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Smart Comb Complete Pack for Livestock
Prices start at : 37.50 USD / each

The new comfort handle is perfect for long days of grooming. The Smart Comb is just that…a multi-tasking, light weight comb with interchangeable blades that securely snap in and out of a plastic handle, allowing you to pick the blade of choice.
Quebec City
Guide Combs-Universal
Prices start at : 6.49 USD / each

Designed to fit Oster blades (except trimmer blades) and most others on the market. Simply attach to base of blade, pull up and secure. Allows you to cut hair to a specific, uniform length.
Quebec City
R15 Lister Clipper Oil
Prices start at : 9.95 USD / each

The R15 clipper oil offers a cleaner and safer means of lubricating clippers, trimmers, and blades for increased performance and peace of mind while clipping.
Quebec City
Galvanized Clipper Box
Prices start at : 94.49 USD / each

The design of this clipper box fits perfectly in a show box. The outside has two heavy-duty latches for padlocks and a sturdy handle for easy carrying. The inside features dividers that keep blades, clippers, and accessories separate and organized as...
Quebec City
Sullivan\'s Express Fogger
Prices start at : 27.50 USD / each

Use with your blow dryer for fogging or misting liquids directly on livestock. Liquid and insert your blower hose nozzle for fine mist output without cumbersome adjustments. Fill bottle with up to 44 oz.
Quebec City
Grand Goat with CirQlate
Prices start at : 130.00 USD / each

Grand Goat is a unique feed supplement for goats, improved with the latest Oxy-Gen technology to give you the muscle and cover you need. Fortified with Depot Hide Tightener to get your goat in peak show or sale condition! Top dress 3 oz.
Quebec City
E-Z Clipping Guard
Prices start at : 34.95 USD / each

Aluminum guards for blocking. Fits 3 inch sheep head. Set includes 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4".
Quebec City
15\' Hose with Nozzle Tip - Air Express
Prices start at : 55.49 USD / each

Includes high quality 15' hose, cuff and blower nozzle tip. Complete replacement hose for the Air Express III blower.
Quebec City
Sullivan\'s Stimulator Smart Comb
Price : CALL

The Sullivan's Stimulator Smart Comb includes one handle plus Sullivan's Stimulator blade. The Sullivan's Stimulator Smart Comb comes with an interchangeable blade that securely snaps in and out of a plastic handle.
Quebec City
Harness Hook
Prices start at : 5.95 USD / each

Color will vary. Rugged steel harness hook with 4 prongs will help you keep your stable organized.
Quebec City
Sullivan\'s Formula One Livestock Adhesive
Prices start at : 8.29 USD / each

A unique adhesive designed for a natural and clear look that you can comb through with ease. Formula 1 does not gum up comb or pull out leg hair. Remove with Sullivan's Hocus Pocus.
Quebec City
Cattle 60\
Prices start at : 34.95 USD / each

Rubber handle provides a comfortable grip. 60" Cattle Show Stick made from quality aluminum in trendy patterns.
Quebec City
Sullivan\'s Lazer Blade Sharpener
Prices start at : 479.50 USD / each

Please note: Item #27640 is on long-term backorder. Precision made 12” grinding disc. There is no estimated date of arrival at this time. Square cast aluminum base for more stability; 1/4 hp motor, 1725 rpm.
Quebec City
B Pozzi\'s Relax for Horses
Prices start at : 50.00 USD / each

B Pozzi's Relax is a pre-performance tryptophan paste that helps horses maintain a normal and relaxed disposition. Each serving contains 12,923 mg of a proprietary blend of tryptophan, vitamin E, and wheat germ meal as well as 3,250 mg magnesium sulfate.
Quebec City
Sullivan\'s Prime Time Livestock Adhesive
Prices start at : 8.49 USD / each

Sullivan's Prime Time Livestock Grooming Adhesive is designed for medium length, thinner type hair.
Quebec City
Stierwalt Chalk
Prices start at : 3.09 USD / each

A must-have for any beginner, this chalk is also perfect for 4-H advisors, ag teachers and others as a teaching tool during classes or clinics. A simple way to mark the high and low points that need clipped, blocked, tipped, or backdragged on a calf.
Quebec City
Roto Fluffer Brush for Show Livestock
Prices start at : 24.50 USD / each

Combining these two bristles provide hair and wool tremendous volume and works on all types of coats to provide an even fluff without making the hair or wool wavy. This new twist on the traditional roto brush will take your hair or wool presentation to...
Quebec City
Schaefer 24\
Prices start at : 43.21 USD / each

Blade replacement for #40898.
Quebec City
Complete Blower Tip - Air Express
Prices start at : 10.95 USD / each

Includes gray hose connector tube and blower tip. Replacement complete blower tip for Air Express III blower.
Quebec City
Stainless Steel Guide Comb Set
Prices start at : 39.95 USD / each

Wahl Stainless Steel Guide Combs snap on to your clipper blade for smooth, snag-free grooming. Wahl Stainless Steel Guide Combs work best with Wahl #30 Competition Series Blade. Comb sizes 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8" and 1".
Quebec City
Sullivan\'s Sudden Impact Skin and Hair Conditioner for Show Pigs
Prices start at : 8.95 USD / each

Promotes healthy skin and hair for pigs.
Quebec City
Nylon Llama Halter
Prices start at : 13.59 USD / each

The 3/4" nylon criss-cross design provides extra nose pressure when llama pulls against halter. Durable nylon halter with nickel plated hardware.
Quebec City
Eskimo Throw Cooling Towel for Animals
Prices start at : 22.50 USD / each

During the summer months and warmer days, this towel is a great way to cool off any animal. Once the towel is dry, the cooling technology is deactivated. The dual fabric technology cools the towel, the more air flow it receives.
  •  Evaporative cooling technology
  •  Snap activated
Quebec City
Plastic Comb
Prices start at : 1.29 USD / each

Great for mane and tail work. No grooming box is complete without a grooming comb.
Quebec City
Pig Face Brush Holder
Prices start at : 10.95 USD / each

Handy little pouch, a holster for holding a pig face brush. Similar to a cell phone carrying holder. Simply clips over your belt or your jeans pocket.
Quebec City
Open Eye 3 5/8\
Prices start at : 2.05 USD / each

Fixed eye 1/2" diameter. Corrosion resistant.
Quebec City
Cool Blue Show Brace for Show Lambs
Prices start at : 22.50 USD / each

A terrific show day grooming product for market lambs. It braces the body to make the lamb feel firmer to judge's touch. It gives a great shine and a fresh firm feel.
Quebec City