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Tree Rigging Equipment Farm Supplies For Sale In Augusta Richmond County

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Chainsaw Lanyards
Prices start at : 9.19 USD / each

All straps are double box-stitched for added strength. Or choose the 48-inch long 2-in-1 snap. Half twist helps keep equipment hanging straight! 1-inch wide nylon webbing, ends heat-sealed to prevent fraying.
  • Both the 211CS-5O and the 213CS-5O have a 12 in. strap. The difference in length is the snap or the ring.: Specs
  • Type: 16-inch overall length lanyard with snap
Augusta-Richmond County
Block & Tackle Stainless Steel With Delrin Sheaves 16-Strand Rope
Prices start at : 558.89 USD / each

Complete with 50' of 1/2" braided BLUESTREAK rope. Combine with the Buck Port-A-Wrap III for the ultimate lowering system. Safe working load of 2,250 lb. Stainless steel block and tackle with black Derlin sheaves! Stainless steel cam locks rope securely...
Augusta-Richmond County
Buckingham Safety Lanyard Adjustable 3 Strand Rope 6ft Length With Locking Snaps
Prices start at : 68.99 USD / each

Easy and safe lock-in or out! Adjustable 6 foot lanyard of 1/2 inch loose-lay filament nylon rope. Two top-quality 22SL safety snaps and thimble for freedom of movement. 5,000 lbs test.


    • 1/2 inch diameter: Specs
    • Two locking rope snaps: Specs
    • Filament nylon rope: Specs
    Augusta-Richmond County
    Petzl Ascentree Rope Ascender Double Handled
    Prices start at : 232.69 USD / each

    Use with rope diameters 8 to 13 mm. The Petzl Ascentree double handled ascender allows for a comfortable double rope climb! The improved dual-density material provides a wide bottom support surface and an excellent rubberized grip.

    Product Features

      • For ropes between 5/16" to 1/2": Specs
      • Toothed cam with self-cleaning slot optimizes performance under any conditions (e.g. frozen or dirty ropes): Product Features
      • Lower holes for connecting a lanyard: Product Features
      Augusta-Richmond County
      Samson Split Tail 16-Strand 1/2in x 5ft
      Prices start at : 44.99 USD / each

      Made of 16 strand 1/2" rope whipped eye splice to provide maximum safety! Whipped end and eye insure for a secure split tail. Eliminates the need to cut pieces from the end of the climbing line.
      • Color: White/White
      Augusta-Richmond County
      Samson Treerig Eye Slings
      Prices start at : 60.99 USD / each

      Constructed from Samthane-coated stable braid spliced with a 6-inch eye on one end! Commonly used to secure around a tree trunk creating a secure point for a rigging block etc. For best results, a cow hitch is typically used to secure in place.
      • Color: Orange
      • Working Load: 1,630 lbs
      • Dimensions: 5/8-inch x 14-foot sling
      Augusta-Richmond County
      Zinc-Plated Steel Arborist Block for 3/4-inch Rope
      Prices start at : 120.99 USD / each

      Designed for use in false crotch systems to save wear and tear on bull ropes! Upper bushing maximizes sling strength and wide side plates protect the rope from contact with rough bark.


        • 6 & 1/2" zinc plated steel side plates: Specs
        • 2,500 lb working load limit: Specs
        • 25,000 lb MBS: Specs
        Augusta-Richmond County
        Stainless Steel Arborist Pulley, 4in Aluminum Sheave, 40,000lb Tensile
        Prices start at : 241.99 USD / each

        Aluminum sheave and bushing. Acts as a false crotch using rigging lines and friction device to lower cut material. Stainless steel sideplates and axle. Blocks are commonly used for lowering heavy loads tied under area to be cut with eye sling.


          • Sheave (pulley wheel) is 1.125" wide x 3.455" high.: Specs
          • Stainless steel sideplates and axle.: Specs
          • Minimum breaking strength 40,000 lbs.: Specs
          • Sideplate dimensions are 7" x 5".: Specs
          Augusta-Richmond County
          New! Notch Big Shot Trigger
          Prices start at : 35.99 USD / each

          This trigger attachment fits all 1-1/4-inch round utility-grade fiberglass poles. Completely fasten the main trigger housing before use. Improves the accuracy of your Big Shot Launcher! SherrillTree designed the Notch Big Shot Trigger for use with their...

          Product Benefits

            Product Features

              • Fits all round 1-1/4-inch utility-grade fiberglass poles: Product Features
              • Reduces arm fatigue: Product Benefits
              • Improves launch accuracy and consistency: Product Benefits
              • Quick, mid-pole attachment: Product Features
              • Diameter (inches): 1-1/4: Specs
              • Safety latch prevents accidental deployment: Product Benefits
              Augusta-Richmond County
              CMI Pulley Stainless Steel With 2.4in Aluminum Sheave 850lb Working Load
              Prices start at : 84.89 USD / each

              Aluminum pulley for arborist use See "Additional Information" for specs.
              Augusta-Richmond County
              To Fell A Tree Book
              Prices start at : 20.49 USD / each

              160 pages with more than 200 illustrations. By Jeff Jepson. A complete guide to successful tree felling and wood cutting methods! Loaded with practical information that is essential to the safety and success of any tree-felling and wood cutting operation.


                • 200 illustrations: Specs
                • 160 pages: Specs
                Augusta-Richmond County
                Buck Rigid Line Flipline Lanyard
                Prices start at : 200.99 USD / each

                An easily adjustable rope lanyard with stiff handling characteristics of of a wire core flipline, without the steel cable! This 7/16"uniline rope lanyard comes with a BuckGrab adjuster for simple and quick length adjustment.
                • Overall length 8': Specs
                • Includes the Buckadjuster one-way cam: Product Features
                Augusta-Richmond County
                Throw Weight 14oz With 150ft Slick Line and Storage Bag
                Prices start at : 51.99 USD / each

                Slick shot - designed for accurate throwing! Complete with 14oz cordura nylon throw bag, 150' of 1/8" braided polyethylene snag resistant line, and a durable nylon storage bag.


                  • 150ft of 1/8in braided polyethylene snag resistant line: Specs
                  • Durable nylon storage bag: Specs
                  Augusta-Richmond County
                  Throw Weights
                  Prices start at : 12.99 USD / each

                  So you need options! Lower-throwing weights provide the highest entry, especially with the Zing-It line and a Big Shot, but dense canopies or rough bark can create enough drag to keep the small weight from reaching back to you.
                  • Color: Red
                  • Weight: 12 oz
                  Augusta-Richmond County
                  Safety Lanyard, White 3-Strand Rope With Locking Snaps, Adjusts From 4 to 7 Feet
                  Prices start at : 57.99 USD / each

                  Adjusts from 4 to 7 feet. A good basic lanyard! Made of white, three-strand twisted polyester rope. Two safety snaps and thimble.


                    • Made of three-strand twisted polyester rope: Specs
                    • Adjusts from 4 - 7 feet: Specs
                    • Has locking snaps: Specs
                    Augusta-Richmond County
                    Knot Tying Kit
                    Prices start at : 8.59 USD / each

                    This knot tying kit includes one PRO-KNOT Rope Knot Card, two hanks of high quality static line cord and a practice caribiner. This will allow you to practice those knots you need to know! Six cards are attached together in corner with a brass grommet.
                    Augusta-Richmond County
                    Petzl Footpro Webbing Loop With Gate Connector For Handled Ascenders
                    Prices start at : 44.99 USD / each

                    The Footpro is a versatile accessory used with handled ascension devices during the "sit-stand" rope climb! The strap can be adjusted to proper length with the double back buckle and comes with a quick gate connector for attachment to the ascension device.

                    Product Features

                      • Length easily adjusted with the DoubleBack buckle: Product Features
                      • Underfoot strap is abrasion-resistant and is slightly rigid to make it easier to step into: Product Features
                      Augusta-Richmond County
                      Tear Away Bungee Lanyard For Chainsaws
                      Prices start at : 32.29 USD / each

                      1 and 3/4 inch ring for saw suspension on saddle when not in use and 1 and 1/8 inch ring for saddle attachment. Not to be used with chainsaws over 15 lbs. Constructed with a tear away safety pack that activates when 200 lbs.


                        • Measures 32 inches when relaxed: Specs
                        • Measures up to 50 inches fully extended to provide ample reach when cutting: Specs
                        • 6 inch nylon loop with twist half hitch to saw handle (Hi-Vis Yellow): Specs
                        • NOT TO BE USED WITH CHAIN SAWS EXCEEDING 15 LBS. IN WEIGHT: Specs
                        Augusta-Richmond County
                        Buckingham Tree Climber Set with Nylon Straps
                        Prices start at : 277.99 USD / each

                        Popular Steel Tree Climber Set with 3 & 1/2" permanent gaff! Contoured shank accommodates the ankle bone and the offset stirrup sits in the center of the foot. Complete with nylon leg straps and foot straps for added durability.


                          • Consists of our CSR312 climbers, leather pads, and nylon leg & foot straps: Specs
                          • 3 & 1/2" fixed gaff (spike): Specs
                          Augusta-Richmond County
                          PHC Mycorrhizae Injectable for Trees 3.5lb bag
                          Prices start at : 324.99 USD / each

                          Application rate for established trees and shrubs: 1 quart on 2.5' - 3' centers. Effective on all trees and shrubs except Rhododendrons, Azaleas, and Mountain Laurels. Includes humic acid, sea kelp extract, soluble yucca plant extract, nutrients, amino...
                          Augusta-Richmond County
                          Tree Tech OTC Bactericide Injectable Case of 25
                          Prices start at : 178.29 USD / each

                          Excellent for urban areas where spraying is impractical.Tree Tech OTC- Oxyteracyline antibiotic solution which aids in the control of fire blight, X-disease, bacterial leaf spot, and the decline of crop-bearing peach and pear trees.
                          Augusta-Richmond County
                          General Purpose Tree Spike, 8-10-10, Plus Micros
                          Prices start at : 14.49 USD / each

                          One application lasts up to 12 months! Stakes have specially designed caps so they are easily inserted into soft soil with a small mallet to the feeder roots for more nutrient uptake and less waste.
                          • Place one spike for every 1 inch of trunk diameter in a circle around the tree dripline: Specs
                          • Up to 12 months of slow release fertilizing: Product Features
                          • Ship Wt: 3.5 lb
                          • Quantity: 10 Spikes
                          Augusta-Richmond County
                          Kong Carabiner Screw Lock Steel 11,000lb Tensile
                          Prices start at : 21.34 USD / each

                          For any non-lanyard safety or rescue rigging! Steel "D" screwgate. 11,000 lb breaking strength, Meets OSHA and UIAA standards.


                            • Carbon Steel: Specs
                            • Thickness of metal: 1/2": Specs
                            • Weight 8.7 oz.: Specs
                            • Gate Opening: 1 1/16": Specs
                            • Working Load Limit: 1,125 lbs: Specs
                            Augusta-Richmond County
                            Better Bilt Speed Stake
                            Prices start at : 3.39 USD / each

                            Use with Adj-a Tie or Tree Tie Webbing for a convenient way to attach speed stake to tree. Anchors securely up to 5" diameter trees. Economical and dependable stake alternative and more versatile than "T" posts.
                            • Weight: 0.5 lb.
                            • Description: Speed Stake Anchor;; 2.5-inch x 4.5-inch
                            Augusta-Richmond County
                            Tree Strap with Loop, 32 Inches X 1.5 Inches, Case of 24
                            Prices start at : 39.99 USD / each

                            This is a case of 24 straps. The Strap is 32" long and has a brass grommet at each end; also included is a movable 3rd grommet for tying up to 3 stakes. The Tree Strap is much less damaging to the tree than common wire encased garden hoses.
                            Augusta-Richmond County
                            Systrex/Nutrient Systemic Fungicide and Micronutrient Solution Contains Bayleton Case of 25
                            Prices start at : 189.39 USD / each

                            Excellent for urban areas where spraying is impractical.Systrex/Nutrient - A broad-spectrum systemic fungicide/micronutrient solution for the treatment and reinvigoration of trees with abiotic and disease-related decline.
                            Augusta-Richmond County
                            PHC Tree Saver
                            Prices start at : 499.99 USD / each

                            MT230 comes with (30) 3oz packs, MT150 comes with (150) 3oz packs in a 5gal pail, and MT600 is for 600oz in bulk. Also, commercial potting mixes and fumigated soils are often sterile - with no mycorrhizal fungi at all! Get mycorrhizal fungi transplant...
                            • Size: 150 Packs (450 oz total) in 5 gal pail
                            • Ship wt: 33 lb
                            Augusta-Richmond County
                            Loc N\' Bloom Clematis Trellis
                            Prices start at : 4.59 USD / each

                            Attractive self-training trellis. Includes trellis only. Lock-in design snaps into drainage holes. Heavy gauge vinyl coated wire. Wire tie included to hold plant in place.Clematis and other flowering vines self-train on sturdy trellises that hold securely...
                            • Dimensions: 5 1/2 in W x 24 in H
                            • Size: 1 gal.
                            • Fits our NSC300: Product Features
                            Augusta-Richmond County
                            Better Bilt Earth Anchor Kit
                            Prices start at : 24.99 USD / each

                            68 series; up to 6" diameter, use DR1 drive rod. 88 series; up to 11" diameter, use DR3 drive rod. Quality with savings! Simple installation, just use a heavy hammer and drive rod to drive the anchor in, set the anchor by inserting the drive rod through...


                              • Each anchor kit includes materials for 3 individual anchor assemblies: Specs
                              • Use with: DR2 rod
                              • Tree Caliber: up to 3 inches
                              • For trees up to 3" diameter thickness: Specs
                              Augusta-Richmond County