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Rough Hewn Cedar Planks

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Chapel View Japanese Cedar
Prices start at : 59.95 USD / #3 Container range: 2.3 - 2.8 gallons (10 - 12 liters)

It combines all the incredible value of a traditional tree, with additional improvements, and on a much smaller scale. Chapel Hill, Cryptomeria japonica 'PIICJ-I', also improves upon the traditional Japanese Cedar in other ways.
  • Growth Rate: Medium
  • Brand: Nature Hills Nursery
  • Foliage: Bright blue-green
  • Botanical Name: Cryptomeria japonica 'PIICJ-I'
  • Mature Spread: 4 - 8 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Sun
Standing Timber on 80 acres mostly Cedar
Price : CALL

Need land cleared for agriculture. I am selling Standing Timber on 80 acres mostly Cedar, some Pear and misc. Location Hwy 69 Greenville TX Hunt county Contact Sirish at 512-909-8752 if interested.
Eastern Red Cedar Tree
Prices start at : 44.95 USD / #1 Container range: 2.3 - 3.7 quarts (2.5 - 4 liters)

The Eastern Red Cedar, Juniperus virginiana, grows in a 40-60 foot pyramidal shape that is dense but somewhat irregular, providing terrific cover for birds and other wildlife. Plant several along your driveway for that rich pine aroma as you arrive home.
  • Brand: Nature Hills Nursery
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Foliage: Green
  • Mature Height: 40 - 60 feet
  • Fall Color: Evergreen
Deodar Cedar Tree
Prices start at : 74.95 USD / #5 Container range: 2.9 - 4.6 gallons (13 - 20 liters)

Order one today to begin reaping the benefits of this amazing Cedar variety! * Evergreen * Ornamental cones * Insect resistant * Wildlife interest * Heat & drought tolerant * Wind tolerant * Adaptive to a variety of soils * Long lived
  • Mature Height: 40 - 50 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Full Sun
  • Botanical Name: Cedrus deodara
  • Foliage: Green
  • Fall Color: Evergreen
When To Trim Cedar Trees: Guide To Pruning Cedar Trees In The Garden
If the cut should fall in the dead zone at the center of the cedar, cut it at the trunk instead.It happens. Are forest giants, growing up to 200 feet tall. When trimming a cedar tree in this fashion, do so in early spring.
Blue Atlas Cedar
Prices start at : 89.95 USD / 3.5-4.5 FEET (5 Gal)

When planting in very sandy soils adding organic matter is always recommended to improve the soils ability to hold water and nutrients. After establishment and during the following years we recommend used at the recommended rates.
Cryptomeria Black Dragon
Prices start at : 69.95 USD / 3 GAL 3 to 3.5 feet tall

We highly recommend that you mulch your Cryptomeria Black Dragon with either a ground hardwood mulch or a ground cypress mulch depending on your local availability. Commercial manure or compost can be applied once in the spring around the base of the...
Japanese Elkhorn Cedar: Tips On Growing An Elkhorn Cedar Plant
The elkhorn cedar goes by many names, including elkhorn cypress, Japanese elkhorn, deerhorn cedar, and hiba arborvitae. It fares best in USDA zones 6 and 7, though it can usually survive in zone 5.The tree suffers easily from wind burn and should be grown...
Cedar Tree Care: Tips For How To Grow Cedar Trees
Horticultural oil or insecticide may be needed if infestation is extreme.Cedar trees are also yummy to dogs and rodents who enjoy munching on the bark. Attractive and normally trouble free, cedar trees can be great additions to the landscape.
Deodar Cedar Info: Tips On Growing Deodar Cedar In The Landscape
First, you need to live in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 7 through 9 and have plenty of space. ) are not native to this country but they offer many of the advantages of native trees.
Price : CALL

Adjustable Aluminum Plank 10'–17' Minimum: $12.00 Daily: $15.00 Weekly: $60.00 LLS
  • Stock Number: PA-016
  • Manufacturer: WERNER
  • Model: PLANK
Winter Damage To Cedars: Repairing Winter Damage On Cedar Trees
Cedar trees damaged in winter are those that receive enough sunshine to make the needle cells thaw.freestar.queue.push(function() { googletag.display("div-gpt-ad-300x250-ATF-1"); });Winter damage to trees and shrubs happens the same day the foliage thaws.
Blue Atlas Cedars: Caring For A Blue Atlas Cedar In The Garden
The trees only require abundant irrigation the first year, and are drought tolerant when mature.Think through how you want to train the tree before you plant it. ) is a true cedar that takes its name from the Atlas Mountains of Northern Africa, its native...
Japanese Cedar Tree Facts – How To Care For Japanese Cedar
It peels off in long strips, making the tree ornamental all year long.When you are planting Japanese cedar, remember that the species tree can get to 80 or even 100 feet tall and 20 to 30 feet wide.
Cedar Of Lebanon Tree – How To Grow Lebanon Cedar Trees
The trees don't even flower until they are 25 or 30 years old, which means that until that time, they do not reproduce.Once they begin to flower, they produce unisex catkins, 2-inches long and reddish in color.
Garden Visitor: The Waxwing
Other plants providing food and/or shelter for waxwings include serviceberries, hackberries, hawthorns, dogwoods, bayberries, Virginia creeper, spruce, blackberries and viburnums. Unlike other birds that dependably migrate from one region to another,...
El Segundo
2012 ROUGH VAC Vacuum Tanker
Prices start at : 39800 USD

STOCK #G611, FOR SALE, RENT, OR LEASE, "For Sale Price" is for straight cash outright purchase ONLY, Monthly Rental $1990 - DOT & License Plate Included, Rent To Own $1957/Month, Lease For $1393/Month - 12 Month Minimum, Nationwide Delivery Available,...
  • Tires: 24.5
  • Capacity: 5,460 gal
  • Quantity: 1
  • Wheels: Steel Disc
  • Year: 2012
  • Width: 102 in
1970 Pettibone 30 Rough Terrain Cranes
Price : CALL

STOCK #C472, *PARTING OUT*, 1970 Pettibone 30 Rough Terrain Crane, Delivery Available
  • Year: 1970
  • Model: 30
  • Stock Number: C472
1972 Pettibone RT25 Rough Terrain Cranes
Price : CALL

.Parts Sold Daily. Please Call to see if part is still available.
  • Serial Number: CALLFORPRICING
  • Year: 1972
  • Model: RT25
Precision Cut Lumber - Architectural Structures
Price : CALL

*Mantels *Ceiling Beams *Pillars *Wood Slabs (Tables & Counters) *End Grain Hardwood Tiles +End Grain Hardwood Roof Tiles *Brackets & Corbels *Doors & Windows *Custom Hardwood Staircase and Hand Railing.
Chiang Mai
Mae On
SiberWood Ltd.

Our partners in Siberia select for us raw wood materials of demanded quality and send that to our wood processing factories in the city Saint-Peterburg. This allows us to manufacture Siberian larch products of excellent quality with low prices.
  • Slogan: Siberian larch products in New-York
  • Type: Manufacturer
New Jersey
Winding River Village
1986 Grove RT760 Rough Terrain Cranes
Prices start at : 95000.00 USD

110' 4 section boom, 32' L-H ice jib, 2 winches, Detroit 8.2L turbo diesel, 29.5x25 tires
  • Serial Number: 69318
  • Year: 1986
West Sacramento
1987 P & H CHC14 Rough Terrain Cranes
Price : CALL

1987 P&H Crane 1987 P&H Rough Terrain Crane, Steel Body, Turbo Engine, Power Steering, Conventional Cab, Steel Frame, Single Axle, Single Tank, Delivery Available#F593
  • Stock Number: F593
  • Year: 1987
  • Serial Number: 44208220
2012 ROUGH VAC Vacuum Tank Trailer
Prices start at : 39800.00 USD

STOCK #G611, FOR SALE, RENT, OR LEASE, "For Sale Price" is for straight cash outright purchase ONLY, Monthly Rental $1990 - DOT & License Plate Included, Rent To Own $1957/Month, Lease For $1393/Month - 12 Month Minimum, Nationwide Delivery Available,...
  • Tire Size: 24.5
  • Height: 10.10 in.
  • Suspension: Air Ride
  • Number of Rear Axles: Tandem Axle
  • Wheel Type: Steel Disc
  • Number of Compartments: 1
2009 Tadano GR300XL-1 Rough Terrain Cranes
Prices start at : 225500.00 USD

30 ton capacity, cab with A/C, Cummins QSB6.7 215HP diesel, 101' 4 section boom, 42' jib, stabilizers, 20.5-25 tires, Tadano electric load moment indicator system (AML-L), 4 WD/steer, dual winch
  • Usage: 1,868 Hours
  • Horse Power: 215 HP
  • Year: 2009
Stakes, Poles, Logs of Northern White Cedar (Thuja Occidentalis)
Price : CALL

White cedar also offers natural resistance against insects. Available peeled or milled / machine rounded to obtain a uniform diameter and a smooth finish, our posts can also be chamfered and pointed.
  • Product: Stakes
  • Quality: Knotty grade
  • Treatment: No treatment
  • Volume: 1 - 4 40'Container per month
  • Usage: Outdoor Indoor fencing railing furniture vineyards landscaping and more
  • Region: Quebec
Prices start at : 24900 USD

The original hardwood floors and woodwork could be restored to its original beauty. Call today to check it out for yourself! Owner is anxious! 620-532-1887 This home is located on a large lot within walking distance to Kingman Elementary & Middle School...
  • Quantity: 1
  • Manufacturer: "SOLD!" 829 N CEDAR
  • Model: KINGMAN, KS
Flooring Siberian larch
Price : CALL

Available Unfinished & Prefinished. Compliments Very Well the Timber-Frame Style Construction. Environmentally Responsible. Planks are Pre-Sanded Creating a Surface Ready for Staining & Finishing = Installation Savings.
Garden Myths Busted: Potassium / Magnesium+ Cold, Native Plants, Cedar Wood Chips
Each of us will draw our own conclusions. The living ells are actually stressed and sometimes killed by the dehydration imposed by water moving into these paces.Before adding any mineral supplement to your landscape, have a soil test done first to determineif...
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