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Supply of black Truffle and red in high volume
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- price per kilogram of black truffle (tuber aestivum vitt) 360 $. Fb : instagram : (at)persiantruffle E-mail : phon number & telegram: +989021009092
Tuber aestivum vitt, truffles
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Grade B: 3-5cm; 3). Delivery time: from March to Octomber every year. Sell Tuber aestivum vitt, truffles produced in Bulgaria. Specification (Similar diameter): 1). Grade C: Below 3cm.
Giant Snowdrops
Prices start at : 14.98 USD / Bag of 8

(Leucojum aestivum) Great choice for planting around the base of a tree. Giant Snowdrops top out at 14-16" and bloom in late spring. Plant in large clusters to create a dramatic effect.
  •  Bee Friendly
  •  Squirrel Resistant
  •  Deer Resistant
  • Advantages: Deer Resistant, Bee Friendly, Squirrel Resistant, Groundcover, Multiplies / Naturalizes
  • Mature Plant Size: 14-16" tall
  • Planting Time: Fall
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Fresh Black Summer Truffles (Tuber aestivum) from the region of Molise, Italy. Truffles are sold by the pound. We sell seasonal truffles throughout the year, right now we have fresh Black Summer Truffles from Italy for sale.
Prices start at : 1.6 USD / 0.50 lbs

Tin holds Wheat Grass, Triticum aestivum, an easy to grow Organic Cat Grass that provides cats with essential vitamins and minerals as they play with it, nap on it and eat it. Available size: 11.7 gram Tin Includes: Organic wheat grass seed and directions...
  • brand: Potting Shed Creations
Tuber Brumale for sale
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It can be deliver by Air or railway. The Other kinds of Brumale tuber like Magnatum Pico and Aestivum are also available. We can provide the Tuber Burmale from January to May and September to November of each year with the lowest price in the Globe
Egyptian Wheat, Grains
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Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.): Cool season, Grain, Annual, Upright growth habit, Crude protein: straw 4-10%, grain 12-16%, C:N ratio: leaf 15-29, stem 31-65, root 24-75, straw 80-95 (end of season), Self pollinator, Very good at scavenging nitrogen from...
  • Life Cycle: Annual
  • Sow Depth: 1"
  • Broadcast Rate per Acre: 75-150 lbs
  • Best Time to Sow: March-May
  • Seeds Per Pound: 15,900
  • categories: Cover Crop
Wheatgrass Seed
Price : CALL

Supplier from all over the world are welcomed to email me. Thanks! Please let us know the price, MOQ, payment method etc. Wheatgrass \\"Triticum aestivum\\" seeds is needed in malaysia.
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Grade B: 3-5cm; 3). Delivery time: from March to Octomber every year. Packing: 1kg is packed in a vacuum bag. Good Day, Sell Tuber aestivum vitt, truffles produced in Bulgaria. Specification (Similar diameter): 1).
Wheat Wanted
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) United States or Canada Grade #2 for human consumption. Minium test weight after removal of dockage per : 76.00 kg/hl protein by (NIRT) : 11% minimum dry matters basis Minimum dry matter basis certified by Newar infrared transmission spectrosocpy (...
United States
New York
Research officer
35 (1&2) : 18-20. Nepalia and P.D. Chaudhary (2003). CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar (Haryana).pp.44-46. 2ndNational Symposium on Alternative Farming System Sept. Maliwal, P.L.; P.D. Chaudhary and B.N.Swami, 2003.
Plant Genetics Research And Development
Techniques known-Tissue culture and Electrophoresis Passed Name of board/ Institute/Univ. V Research paper presented entitled “High- Molecular-Weight Subunit Composition of Wheat (T.
Tamil Nadu
Dadidepan Ltd.

We harvest from non polluted areas with our own trained dogs and sell directly fresh black truffles such as: - tuber Aestivum/Uncinatum also known as the black summer truffle (this is our main production) - few other species...
  • Type: Exporter,Manufacturer,Producer
Research scientist
Plant Molecular Biology, 58(1): 53-64. Plant Omics Journal, 5(4):326-332. Rapid in planta evaluation of root expressed transgenes in chimeric soybean plants. Cloned GBSSI gene of wheat and made RNAi construct.
United States
Bread Wheat Genome—Broken Down
First, scientists consider the presence of multiple copies of each chromosome a positive thing: Those six copies allow for specific chromosome selection when breeding new wheat hybrids.
Crop and soil management including project implementation and data analysis through Mstatc etc. Amin, R., S.K. Khalil and asim. Member: Weed science society of Pakistan. A.S, and Muhammad.
Australian Capital Territory
As a reseacher or manager,etc
● The crossing ( emasculation & pollination) techniques were also included in my work. ● Principal's Honor list for the years 2000, 2002. ● The work was totally research based and of publications level.
South Australia
How to Harvest Wheatgrass Seeds
Set the wheat sheaves upright on the ground. Store the wheatgrass seeds for up to one year before sowing them. Tie the bundles with heavy-duty string 3 inches below the seed heads.Sever the bundles 3 inches below the string using a pair of pruning shears.
Santa Monica
Post doctoral position
 Induced callus from the pericarp and placenta and established cell suspension cultures from high capsaicin varieties of Capsicum annum and Capsicum frutescens. Data on yield parameters was taken on BC2F2 progenies.
United States
Research at a lab
Kazemeini S.A., Alemzadeh A., Edalat M., Abedi T. 5th National biotechnology congress of Iran. Besides my thesis I gained some experiences through my M.Sc. period on cytological experiment and tissue culture techniques.
Plants That Contain Amylase
They include corn (Zea mays), common oats (Avena sativa), common rice (Oryza sativa) and bread wheat (Triticum aestivum). Many of those plants can be grown in home gardens.Alpha amylase turns carbohydrates into all forms of sugar except malt.
Santa Monica
Crop Protection
-Identified different species of Weeds collected from varied areas of the country. Manager - Assist the faculty member with statistical analysis and preparation of research papers for presentation and publication.
United States
Wheat coordinator
Biological Sciences. In the Dry Areas (ICARDA), Syria, May - Aug. Asim, N.S.Kisana S.Z. Mustafa, M.Y.Mujahid and I.  Visited wheat breeding research programme Cambridge, U.K. Oct 1983.
South Australia
Biotechnology Research
• Strong exposure to systems & possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills Analyzing and delivering the data Professional Experience Name : Vedic Kanya Mahavidyalaya = Jaipur Designation : Lecturer Duration : November 2004 - January...
Plant breeding, agronomy, seed production
ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS - 8 O' Level subjects inclusive of Mathematics, English language and Science [Cambridge Nov. Degree class: Upper second (2.1). COMPUTER SKILLS - Microsoft Word - Microsoft Excel - Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation and Seminar Presentations...
New Zealand
Plant biotechnologist
Sativa (L.) subspecies indica harbours rich genetic diversity as measured by SSR markers. Parveen Chhuneja, Aparna Das, Satinder Kaur and H.S.Dhaliwal in National symposium on Plant Disease Management; Development, Challenges and Strategies held from...
United States
Food scientist
Sathe, S.K; Roux, K.H.; Teuber, S.S. and Hamaker, B.R.. Benmoussa M.; Suhendra, B.; Aboubacar, A. The Consortium for Plant Biotechnology research, Inc. Genetic polymorphism in low- molecular-weight glutenin genes from Triticum aestivum variety Chinese...
United States
How Long Does it Take to Grow Wheatgrass?
Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil, and mist them with water two or three times a day so the soil doesn't dry out, but also avoid overwatering and soggy soil. Moist soil combined with full sunlight results in the fastest, healthiest growth.Regular...
Santa Monica
What Is Fallow Ground?
Crop rotations and fallow ground may be seasonal as opposed to annual. This philosophy fuels the idea of sustainable farming and gardening, where wise crop rotation -- and allowances for fallow soil -- keep soil naturally sustained rather than depleted.
Santa Monica