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Spiral Folding Ring Anchor
Prices start at : 15.19 USD / each

The 58-mm spiral pitch and "cropped" end-tip provide easy installation. The folding ring reduces profile to minimize obstruction in high traffic areas! Made from durable cold, rolled steel, this 10-in spiral folding ring anchor is ideal for lightweight...


    • 3" wide overall: Specs
    • Made from cold rolled steel: Specs
    • Ring folds down when not in use, so it reduces tripping or vandalism: Product Features
    United States
    Loc N\' Bloom Clematis Trellis
    Prices start at : 4.59 USD / each

    For 1 and 2 gallon containers. Includes trellis only. Lock-in design snaps into drainage holes. Easy handling during production and transport. Wire tie included to hold plant in place.Clematis and other flowering vines self-train on sturdy trellises that...
    • Fits our NSC300: Product Features
    • Ship wt: .5 lb
    • For 1 gallon containers. 5.5"W x 24"H.: Specs
    United States
    Brinly Hardy Lawn Roller Poly Push/Tow Fills to 270lb 18in Diam x 24in Length
    Prices start at : 188.99 USD / each

    Don't let the size fool you - it's easy to use, even when filled with water! Combination push/tow roller converts to either style easily. Push/tow poly roller simply makes sense! High durability, low shipping weight, poly construction won't dent or rust;...
    United States
    Anchor Pin for Netting and Landscape Fabric
    Prices start at : 1.69 USD / each

    These 6-inch long, heavy-duty pins go right through overlapping fabric and won't bend under a hammer's pressure! These are not those flimsy pins you'll find at the big box stores! Effectively secure landscape fabrics and ground cover.
    • # of Pins: 24 Pins
    United States
    Mulch Tree Ring
    Prices start at : 17.69 USD / each

    10+ years life expectancy. Properly installed (underlying sod removed), it is sturdy enough to be hit by a string trimmer, or run over by a lawnmower and not be damaged or picked up.
    • Size: 24in
    United States
    Straw Blanket Single Net
    Prices start at : 41.49 USD / each

    4' rolls ship oversized, add $10 per roll. Photodegradable polypropylene netting has a 12 month life. A degradable option for erosion control, with 100 straw fill - 99 weed free, stitched with degradable thread! Choose single netting for 3:1 slopes and...
    • Ship wt: 41 lbs
    • Netting: single
    • Dimensions: 4 ft x 180 ft
    United States
    Turf Reinforcement, 6.7 Ft. X 100 Ft.
    Prices start at : 279.99 USD / each

    Installing turf reinforcement helps reduce storm water runoff. The net intertwines with the grass roots and helps to prevent wheel rutting. Protect your lawn from vehicles and runoff! Turf reinforcement provides a stable surface suitable to withstand...
    United States
    Ohio Steel Lawn Roller 13ga Steel Fills to 915lb 24in Diam x  48in Length
    Prices start at : 279.79 USD / each

    24" diameter, 48" length. Large diameter drums hold more weight for maximum pressure. Expansion drain plug with a tight water seal. Through axle and side bars. Heavy duty draw bar for years of worry free use.


      • Weight with water is 915 lb: Specs
      • 48" wide x 24" high: Specs
      • Powder coating protects the steel: Product Benefits
      • 13 gauge steel: Specs
      United States
      Brinly-Hardy Tow-Behind Plug-Type Aerator, 4\' Span
      Prices start at : 328.19 USD / each

      Solid tires measure 10.5" x 4". 48" width with up to 3" penetration, and 200 lb weight tray capacity. MOTOR FREIGHT DELIVERY 32 carbonized steel tines pull soil plugs out for thicker roots and healthier lawns.
      United States
      New! Staple Bag with Belt
      Prices start at : 16.99 USD / each

      They designed this single pouch to keep your tools and accessories in a convenient location. Keep your staples and stakes at-hand! Ecoturf Midwest manufactures this staple bag from a durable polyester fabric.


        • Depth: 3 inches: Specs
        • Width: 6.75 inches: Specs
        United States
        Tree Straps with Grommets
        Prices start at : 1.09 USD / each

        An inexpensive, breathable, soft polymer webbing strap that wraps securely without bruising young trees! Grommeted at each end to secure with wire, heavy twine, etc. 1.5-inch width.
        • Type: 18-inch length to use for trees up to 3-inch diameter
        United States
        Coconut Erosion Control Blanket, 8ft x 113ft Roll
        Prices start at : 90.89 USD / each

        Recommended for 1:1 slopes or steeper and high flow channels. Designed to be used on gradual to steep slopes! Each roll measures 8ft x 113ft and covers up to 100 square yards. Motor freight delivery only.


          • No need to pull anything up; the coco coir biodegrades first, then the plastic netting photodegrades under sunlight later: Product Features
          • 100% coir fiber: Specs
          • 8' x 113': Specs
          United States
          Straw-Coconut Erosion Control Standard Blanket, 8ft x 113ft Roll
          Prices start at : 72.99 USD / each

          Recommended for 2:1 slopes and medium flow channels. Double, photodegradable netting provides erosion protection for up to 24 months. Motor freight delivery. Made of 70% straw and 30% coconut fiber.
          United States
          Better Bilt Earth Anchor
          Prices start at : 3.69 USD / each

          Heavy holding power 300 lb, 1100 lb, and 3000 lb. Quality with savings! Simple installation, just use a heavy hammer and drive rod to drive the anchor in, set the anchor by inserting the drive rod through the loop and pull until there is no movement.


            • This is the anchor and wire only: Specs
            • Ship wt: .5 lb
            • Description: Small Anchor
            • For trees up to 3" diameter thickness: Specs
            United States
            Landscape Fabric 4oz Non-Woven
            Prices start at : 333.99 USD / each

            UPS shippable (12.5' roll is motor freight). Designed to be used under mulch, stone, etc. New heavier 4 oz fabric is highly permeable to water, meaning less puddling and fewer mosquito problems! Ideal for weed control, underliner, and soil separation.


              • Rolls are UPS shippable EXCEPT 12.5' must go motor freight: Product Features
              • Available in 3 ft, 4 ft, 6 ft and 12.5 foot wide: Specs
              • Width: 12.5 ft
              • 4 oz per sq yd: Specs
              United States
              Tree Guying Hose 5/8\
              Prices start at : 0.89 USD / each

              Priced each; approx 40 lb per 100 pieces. 5/8" O.D., 3/8" I.D. in 2 1/2 foot lengths. Utility grade, reinforced hose! Strong, utility grade reinforced hose, approx. Color based on available material.
              United States
              DeWitt Tree Staking Kit Includes Stakes, Strap, Rope
              Prices start at : 7.99 USD / each

              Now, staking trees with professional results is a one-person job! Keeps trees from 2 1/2in. Kit includes 3-15in. Diameter supported and straight. Reusable black plastic stakes; unique non-girdling strap; pliable tree rope.
              United States
              Firestone PondGard Pond Liners
              Prices start at : 94.99 USD / each

              They have received praise for their unmatched ease of installation. These pond liners are easy to use and extremely durable! Landscapers and pond building professionals have long recognized PondGard Rubber Liners.
              • Dimensions: 10 Feet x 10 Feet
              United States
              Better Bilt Earth Anchor Kit
              Prices start at : 24.99 USD / each

              Heavy holding power 300 lb, 1100 lb, and 3000 lb. Quality with savings! Simple installation, just use a heavy hammer and drive rod to drive the anchor in, set the anchor by inserting the drive rod through the loop and pull until there is no movement.


                • Tree Caliber: up to 3 inches
                • Each anchor kit includes materials for 3 individual anchor assemblies: Specs
                • Cable is 12' long x 1/16" thick: Specs
                • Three anchors have a 300 lb holding capacity: Specs
                United States
                Keep it Green, 6.7 Ft. X 50 Ft.
                Prices start at : 383.79 USD / each

                Protect your lawn from vehicles and runoff! Keep it Green protects the grass by absorbing horizontal pressure and equally distributing the load. The mesh also ensures effective anchoring of grass roots; protecting the grass from being worn away.
                United States
                New! EasyTurf Ultimate Lite Synthetic Turf with Bound Edges
                Prices start at : 70.69 USD / each

                Its C-shaped blades and an olive green thatch create a soft yet durable turf that matches the look and feel of real grass. This turf features a 3/4-inch turf height. EasyTurf always offers comfort wherever your path takes you! Choose from 3 feet x 5 feet,...


                  • Dimensions: 3 feet x 5 feet
                  • Dimensions: Choose from 3 feet x 5 feet (GMC15), 5 feet x 8 feet (GMC40), or 7 feet x 10 feet (GMC70): Specs
                  • 100% porous, permeable backing for optimal drainage: Product Features
                  • Blade color: nutmeg & olive green: Specs
                  • Thatch color: olive green: Specs
                  United States
                  DuPont GroundGrid, 4 Ft. x 25 Ft.
                  Prices start at : 149.99 USD / each

                  Available in two different cell sizes. Use this version for driveways and other heavy-duty applications. First, you simply expand the three-dimensional honeycomb structure. It provides ground stabilization in landscape and construction projects.
                  • Cell Size (mm): 50 mm x 110 mm
                  • Cell Size (In.): 2 inches x 4-1/3 inches
                  United States
                  Poly Mulch Sheeting Black
                  Prices start at : 78.99 USD / each

                  3'W x 1000', 1.5 mil. The black color increases soil temperatures, making it ideal for winter and early spring crops. Durable poly sheeting with unlimited uses! In the garden black mulch films retain heat, moisture, and prevent competing weeds all of...
                  • Size: 1.5mil Poly Mulch Sheeting Black ; 3 feet x 1,000 ft
                  • Ship wt.: 30 lb
                  United States
                  Silt Fence, 3 Feet X 100 Feet, Includes 11 Stakes
                  Prices start at : 24.99 USD / each

                  Durable polypropylene with UV stabilizers to resist degradation. Designed specifically to reduce sediment run-off from or to protected areas! A unique combination of soil filtering and water flow to meet the demands of clay soils.


                    • Puncture 60 lbs: Specs
                    • Stakes 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" x 48in.: Specs
                    • AOS US sieve number 30: Specs
                    • Grab elongation warp 15% fill 20%: Specs
                    • Grab tensile(lbs) warp 120 lbs, x fill 80 lbs: Specs
                    • Trapezoidal tear 60lbs: Specs
                    United States
                    Fabric Pin with Washer, Box of 100
                    Prices start at : 39.99 USD / each

                    Drive pin into soil while washer prevents the materials from pulling through. An excellent way to hold ground cover and landscape fabrics in place during installation! They can also be used to secure erosion control mats in some soft, loose soils.
                    • Box of 100: Specs
                    • Effective in loose soils or on an extreme slope, and in wet conditions: Product Features
                    • Size: 12in
                    United States
                    Biodegradable T Stakes 6in
                    Prices start at : 70.99 USD / each

                    Strong and rigid to drive into hard ground! 6" T-stakes are made from a corn-based polymer that breaks down in 1 year, and completely degrades in about 3 years (depending on conditions).
                    United States
                    Earth Shades Mulch Maintenance Colorant
                    Prices start at : 31.49 USD / each

                    Won't harm plants, covers stains and residues. Mixed with 1 gallon of water will treat 200-400 sq. Shade can be controlled by the amount applied. Restore the fresh, colorful appearance of your mulch at a fraction of the cost of re-mulching! Water soluble...
                    • Size: 0.5 gallon
                    • Color: Red
                    United States
                    Duckbill Earth Anchor Kit
                    Prices start at : 26.99 USD / each

                    For quick economical, efficient installation! Duckbill landscape kit contains 3 anchors with guying cable, 3 guying hoses, and cable clamps. Vinyl coated cable for added safety.


                      • 68AK for trees up to 6in. diameter, cable length 13ft. per anchor, 1100lbs. rating, comes with 3 anchors, guying cable, 3 guying hoses, 6 cable clamps (1/8"), and turnbuckles, vinyl coated cable.: Specs
                      • 88AK for trees up to 11in. diameter, cable length 15ft., 3000lbs. rating, comes with 3 anchors, guying cable, 3 guying hoses, cable clamps, and turnbuckles Cable is vinyl for increased safety and comfort.: Specs
                      • Ship wt: .5 lb
                      • Cable Length: 12 feet
                      United States
                      Galvanized Wire
                      Prices start at : 19.99 USD / each

                      12 or 14 gauge galvanized wire in a 10 lb coiled spool! "Spool" means that wire has been spooled into a coil, not wrapped around a spool. Shipping weight: 10 lbs.
                      • Gauge: 12 Gauge
                      • Wire Length: 336 feet
                      United States