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Yard Garden Rakes Farm Supplies For Sale In Louisville Jefferson County

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Midwest Rake Aluminum Lawn Rakes
Prices start at : 51.99 USD / each

Ultralight - Rugged construction! Strong wrap around bracing and heavy-duty double-ribbed construction for stability and long-lasting performance under the heaviest professional use.
  • Ship wt: 4 lb.
  • Head Width: 2 feet (24 inches)
Louisville/Jefferson County
Magnesium Float with Comfort Grip
Prices start at : 26.29 USD / each

Primarily used for concrete work, hardscapers may also use mag floats for paver work. The original cast mag float design with beveled ends for that broken-in feel. Helpful tool while screeding gravel or paver sand and fixing imperfections after screeding.

Product Features

    • Bevel-end for broken in feel: Product Features
    • Size: 16 inches long by 3-1/2 inches wide: Product Features
    • Comfort grip: Product Features
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Union Level Head Rake, 13-3/4-Inch Width, 14 Teeth
    Prices start at : 41.49 USD / each

    66" wood handle. 13 3/4"W, 14 teeth. Forged steel construction for added strength! Lightweight, curved tooth pattern; one-piece forged steel construction.


      • Overall head size: 13-3/4 in. x 3-1/4 in.: Specs
      • Overall weight: 4 pounds: Specs
      • Handle material: Wood: Specs
      • Material: One-piece forged steel: Specs
      Louisville/Jefferson County
      Leonard Forged Bow Rake with Tuff-Strong Fiberglass Handle
      Prices start at : 35.69 USD / each

      Tired of rake heads pulling out of the socket? Try this one; the head is welded into the socket, adding stiffness and durability, and eliminating breaks. Bow Rake teeth are curved to help you move more of what you are raking.
      Louisville/Jefferson County
      Union Razorback Forged Steel Manure Forks, 54-inch Straight Handle
      Prices start at : 33.99 USD / each

      Extra long 54-inch wooden handle for better reach. Tines are 12.5 inches long. Dependable tool that is lightweight for the longer jobs! Oval pointed tines. Shipping weight of 4 lbs.
      • Head Width: 8.75 inches between the points
      • Tines: Four
      Louisville/Jefferson County
      Midwest Rake Aluminum Screening Rakes
      Prices start at : 56.69 USD / each

      Rugged, lightweight construction with heavy-duty head brace, comfortable 66" coated handle with vinyl grip. Ultralight aluminum rake! Perfect for grading, spreading, sifting or leveling.
      • Head Width: 2 feet (24 inches)
      • Ship wt: 4 lb.
      Louisville/Jefferson County
      Bamboo Rake
      Prices start at : 15.99 USD / each

      Enhanced modern design of the classic favorite rake! This improved bamboo rake is a 2nd generation design, a modern version of the old time favorite lawn rakes. The newer style head and socket of rugged poly combined with select natural bamboo teeth lighten,...
      • Shipping Weight: 1.6 lbs
      • Type: Overall 24-inch head width; 24 tines
      Louisville/Jefferson County
      Ames Poly Lawn Rake 8in Head 15 Tines
      Prices start at : 11.49 USD / each

      8" wide head, total of 15 tines. Tough, ultra lightweight head with springy, uniform tines! 42" wood handle.
      Louisville/Jefferson County
      Leonard Forged Straight Rake with Tuff-Strong Handle
      Prices start at : 44.19 USD / each

      Features a high strength heavy wall fiberglass handle with a solid core at the riveted handle connection. In addition, the 14 gauge socket is riveted all the way through the handle, not just held in place with a nail or a screw.
      Louisville/Jefferson County
      Leonard Spring Rake w/ Fiberglass Handle, 18 in
      Prices start at : 18.99 USD / each

      18" wide, 18 tine. 54" long, 1" dia composite hdl. These fiberglass handles feature an AML orange resin veil to prevent splintering and provide the highest strength with the least amount of weight.

      Product Benefits

        Product Features

          • The fiberglass handle eliminates breakage: Product Benefits
          • The tines are reinforced with an additional spring, to help you 'dig in' to a pile of wet leaves when you have to, without damaging the rake: Product Benefits
          • Heavy-duty reinforced spring head: Product Features
          • Weighs 3.4 lbs: Specs
          • TuffStrong fiberglass handle with a ring on the end for storage: Product Features
          • 54" handle allows for more comfortable long reach: Product Benefits
          Louisville/Jefferson County
          Leonard Poly Lawn Rake with Composite Handle, 30-Inch Head
          Prices start at : 20.99 USD / each

          This handle is perfect for those that favor durability and do not mind a little extra weight. These rakes give you all the benefits of a steel rake without the weight. The T-shaped tines add strength and retain their shape.


            Product Benefits

              Product Features

                • Tine ribbing allows you to get more leaves with each stroke: Product Benefits
                • 54-inch long composite handle with a 1-inch diameter: Product Features
                • Handle material: Composite: Specs
                • Tine count: 30: Specs
                • Cover more ground in less time: Product Benefits
                • T-shaped tines increase strength and retain their shape: Product Features
                Louisville/Jefferson County
                Groundskeeper II Shrub Rake
                Prices start at : 31.19 USD / each

                Available in 9" or 21". Torsion springs do everything: finish grading, spreading mulch, lifting thatch, and much more! Super light and equipped with a 55" fiberglass handle.

                Product Benefits

                  • 55" fiberglass handle: Specs
                  • Rake leaves: Product Benefits
                  • The wire tines are hard enough to keep their shape, but the loop "spring" at the top of them offer flexibilty: Product Features
                  • Clean up litter: Product Benefits
                  • De-thatch small grassy areas: Product Benefits
                  • Width: 9 in
                  Louisville/Jefferson County
                  Long Handled Tool Rack
                  Prices start at : 61.99 USD / each

                  Affordable, expandable, and easy to use! RACKEM designed their Long-Handled Tool Rack to hold 6 straight-handled shovels, brooms, or rakes. Mount this multi-level tool holder kit on your open or flatbed trailer.
                  • Description: Tool Rack
                  Louisville/Jefferson County
                  Replacement Handle for A22 Rake
                  Prices start at : 19.29 USD / each

                  For the spring rakes! Replacement handle for the Ames A22 steel rake. Does not include hardware. This handle will also fit our MSR24, MSR18, and EZF18. It will also fit our D6B, but it is longer than the original.
                  Louisville/Jefferson County
                  Clog-Free Poly Leaf Rake
                  Prices start at : 14.49 USD / each

                  The raised-head design helps eliminate clogged tines! 24" poly, 11 tine head. Tines are joined with V shaped teeth. Patented tooth design prevents clogging. 48" ash handle. Great at collecting leaves, grass clippings, twigs, needles and acorns without...

                  Product Features

                    • Besides leaves it can gather a lot of other small items, saving time and adding to the value and versatility of the tool: Product Features
                    • 24 in wide head: Specs
                    • The raised-head design helps eliminate clogged tines: Product Features
                    Louisville/Jefferson County
                    Union Razorback Bow Rake 15\
                    Prices start at : 32.99 USD / each

                    60" wood handle. 15" W, 15 teeth. Top quality! Sturdy one-piece forged head, curved teeth.
                    Louisville/Jefferson County
                    Leonard Aluminum Lawn Rake 24in Wide
                    Prices start at : 50.09 USD / each

                    Smooth rounded teeth provide non-gouging action. The A.M. Leonard premium line of aluminum rakes.Top quality materials for superior performance! High grade aluminum composition for strength and durability Double rake head runners for head reinforcement...


                      • 24" wide head: Specs
                      • 66" Aluminum powder coated handle: Specs
                      • 6" non-slip grip at top of handle: Specs
                      Louisville/Jefferson County
                      Flexrake, Panorama Small Dog Scoop & Rake Set, Blue
                      Prices start at : 26.84 USD / each

                      Small Dog Scoop and Rake Set Molded non-slip vinyl grips Pick up where your pet left off Flexrake 58AB 3' Blue Panorama Small Dog Scoop & Rake Set: Flexrake 58AB 3' Blue Panorama Small Dog Scoop & Rake Set: Flexrake specializes in lawn, garden and dog...
                      •  Blue
                      •  Pick up where your pet left off
                      •  Small Dog Scoop and Rake Set
                      •  Molded non-slip vinyl grips
                      • Brand: Flexrake
                      • Manufacturer Part Number: 58AB
                      Louisville/Jefferson County
                      Garden And Barn Smart Cart 7 cu ft, Black
                      Prices start at : 362.99 USD / each

                      Strong and lightweight. Best warranty in the industry. For 20-in wheel model). Unique front-tilt design. Perfectly balanced cart. Rust proof and leak free, no matter the climate. Built to last decades without bolts to tighten or replace,...

                      Product Features


                          • Load capacity up to 600 pounds (wheel choice determines load).: Product Features
                          • Patented snap-out pans in 2 sizes: 7 and 12 cubic foot sizes, and are interchangeable & replaceable. Buy one frame and if you like have 2 sized pans. The pan snaps easily in and out of the carriage, and is often used by itself as a handy tub or container. Popular uses for the pan include baby pool, washing the dog, holding ice or water, feeding livestock, and covering firewood and shrubs.: Product Features
                          • Length Overall 56": Specs
                          • Tubular Framework: aircraft-quality drawn aluminum alloy, satin-etched and anodized. strongest undercarriage in the industry. Frame is exactly the same on all models and therefore the standard pan of 7 cubic feet (200 litres) capacity and the extra-large pan of 12 cubic feet (340 litres) are interchangeable. Lightweight and extremely strong, it will never rust or rot.: Product Features
                          • Wheel size 16" dia. x 4" tread width or 20" dia. x 2" tread width.: Specs
                          • Pans : seamless high-density, polyethylene. Are leakproof, with no bolt holes to rupture, crack or tear. Ultraviolet ray inhibitor added. Is unaffected by water, strong sunlight, barn acids or fertilizer.: Product Features
                          Louisville/Jefferson County
                          OX Pro Aluminum Concrete Rake with Hook
                          Prices start at : 36.99 USD / each

                          It features a braced head to handle connection for additional strength. Extremely light yet incredibly durable! The OX Pro Aluminum Concrete Rake is super light thanks to its one-piece aluminum construction.


                            Product Features

                              • Head height: 4 inches: Specs
                              • Extremely light: Product Features
                              • Hook diameter: 3/8 inch: Specs
                              • Handle features a soft grip: Product Features
                              • Braced for additional strength: Product Features
                              Louisville/Jefferson County
                              Thatch Rake,Straight,54 in. Handle L TRUE TEMPER 29140GR
                              Prices start at : 27.57 USD / each

                              Thatch Rake, Tine Material Metal, Length of Tines 3-1/4 In., Overall Width of Tines 18 In., Number of Tines 19, Handle Material Wood, Handle Length 54 In., Handle Type Straight, Features Adjustable Head Features
                              •  Overall Width of Tines: 18"
                              •  Made in the United States
                              •  Brand: TRUE TEMPER
                              •  Item: Thatch Rake
                              •  Handle Length: 54"
                              • Brand: True Temper
                              Louisville/Jefferson County
                              Ames Road and Stone Rake 18in Wide 16 Teeth
                              Prices start at : 63.79 USD / each

                              17 7/8"W, 16 teeth. Extra thick, heavy duty straight teeth! For landscaping and heavy industrial jobs.
                              Louisville/Jefferson County
                              Ohio Steel Aerator Hand Push 14in Width
                              Prices start at : 135.99 USD / each

                              Steel weight pan holds additional weight for deeper penetration. Sharp, 8-inch diameter steel spikes for deep aeration! 14" spiking width; overall tool height of 39 inches.
                              Louisville/Jefferson County
                              Weed Razer
                              Prices start at : 141.39 USD / each

                              Width: 48 Inches A must-have tool for pond owners! The Weed Razer is a very efficient and cost-effective tool for controlling problematic aquatic vegetation in lakes and ponds.
                              Louisville/Jefferson County
                              Ames Bow Rake
                              Prices start at : 32.99 USD / each

                              60" wood handle. 14"W, 14 teeth. Top quality, with sturdy one-piece forged head, curved teeth.
                              • Ship wt.: 4 lb
                              • Description: 16- inch width, 15 teeth
                              Louisville/Jefferson County
                              Ames Pro Double Play 14-Tine Bow Rake
                              Prices start at : 19.67 USD / each

                              Color: brown and green Material: wood, steel Ames Pro Double Play 14-Tine Bow Rake: Ames Pro Double Play 14-Tine Bow Rake: The Ames Pro Double Play 14-Tine Bow Rake is made of wood and steel.
                              •  Material: wood, steel
                              •  Color: brown and green
                              • Material: Multi
                              • Model: 28252100
                              Louisville/Jefferson County
                              Aluminum Concrete Placer
                              Prices start at : 28.09 USD / each

                              Versatile hardscaping and construction tool ideal for concrete and paver work. Ideal for concrete and paver work! One piece, welded aluminum concrete placer with powder-coated handle.

                              Product Features

                                • Powder-coated, 60-inch long handle; 1-3/8 inch diameter: Product Features
                                • Head is 19-1/2 inch wide by 4 inches tall: Product Features
                                Louisville/Jefferson County
                                Unique Bargains Black Plastic Handle Gardening Yard Metal Hand Tool Bow Rake 11\
                                Prices start at : 14.49 USD / each

                                Please note that by posting this Proposition 65 warning, we are notifying you that one or more of the Proposition 65 listed chemicals may be present in a product. With Unique Bargains' products, the exposure to these chemicals may be of no significant...
                                •  Weight : 212g
                                •  Great for weeding, seeding, turning soil, etc.
                                •  You can do home gardening with your kids or out for planting.
                                •  Package : 1 x Garden Bow Rake
                                •  Metal head hand tool bow rake is for gardening use, rubber handle is comforatble to grip.
                                • Brand: Unique Bargains
                                Louisville/Jefferson County
                                Ames Road and Stone Rake 15.5in Wide 14 Teeth
                                Prices start at : 58.99 USD / each

                                15 1/2"W, 14 teeth. Extra thick, heavy duty straight teeth! For landscaping and heavy industrial jobs.
                                Louisville/Jefferson County