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Medicinal seeds for sale
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We do have medicinal herbs and seeds for sales interested should contact us. It is an herb which appears annually and is able to withstand major changes in climate. From there it began to reach rare status as demand for the plant dramatically increased.
American Ginseng - Seed
Prices start at : 4.10 USD / Packet

Harvest roots in fall of 5th or 6th year. Ginseng favors well-drained, humus-rich soil on north and east-facing slopes. Mulch with 3-4" of leaves or straw, and moisten the mulch to ensure that it remains in place.
  • Life Cycle: Perennial
  • Days To Maturity: 5-6 years to root harvest
  • Hybrid Status: Open Pollinated
Fresh picked mountain Ginseng
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Ginseng found the hard way, the best way to find ginseng is to be in the woods. Ginseng found in the mountains two three four and five prong, Walkin though the mountains finding large american Ginseng roots
Hawaiian Donkeys For Sale
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We have Hawaiian donkeys for sale. These animals are strong and health. Just like any other farm animal, if you are loving and kind to them they'll be kind and loving to you, so on and so forth.
*Mr. Personality -- Nicky
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Located in W.Ky near Paducah in Graves County. He is gentle and friendly; leads, trailers, does not kick, can pick up all feet. Both parents are spotted. Good home only; delivery within 100 miles negotiable.
Americas finest ginseng
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My product is organic and dry,will be sold by the american pound. This product is best when used to make tea.
Ginseng Root Shipping Now
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Interest in establishing long-term business relationship for ongoing supply, manufacturing and/or marketing venture. Grade American Ginseng crop immediately available for shipment worldwide from facilities in Southwestern Ontario Canada.
Panax Quinquefolius Rootlets
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Currently I have 30,000+ plants for sale. I will sell at any quantity large or small, but buyer pays shipping as well. My stock has been grown from stratified seed in an old maple forest which was cut by a glacier.
Fort Wayne
Goldenseal Plants or RootletsF/S
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We have for sale 1000/s of goldenseal plants or rootlets. All plants and rootlets are of a cultivated variety. All plants were started from our own wild plants many years ago. Please contact for prices.
Indigowoad Root extract
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3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran 95%; (2). And we are also Alibaba Chinese supplier. Inhibiting a wide range of bacteria and virus, in particular, it plays significant role in staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, salmonella typhi and shigella; (2).
American Ginseng
Prices start at : 3.95 USD / 2 grams ships in the fall

Look for a north or east-facing gentle slope that is protected by a tall canopy of mostly hardwood trees. Hardy in zones 3-8. Seeds planted in fall should emerge the following spring.
  •  Culinary
  •  Tea
Cottage Grove
American Brittany Puppies
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Males are 400 dollars, and Females are 500 dollars. Both parents on site and excellent bird dogs with pleasing and outgoing personalities. Two of my best dogs had a litter, whelped 10-19-2009.
American Ginseng
Prices start at : 10.00 USD / Seeds Sept-Oct Shipment / pkt

It has become extinct in many areas and is now cultivated to a large extent in British Columbia, Ontario and Wisconsin. Until the ground freezes. Detailed growing instructions included.
  • Botanical Name: Panax quinquefolius
  • Ease of Germination: Difficult/Special Treatment Required
  • Duration: Perennial
American KuneKune Pig Society
Price : CALL

Would you like more information on the KuneKune breed in the United States? It is the Mission of the AKKPS to encourage a spirit of collaboration amongst breeders, to promote and improve the KuneKune breed of swine.
Sandy Hook
All kind of Licorice / Roots /Powders
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All kind of Licorice - Roots - Powders we have a lot size of roots as well we can prepare roots size by your interests such as slices and sticks for 10 cm as we are doing standart one.
American Bio-Char - Vital Blend
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Bio-char lasts in the soil for 1500 years, and just needs to be re-charged with humates every two years. The incredible surface area of the char allows beneficial bacteria and fungi to move into the pores.
American Alligator Young Very tame
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She also comes with her tank (4ft.) an oak stand, dome, light and some small size river rock/pebbles (about 25 lbs.) I am located in central PA. Hello, I have a female American Alligator.
Cedar Cliff
American Ginseng Seed
Prices start at : 12.50 USD / Packet (7 g, 125 seeds)

Complete cultural notes are included. Ginseng prefers a cool temperate climate and does best in rich, moist, well-drained woods that have a north or east slope. Note: Medicinal uses of herbs mentioned in our store are not intended nor implied to be a...
  • Pests and Diseases: When grown with proper spacing, light, and soil, disease is not usually a problem. May be browsed by deer, but protected by stringing heavy, clear fishing line around planting area.
  • Sun: Does best in 70 to 80% shade
  • Spacing: 3 inches apart
  • Lifecycle: 2 (0: N/A, 1: annual, 2: perennial, 3: biennial)
  • Fruit: Large red berries with 2 to 3 white seeds inside
  • Heirloom: no
Santa Cruz
Calla Ice Dancer
Prices start at : 14.95 USD / Bulb, Set, Tuber/4 Count

Long lasting white blooms shine against dark green foliage. It's low habit excels in pots, just 10-18" tall, with 1 1/2-2" blooms.
New York
Potato Norkotah
Prices start at : 64.70 USD / Bulb, Set, Tuber/15 Count

Norkotah is versatile and flavorful, and is ideal for baking because of its "eye appeal". It is adaptable to many growing areas, and grown primarily for the fresh market. It is moderately resistant to black spot, and resistant to growth cracks, second...
New York
Lily Elite
Prices start at : 43.15 USD / Bulb, Set, Tuber/25 Count

Asiatic hybrid lilies are known for their large, often non-fragrant 4-6" flowers, and are among the first of the lilies to bloom. Elite is a fiery orange Asiatic lily featuring clusters of attractive flowers at the top of each stem.
New York
Achillea Saucy Seduction
Prices start at : 97.10 USD / Liner/72 Tray

From Rozanne and Friendstm. Members of the Seduction Series have strong, branched stems with shorter internodes, and a compact habit. New flowers are produced all summer long, providing an array of cheerful pink color over an extended period of bloom.
New York
Canna Cleopatra
Prices start at : 61.55 USD / Bulb, Set, Tuber/25 Count

Cleopatra is a very beautiful old cultivar but, like its namesake, has been known to do an about face; usually it is a green leafed plant having large yellow flowers with red spots but it often throws out a pure or part red flower as well as a leaf with...
New York
Gypsophila Summer Sparkles
Prices start at : 120.60 USD / Liner/72 Tray

Baby's Breath has come a long way over the years, with breeders improving their habit, bloom time, and longevity in the garden. Its broad habit makes this plant the perfect cover up for dying bulb foliage or for perennials, such as poppies or bleeding...
  • Maturation days: N/A days
New York
Gladiolus Dark Red
Prices start at : 22.45 USD / Corm/50 Count

Perhaps the most beautiful of all cut flowers, gladiolus makes an exceptionally colorful display at roadside stands and is a cut flower staple at farmers' markets. Glads add a great deal of appeal and profitability to your cut flower sales.
New York
Perovskia Denim N Lace
Prices start at : 186.05 USD / Liner/72 Tray

Gardeners have long loved Russian Sage for its airy texture and the ability to blend with pretty much any flower color. Enter ‘Denim ‘n Lace'! ‘Denim ‘n Lace' doesn't get too tall, has stronger stems and a more upright habit than most older varieties.
New York
Iris His Royal Highness
Prices start at : 96.80 USD / Liner/15 Tray

They are wonderful accent plants for late spring gardens. No garden would be complete without Tall Bearded Irises. Ruffled, medium purple standards and falls will bring a bold color to your early summer garden, and then again when it reblooms in the fall.
New York
Heuchera Palace Purple
Prices start at : 58.11 USD / Liner/30 Tray

It is clump-forming, featuring a basal mound of maple- or ivy-like leaves which are deep-purple above and beet-red beneath. Tiny, pinkish white, bell-shaped flowers in open, airy panicles are borne on slender dark red stems extending well above the mound...
New York
Dahlia Karma Mix
Prices start at : 59.95 USD / Bulb, Set, Tuber/25 Count

Long vase life and strong straight stems. Ednie's Karma Mix has a variable mix of numerous Karma Series dahlias. The Karma Dahlia Series is particularly well-suited for summer field production, producing many flowers.
New York