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Rat Killer Disposable Bait Station
Prices start at : 7.99 USD

  •  Can be used indoors and outdoors
  •  Model # 22880 EA
  •  Resistant to weather
  •  Station is child and dog resitant
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 7.75 x 5.5 x 3.13 inches.
  •  Rat sized disposable bait station - kills mice too
British Columbia
Botanical Rodent Repellent Pouches - 4 Pk
Prices start at : 12.89 USD

We use them in our camper when stored over winter and also use them in storage units. The product smells great and worked well to keep mice that we get in cellar away. We bought this for our RV and it works great, wish I knew about it sooner My camping...
  •  Weight: Approximately: .74 pounds
  •  No mess and easy to use
  •  Safe to use around children and pets
  •  Item measures 5 in L x 4.8 in W x 48 in H
  •  For preventative use in non-infested areas
  •  Model # EPAC-1
British Columbia
22 ct 3 oz Rat & Mouse Bait Place Pacs
Prices start at : 18.98 USD

  •  Kills Norway rats, roof rats and house mice
  •  Model # 32360
  •  Convenient and ready-to-use
  •  Economical bait choice for control of recurring rodent problems
  •  Place Pacs protect bait and fit in tight areas
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
British Columbia
Plunger Style Mole Trap
Prices start at : 10.99 USD

  •  Model # 0645
  •  Weather-resistant
  •  Can be used during any season and in all soil types
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Weight: Approximately: 1.92 pounds
  •  Plunger Style Mole Trap kills moles in their burrows
British Columbia
Metal Petal Mouse Traps - 2 Pk
Prices start at : 0.99 USD

Not happy at all with products Mouse goes around them
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Clean and quick trapping
  •  Weight: Approximately: .1 pounds
  •  The original wood-based wire snap trap with metal trip pedal
  •  Prevents rodents from dying in inaccessible places and causing an odor problem
British Columbia
Large 2-Door Safe Release Live Animal Cage Trap
Prices start at : 69.99 USD

  •  Model # 998
  •  1-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  •  Easy 3-step release process set timer, unlock latches and walk away
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Constructed of sturdy rust-resistant wire mesh with steel reinforcements
  •  Weight: Approximately: 14.32 pounds
British Columbia
Power Kill Rat Trap
Prices start at : 3.99 USD

  •  Powerful bar for instant, humane kill
  •  Item measures 8.5 in L x 4 in W x 2.8 in H
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 8.5 x 4 x 2.8 inches.
  •  Two holes on back for attachment to pipes, beams or other hard-to-access places
  •  Weight: Approximately: .24 pounds
  •  Reuseable or disposable
British Columbia
Mouse Cage Trap
Prices start at : 16.99 USD

  •  Model # 1020
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 10 x 3 x 3 inches.
  •  Weight: Approximately: .9 pounds
  •  Doors have sensitive triggers to ensure a quick, secure catch
  •  Item assembled measures 10 in L x 3 in W x 3 in H
  •  High tensile wire mesh
British Columbia
1.75 lb MOUSE-A-WAY Mouse Repellent
Prices start at : 8.99 USD

  •  Weight: Approximately: 1.89 pounds
  •  100% Biodegradable - made with recycled paper and essential oils
  •  Non-toxic and poison free formula
  •  Model # M806
  •  Naturally repels unwanted rodents by sprinkling a 1 to 3 inch band around perimeter
British Columbia
Hawk 86 Ct 1.5 Oz Rodenticide Rat Bait Place Pacs
Prices start at : 46.99 USD

  •  86 count of 1.5 oz. pelleted place pacs - totaling 8 lbs of rat bait
  •  Model # 31186
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Convenient storage pail
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 10.3 x 10.3 x 9.33 inches.
  •  Weight: Approximately: 9.6 pounds
British Columbia
Kill & Contain Mouse Trap
Prices start at : 7.49 USD

  •  Weight: Approximately: .44 pounds
  •  Tomcat Kill & Contain Mouse Trap kills mice in a fully enclosed capture area for no-see, no-touch disposal
  •  Indicator shows when the mouse is caught & the grab tab means you don't have to touch the mouse
  •  Contains 2 disposable mouse traps
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 8.34 x 5.39 x 2.36 inches.
  •  Easy to set & easy to bait
British Columbia
4 lb Rodent Bait 1 oz Chunx with Bromethalin
Prices start at : 18.99 USD

I purchased 2 outdoor rat bait stations at the big box lumber stores. I have been using Tom Cat products for several years. It's also a pretty green color. It kills rats, and that's what you want from your rat poison.
  •  Rodents cease feeding after consuming a toxic dose
  •  Highly weatherable
  •  4 lb pail with 1 oz chunx
  •  Gnawing edges for enhanced acceptance
  •  Contains bromethalin, an acute toxicant
  •  Weight: Approximately: 4.54 pounds
British Columbia
X-Small 1-Door Live Animal Trap
Prices start at : 24.99 USD

  •  Item assembled measures 17 in L x 6 in W x 6 in H
  •  Model # 0745
  •  Smooth internal edges to protect animal
  •  Weight: Approximately: 3.24 pounds
  •  Trigger rod is on the outside of the trap so animal cannot damage it while in the trap
  •  Constructed with sturdy, rust-resistant galvanized steel
British Columbia
1 oz Mouse Attractant Gel
Prices start at : 2.99 USD

Tomcat Mouse Attractant Gel can enhance the effectiveness of any mechanical trap. It has a desirable, gel-like consistency and 'no-mess' spout, making it the ideal alternative to cheese or peanut butter.
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Non-toxic and safe for children and pets
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 6.5 x 3.56 x 1.38 inches.
  •  Model # 33701
  •  Water soluble - won't stain clothing or carpets
  •  Pre-mixed and ready-to-use
British Columbia
Indoor Mouse Magic Repellent, Set of 12
Prices start at : 29.95 USD

Place them wherever rodents are a problem — kitchen, pantry, cellar or shed — and pests will be repelled for up to 30 days. Perfect for hard-to-reach spots such as inside dropped ceilings and behind large appliances.
  •  All-natural mouse repellent
  •  Each .5-oz. sachet is 3-1/2" square
  •  Lasts up to 30 days
  •  Active ingredients are peppermint and spearmint oils
  •  Safe, natural, humane way to repel mice
British Columbia
Live Mouse Traps - 2 Pk.
Prices start at : 2.29 USD

  •  Can be used around food, water, children & pets
  •  Easy-to-set & bait
  •  Weight: Approximately: .29 pounds
  •  Disposable or reusable, depending on your preference
British Columbia
Tomcat Rodent Station
Prices start at : 9.98 USD

  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 10 x 8.5 x 4.75 inches.
  •  Item measures 9-1/2 in L x 8-1/2 in W x 4-1/2 in H
  •  Model # 33473
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Tamper-resistant rodent station
  •  Weight: Approximately: 1.22 pounds
British Columbia
4 lb All-Weather Rodent Bait 1 oz Chunx
Prices start at : 15.98 USD

  •  Weight: Approximately: 4.6 pounds
  •  Manufactured with human food grade ingredients and enhancers
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 8.5 x 8.5 x 7.5 inches.
  •  Contains Diphacinone, a multiple feed anticoagulant that kills rodents in 4-6 days
  •  4 lb pail of 1 oz chunx
British Columbia
Bird Stop Repellent Concentrate Repels Canada Geese Pigeons Starlings Sparrows Seagulls and Woodpeckers
Prices start at : 89.08 USD / gallon

Active ingredient (methylanthranilate) has a taste and smell that birds avoid. Bird Stop by Bird-X is a food-grade taste aversion liquid bird repellent that tastes bad to birds and irritates birds' sensory systems (similar to our sense of smell).
  • Product Height (in.): 12 in
  • Application Type: Powered Spray
  • Product Depth (in.): 5 in
  • Pest Common Name: Birds
  • Product Width (in.): 7 in
  • Effective on Canada geese, pigeons, woodpeckers and more: Yes
British Columbia
3 lbs. Repels-All Animal Repellent Granules
Prices start at : 17.99 USD / each

Effective for up to 2-months and has a money back guarantee. Bonide Repels-ALL contains natural ingredients that Repel wild animals by taste, touch and smell. People and pet safe.
  • Returnable: 90-Day
  • Pest Type: Armadillos,Birds,Cats,Chipmunks,Deer,Dogs,Foxes,Groundhogs,Porcupines,Rabbits,Raccoons,Rats,Shrews,Skunks,Voles
  • Concentrated or Ready to Use: Ready to use
  • Product Depth (in.): 3.75 in
  • Pest Common Name: Birds,Chipmunks,Deer,Rats,Squirrels
  • Product Width (in.): 7.25 in
British Columbia
Iguana Rid 1 Gal. Ready-to-Use Refill
Prices start at : 33.99 USD / each

Its ingredients are used as bio-pesticide for organic farming so be assured Iguana Rid is safe for humans, pets and birds. Iguana Rid is a natural, organic animal and garden pest deterrent.
  •  Safe for Pets
  •  Easy and ready to use
  •  Safe for children and pets
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor,Outdoor
  • Product Height (in.): 11 in
  • Pest Type: Aphids,Beetles,Chipmunks,Deer,Ducks,Frogs,Geese,Lizards,Mealybugs,Mice,Rabbits,Raccoons,Squirrels,Whiteflies
British Columbia
Fox Urine by Bare Ground
Prices start at : 29.95 USD / each

The larger the predator, the larger the prey that can be intimidated by the scent. Place around the yard in areas where small unwanted pests are an annoyance. Fox scent is particularly frightening to many animals and scares them off quickly.
  •  All natural
  •  Safe for Pets
  •  Organic

6 in

    • Product Depth (in.): 6 in
    • Product Width (in.): 6 in
    • Product Height (in.): 11.5 in
    British Columbia
    22 oz. Organic Mouse and Rat Repellent
    Prices start at : 12.92 USD / each

    Weather-proof granules will last in all conditions. No more worrying about your children or pets with this 100% organic solution for rodents. Covers 3,500 ft. Repel unwanted rodents naturally with Weiser Organic Mouse and Rat repellent.
    •  Non-lethal control
    •  100% organic formula
    •  Simple and easy to apply
    •  Easy to use - simply sprinkle around infested area
    •  Safe for Pets
    • Pest Common Name: Mice,Rats
    British Columbia
    Bait Station
    Prices start at : 13.1 USD / 3.00 lbs

    Keeps rodenticides away from children, livestock, pets and other animals, as well as protects them from dirt, moisture and other contaminants — stays fresh longer! Made of heavy-duty, injection-molded plastic to withstand the toughest conditions indoors...
    • brand: Motomco LTD
    British Columbia
    1 Gal. Fox Urine by Bare Ground
    Prices start at : 54.4 USD / each

    The larger the predator, the larger the prey that can be intimidated by the scent. Place around the yard in areas where small unwanted pests are an annoyance. Fox scent is particularly frightening to many animals and scares them off quickly.
    •  Uses the fear factor to repel
    •  All natural
    •  Safe for Edibles
    •  Long-lasting
    •  Humane
    • Pest Type: Chipmunks,Deer,Gophers,Rabbits
    British Columbia
    18.5 in. H Dalen Products SOL-R Action Owl
    Prices start at : 39.11 USD / each

    No batteries are ever needed, so there are no added costs or maintenance. The SOL-R Action Owl is 18 in. The owl's power is generated by a solar cell with secondary power derived from the wind.
    •  Safe and humane
    •  Chemical free pest control
    •  Solar-driven action - no batteries ever required
    • Product Width (in.): 6.5 in
    • Product Depth (in.): 7.75 in
    • Application Type: Scare Decoy
    British Columbia
    Tin Cat Live Mouse Trap
    Prices start at : 9.99 USD

    •  Poison-free
    •  Weight: Approximately: 1.38 pounds
    •  Use anywhere indoors and outdoors
    •  Will catch up to 30 mice per setting
    •  Item measures 10.4 in L x 6.2 in W x 1.9 in H
    •  Effective method to catch and release mice, if you do not want to see or touch them
    British Columbia
    Recharge Scent for Repellent and Attractant Stones
    Prices start at : 13.46 USD / each

    Each packet contains one ounce enough to recharge one repellent stone. Just Scentsational! recharge scent contains predator scent packets to recharge Just Scentsational! repellent stones and the dog attractant stone.
    •  Organic
    •  Good for recharging all Just Scentsational! stones
    •  1 oz. packet
    • Product Depth (in.): 2 in
    • Safe for Edibles: No
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    British Columbia
    Refillable Corner Fit Bait Station with Refills
    Prices start at : 7.89 USD

    •  Model # 1920089480
    •  For best results space at 8 to 12 ft intervals
    •  Can be used indoors or outdoors
    •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 9.54 x 8.02 x 3.88 inches.
    •  Designed for mice to enter the station, eat the bait and leave before dying
    •  Move station after 3 days if bait has not been touched
    British Columbia