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Silver Dust Dusty Miller Seeds
Prices start at : 1.79 USD / retail-seed-packet

(Cinneria maritima) (8”) Silver Dust Dusty Miller features finely cut silver-white foliage on a dwarf plant. Sow on potting soil. Do not cover seeds. 56,000 seeds/oz. 10-15 days, 70-75°F.
  • weight: .0625 lbs
East Hartford
New Look - Pelleted Dusty Miller Seed
Prices start at : 4.45 USD / Packet

Flowers are commonly removed to encourage foliage growth. The silvery foliage has become very popular as an elegant cut-flower filler in bouquets. Tender perennial in Zones 8-10.Transplant (recommended): Sow 8-10 weeks before last frost.
  • Latin Name: Senecio cineraria
  • Grows Well in Containers: Yes
  • Hybrid Status: Open Pollinated
  • Life Cycle: Tender Perennial
Dusty Miller
Prices start at : 2.50 USD / Seeds / pkt

It is easily grown from seed sown directly into the garden. One or two drops of fresh juice dropped into the eye are said to remove cataract. This popular annual bedding plant has many hidden talents.
  • Ease of Germination: Easy
  • Uses: Medicinal
  • When to Sow: Spring
Synthovial Seven Liquid Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
Prices start at : 31.96 USD / each

Almost all the fluid inside your eye is made of it. Synthovial Seven, what is it? This natural substance is hyaluronic acid. For joints that are flexible, optimum vision, and skin that looks radiant, Synthovial Seven is a “must”.
  •  Easiest Way to Relieve Joint Pain!
  •  Easy to swallow liquid taken directly or added to a glass of water
Synodrin Triple Strength
Prices start at : 34.95 USD / each

Triple Strength Joint formula for humans, specially designed with Cetyl Myristoleate and other proven joint health ingredients to support and sustain joint health. 50 mg blend of Boswellia and Tumeric Extracts for inflammation control.
Kabuki Short Handle Foundation Brush
Price : CALL

Time to replace a brush? We've got you covered! Works great for foundation.
Lubrisyn HA Joint Formula
Prices start at : 104.43 USD / each

Lubrisyn HU is now Lubrisyn HA! Same great product with a new look! HA is naturally found in the synovial fluid cushioning our joints and throughout the body in the skin and eyes. Bottle provides a 2 week supply.
  •  It is in its most absorbable form, an oral liquid to be absorbed by the mouth and throat.
  •  Lubrisyn is Hyaluronic Acid that is derived from a microbial fermentation source with no animal protein contamination.
Cetyl M Joint Action Formula for Humans
Prices start at : 39.87 USD / each

Cetyl M nourishes joints, cartilage, and supports flexibility and helps relieve discomfort. Cetyl M Joint Action Formula for relief from joint discomfort and a lack of mobility. It works four ways to help your joints stay flexible and nutritionally healthy.
Arthrosamine Joint Supplement for Humans
Prices start at : 39.95 USD / each

A two-month supply. Suggested use: Take 2 to 5 Arthrosamine capsules daily depending on weight (120 count bottle lasts the average adult 2 months). Arthrosamine has a special form of glucosamine sulfate 1167 mg, plus MSM 584 mg, ascorbate 250 mg, and...
The Poultry Hatchery

Chicks, ducks, turkeys, Geese, Guineas, Broilers Pasture Raised Flocks - Organic Practices - NON GMO We are a humane certified and NO kill facility Farm Family owned & operated Hatchery Shipping Nationwide or Local Pick up
  • Slogan: Quality Hatched Poultry
  • Type: Grower
New York
Clifton Springs
Dusty Miller Silverdust
Prices start at : 2.00 USD / Seed/Packet

Showy, finely lobed silvery-white foliage on uniform plants. Excellent for bedding as an accent plant.
  • Plant type: annual
  • Plant spread: 10 - 12 inches
  • Grow on temperature day: 60 - 65 degrees fahrenheit
  • Germination days: 10 - 15 days
  • Plant height: 10-12"
New York
Dusty Miller Cirrus
Prices start at : 14.70 USD / Seed/500 Seeds

Known for excellent weather resistance, Cirrus provides a marvelous accent to other flowering bedding plants. Cirrus Dusty Miller is an exceptional alternative to the traditional Silverdust.
  • Germination lighting: Light required
  • Germination days: 10 - 15 days
  • Weeks indoor: 10 - 13 weeks
  • Plant type: annual
New York
The Fly Killer Kover
Price : CALL

This unit must be the only source of mineral. Warning: Do not use grubicide or a systemic insecticide with The Fly Killer Kover. Adapter kits are available for Applegate, Bull Master, Behlen, Brower, Sioux, Vigortone, and Vita-Ferm three compartment,...
Dusty Miller Silverado
Prices start at : 1.95 USD / (P) Pkt of 100 seeds

Make it part of your garden this season! These plants reach just 10 to 12 inches high and wide, without stretching, flopping, or becoming rangy as the season progresses. The foliage is wonderfully lacy and fine, with a silvery gray sheen that looks great...
  • Item Form: (P) Pkt of 100 seeds
  • Soil Tolerance: Clay, Normal, loamy, Poor, Sandy
  • Plant Width: 10 in - 12 in
  • Seeds Per Pack: 100
  • Uses: Beds, Border, Containers, Foliage Interest, Foundation, Outdoor, Winter Interest
  • Variety: 'Silverado'
South Carolina
Chrysanthemums - the Wilderness Years
And from there it was only a short hop to being hip again, to the acceptance of the riotous colours and the frilly, showstopper blooms.It never happened for the Chrysanthemum, though, and it still lurks in allotments, waiting to dazzle once again.
El Segundo
Christmas Gift Suggestions For The Gardener In Your Life
A certificate from your gardener's favorite garden center or mail order catalog is sure to bring a smile to your gardeners face on Christmas morning.Let them know about all of the great things that go on right here?There are many stocking stuffers suitable...
El Segundo
The Little Farm just outside of Miami in The Redlands
Price : CALL

Lots of room for the entire family in the entertainment room, large living area & eat-in kitchen. Owner will also sell existing business. Master suite downstairs. Close to shopping and just 35 miles north of Key Largo.
Chiltepin -Hot dried peper
Price : CALL

Common names include chiltepin, chiltepe, and chile tepin, as well as turkey, bird s eye, or simply bird peppers, due to their consumption and spread by wild birds. People consider Chiltepin chilli seeds to be hotter than Habanero! It is used to make...
Selling watermelons by the truck load
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Polk City
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We\\\'re selling The Little Farm!
Price : CALL

Over 5000sq ft 5bd/3ba, 2-story home with vaulted tongue & groove ceilings, oak staircase, formal dining, office & loft. We're selling The Little Farm! Country living just outside of Miami in The Redlands.
The Redands
How Invasive Is Lily Of the Valley: Should I Plant Lily Of The Valley Ground Cover
If, on the other hand, you have plenty of space for the plant to spread, you may get along just fine. Sift the soil carefully with your hands, as even a tiny piece of rhizome will generate a new plant and eventually, a new colony.If possible, cover the...
Pests On Lily Of The Valley : Bugs And Animals That Eat Lily Of The Valley Plants
Refill traps weekly.Alternatively, you can go out after dark with a flashlight and pick off the ravagers. The most common and prevalent of the pests are. In hot, dry conditions,may suck sap from leaves, causing them to turn yellow or stipple.Some gardeners...
Growing Lily Of the Valley: When To Plant Lily Of The Valley
Around since at least 1000 B.C., lily of the valley plants are one of the most fragrant blooming plants in the spring and early summer throughout the northern temperate zone. That being said, these plants are adaptable and will grow very well in dry shade...
We are the best seller of Basmati Rice
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The rivers Yamuna and Ganga feed the fields. We carry the highest quality of basmati rice in Vancouver, Canada. And we are the number 1 exporter/importer of rice. The rice is long-grain and scented and when literally translated from Hindi it means queen...
British Columbia
Heart of the Shepherd   s Annual Lamb Cook-Off
Price : CALL

Many cooks provide a great variety of dishes for this event. "First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world." Romans 1:8
Lily Of The Valley Control – How To Kill Lily Of The Valley
In addition to uprooting the plant, the best way to get rid of lily of the valley is to kill it. In fact, digging up entire plant clumps when the soil is moist and disposing of them elsewhere is one of the surest ways to keep lily of the valley under...
Treating Diseased Lily Of The Valley Plants – Symptoms Of Lily Of The Valley Disease
The best things you can do for your lily of the valley planting are to ensure that you're thinning your plants every year and that the site where they're planted drains well. You may be able to protect uninfected plants with a protectant fungicide.
Dividing Lily Of The Valley: When To Split Lily Of The Valley Plants
If necessary, snip through tangled roots with garden shears. Allow 4 or 5 inches (10-13 cm.) between each pip. Is a spring-flowering bulb that produces dainty little bell-shaped flowers with a heady, sweet fragrance.