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Parma Violet or African Violet?
Soon after that, African violets became of interest to commercial growers and spread throughout the world. Enthusiasts growers have actually seen them growing there, in the wild, either in the south, in, is one of the parma cultivars still available on...
United States, California
Bankruptcy Auction
Driggers, III, Lic. Sealed Bids Due: March 14, by 4:00 PM ET Inspection: March 8th at 10 AM Property Address: 13613 Honeycomb Rd., Groveland, FL 34736 - 238+/- acres - 651,946+/- total shade house SF - Equipment included - 1,890+/- SF modular office 10%...
United States, Florida
Bank Owned Sealed Bid Auction
(4) 20 x 500 Broiler Houses with Choretime Feed Systems, Lubing Drinkers, Cooling Fans & Pads with Spray Emergency Power 80 KW Zabat Generator (2) 4 Wells 2009 Destructor Incinerator Equipment & Litter Shed 10% Buyer s Premium 2% Broker Participation...
United States, Georgia
Auction 9.79 +/- Acres & 4 Broiler Houses Grady
Sealed Bid Auction Bank Owned Foreclosure - 9.79 +/- Acres & 4 Broiler Houses - Friday -:- April 8 -:- 12:00pm 444 King Road, Whigham - Grady County, Georgia - (4) 20\' x 500\' Broiler Houses with Choretime Feed Systems, Lubing Drinkers, Cooling Fans...
United States, Georgia
Quality Farmland & Hunting Tracts at Auction
Tract 1: S/2 of SE/4 S29-T24-R6, Reno County, KS; 80+/- acres currently planted in wheat. Quality Farmland & Hunting Tracts at Auction Prices! 400+/- Acre Farm in Reno County, KS Live Auction On Site: June 6th, 11:00 a.m. Approx 5.5 mi south of US 50,...
United States, Kansas
What Is A Persian Violet: Care Of Persian Violet Houseplants
Growing Persian violet indoors can add a splash of color and interest to the home. Complete drying takes approximately two months. To avoid this, pop off the dead flower heads as soon as you notice them.Once your Persian violet has lost all its blooms...
United States, Ohio
African Violet Plants – How To Grow African Violets
Light intensity should be filtered, with bright to medium intensity reaching the growing African violet. Light affects flowering. Special mixes are available or make your own from– African violet plants are picky about water, so take extra care of African...
United States, Ohio
Growing Flame Violets: Information For Episcia Flame Violet Care
) is a great way to add color to an indoor space. Use warm to lukewarm water, not cold, when watering this plant.The right lighting encourages blooms on the flame violet. Keep the plant in the water filled saucer until all water is absorbed or 30 minutes.
United States, Ohio
Starting An African Violet – Growing African Violet Plants With Seeds
If no capsule forms, the pollination was not successful and you will need to try again.If the pod forms, it takes about two months for it to fully mature. After two months, remove the pod from the plant and carefully crack it open to harvest the seeds.Planting...
United States, Ohio
Yellow African Violet Leaves: What To Do When African Violet Leaves Are Yellow
Are a houseplant with many seasons of beauty. The condition indicates the plant may need supplemental feeding to produce deep green, fuzzy leaves. Place the plant 3 feet away from the window for best light.Plants that are grown further inside the home...
United States, Ohio
Auction 9.79 +/- Acres & 4 Broiler Houses Grady
- (4) 20\\\' x 500\\\' Broiler Houses with Choretime Feed Systems, Lubing Drinkers, Cooling Fans & Pads with Spray - Emergency Power 80 KW Zabat Generator - (2) 4\\\" Wells A 2009 Destructor Incinerator - Equipment & Litter Shed - 2006, Fleetwood 28\\\'...
United States, Georgia
Crown Rot On African Violets: Learn About African Violet Crown Rot Treatment
The best method for controlling African violet crown rot is prevention – always let the soil dry to the touch between waterings.Since there really isn’t an effective African violet crown rot treatment, if your plant is already infected, dispose of...
United States, Ohio
Reasons African Violets Are Leggy: Fixing Leggy African Violets
As new growth grows from the top spending much of the plant’s energy, the old leaves at the bottom of the plant die back. This can cause leggy African violets also.When an African violet is young, you can prolong its beauty by giving it African violet...
United States, Ohio
Tips For Easy African Violet Propagation
African violets do well with this method.How Do I Propagate an African Violet from a Leaf Cutting?. African violet propagation is usually done in the springtime.Simply remove a healthy leaf with the petiole or leaf stem by cutting it off or snapping it...
United States, Ohio
African Violet Diseases: What Causes Ring Spot On African Violet
Read on to learn more about ring spot on African violet plants.Of all the African violet diseases, African violet ring spot is about the least serious that you can encounter. In fact, it’s really not even a disease, though it presents just like one.
United States, Ohio
Dividing An African Violet Plant – How To Separate African Violet Suckers
Place the pot in bright, indirect light. Insert the pup in the hole, then firm potting mix gently around the stem. Pups, also known as suckers, are miniature plants that grow from the base of the mother plant.
United States, Ohio
Prairie Violet Seeds
Prices start at : 4.95 USD / Packet

Bright green, clumping foliage offers up bright purple blooms in April to June, depending on your region. Prairie Violet is a sun-loving variety but will tolerate some shade in warmer climates.
United States, Vermont
Growing African Violets for Foliage: Variegated African Violet Plants
Trading leaves and plantlets with other forum enthusiasts is also an excellent way to try new varieties.I love variegated African violet plants, whether or not they are in bloom. Too much light or too much fertilizer may also “green up” a variegated...
United States, California
Trailing African Violets: Flowing Foliage and Bountiful Blooms
You'll be charmed by their unique beauty!Move your mouse over images and links for more information.Thanks to begoniacrazii, M3rma1d, and Hilbilly_Gran for their photos of 'Teeny Bopper'.
United States, California
Varieties Of Violets: Different Types Of Violets
The two main types of violet flowers in nurseries are bedding violets and sweet violets. Our native violets are indigenous to the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere and may bloom from spring well into summer, depending upon the species.
United States, Ohio
Trailing African Violets: Grooming, Pruning and Propagating
Is yours refusing to branch out? When a trailing violet gets leggy, she suggests taking a large crown cutting. Grooming and pruning a trailer can result in a half-naked, scraggly plant that makes you wonder just what you've done to it.One of my favorite...
United States, California
375,000sf+ Greenhouse Production Facility
Bank Owned Real Estate Auction Live Auction 2324 W. Bank Owned Real Estate Auction - 375,000 Sq. Ft. of Greenhouse Area - 88,400 Sq. Ft. of Outdoor Production Area Lake Drive, Wimauma, FL 33598 375,000sf+ Greenhouse Production Facility - 20.22 Acres Within...
United States, Florida
Wild Violets Care – How To Grow Wild Violet Plants
Seeds can also be collected and then sown in fall either indoors or in a cold frame.Wild violet plants are not usually affected by many problems; however, their foliage is occasionally affected by
United States, Ohio
Potted Violet Plants: Tips For Growing Violets In Containers
Place the containers in a sunny area when the weather is still cool, and then move the plants to a semi-shady area when temperatures begin to rise.Feed potted violet plants in spring and fall, using an all-purpose garden fertilizer.Violas are usually...
United States, Ohio
African Violets - You Can Grow Them!
The plant will stay fresh and the leaves will stay green. Keep moist but not wet. However, there is a simple and stress free way to avoid them.If, when you water, you get a little water on the leaves just wipe it off right then and there.
United States, California
Plant extract manufacturer
Moreover, we have another process-scale chromatography production line whichspecializes in manufacturing high purity natural botanical ingredients. Locates in New Town Science and Technology Park, which devotes to biotech industry and natural botanical...
China, Shaanxi
Mechanical and Vehicular Tires and Parts
Manifold Valve Assembly, Critical Solutions Pneumatic, Tire & Wheels, Brake Shoe Sets, Michelin Center Hubs, Red Dot Corp. Featuring but not limited to: Oshkosh Corp. Air Conditioner Parts, Tow Lift Adapter Kits, Power Steering Pump Assembly, Am General...
United States, Ohio
Moffett M5000LT Poultry Loaders Equipment
Sunshine, Springfield MO 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004 Moffett M5000LT Poultry Loaders. US Treasury Dept. Online auction - today & tomorrow 8/27 & 8/28 - 4 Moffet Poultry Loaders. These Poultry loaders will need to be picked up at 166 Auto Auction -2944 W.
United States, Missouri
Killing Wild Violets – Tips For Wild Violet Control
There are three problems with these tough little plants that make killing wild violets so difficult. Those pretty little plants can take over a lawn in just a few short seasons and once they take hold, nothing is as tenacious as the wild violet.
United States, Ohio