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Weight Of Douglas Fir

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Saw Logs, Douglas Fir
  • Part of tree: Whole tree
  • Incoterm: EXW - Alongside the road Region Normandie
  • Origin: France
  • Type of species: European Softwood
  • Delivery deadline: In Stock
  • Diameter: 30 et + cm
France, Nord-Pas-de-Calais
Belgium, Brussels
Wanted Douglas Fir Logs
Need 72 Douglass Fir logs. Delivered to Grand Haven MI 49417. 12-14\" diameter all 26 feet long. Logs must be very true and straight with minimal bend.
United States, Michigan
Wanted Doug Fir
Needing 1000bdft Located in Kansas City I am looking for some tight grain no not Doug Fir logs 8-12' long.
United States, Missouri
Looking To Purchase Standing Timber
I provide consultation as well and will look at anything. I am looking to purchase and or manage standing timber. I am interested in purchasing and managing standing timber. I do quality work and am not afraid to travel.
United States, Washington
United States, Oregon
United States, Idaho
Fresh Douglas Fir Christmas Tree
Prices start at : 99.95 USD / 5 to 6 Feet

Clipping the branches exposes the interior of the branches, releasing that sweet fragrance we know you’ll enjoy! Give it a try, you’ll notice the difference. Below are a number of tips on caring for your tree: Displaying trees in water in a traditional...
United States, Maryland
Price inquiry lumber douglass
Lumber wood cooling tower,size : 4 x 4 x 20 ft quantity : 8 pcs 2. Lumber wood cooling tower, size 2 x 6 x 20 ft quantity : 95 pcs 3. Usaha bersama muhammad zaki sales manager Dear Sales Pleaase send me your best price and best product for lumber and...
Indonesia, Sumatera Selatan
Douglas Fir logs
Please send the quotations for FOB west coast port. Look for Douglas Fir logs for export. Diameter >8\" & up to 23\" Length 20\' or 38\' looking for 50 containers\' load, the seller must have ready inventory or can arrange the quantity in 2 months
United States, Washington
United States, Oregon
United States, Pennsylvania
90-100 15-18inch 35ft logs
Wanted logs for a log home We need logs for a log home in Ponderosa California 90-100 15-18 inch @breast 35ft logs needed Needed for a cabin in Ponderosa California. We need 90-100 15-18inch 35ft logs.
United States, California
Requiry douglas fir
We are door factory in China.Need douglas fir to produce door and windows urgent.Pls quote me if you have ,ASAP. We are door factory in China.Need douglas fir urgent.Pls quote me if you have ,ASAP.
China, Zhejiang
Wanted 2x3 kd fir in 18\\\' and 20\\\'
Looking to purchase full units of qualty 2x3x18' and 2x3x20' in kiln dried fir. Looking to purchase full units of quality 2x3x18' and 2x3x20' in kiln dried fir Need delivery to New Jersey
United States, New Jersey
Duglas fir lumbe
We have a project to build a new house construction which we are looking to start in the next few weeks We are building a house in staten island and we need lumber for the entire house
United States, New York
Douglas Fir FOR SALE
Rough sawn Will be sawn using a bandmill contact for pictures. Douglas Fir lumber For Sale. We have approx 70 logs available to be custom sawed ranging from 12-36\" diameter up to 10 ft in length.
United States, Pennsylvania
Reclaimed wood beams
I also have 16 of the 4x12x20 ft long .I have 3 of the 12x12x16 ft long beams. I have 30 of the 2x10x20ft long beams also.please call if you are interested in the beams . I need to make a house payment and need the $$$ badly .I'm willing to let these...
United States, Washington
Douglas Fir (green saw logs)
Please Call Jacob. We also provide trucking to any Western US port or state (California, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon). We have 15 to 20 loads of med sized logs. We provide trucking to Western US ports and states
United States, California
Green sawn douglas fir
I am after rouhh sawn green douglas fir No 2 & better 2 x6,8,10 12 advise prices on 15 b/F, can you ship the lumber to melbourne australia long term business kind regards james stuart oregon timber import
New Zealand, Franklin
New Zealand, Marlborough
Douglas Fir - old growth
Looking for 3 x 8 #1 fohc dense exposed - need 5 each 18' or same footage in 8s and 10s. We are manufacturers and contractors. We also do most of our own milling. 3 x 8 #1 fohc dense exposed need 5 18' or same footage in 8s and 10s.
United States, California
Ladder stiles
The stiles must have a bulk density of 410 kg/m3. Used for making wooden ladders used by electrictrians to climb up up electrical post. Sizes include 50mm x 100mm x 5 m long x 20,000pcs 50mm x 100mm x 6 m long x 20,000 pcs.
Malaysia, Johor
Wanted Douglas Fir Sign Posts
4 inch X 6 inch X 14 ft., #1 Coast Douglas Fir sign posts, S4S, untreated, in 56 post lifts, loaded on flatdeck 5600 of 4x6x14 Coastal Douglas Fir sign posts, S4S, untreated in lifts of 56 posts
Canada, Saskatchewan
Building 20 house 1,700 sqfeet
We are building 20 houses in Anaheim, California. We would like the best bids. We would like to buy lumber for construction. We need lumber bids for construction of 20 houses in Anaheim, California.
United States, California
Wanted Douglas Fir Lumber
18,000 feet wanted. Size: 6\" and wider. This lumber should be C and better clear. Thickness required: 1 3/4\" to 2\". If the lumber is available within two weeks, it needs to be shipped to Delta, British Coumbia for drying.
Canada, British Columbia
United States, Oregon
Douglas Fir and Cedar
Bulk discounts for many different species, grades and dimensions of wood,including fir, cedar, and plywood. All sorts of douglas fir, cedar and other lumber products available including plywood and kiln dried wood.
Canada, British Columbia
2 Old Growth Douglas Fir Beams
Premium heartwood recently cut from river boom sticks or mill logs which were lost and preserved underwater from years ago. More available. Also old growth Hemlock beams/lumber up to 40 ft available.
United States, Oregon
Douglas Fir
5 around 20 to 38 feet long. Old growth Douglas Fir reclaimed from a barn. A couple 20 foot 2x8. Mostly 2x12 in various lenghts. Clear rough cut with very few growth rings A dozen 7 foot 2x12.
United States, Washington
Douglas Fir Lumber for Pole Barn
Approved Plans for shedrow and covered arena are available. Old Growth Douglas Fir, never used, still banded, wrapped and stacked. Will sell all or part. Enough structural lumber to build 80' x 156' covered arena, several hay barns, or a shedrow barn.
United States, Nevada
Douglas Fir Timbers For Sale
Salvaged timbers from an old mill site. 6x12's are free from paint (6000 bft) larger beams have some paint that comes off easy. Can be sold as is with ardox nails and some large bolts or de-nailed and all metal removed.
Canada, British Columbia
Old Growth Douglas Fir
Old growth douglas fir i have ( 30 ) 4\\" x 12\\" x 25' old growth douglas fir beams that i'm sell for $100.00 each. Old growth douglas fir ( 30 ) 4\\" x 12\\" x 25' $100.00 each must pick up in wilmington, il 60481
United States, Illinois
Crates, Recycled - Used In Good State
  • Width: 70 cm
  • Height: 69 cm
  • Volume: 1 - 10000 pieces Spot - 1 time
  • Delivery deadline: In Stock
  • Length: 107 cm
Belgium, Brussels
Fir Dowels Needed
We are looking for 275 Fir Dowels 3' 5/8\" they can also be pine or ash. We are in urgent need for these ASAP Help would be appreciated Please contact us ASAP 275 3' 5/8\" fir dowels Again...they can also be Pine or Ash.
United States, New York
Wanted Douglas fir to build
Length is approx 65 feet, width 47 feet. Interior walls 2x4s. Will also need sub flooring. We are Building a 3200 Sq foot House with a Garage and plenty of storage, has a loft area.
United States, California