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Watering Irrigation Hose Timers For Sale In Nashville Davidson

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11000EZ Single-Station Hose-End Controller with Hose Thread Fitting, Digital Display, Simple Cyclical Programming
Prices start at : 28.24 USD / each

The Galcon 11000 series controller is the perfect alternative to watering by hand when combined with a Drip Irrigation System. Easy to install and simple to program, the 11000EZ Hose-End (tap timer) Irrigation Controller is durable and is equipped with...
  •  Includes a manual run button, as well as start time delay option button
  •  Available cycle lengths (period of time between watering): 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, and 7 days


    • Irrigation System Component: Controller/Timer
    • Product Depth (in.): 3.8
    • Product Width (in.): 3.8
    • Product Height (in.): 6.1
    HydroLogic 4 Zone Timer
    Prices start at : 54.99 USD / each

    Need to wash the car or spray off the walkway. Each zone works like a separate timer, so the squash and sunflowers can be watered every morning while the lawn sprinkler comes on every few days.
    •  Easily select specific days of the week or every few days
    •  Each valve works like a separate timer with up to 4 selectable start times
    •  Large easy to read LCD clearly displays information
    • Number of Cycles: 16
    • Product Weight (lb.): 1.124 lb
    • Product Depth (in.): 2.67 in
    9001EZ Single Station Battery Operated Hose-End Controller with 3/4 in. Hose Thread Fittings and Easy Dial Programming
    Prices start at : 39.61 USD / each

    This long life, high quality Hose End (tap timer) Irrigation Controller can be used to automate the watering of your landscape and potted plants. The Galcon 9001EZ is the easy alternative to watering by hand when combined with a drip or sprinkler irrigation...
    •  Standard 3/4 in. female hose thread (FHT) inlet and 3/4 in. male hose thread (MHT) outlet
    •  Operating pressure is: 10 psi to 125 psi
    •  Running off of a single 9-Volt alkaline battery, these controllers can be placed where 120-Volt power is not readily available
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    • Product Depth (in.): 3.9
    • Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Years
    Mechanical Aqua Timer
    Prices start at : 12.51 USD / each

    Help reduce the possibility of over watering, with the Melnor Mechanical Aqua Timer. It works with low pressure drip and soaker hoses. It allows you to set the amount of time you want to water, from 10-minutes to 2-hours and it automatically shuts off.
    • Number of Zones: 1
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    • Egg timer design measures actual time, not water flow: Yes
    • Power Source: Mechanical
    • Maximum Cycle Time (min.): 120
    • Features: Hose-End Timer,Manual Bypass
    Automatic 2-Outlet Hose Timer
    Prices start at : 39.97 USD / each

    Each zone is quick to set-up with simple 2 step programming. Automatically water two areas of your lawn or garden with the Melnor 2 zone Water Timer. Just enter how often and how long you wish to water.
    •  Designed for the easy programming of 2 zones
    •  Water 2 areas from one faucet
    •  Battery operated for ease of installation and operation
    • Number of Cycles: 6
    • Maximum Cycle Time (min.): 120
    • Product Weight (lb.): 1lb
    Daily Aqua Timer
    Prices start at : 26.12 USD / each

    Automating Daily lawn and garden watering has never been easier than it is with the Melnor Daily Electronic Water Timer. Simply set the length of time you want to water. No programming is required to water once a day, every day, if your home or away.
    • Program Type: Programmable
    • Maximum Cycle Time (min.): 120
    • Included: No Additional Items Included
    • Product Height (in.): 4.63
    • Product Depth (in.): 3.5
    • Large, easy-to-read control panel: Yes
    3-Port Digital Hose Tap Timer
    Prices start at : 59.63 USD / each

    Programming is simple and with the twist of a dial you'll be up and running in minutes. This 3 port hose tap timer allows complete control and expanded functionality to bring your hose tap to life.
    • Easy to program and use: Yes
    • Manufacturer Warranty: 6
    • Features: Battery Back-up,Digital Display,Manual Bypass
    • Number of Zones: 3
    • Included: No Additional Items Included
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    1 Outlet Hose Faucet Timer
    Prices start at : 29.22 USD / each

    Cycles easily from set clock, set watering time, how often, how long, then run program. 1 dial allows complete timer control functionality. A rain delay is built into the run program function.
    • Number of Zones: 1
    • Power Source: Battery
    • For outdoor use and cold water only: Yes
    • Manufacturer Warranty: 5
    • Product Height (in.): 10.25
    • Features: Digital Display,Electronic
    Single Dial Timer
    Prices start at : 22.22 USD / each

    The oversized dial allows manual selection for every day, every other day and every 3rd day watering. This automatic watering timer will allow you to water without worry. The automatic settings give you 16 watering duration options from 2 to 90 minutes.
    •  Automatic operation conserves water
    •  Settings for daily, every other day and every 3rd day watering
    •  Select timed watering settings from 2 - 90 minutes
    • Number of Cycles: 1
    • Power Source: Battery
    • Included: No Additional Items Included
    7001D Single Station Battery Operated Controller with DC Latching Solenoid
    Prices start at : 55.74 USD / each

    The Galcon 7001D makes these things possible, and is the perfect solution to meet your custom irrigation needs. Imagine never having to water by hand again. Models that include an inline valve: (GAR2S1312P0, GAR2S1322P0, GAR2S1332P0, GAR2S1342P0) In addition,...
    •  6 large buttons for easy programming
    •  Up to 4 programmable start times
    •  User-friendly, battery operated, single station irrigation controller ideal for drip and sprinkler systems in home gardens, flower pots, roof gardens, and flowerbeds
    • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor
    • Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years
    • Number of Zones: 1
    Manual Hose Sprinkler Timer
    Prices start at : 11.67 USD / each

    This timer provides timed watering up to 2 hours with auto OFF. The Manual ON setting allows for a full, un-timed flow allowing the timer to remain attached to the faucet when using your hose for other tasks like washing the car.
    •  Leak free design
    •  Manual on option allows for full, untimed flow
    •  5 year warranty
    • Included: No Additional Items Included
    • Product Weight (lb.): .56lb
    • Product Width (in.): 2.50
    Solar Powered Irrigation Timer with Anti-Siphon Valve
    Prices start at : 69.97 USD / each

    Anti-siphon valve, powered solely by ambient light (solar) and doesn't use batteries or an AC power source. DIG offers a smart and sustainable solar powered irrigation timer with 3/4 in.
    •  Energy conservation; after fifteen minutes the timer screen is turned off automatically
    •  Completely waterproof
    •  Rain sensor compatible
    •  Flow range: .25 to 20 GPM 3 year warranty
    • Sprinkler Type: Fixed,Pop-Up
    • Sprinkler Location: Above ground
    Light Timer, UKOKE Timer Outlet, Appliance Timer with Outlet, 7 Day Weekly Programmable Outlet with Timer, Wall Timer Light Switch, Vacation Light Timer, Plug-In Timer for Electrical Outlet
    Prices start at : 10.48 USD / each

    As long as your electric devices need to be turn on/off periodically, the UKOKE utm01w, timer outlet, can help! It is prefect for home lighting, fan, heater and other electrical appliances, hydroponics greenhouse growing lighting, watering, ventilation/temperature...
    •  CE certification
    •  High quality, fashion design packing box, can sent as a gift
    •  Up to 10 times on/off setting per day
    •  Operating temperatures: -14f ~ +104f
    • Assembled Product Weight: 9.6 oz
    • Color: White
    RPS1224 18 Station Outdoor Sprinkler Timer
    Prices start at : 153.99 USD / each

    Designed for residential and light commercial applications, the RPS 1224 has eight individual programs to allow for efficient watering on separate programs. Save water and reduce costs.
    •  Weatherproof enclosure – ensures long product life
    •  Rain sensor ready – accepts rain sensor and allows individual stations to be set and controlled by the sensor
    • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor
    • Mount Location: Freestanding
    • Product Width (in.): 10.25
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    7101D Waterproof Battery Operated Controller and DC Latching Solenoid (No Valve Included)
    Prices start at : 65.56 USD / each

    Imagine being able to add an additional drip line or sprinkler zone to your current irrigation system even though there is no available zone on your current controller. The 7001D controller is ideal for automated operation of drip irrigation as well as...
    •  Includes a manual operation button, as well as a rain delay button
    •  Waterproof design (IP68) - ideal for underground installations
    •  Programmable digital controller with weekly programming abilities, as well as cyclical programming
    •  6 large buttons for easy programming
    •  User-friendly, battery operated, single station irrigation controller ideal for drip and sprinkler systems in home gardens, flower pots, roof gardens, and flowerbeds
    •  CE certified
    Pro Yard Watering System
    Prices start at : 261.45 USD / each

    The controller receives high-resolution weather data specific to the property, and then calculates the effects of those weather factors on the unique combination of plants, soil, and sun exposure within each zone.
    •  Compatible with most smart home and API devices
    •  Water savings up to 40% to 60% over time based controllers
    • Product Depth (in.): 10 in
    • Number of Zones: 12
    • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor
    • Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years
    6-Station Indoor/Outdoor Simple-to-Set Irrigation Timer
    Prices start at : 108.92 USD / each

    Just strip wires and push in to connect - no screwdriver needed. Its intuitive zone-by-zone scheduling allows you to set watering times differently for each area of the yard, providing greener results with less water.
    •  Supports a master valve or pump start relay and a rain sensor
    •  Long lasting durability with superior surge protection
    •  Simple zone-by-zone setting allows you to customize watering schedules for each area of your yard
    • Mount Location: Wall
    • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor
    • Irrigation System Component: Controller/Timer
    Additional Snip-n-Spray Sprinklers, Set of 2
    Prices start at : 12.95 USD

    These additional sprinklers allow you to expand your Snip-n-Spray Garden and Landscape Sprinkler System, up to a maximum of five sprinklers per sprinkler system. When setting up the sprinkler system with five sprinklers, use the Y-Connector, included...
    •  Add up to 2 additional sprinklers to your Snip-n-Spray Garden and Landscape Sprinkler System
    •  A 5-sprinkler system performs best on water systems with 50 to 65 PSI of water pressure
    •  Set of 2 sprinklers
    •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    •  Spray arc adjusts from 5 to 360 degrees
    5/8 in. Dia x 50 ft. 4 Stars Blue Garden Hose
    Prices start at : 15.82 USD / each

    Blue medium duty hose weights 5.8 lb. It is a flexible and durable product. The 4 stars 5/8 in. The water flows smoothly from the blue and white strips color tube. A handsome piece for you to add in the garden.
    •  Lead Free
    •  Up to 363 PSI burst pressure
    •  Coiled
    • Commercial / Residential: Residential
    • Hose Diameter (in.): 5/8
    • Hose Type: Standard garden
    4-Station Indoor Easy Dial Timer
    Prices start at : 24.97 USD / each

    The Easy Dial Indoor Timer makes programming a snap. This new timer also includes an auto-reset circuit breaker, large easy-to-read LCD and dial and a rain delay feature. Utilizing Orbit's Easy-Set Logic programming, your timer can be watering in a few...
    •  Rain delay feature- Delay settings 24, 48 and 72 hours
    •  Boasts an easy-set digital timer
    • Irrigation System Component: Controller/Timer
    • Number of Zones: 4
    • Product Depth (in.): 2.11
    • Program Type: Programmable
    Kink Free 3/4 in. Dia x 25 ft. Heavy-Duty Garden Hose
    Prices start at : 19.82 USD / each

    Kink free garden hoes weights 5.2 lbs. It is made from lead free vinyl. The hose is black with a green stripe. It is a strong and useful add on to your gardening collections.
    • Duty Rating: Heavy
    • Up to 450 PSI burst pressure: Yes
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    • Manufacturer Warranty: A 12 year warranty with a proper usage applies.
    • Hose Material: Vinyl
    • Commercial / Residential: Residential
    5/8 in. Dia x 100 ft. Medium Duty Water Hose
    Prices start at : 28.97 USD / each

    Sometimes the right hose is all you need to master the art of gardening. Teknor Apex USA made hoses are always engineered with you in mind. Our Apex 5/8 in x 100 ft Medium Duty Garden Hose is designed for everyday lawn and garden use.
    •  The simple choice for basic watering tasks
    •  7 year Guarantee
    •  Crush resistant couplings
    • Product Weight (lb.): 14.3lb
    • Hose Length (ft): 100
    • Burst Pressure (psi): 365
    5/8 in. Dia x 75 ft. Element Contractor Farm Premium Duty Water Hose
    Prices start at : 52.76 USD / each

    Has burst strength of 500 psi, with heavyweight reinforcement at high water pressure areas for lasting durability. The Element ContractorFARM 5/8 in. L allows you to move comfortably around a larger yard or worksite while maintaining a high water volume,...
    •  Coiled
    •  Kink Resistant
    • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited Lifetime
    • Hose Type: Standard garden
    • Burst Pressure (psi): 500
    • Antimicrobial: No
    Advanced 2-Zone Electronic Water Timer
    Prices start at : 35.99 USD / each

    Setup and programming are easy, with clear on screen information. Each zone is independently programmable. Once programmed, the next watering cycle will display in real time so you will know exactly when the next cycle begins.
    • Product Width (in.): 5.2
    • Features: Digital Display,Electronic,Hose-End Timer
    • Power Source: Battery
    • Included: No Additional Items Included
    • Smart Technology: Smart Timer
    • Water 2-areas with one faucet: Yes
    Slim & Light 7/16 in. Dia x 50 ft. Polyurethane Garden Hose Olive
    Prices start at : 59.95 USD / each

    We can proudly say that you have never used anything like it. Super slim and lightweight by design, our polyurethane garden hose is soft, flexible and effortless to use. Using only top quality materials, our polyurethane is 100% free from toxic chemicals...
    • Burst Pressure (psi): 400
    • Crush Resistant: Yes
    • Hose Length (ft): 50
    • Hose Diameter (in.): 1/2
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    • Coiled: No
    Deluxe 3/8 in. x 50 ft. Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose
    Prices start at : 43.08 USD / each

    This high-pressure Metal Garden Hose is made of 304 stainless steel, so it's compact, lightweight yet more flexible than other hoses. Sharp objects like thorns or nails won't puncture it and its even tangle-free.
    •  Crush Resistant
    •  Kink Resistant
    • Burst Pressure (psi): 500
    • Hose Length (ft): 50
    • Product Height (in.): 9.63
    • Manufacturer Warranty: LIMITED LIFE TIME WARRANTY
    5/8 in. Dia x 60 ft. Rubber Thermo-Hose
    Prices start at : 139.44 USD / each

    Uses around the Farm and Home - filling stock tanks, filling hot tubs, filling ponds and water gardens, cleaning dog kennels, great around the barn, handy around the job site, dozens of other uses.
    •  Countless uses: stock tanks, hot tubs, kennels, ponds/water gardens and more
    •  40 ft. heated PVC hose
    •  Crush Resistant
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    • Fitting Diameter (in.): .625
    • Commercial / Residential: Commercial / Residential
    Kink Free 3/4 in. Dia x 100 ft. Heavy Duty Garden Hose
    Prices start at : 47.99 USD / each

    Kink free garden hoes weights 21.6 lbs. It is made from lead free vinyl. The hose is black with a green stripe. It is a strong and useful add on to your gardening collections.
    •  Coiled
    •  Rust free brass octagonal connector protected by a strong plastic tube
    •  UV Resistant
    • Product Height (in.): 7
    • Manufacturer Warranty: A 12 Year Warranty with a proper usage applies
    • Hose Type: Standard garden
    1/2 in. Dia x 25 ft. Soaker Water Hose
    Prices start at : 11.69 USD / each

    Apex Soaker hose is unmatched in softness and flexibility for easier handling and winding. The advanced vinyl construction outperforms recycled rubber soakers and makes this the best engineered soaker hose, ideal for deep, even soaking.
    •  Connect up to 300 ft. with no additional stakes or connectors needed
    •  Easy placement for custom soaking patterns
    •  Clog resistant even under mulch or soil
    • Product Width (in.): 10.5
    • Commercial / Residential: Residential
    • Fitting Diameter (in.): .5