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☆ Vegetables Crops

Soybean, field crops, crops, seeds,
Competitive with todays rates. Please contact only if you are a serious buyer. Buy soybean meal 12.000 Have Soybeans for sale.
Cameroon, Nord-Ouest
Frozen Fruit and vegetables
Our quality is shown by ISO 9001: 2002 and HACCP certification. Fresh pineapple directly from farmers are put immediately to process to keep them as fresh as possible. We provide high quality products to reach a long term association with all partners.
Vietnam, Lam Dong
I want to buy bean seeds,china store,pole bean,encased in all categories of package (50kg,25kg,20kg,10kg or other) The best prices I want to buy bean seeds.china store.pole bean,encased in all categories of package.( 50 kg,25kg.20kg,10kg)
Rumania, Maramures
Dehydrated vegetables
Parsley, celery, leek, carrot with all required documents for export them constantly in europe, romania Dehydrated vegetables with all required documents for export them constantly in europe
Egypt, Al Fayyum
Egypt, Al Qahirah
Egypt, Asyut
Saltwater Crops
Might saltwater treatments have a beneficial effect on zucchini’s common mildew problems? Perhaps some spinach superfood could be developed? Zucchini: These plants are surprisingly salt-tolerant, and they produce so abundantly that a small reduction...
United States, Pennsylvania
Cold Sweetening Root Crops: Common Vegetables That Get Sweet In Winter
While the first frost of fall will kill lots of plants, there are many varieties, root crops in particular, that will survive these much colder temperatures.This is due, in part, to their ability to convert starch into sugar.
United States, Ohio
Crops Pollination
Small Beekeeping business in Grass Valley, CA will pollinate any orchard, Almonds, Apples Etc. Pollination of your crops for a fee. \\"The Beekeepers\\" (Chris) We are willing to travel to Oregon, Nevada and most of California.
United States, California
Frozen Vegetables
Please send me the product list with FOB Chicago Price. Looking to buy Frozen Vegetables in Bulk on regular basis.
United States, Illinois
Canada, Ontario
Mexico, Baja California
Frozen Vegetables
IQF bulk conventional peas IQF bulk conventional Super Sweet Cut Corn IQF bulk conventional Standard Cut Corn IQF bulk conventional Super Sweet Mini cob IQF bulk conventional Standard Mini Cob IQF bulk conventional Standard Yellow Cob IQF bulk conventional...
United States, Washington
Wanted vegetables
Large quantities if the price is good -various sizes -daily delivery -we are interested in any fruit and vegetables available -expect serious offers Large quantities if the price is good -various sizes -daily delivery -we are interested in any fruit and...
Rumania, Bucuresti
Dehydrated vegetables
The main products are:dehydrated green Capsicum granule,red capsicum granule,capsicum powder,carrot granule,coriander section,chive flakes,chive rolls,ginger powder,garlic flakes,garlic granule,garlic powder,mushroom granule,potato flakes,potato granule...
China, Hebei Sheng
Fresh Vegetables
Dear Sir/Madam, We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading Exporter of fresh Vegetables from Pakistan. We exports fresh Vegetables like Okra, Green Chilli, Potato, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Lemon, Pumpkin etc.
Pakistan, Sindh
IQF vegetables
Dear Sir or Madam, offer IQF VEGETABLE &FRUIT, Please kindly check and revert at your earliest. Best Regards! Echo Song Sale Manager Best Regard! Echo Song Sale Manager MSN / e-mail Echo Song
China, Yunnan
Edamame Vegetables
Will custom pack for various retailers or food service. 2 to 3 and sometimes 4 beans per pod. Slightly smaller in size but with deep green colour and very high sugar content. Chemical free, non GMO, IQF edamame.
Canada, Ontario
Dehydrated vegetables
We are an old manufacture and exporter in dehydrated vegetables,we have being dealed with these for many years.we always exportered to Japan,Korea,Singapore,Malaysia,USA,Englan,Poland,France,Russia,South Africa,Pakistan,India and so on.
China, Jiangsu Sheng
Alternaria Leaf Spot In Cole Crops – Managing Leaf Spot On Cole Vegetables
This should also help in maintaining good weed control.Plow plant residue into the soil immediately after harvest. Otherwise, water early in the day if you use overhead sprinklers.Apply straw mulch around cole plants, which may provide a protective barrier...
United States, Ohio
Planting Vegetables In Zone 5 – Learn When To Plant Crops In Zone 5
Planting anywhere near the time of year these temps are experienced is plant suicide. It may be a good idea toto determine if any major nutrients are missing in the soil. Young starts are very susceptible to late season freezes.can experience temperatures...
United States, Ohio
Postdoctoral Research Scientist. Extensive knowledge in computer software including Microsoft Office, ChemOffice, AutoCAD, Adobe PhotoShop, MatLab, and LabVIEW. 602, Mississauga, L5C 1C7, ON, Canada.
Canada, Ontario
United States, Illinois
Australia, Australian Capital Territory
Buy vegetables oils
We are a small cosmetic firm with a very significant opportunity for growth would like to establish a substainable relationship with a vegetable oil supplier. Wish to purchase Baobab, Cococa Oil, Shea Oil, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Rice Bran and many others.
United States, New Jersey
Kenya, Nairobi Area
Liberia, Maryland
Artichokes Vegetables Wanted
Looking to buy artichokes in bulk, baby artichokes and medium to large size also. 16 cases of artichokes per week (36 count) and are looking to buy only the freshest and best artichokes available.
United States, Illinois
Offer fruit & vegetables
With many years of experience in this industry, we always delivery goods that be good on arrival and professional service. We are SOVIMEX CO, LTD in Viet Nam, specializing in processing and exporting agricultural products such as: spices, vegetables,...
Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh
Crops Farm Work
January 1987 - December 2001 Applying Knowledge of growth characteristics to suit, climate ans market condicions. Extensive experience in rice, soy crop and citrus from plant to harvest.
United States, Florida
Crops seeds plants
I am looking forward to trade with those who are inteersted in getting some of my seeds I am a local botanist and have the following seeds. I am looking forward to trade with those who are inteersted in getting some of my seeds.
United States, New York
Cotton, field crops, crops, seeds, cotton export,
Have buyers looking for long term source to supply cotton to their country. We have group interested in purchasing large volumes of raw cotton for shipment to their country. Need quote, availability, logistics to shipping point and requirements to enter...
United States, Texas
Growing organic crops
I require land to rent for farming for growing crops and animal husbandry any where in the UK. I am looking for land which has price listing from £2000 to £5000 maximum. Preferably where there are agricultural equipment available.
United Kingdom, West Midlands
United Kingdom, Northamptonshire
United Kingdom, Dorset
Nursery Container Crops
Nurseries that buy plants for resale to the public usually like to buy in large lots, so selling two of this and three of that is awkward on a wholesale level. The simplest and most common way to grow a nursery crop is to buy a bunch of small plants and...
United States, Pennsylvania
Seeking crops production
Teaching & training the technicians about the job. 1974 -1977 Texas A & I university Kingsville Texas M.S., Agricultural Mechanization. Set the anual program for Agriculture improvements in Province
Iran, Kermanshahan
Watermelons crops seeds
I'd like to purchase between 200-500 red watermelons at a wholesale price. Please contact me asap. Willing to travel within 150 miles from Greenville, NC to pickup load from seller, but would rather buy in NC
United States, North Carolina
Squash Vegetables Wanted
I was wondering how much it costs to purchase 17 gaylords of squash if that kind of quantity insant something you know please let me know how much it is for 1 gaylord thank you
United States, Massachusetts
United States, Connecticut
United States, Vermont
Vegetables for sale
We are currently unhappy our current marketing channels. We are currently looking for a market to sell our produce. We can grow 500 acres of produce We grow all kinds of vegetables including greens, peas,beans,squash,watermelons for sale.
United States, Georgia