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Arnica Plant Care: Learn How To Grow Arnica Herbs
Arnica has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. However, arnicaexcept when the doses are small and extremely diluted (and with the guidance of a professional). Be patient; seeds usually sprout in about a month, but germination can take much longer.You...
Prices start at : 119500 USD

This saddle is built on the number one bar. * 13" Seat * 25" Skirt * Weighs Approx. It is designed for a horse that has a moderately sprung rib cage that is fairly straight from the base of the whither back.
  • Length: 13
  • Status: Available
Medicinal plants crops seeds
Price : CALL

I am looking for medicinal plant and bulk seed crops and such to sell for a unique type of store I am looking to find medicinal plants and seed crops and seeds of medicinal plants to sell and grow thanks
Otsdawa Junction Farm

We believe in the simplicity of healthy eating, we care about our beef and we care about your food. Otsdawa Junction Farm Make Our Beef Your Beef
  • Type: Farmer,Producer,Retailer
New York
20 alpacas for sale!
Price : CALL

Prices range from $500-5,000 We have lots of different colors and quality. Some females are already pregnant, and ones that are not ... We have about 5 males and 15 females for sale.
San Diego
El Cajon
Winery and vineyard for SELL
Price : CALL

Winery and vineyard lockated nearby, sell together or separately. Total land area - about 2,5 Ha Buildings area - about 3000 sq/m 5 years old vineyard (13 Ha) All necessary communications: - 380V, three-phase electricity - water and gas supply - sewerage...
Garden Inspire

Learn to grow your own food. Classes In person coaching Books about herbs and edible plants
  • Type: Consultant
400-500 POUNDS hand picked fresh morels ! WA State
Price : CALL

I am in Wenatchee, Washington. I need these gone or I will be drying them to sell online elsewhere. I need these gone or I will be drying ... Looking to sell the entire crop for about 10 dollars a pound.
I want to sell  good quality of barley seeds
Price : CALL

I have good quality of barley seeds. Those who are interested to buy this good quality of barley seeds please contact me.actual ... Those who are interested to buy this good quality of barley seeds please contact me.actual quantity of barley seeds is...
Sweet Corn
Price : CALL

If any buyers intersted please contact me my mobile or send me a email, i will come and talk to you in person at your place. I just want to sell directly to the buyers company without any mediators involved in it.
Tamil Nadu
May 5 Frame Nucleus & 10 Frame Hives
Price : CALL

5 Frame Nucleus or 10 Frame Complete Hives. Please check your local bee laws if there is any question about bees being shipped into your state. We are preparing for a rush of orders in about two weeks.
1941 Ford 9N - excellent condition
Price : CALL

1941 Ford 9N - about 20 hours on complete rebuild, no leaks, starts right up and ready for work or show. Complete engine rebuild, starter and generator rebuilt, has original 6-volt, new tires, new battery, and key switch.
20 bags alpaca fiber
Price : CALL

I have 20 bags of raw alpaca fiber all colors. The junk fiber can be used as insulation as well as other uses. I will also gladly give whomever purchases the fiber the junk fiber (about 8 bags) if they want it.
Palm oil plantation in Indonesia
Price : CALL

I am looking funding for purchase 500 hectare Palm oil plantation ready for harvest in Indonesia. Also ready more wide land area (1000 - 10,000 hectare)for other plantation located in Indonesia.
Sumatera Utara
Sani-Touch Model 5s
Price : CALL

Sani-Touch Model 5s, excellent condition. Still works like the day we bought it The only thing that's missing is the lid for the power switches. It's easy to clean and does a great job on the eggs.

- Individual approach to each client. We hope for a long mutually beneficial cooperation and friendly partnership. SESil(International Trade Company)is one of the leading export companies of wheat flour,rye flour,grain such as wheat,corn and etc from...
  • Type: Exporter
REDUCED-Disabled have to Sell my Herd
Price : CALL

Go to my website for pictures and stories about the animals. Reduced to $15,900, will finance to qualified purchaser with $5000 down and balance at 5% I have great bloodlines and a Champion Herdsire, 15 females are presently open and ready for breeding.
Muscovy Ducks
Price : CALL

I have Young Muscovy Ducks for sale pick-up only (costs to much to ship) I need $7.00 each have about 25 I also have Mallards for $8.00 each
Baby Capuchin Monkeys For Adoption.....text at 6
Price : CALL

Hand tamed Capuchin monkeys for sale adoption. When full grown. When full grown I have a male and female available they are wearing diapers and belly chains and are leash trained also.
Steam Distillation Unit For Sale
Price : CALL

Location is in Chilliwack British Columbia. This distillation unit is fairly large and equipment is about 4 years old. Steam distillation unit for sale, $50,000.00 has a portable cooker on trailer which can be taken out in the field, (good for peppermint...
British Columbia
Fresh Bat Guano Fertilizer
Price : CALL

Excellent Quality of Bat Guano Fertilizer Indonesia Origin High Nitrogen content (more then 8%) Phosphorus content about 3% Sun Dried and No Chemical Added Take from Bat Cave directly Continous Supplliability
Jawa Timur
White Refined Beet Sugar
Price : CALL

10 radiation : normal (cs-137 at % bq per kg) crop: crop is 2010 or later Maximum hpn staph aureus : nil (1000 mc) substance : crystals solubility : 100% dry and free flowing sediments : none granulation : medium to fine magnetic particles : 4 mg/kg maximum...
Baker Louisiana 75 Acres
Price : CALL

It has a canal/bayou/water way along it's longest boarder. It has 2 points of access from Cypress Woods Drive and Landry Drive. As I recall it does have some fencing, but lessee should verify.
East Baton Rouge
Price : CALL

Excellent health! Registered and about to be sheared and trimmed hooves! Would like to sell entire flock. All are registered! Origin was Spokane, WA Flying "D" that is no longer in business.
13 Year Old Chestnut Mare Pony
Price : CALL

Please give her a good home! Will consider any reasonable offers! Looking for a good home. She has had 3 babies in the past, 2 colts and 1 filly. She is halter broke, leads, and is green broke to ride.
Wheat husk
Price : CALL

Mainly due to the many benefits that it provides such as the high energy that it provide your cows, which results in increased milk production as everyone knows that cows need to be properly fed
Wholesale natural ostrich feathers for sale
Price : CALL

We sell: (1) turkey feather; (2) rooster feather; (3) ostrich feather; (4) peacock feather; (5) pheasant feather; (6) goose feather; (7) duck feather; (8) guinea feather; etc. *Histroy:over 30 years *Employees: about 300 *Factory area:27,000 m2 *ISO 9001...
Cute Katahdin lambs for sell
Price : CALL

We also have a herd of about 14 llamas. We raise Katahdin sheep which are a hair type and do not need shearing. We are specialist in the breeding of sheep. We do not use pesticides or artificial fertilizers and feed our own hay.
Anderson Valley Community Farm

Anderson Valley Community Farm is a newly launched farm and community space on fifty acres of prime agricultural property, with a huge orchard, adjacent to downtown Boonville, CA. Using rotational grazing and low-stress management techniques to provide...
  • Type: Farmer
  • Slogan: Values driven, ecological farming