Formula for Horses
Prices start at : 18.99 USD / each

Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, shown to support metabolism, blood sugar balance and stress recovery. Provides increased calories in the diet, which are slowly metabolized. Feed 1-4 oz daily for maintenance; 4-8 oz daily during heavy work.
Omegas MVP Equine
Prices start at : 50.20 USD / each

Daily, high performance: 2-4 oz. Daily; Horses: Maintenance: 2 oz. The ingredients in Omegas provide nutritional support for general health, skin/hair, growth and development of muscle tissue, along with an excellent source of fat and fiber.
Simply Flax
Prices start at : 28.99 USD / each

View manufacturer and/or label information Contains an all natural ground flaxseed with no additives or preservatives. Feed 2 to 8 oz daily with feed.
  • Supports healthy skin and coat condition: Yes
  • Brand: Manna Pro
  • Size: 8 lb
  • Form: Powder
  • Servings: (16-64)
Bio-Coat Biotin Supplement for Dogs and Cats
Prices start at : 21.95 USD / each

Each scoop contains 1.5mg (1,500mcg) of Biotin. Helpful for dry skin, constant scratching, dull thin coat, and excessive shedding. Sprinkle on or mix in food. Pets love the taste! Bio-Coat Biotin Supplement for Dogs and Cats is nutritional supplement...
Triglyceride Omega Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplement
Prices start at : 9.39 USD / each

Small capsules provide 600 mg fish oil for cats and small breeds, 10-30 lbs. Medium capsules provide 1000 mg fish oil for medium breeds, 30-60 lbs. Triglyceride Omega Capsules provide Omega 3 fatty acids to improve skin and coat condition in dogs.
Grand Coat Wafers
Prices start at : 15.49 USD / each

3 wafers daily. By combining rich sources of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, lecithin, biotin, antioxidants and minerals, Grand Coat works quickly to support a soft, silky coat and healthy skin.
Renew Gold Equine Nutritional Support
Prices start at : 41.17 USD / each

Feed adult horses 3/4 lb. CoolStance coconut meal provides high quality, easily digested proteins and promotes "cool energy". Renew Gold combines high fat stabilized rice bran, CoolStance coconut meal, and flax in a uniquely efficient formula that is...
Allergy Soft Chews for Dogs
Price : CALL

- 2-3 chews daily - 1-2 chews daily 50+ lbs. Less than 25 lbs. - 1/2 chew daily 25-50 lbs.
  •  Balanced support for seasonal allergies for the dog that is continually itching, scratching, biting, and licking.
  •  Antioxidant and digestive support to help maintain a healthy immune system and a balanced allergic response.
  •  Supports immune and respiratory system function.
Nu-Image Ultra Finish
Prices start at : 59.86 USD / each

Feed 2 oz daily. Gives your horse a healthy, lustrous, show quality coat, mane and tail. A combination of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, flax seed, rice bran, biotin, B vitamins, copper and zinc.
Allerderm Omegaderm EZ Dose for Dogs and Cats
Prices start at : 16.68 USD / each

Omegaderm EZ Dose 4 ml - for cats and dogs up to 20 lbs. Omegaderm EZ Dose 8 ml - for dogs over 20 lbs. The essential fatty acids in Omegaderm are derived from sunflower seed oil, cold sea fish oils, and evening primrose oil.
CocoSun Fatty Acid Formula for Horses
Prices start at : 19.95 USD / each

Helps build and maintain healthy weight without raising blood sugar levels. Non-GMO, soy-free. CocoSun Granules provide a highly palatable source of Omega fatty acids for unsurpassed support of the skin, coat, and hooves.
Grand Coat Nutritional Supplement for Horses
Prices start at : 44.95 USD / each

Feed 2 scoops (1 oz. A breakthrough new product guaranteed to deliver breathtaking colors, a glossy coat and a lustrous mane and tail. Formula contains Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, lecithin, biotin and new high performance Diamond V yeast.
Rice Bran Oil for Animals
Prices start at : 26.95 USD / each

Rice Bran Oil has been used to fit horses for performance, show events, and sales. AniMed Rice Bran Oil is pure and 100% natural, with no additives. As a general rule of good feeding practice, Rice Bran Oil should be introduced gradually.
Sentry Allergy Relief Tablets for Dogs
Prices start at : 7.99 USD / each

Allergy Relief Tablet can be fed directly or hidden in a snack. Dosage: dogs 14-30 lbs., 1 tablet twice daily; over 30 lbs., 2 tablets twice daily. Diphenhydramine HCI It provides temporary relief of respiratory allergy symptoms, including itching skin,...
Mirra-Coat Skin & Coat Palatable Supplement for Horses
Prices start at : 67.99 USD / each

Feed 2 scoops (60 grams) daily for two weeks, followed by 1 scoop (30 grams) daily for maintenance. Mirra-Coat develops and maintains pliable, moisturized skin with less dandruff and flaking.
Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs
Prices start at : 23.79 USD / each

Especially capable of modifying inflammatory, irritated or flaky skin and dry, dull hair coats. Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is made from only wild, non-farmed Alaskan salmon and stabilized with natural antioxidants to maintain its full fatty acid content...
Shed No More for Dogs
Prices start at : 17.95 USD / each

Contains a special blend of natural oils, herbs, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that effectively reduces—and in many cases stops—nonseasonal shedding in dogs while providing a healthier and shinier coat.
Brewer\'s Yeast Flavored with Garlic for Dogs, Horses & Birds
Prices start at : 21.39 USD / each

Reduces shedding and may help eliminate fleas. Brewers Yeast flavored with Garlic is a natural protein source, rich in B-complex vitamins and garlic. Promotes healthy skin and coat condition.
Omega Horseshine
Prices start at : 24.99 USD / each

Made with stabilized and freshly milled flax. View manufacturer and/or label information Human food grade product quality is assured through the American Institute of Baking (AIB) Quality Seal.
  •  Promote shiny coat
  •  Eliminate dry, scaly, itchy skin
  •  Restoration of cracked and brittle hooves
  • Brand: Omega Fields
  • Form: Powder
  • Size: 20 lb, 4½ lb
CocoOmega Oil Fatty Acid Formula for Horses
Prices start at : 56.95 USD / each

Daily for maintenance, 4-8 oz. Very palatable, 100% cold pressed, unrefined oil. Highly concentrated level of Omega-3 fatty acids enriched with antioxidants provides support for a shiny coat, strong, nourished hooves, and top performance.
Vitamin Fortified Wheat Germ Oil for Animals
Prices start at : 38.95 USD / each

Dose for dose there is no comparison. Helps maintain healthy skin and lustrous coat. All-natural, unrefined vegetable oil trusted by breeders, trainers and veterinarians for more than 65 years! Naturally rich in Vitamin E contains nutrients necessary...
FSO Flax Seed Oil Blend for Animals
Prices start at : 19.99 USD / each

Daily with feed. AniMed's FSO Flaxseed Oil Blend is one of the richest natural sources of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, including alpha-Linolenic acid, derived from plant seeds.