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Arista Coliseum grow system
Price : CALL

Here is the full description of the product on the producer\'s website. Used but still in perfect working condition, just no use for it anymore. Arista Coliseum For Sale. Please feel free to contact me with any and all questions.
Reflectors grow lights Hydroponic
Price : CALL

RequiredBALLAST: 1000w magnetic ballast to get the job done. Comes with built in level for hanging. Reliable and a solid worker, 120/240v and accepts both Sunlight Supply and Hydrofarm style reflectors.
Apollo 4 led aquarium lights
Price : CALL

Led Grow Lights,Newest Led Grow lights 1.Revolutionary heat dissipation design, availably alleviate the internal thermal cycle, 10-15 C lower than its precursor in performance 2.Use advanced isolated power driver,UL standard output voltage which is lower...
Indoor Hydroponic Setup
Price : CALL

I paid $1,743.53 for everything listed. This was a personal project that just never took off and now I need the money for other things. There's a couple things missing depending on your exact setup as far as nutrients and whatnot.
Commercial NFT complete system
Price : CALL

Included in the price are: 1,068 growout channels (hold 18 plants per 12') 131 nursery channels (hold 72 plants per 12') 66 10' long each of manifolds, collectors, and drip caps We also have 19 boxes of nutrients for lettuce we will include to get you...
Chester Springs
Spinner Hydroponic Ebb Flow System
Price : CALL

The roots are automatically fed via "flood-and-drain", and the atmosphere is controlled via one CFM exhaust fan. The Secret is 360 degrees Exposure. Components included: -Spinner -light socket and junction box -24 pots (12 spare pots included) -12 volt...
Los Angeles
Ecosystem Vertical Growing System
Price : CALL

It is these benefits that have brought vertical systems to the attention of many market gardeners as well as NASA and Antartic survey projects. It allows you to get significantly more yield from your available light sources - \'even on a bad day\', the...
Rose City
Fully-automated Hydroponic Equipment
Price : CALL

Pictures of food/rockwool/etc. Also comes with a Cloning Chamber that has a 45 slot capacity, drying chambers, and everything a hydro enthusiast could need or want. This system brand new set me back about $14,000, and it is for people who are serious...
Hydroponic System
Price : CALL

This is a great cabinet with amazing reviews on, I have all the upgrades for the cabinet and purchased the cabinet for over $3000 plus the CO2 tank & humidifier. With the hydroponic system you will only have to refill the nutrients every...
BC Northern Lights Producer V3.0 w/CO2 tank
Price : CALL

What you get with the producer is:The Producer Grow Box, 2 HPS bulbs and 2 MH bulbs, and 1 CFL bulb, 2x Odour Killing Carbon Filters (CAN Filters), CO2 Hookup and hoses and 20# tank, 2x Air pumps, 2x Water pumps, Clone Dome, Hydro Tub, Industrial Casters,...
BC Northern Lights Growbox complete grow room
Price : CALL

I am moving across country in 1 week.I prefer local pick up. I can arrange delivery within reasonable distances For the professional or serious amateur these grow boxes provide a wonderful controlled environment for your plants and represent a great value
New York
Must sell ASAP. 13 quality grow lights and more
Price : CALL

All equipment must go. 3 Inda Gro Pro Lights 10 Hydra Farm Lights 2 CO2 machines Lots of pots, soil, food Big incubator for babies! Moving out of state soon and not taking equipment with me.
LED Grow Light
Price : CALL

Our LED Grow Light included below products: 12W LED Grow Light, 50W LED Grow Light, 90W LED Grow Light, 120W LED Grow Light, 150W LED Grow Light, 200W LED Grow Light, 250W LED Grow Light, 300W LED Grow Light, 600W LED Grow Light, 1200W LED Grow Light,
1000 watt hps light system with air cooling set
Price : CALL

This is over $500 of equipment I'm selling the whole system for $200. VENTILATION: 6 inch Hydrofarm ActiveAir 400cfm inline fan, 6 and 4 inch ducting and 6 to 4 inch reducer and 6 inch Hydrofarm 188cfm exhaust fan.
San Leandro
Hydroponic Lettuce
Price : CALL

With better appearance and flavor along with up to a 3 week shelf, it's the best lettuce int he industry. Hydroponic Lettuce Varieties offered for wholesale. Bibb, Romaine, Butterhead and more!
YM Instrument Co.,Ltd.

Products are PH meter, conductivity meter, TDS meters, ORP meter,pNa meter, salt meter,EC Truncheon,electrodes,
  • Type: Manufacturer
Jiangsu Sheng
Tongdy Control Technology Co.,ltd

Tongdy Control Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1999 in Beijing China, is a leading hi-tech company of designing and manufacturing products of monitoring and control temperature, humidity and IAQ.
  • Parent Company Name: Tongdy Control Technology
  • Type: Manufacturer
Futur Vert

We have 3 years guaranty. We are manufacturer / importer of greenhouse lighting system. We offer greenhouse fixture HPS / MH, LED and the new induction lighting system. We have 3 years...
  • Type: Distributor,Manufacturer,Wholesale

Smart! is a innovative software for fertilization management. Smart! generates professional fertilizer programs for maximal yields while eliminating common mistakes and reducing costs.
  • Type: Consultant,Service-Provider
Hod HaSharon

Our main products are as follows: Controllers DRT-1( Digital Recycling Timer) MDT-1( Master Digital Timer) UTC-1 (Universal Temperature Controller) EVC-1 (Environmental Controller {Analog}) EVC-2( Environmental Controller{Digital}) CPPM-4 (CO2 PPM Controller)...
  • Type: Exporter,Manufacturer,Supplier
Aurora Hydrofarms

We want to help you grow! Hydroponics, Lighting, Systems and accessories. Stop paying full price!
  • Type: Retailer
Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach
Hydroponic Factory in great condition
Price : CALL

Flood tables with stands and reservoirs, pumps, analog timers, digital timers, two 20lb co2 tanks, co2 controller, high density 8 foot fluorescent banks, 2 foot fluorescent bank, ...
Vineyard Equipment
Price : CALL

Saint Helena Cal Saint Helena Agricultural Services sells both new and used vineyard equipment. Check our web site Since they have asked for a minuum of a 100 characters forgive men for being ovelr verbous in this detail.$800.
Saint Helena
Hydroponic & Aquarium Lighting
Price : CALL

Single and dual metal halide and high pressure sodium ballasts. We offer great pricing. We offer a wide variety of hydroponic and aquarium lighting and accessories. We also carry reflectors and all supplies.
Price : CALL

Various things from 600 watt lights to box fans, carbon filters, relay timers much more contact for info Hydroponic equipment for sale used only for 10 weeks good condition and ready to go
Hydroponic Grow Pots System
Price : CALL

Drip irrigates from the top - water drains from each pot to moisten soil and carry nutrients. Hydroponic Vertical grow system containing 215 large hard plastic “Agro-Tower Grow Pots” and 57 heavy duty stryofoam “Hydrostacker” stackable pots with drain...
Russell Springs
Hydroponics equipment 17ha farm
Price : CALL

Looking for reputable supplier of hydroponics equipment delivered Durban South Africa, area under cultivation 17ha Hydroponics equipmement to service 17ha tomato farm in KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa.