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Frozen Rhubarb
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We offer high and fine quality Frozen Rhubarb to our most reliable customers which are situated all round the nation Product Season: May-June Product Species: Rheum palmatum Product Specification: 12-15mm cut Packing: 10kg/carton
Victoria, Rhubarb Seed
Prices start at : 2.00 USD / Packet

Plants are high yielding; stalks green with red blush. High yielding green stalks with red blush. Stalks are slender and very tender, so it’s quick and easy to fix for the pot. Guaranteed to be the best cooking rhubarb you ever tasted! Victoria is sweeter...
  • Size: Packet
  • Zones: 4
  • Seeds Per Gram: 71
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Botanical Name: Rheum rhabarbarum
  • Seeds Per Pound: 31,700
Victoria - Rhubarb Seed
Prices start at : 4.10 USD / Packet

Sow in individual pots 5-7 weeks before last frost date. Choose a location in full sun. Cover seed 1/4" deep. Sweeter and milder than other varieties. Remove seed stalks. In subsequent years all stalks 1" or more in diameter may be harvested for 6-8 weeks.
  •  Grows Well in Containers
  • Latin Name: Rheum rhabarbarum
  • Life Cycle: Perennial
  • Days To Maturity: 365 Days
Glaskins Perpetual Rhubarb
Prices start at : 2.95 USD / 1/4 gram

Prefers an open, sunny place and fertile soil. Try combining with strawberries in a dessert souffle. Up-pot after seedlings are up and growing well, taking care not to disturb the roots.
  • Seed Life: 2 years
  • Row Spacing: 4'
  • Min. Germ.: 50%
  • Soil Temp. for Trans.: 45°F
  • Days to Emergence: 6-18
  • Seed Depth: 1/8-1/4"
Cottage Grove
Glaskins Perpetual Rhubarb Seeds
Prices start at : 5.95 USD / 1-8-oz

Presoak 2 hours in warm water and plant 1/4” deep. 2,000 seeds/oz.; 14-21 days, 70-75ºF. Glaskins Perpetual is one of the only varieties of rhubarb that comes true from seed. Start seeds early in the spring indoors and transplant after the last frost.
  • weight: .0625 lbs
East Hartford
Crimson Red Rhubarb Root
Prices start at : 15.95 USD / Sold Out

Treated as a fruit, this vegetable was used medicinally long before it was popularized in tart desserts and sauces, and is packed with vitamin K, fiber, and antioxidants. Cut off flower stalks as they emerge.
  • Days to Emergence: 6-18
  • Row Spacing: 4'
  • Soil Temp for Germ.: 70°F
  • Min. Germ.: 50%
  • Seed Depth: 1/8-1/4"
Cottage Grove
Rhubarb, Victoria
Prices start at : 12.99 USD / 2 Roots

Rooted plants are best in fall, planted upon receipt, 4-6 weeks before first fall frost. The best cooking rhubarb, bar none. Plants are prolific; stalks green with red blush. Bare roots are great for early spring planting.
  • Height: 24-36 inches
  • Thin: 36 inches
  • Sun: Full Sun
  • Planting Time: Fall, Spring
  • Sow Time: 2-4 weeks BLF
Buy Live Snails HERE!!
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-GALs We sell from: - from parent snails - breeding stock, - from juveniles - small 10-day-old hatchlings, Contact for our supplier procedures directly via email: -Giant Achatina Achatina.
Buy Quality Fresh Apricot
Price : CALL

Mohammed Abdul LIOCAM ENTERPRISE 12 Com.Ave,Kousseri Republic of Cameroon Our prices are quite competitive. Waiting to get your inquiries. Free samples are also available for testing and confirmation of quality.
Buy all these essential oils.
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Cholesterol: Min: 0Max:0. Peroxides/PV: Min: 0,82Max:1. Incoterms: FOB (Incoterms 2000). Products:Refined Sunflower Oil Packing:500 ml-1,2,3,4,5,10,18,20. Linolenic acid: Min: _Max:2.
Eastern Cape
Port Elizabeth
Moba 3500 to sell
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Moba France have done the initial maintenance (all wear parts have been replaced). The machine comes with: - 8 denesters fully operational all usage parts have been replaced - 1 manual exit - Semi-automatic screener - doser input included - ink printer...
Mammoth jennet to good home
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Will email pictures opon request. Never bred, would make a great brood mare or pet. Brown with white points. I have owned her since she was born and she has not had another owner. This is a very special girl who needs to go to a great home.
Tunis ram, yearling,ready to reproduce
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Intact male ready to reproduce. Tunis ram, yearling. Born in our small farm. Tunis ram, yearling, in Damascus Maryland (zip code 20872). Born in our ... Vaccination updated. Both parents were registered tunis sheep.
Offer to sell sweet potato
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- Packing: 5, 10 or 15Kgs/Carton - Container 20 FT = 12 MTS (15kgs/carton) - To be selected carefully, and processed by clean water. If you interested in importing these items, please contact us through I look forward to receiving your reply soon.
Ho Chi Minh
Hiep Binh Xa
Dog wood seeds and other seeds buying from u.s.a
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2 kg please recomend us other kind dog wood seeds.(no need oriental dog wood,s) 9.oxydendrum seeds. Want buy dogwood tree seeds and other seeds from your company.please quto us as belows item.
gyosan 2 gil 23-2
49 Acre Farm/Ranch, 3 Bed, 1.5 Bath
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It's a perfect climate for fruit and we were planning a vineyard and small winery. We run 4 sprinklers 24/7 in addition to all the household needs. The property was once a popular you-pick peach orchard and peaches grow amazing well here.
Baker City
Helix Pomatia (Escargot) snails, up to 20 t.
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A longer term goal is through selection to have a Latvian Helix Pomatia snail breed, guaranteeing desirable characteristics. "Escargot" Ltd is collaborating with an official Laboratory for quality checking.
German beauty homer
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I want to buy German Beuty Homer or other kind of pigeons like Modena or King from Germany from the supplyer to my country Bahrain I would like to know how can I buy and pay for the pigeons in safe way and ofcourse I would like to see the pigeons before...
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Exciting offer! Golden walnut kernels!
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Olesea \"gts holding\" Do you want to buy walnuts, buy just moldavian nuts!!! Super delicious walnut kernels!!! Fresh, qualitative, aromatic, salubrious walnuts!!! Only moldavian nuts are so unique! Do not hesitate to purchase them! the amount is limited!!!...
Big, Black Percheron Mare~Broke to ride!
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She is trained to ride with some dressage in her training background. Price includes her saddle, bridle, halter, as they were made for her! Babe would make an excellent driving horse,sorry not trained to drive yet, or trail mount as she's not afraid of...
Oconto Falls
Hobby farm close to everything - NJ Columbus
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Colonial house w/ 4 beds 4 baths Farmland assessed. 10 minutes to Riverline station that connects to Philly. 5 Minutes to NJ Turnpike and I295, 17 minutes to Hamilton train station.
REDUCED-Disabled have to Sell my Herd
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Reduced to $15,900, will finance to qualified purchaser with $5000 down and balance at 5% I have great bloodlines and a Champion Herdsire, 15 females are presently open and ready for breeding.
Beautiful Small Farm, 25 min to Asheville
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Lease, deposit, and references. Newly remodeled 3 bedroom, 2 bath brick cottage with full basement. Pasture, dressage-size riding ring, round pen, and miles of Pisgah National Forest trails you can ride to from property.
I have the many quality of mushroom ,
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I have a lot of stock of mushroom , i f u want to buy tell me and hows the price I have a lot of stock of mushroom , i f u want to buy tell me and hows the price and i want a good price of it my contact no.
Palm Oil
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Palm oil Vegetable oil Our oil is the best with high quality and a reasonable price to go with. Buy from us and you will not regret doing business with us We sell high quality palm oil and other forms of quality oil at a reasonable price
I want to sell  good quality of barley seeds
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I have good quality of barley seeds. Those who are interested to buy this good quality of barley seeds please contact me.actual quantity of barley seeds is about 20 tonns or 2 kilograms
Quality Coconuts from small to large size
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We produce fine quality coconuts from small size to large size at very nominal cost. Please contact for your requirements. These coconuts are of good quality and varies from small size to big size.
Tamil Nadu
Fresh Truffle offered to you from China
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Thanks for your reply. Best regards John Sales manager Kunming Johnleemushroom Co., Ltd. Also the Matsutake and other wild mushroom Also the Matsutake and other wild mushroom. Do you have any need of these products?
Want to sell mahogany seeds - sky fruits
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This enzyme is found in many types of plants and fruits including famous herb plants known as Ginkgo biloba and Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali). The high content of Saponins in the Mahogany seed helps reducing fat and bad cholesterol in the blood vessels,...
Jawa Tengah