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Gibsonii (Castor Bean), Ricinus Seeds
Prices start at : 140.00 USD / 5 Pounds

Also known as the Castor Bean. Ricinus Carmencita is a green leaf with red stems, pink fruit and flowers.
  • ? Dimensions
  • ? Weight
  • Size: 5 Pounds
  • Botanical Name: Ricinus communis
  • Sow Method: Direct Sow
  • Seeds Per Pound: 650
Castor Seeds Available
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Interested , please contact for more information. Get a quote now. We have available Castor seeds for sale. Interested , Min order 25tons/month. We have available Castor seeds for sale including Safflower seeds.
Castor Bean Information – Planting Instructions For Castor Beans
Provide loamy, moist, but not soaking wet, soil for best results.overnight to aid with germination. Castor bean plants are stunning with their mammoth star-shaped leaves that can reach 3 feet in length.
Wild Carrot Seed needed
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I require the mature, viable seed of Daucus carota subspecies carota, also known as Queen Anne's lace, Bishops Lace, Wild Carrot, and Bird's Nest. I do not want to correspond with anyone about any product other than this one.
United States
Castor  Oil - Industrial
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Castor Oil is the fixed oil obtained from the seed of Ricinus communis Linn (Fam. Euphorbiaceae). TEST METHOD RANGE Iodine Value...
Dried marigold flower
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Dried marigold flower. Samples and pictures can be send. I have 200kg of dried marigold flower production 2010.samples and pictures can be send. Production field is in Romania southern part.
Natural chestnut flower honey
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Mr. Otar Gulua Import-Export manager Ltd TAPLIS MTA #38-60 Vazha-Pshavela ave. Tbilisi, GEORGIA Our company selling natural Chestnut flower honey and Acacia honey in big quantities.
Dandelion Flower Heads Needed for Wine
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Ever since I was a kid my mother had told me about how my grand ... Your help would be greatly appreciated. I have been home brewing wine for the last year and part of the reason got into this is to make dandelion wine.
United States
New York
Buy all these essential oils.
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We have soya bean,first quality,edible,refined,100 % not mixed any kind of oil packed products like 500 and 750 Ml 1,2,3,5,10,18 Lt pet bottle and tin packing. Our conditions as below: Origin:Turkey Quality: Edible,Refined and first class Europen Standarts.
Eastern Cape
Port Elizabeth
Castor Oil/Good Quality/(100% Pure & Essential O
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Refined Castor Oil 1.High quality 2.Reasonable price 3.Delivery on time 4.Quality Assurance Technical Date Sheet. Commercial, B.S.S., first Special, Electrical, Solvent Extracted, Deodorized, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Etc we all suppliers in huge and...
Kwekerij Jaap Duijs
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A small nursery with all year round lots of flowering bulbs on pots. Also sending bulbs all over Europe. Lots of new plants, see flowers on website. Breeding Rhodohypoxis, xRhodoxis and Tulbaghia.
Magnolia denudata tree seeds
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Bark is a coarse dark gray. Large quantity of seeds available for sale from China. Magnolia denudata, known as the Yulan magnolia (Chinese: p ), is native to central and eastern China.
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Hardy hibiscus seeds for sale, the are from this summers flowering and still in their pods. Hardy hibiscus seeds from bushes they are 6 to 7 years old. Also have seeds from a plant with no name but has fusia flowers.
North Kansas City
Parmotrema lichen extract
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Traumatic Hemorrhage: Whitehead Yan Mo dried flowers and wrap the wound. If interested, kindly please contact me. And we are also Alibaba Chinese supplier. We hope you will give us reply by return mail so that we should start business with you immediately.
Dog wood seeds and other seeds buying from u.s.a
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Want buy dogwood tree seeds and other seeds from your company.please quto us as belows item. Aka tsuki dog wood seeds . 2kg 10.kalmia .2kg 2 kg 7.pagoda dog wood seeds.2kg 8. Please quto us as belows, dog wood seeds 1.magic dog wood seeds ;much is better...
gyosan 2 gil 23-2
Offer pyethrum refined pale extract and related
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At present, we are able to supply main products as following; 1) Pyrethrum refined extract 50% 2) Pyrethrum flower powder, pyrethrin content:1.2%-1.5% 3) Pyrethrum marc: pyrethrin contents: 0.01%-0.03%
Galax urceolata
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Rhizomes are red and spread widely, allowing the plant to colonize. These evergreen leaves are held on long petioles. The round basal foliage is shiny green, leathery, and often has a reddish tint.
Banner Elk
Soybean seeds used for a variety of foods
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Soy flour is used for a variety of feed, baby food, confectionery, dietary food, soy sauce and textured vegetable protein that looks and tastes like meat. Soy sprouts are also used in the foodstuff.
Acacia honey, buckwheat honey
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If you want to purchase them pls contact us Hoping to develop the business with your company Our company supply the honey and buckwheat. Our honey is rape honey,ELA ,LA ,white honey, buckwheat honey, sunflower honey,linden honey,vitex honey,poly flower...
Lakes - Tall Timber
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Abundant wildlife, including deer, turkeys, armadillos, eagles. Nearby towns for all needs; DFW Airport 1.5 hr. Vacation, have a family reunion, build your retirement home, or investment.
Mini rex and lionhead rabbits for sale
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We specialize in breeding quality pedigreed mini rex and double-maned pedigreed lionheads in many colors, now including: blacks, blues, torts (blue & black), rew, seal. We always give our Does a proper, long, and well-deserved period of rest before breeding...
Salvia divinorum plant
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The plant has large green leaves with white and purple flowers that typically grow in large clusters to more than 3 feet in height. Salvia Divinorum is organic and is NOT a synthetic cannabinoid like spice, k2 etc.
100% cotton compressed towel magic gift towel
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100% Cotton Compressed printed magic towel Specifications: 1.Material:Cotton/Organic cotton/Bamboo Fiber/Microfiber/Wood Fiber/non-woven 2.30x30cm (12\"x12\") for Mini gift towel 30*60cm (12\"x24\") for face towel 30x70cm (12\"x28\") for hand towel 30x80cm...
Automatic tea bags packing machinery
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PLC is used to control the motion of the whole machine, with a human-machine interface display and easy operation All touchable material parts are made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure sanitary and reliable products Some of the working cylinders use...
Organic Gardener\\\'s Dream Farm
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Located in Hot Springs, Arkansas with good, clean water source. Exterior is wood and stone with flagstone path leading to front door. Sliding doors leading to patio area. Ranch-style home on 1.5 acres.
Small Organic Farm for long tern lease
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A creek runs through the property and there are many 150+ year old oaks lining the creek. Automated irrigation to all garden. Building and infrastructure: 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom completely remodeled farm house.
45*3W led grow light
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Over 5 hours. 45*3 LED grow light can replace the 3-5times HPS, saving over 80% energy 3 years warranty Ideal for all phases of plant growth, and works well with any indoor garden, hydroponics or soil based.
Lobaria pulmonaria
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It is based on the growth of the Chinese Daxinanling virgin forest where the wild by the old dragon skin (alias, lung clothing, net lung clothing, Shilong clothing, skin disease belly, snakeskin moss, Taiwan flower) as raw material, the use of modern...
Refined sunflower oil for sale
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Revert to us with your company email address and contacts details so that we can be calling you and exchanging mails with your company directly thanks and waiting to read from you with your loi so that we can prepared the fco and start the business at...