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1.93 ft. W x 0.2 ft. D x 25.2 in. H Side Louver Window for Rion Greenhouse
Prices start at : 97.93 USD / each

The shutters are controlled manually for variable airflow to aid in cooling on warmer days. The Side Louver Window is designed to improve the air circulation and help control temperature and humidity levels inside Rion greenhouses.
  •  Interior shutters are operated manually for variable airflow
  •  Assembled dimension: 23.2 in. W x 2.4 in. D x 25.2 in. H
  •  Can be fitted with Rion's Automatic Louver Opener (OSMID: 301385381)
  •  Compatible with Rion's greenhouse' range
  • Product Width (in.): 23.2 in
  • Product Type: Accessory
Garden and Greenhouse Composite Wood Top Potting Bench / Table
Prices start at : 90.77 USD / each

Easy, one-tool assembly gets you up and running in no time. The Garden and Greenhouse Composite Wood Top Potting Bench / Table is ideal for use as a workbench or for displaying plants.
  •  Place inside your greenhouse as extra storage
  •  A great addition to your greenhouse and gardening activities
  • Product Type: Accessory or Garden Item
  • Color Family: Beige / Cream
  • Product Depth (in.): 15
  • Returnable: 90-Day
Base Kit 4 ft. Extension for Greenhouse
Prices start at : 63.68 USD / each

High allow your structure to sit taller for more headroom to move about easily. Like all Rion products, the base extension kit assembles in a snap. It's constructed with the same heavy-duty U-shaped resin used to mold the beams that came with your original...
  •  Elevates greenhouse up to 5 in.
  •  Push-fit assembly
  • Product Weight (lb.): 7.3 lb
  • Product Depth (in.): 48
  • Product Width (in.): 2 in
  • Material: Resin
6 ft. 5 in. H x 4 ft. 5 in. W x 2 ft. 5 in. D Clear Cover for Harvest House Plus
Prices start at : 20.35 USD / box

Ideal for growing plants and seed propagation. The clear cover is designed to fit over the Harvest House Plus Greenhouse (part# FHXUPL) with X-Up Technology and provides maximum heat and light for your plants.
  • Product Weight (lb.): 4lb
  • Additional cover for harvest house plus X-up greenhouse shelving: Yes
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year limited
  • Color Family: Clear
  • Product Width (in.): 54
  • Material: clear pvc
Professional Greenhouse Shelf Bundle (4-Piece)
Prices start at : 148.00 USD / each

And comes with fasteners and brackets needed to mount onto your greenhouse walls. Constructed with easy-to-clean PVC plastic, each shelf supports up to 44 lbs. This value pack provides a considerable economical advantage over a single twin shelf (model...
  •  Also sold individually (model 700550)
  •  Designed to augment the Palram Snap & Grow greenhouse
  •  Each shelf supports up to 44 lbs. of evenly distributed weight
  • Product Width (in.): 49.75
  • Product Depth (in.): 12
  • Product Type: Shelf Kit
14 ft. W x 16 ft. D Aluminet Greenhouse Shade Net
Prices start at : 149.00 USD / box

A shade net is essential to maintain proper temperatures on sunny spring and autumn days, and all through summer. Shade net is cut and tapered to fit Grandio 8 ft. The Grandio Shade Nets are purpose made to reduce intense sunlight by 50% to keep your...
  •  1/4 in. drill bit
  •  Taped edges with brass grommets
  •  16 ft. 6 in. L x 14 in. W aluminum shade net
  • Product Width (in.): 10
  • Color Family: Metallics
  • Product Type: Aluminet Shade Net
IV Shelf Kit
Prices start at : 669.00 USD / each

The polycarbonate tops allows light to flow through to plants below. Suspened aluminum shelf kit saves space and is very strong. The absence of legs allows you to store large items under the shelves that usually wouldnt fit.
  • Product Depth (in.): 24
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year Against Manufacturers Defects
  • Product Width (in.): 168
  • Product Height (in.): 1
  • Suspended shelving without braces underneath allows for more storage space ( i.e. for a cart, wheelbarrow or long tools): Yes
Dura-Bench Greenhouse Bench Tops Increased Air Flow 2ft x 4ft
Prices start at : 18.99 USD / each

An attractive, professional appearance for your retail displays. Panels have 1.1in. UV protected, high impact, abrasion resistant polypropylene. Replace your old wood, wire, or metal tops with these durable, attractive panels.

Product Benefits

    Product Features

      • Poly construction makes it easy to clean, with no rot, splinters or rough edges: Product Benefits
      • 2' sides connect with tab and slots, 4' sides install with black nylon clips: Product Features
      • An attractive, professional appearance for your retail displays: Product Benefits
      • Increased airflow, easier to install and disinfect, and lower cost: Product Features
      New! Harvest Right Geodesic Greenhouses
      Prices start at : 1795.00 USD / each

      Each model offers a generous growing space. Harvest Right Geodesic Greenhouses feature a UV-protected woven plastic cover. This cover utilizes a woven layer technology, maximizing its strength and versatility.

      Product Features

        Product Benefits


            • Fitted door: Product Features
            • IR, AD, UVA, and anti-dust protection: Product Features
            • Diameter (feet): Varies: Specs
            • IR - Infrared protection leads to less heat transfer which maintains constant temperatures day and night: Product Benefits
            • Even light distribution lessens evaporation meaning less water used for irrigation: Product Benefits
            • Height (feet): Varies: Specs
            Greenhouse Accessory Bundle
            Prices start at : 261.89 USD / each

            Kit includes 8 Plastic light weight shelves (2 per kit) that can easily be repositioned for changing needs, 1 Automatic Vent opener that keeps your greenhouse at the optimal temperature, 1 two level shelving system to hold heavier weights and create a...
            • Product Height (in.): 77.5
            • Product Weight (lb.): 67.5lb
            • Material: Metal, Plastic
            • Product Width (in.): 36
            • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year Limited
            • Product Depth (in.): 39
            Louver Window Automatic Opener
            Prices start at : 79.00 USD / box

            As the temperature cools, the mineral shrinks and a spring closes the vent and resets the piston. This pushes a piston that opens the vent. The opener has a metal cylinder containing a mineral which expands when heated.
            •  Increase ventilation in your greenhouse
            •  No electricity needed
            •  Activates from 70 ° F to 90° F


              • Product Height (in.): 1
              • Product Depth (in.): 9
              • Product Width (in.): 1
              Bench kit for GKP64 Greenhouse
              Prices start at : 63.72 USD / each

              Deep for all Mt. Hood models. Specially designed matching redwood benches are available that run the full length of the Sunshine GardenHouse. Benches are 21 in. These bench kits make your greenhouse work easier.
              • Material: Redwood
              • Product Height (in.): .5
              • Product Depth (in.): 21
              • Strong and beautiful: Yes
              • Product Width (in.): 48
              • Product Type: Redwood Bench
              Greenhouse Shade Kit
              Prices start at : 39.29 USD / each

              The shade features Smart-Lock connectors for easy assembly. The Palram Hobby Greenhouse Shade Kit helps prevent heat buildup in your greenhouse and shades your plants from direct sunlight.
              • Protected against solar UV radiation: Yes
              • Product Width (in.): 86.5 in
              • Product Height (in.): .1
              • Product Weight (lb.): 1.3lb
              • Manufacturer Warranty: No
              • Product Type: Shade Kit
              6 ft. 5 in. H x 4 ft. 5 in. W x 6 ft. D Harvest House Pro Gro-Tec Cover
              Prices start at : 40.92 USD / box

              Gro-Tec is a very heavy, semi opaque material approximately 3-mils thick. Fits Harvest House X-Up Pro is designed to be UV resistant, 100-percent waterproof and features rip stop protection that will last for many years.
              •  No tools required
              •  Additional cover for the Harvest House Pro easy X-Up greenhouse shelving
              • Returnable: 90-Day
              • Product Depth (in.): 72
              • Product Type: greenhouse accessory
              • Product Weight (lb.): 6lb
              Greenhouse Drip Irrigation Accessory Kit
              Prices start at : 32.96 USD / each

              It includes 16 dropper spikes and a pressure regulator that distributes water evenly and eliminates sediments from the fluid. Keep your Palram greenhouse plants properly hydrated with this drip irrigation kit.
              •  Easy to set up and use
              •  Pressure regulator filters sediment to ensure water is pure
              •  Includes 16 dropper spikes
              • Material: Plastic
              • Product Depth (in.): 7.1
              • Product Weight (lb.): 2.2lb
              Little Cottage Petite Greenhouse with Floor Kit
              Prices start at : 1413.58 USD / each

              Easy to assemble, this greenhouse includes a floor kit and a one year warranty on parts. Additional Features About The Little Cottage Company Nestled in the heart of Ohio's Amish country, The Little Cottage Company resides in a quaint, slow-paced setting...
              •  Shelving adds extra space for your plants
              •  Petite size fits almost any yard
              •  Double doors are perfect for larger items
              •  Peak Height: 4.8 feet
              •  Easy to assemble
              •  Floor kit included
              Gorilla Grow Tents
              Prices start at : 339.99 USD / each

              Grow easy on yourself! Gorilla Grow Tents maximize your yields, run cooler, and provide more space than standard grow tents. Need more space? The large layouts of Gorilla Grow Tents provide ample space to maneuver.

              Product Features

                • Adjustable vent doors: Product Features
                • Adjustable height roof: Product Features
                • Special block infrared roofing: Product Features
                • Diamond-shaped reflective walling: Product Features
                • Rear access door: Product Features
                • Thickest 1680D material: Product Features
                2-3/4 in. x 15-3/4 in. Automatic Vent Opener
                Prices start at : 46.47 USD / each

                All you need to do is to install it on your roof vent window and it automatically starts working. The vent arm was designed with a metal cylinder containing wax which expands when heated to push a piston, which raises the window, as the air gets warmer,...
                •  Assembled dimension: 15.75 in. W x 2.75 in. D x 2 in. H
                •  Opens roof vent automatically as temperature warms for air circulation and heat relief, Closes when temperature cools
                •  Suitable for all Palram greenhouses and easy to install
                • Product Height (in.): 2
                • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years limited
                • Returnable: 90-Day
                Exhaust Fans
                Prices start at : 1115.99 USD / each

                Coolair has developed a complete ventilation system for farm use combining the Type NBF fan with a Type LRW all aluminum shutter and heavy gauge galvanized steel wall housing (square box or slope) for exterior mounting, allowing a maximum of unobstructed...
                • Dimensions: 30-Inch Square
                • Horsepower: 1/2 Horsepower
                Mini Greenhouse with Cover by Pure Garden
                Prices start at : 20.9 USD / each

                Gives seeds, seedlings and young plants an early start and extends the growing season. A clear polyethylene full length cover features a roll-up zippered door for easy access. The stacked design is ideal for a small gardens, deck, balcony or patio to...
                •  Full Length PVC Cover with Zipper
                •  Includes
                •  Flaps Can Secure Open with Ties on Top
                •  Ideal for Extending Growing Season
                • Assembled Product Weight: 8.65 lb
                • Manufacturer Part Number: W150117
                Heavy Duty Plant Trays
                Prices start at : 12.75 USD / 1 tray

                Each tray measures 11 inches wide, 22 inches long, and 2 1/2 inches tall. These sturdy trays fit nicely under our lighting fixtures, and are built to last for years. Looking for plant trays for your lighting fixtures?
                • Has Extra Shipping Weight: Yes
                Poly Protection Tunnel L831
                Prices start at : 12.18 USD / each

                This has a clever one-piece design that incorporates the galvanized steel hoops into the fabric. The garden tunnel also has drawstrings at the end that can be cinched tightly. Poly Protection Tunnel: You work hard to keep your greenery growing and healthy,...
                •  118"L x 17.75"W x 17.75"H
                •  Folds away neatly for storage
                •  Protects tender plants from late spring or early fall frosts and also helps warm the soil prior to planting
                •  Drawstrings at the end can be cinched tightly
                • Color: White
                • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 120.00 x 18.00 x 12.00 Inches
                5\' PlantHouse, Clear
                Prices start at : 213.99 USD / each

                The innovative design is compact, lightweight and can be assembled or taken down in minutes with no tools necessary. All openings feature screened vents for insect and pest protection.
                •  Dimensions: 78" High x 60" Wide x 60" Deep
                •  Also includes ground stakes, fiber pole and high wind tie downs
                •  Easy to set up and take down with no tools necessary
                • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 60.00 x 60.00 x 78.00 Inches
                • Manufacturer Part Number: 14336911
                • Color: Green Clear
                Agfabric Warm Worth Heavy Floating Row Cover & Plant Blanket, 0.9oz Fabric of 10x10ft for Frost Protection, Harsh Weather Resistance& Seed Germination
                Prices start at : 11.99 USD / each

                We provide 0.55oz/sq.yard,0.9oz/sq.yard,1.2oz/sq.yard,1.5oz/sq.yard,2.0oz/sq.yard,3.0oz/sq.yard,3.5oz/sq.yard fabrics. Terrible Weather Protection Protect your plants from exposure,storm,hail,snow,etc.
                •  UV PROTECTION High quality spun polypropylene fabric is UV stabilized and resuable, and allows air and moisture to reach your plants,
                •  MULTI-APPLICATION Protect your vegetable such as tomato, pepper, pumpkin, strawberry rows, fruit trees, citrus and shrub, flowers as well as newly-sown grass
                •  WEATHER PROTECTION Protect plants from snow, hail, frost in the winter and insects,birds during the growing season
                • Condition: New
                HarvestHouse Pro Bug/Bird Cover
                Prices start at : 49.11 USD / each

                HarvestHouse Pro Bug/Bird Cover: This cover is designed to fit the HarvestHouse Pro frame as either an additional cover or as a replacement to the original. Cover reduces very little light Additional covers are available separately Made to the highest...
                •  Cover reduces very little light
                •  Additional covers are available separately
                •  Made to the highest quality standard and engineered to withstand the harshest climate conditions
                • Manufacturer Part Number: FHXUPR-BG
                • Color: Black
                • Brand: FlowerHouse
                UBesGoo 5\'X50\' 2 Mylar Film High Reflective Greenhouse Covering silver Foil Sheets for Grow Tent
                Prices start at : 19.97 USD / each

                Highly Reflective: Made of high quality VMPET. It can effectively reflect back 95% of light and reduces 'hot spots' by spreading your light evenly. The 2 mil grade is the most durable available and this unique design boasts a poly backing which acts as...
                •  2 Mil Thick (Heavy Duty not 1mil like many on walmart)
                •  Durable - Puncture/Tear Resistant
                •  Highly Reflective: effectively reflect back 95% of light and reduces 'hot spots' by spreading your light evenly.
                • Material: Reflective Material
                Ferry Morse/Jiffy 16-Pellet Refill
                Prices start at : 20.07 USD / each

                Seeds are nurtured within the pellet to germinate faster into young seedlings. All the young tender roots remain totally intact. Ferry Morse/Jiffy 16-Pellet Refill: This is the very best pellet for seed starting! Each one contains weed-free professional-grade...
                •  Contains weed-free professional-grade Canadian sphagnum peat
                •  Assures stronger, healthier plants for transplanting
                •  Swells to 7 times its original size
                • Brand: Ferry Morse/Jiffy
                • manufacturer_part_number: j6r16
                SolaWraptm – 6\' x 328\' - Greenhouse Film
                Prices start at : 2650.00 USD / 1 Unit

                Even under the most severe climatic conditions, no changes in color or clouding will occur, and the film will not weaken in any way. With an amazing R-Value of 1.7, it allows your greenhouse to keep between 60-95% percent of its heat overnight, significantly...
                Agfabric Warm Worth Frost Blanket - 1.5 oz Fabric of 108\'\'Hx120\'\'Dia Shrub Jacket,3D Round Plant Cover for Frost Protection
                Prices start at : 15.68 USD / each

                Terrible Weather Protection Protect your plants from exposure,storm,hail,snow,etc. We provide 0.55oz/sq.yard,0.9oz/sq.yard,1.2oz/sq.yard,1.5oz/sq.yard,2.0oz/sq.yard fabrics. Seed Germination Traps heat and mositure to speed germination and plant growth...
                •  LIGHTWEIGHT and soft fabric is plant friendly, no harm to plant growing
                •  APPLICATION Protect plants from snow hail,frost in the winter and insects,birds during the growing season,No need to remove each morning and replace each evening.
                •  DRAWSTRING DESIGN Easy drawstring at the openning makes it easier and quicker to cover plants during harsh weather.
                • Brand: Agfabric