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Stihl Weed Eater Models

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Aquatic Weed Harvester (used)
Also have a dual axle power tilt/winch trailer for loading and unloading. Holds 3000 pounds of weeds, Kubota 40 hp diesel engine with low hours. Also have a dual axle power tilt/winch trailer for loading and ...
United States, Pennsylvania
Sani-Touch Model 5s
The only thing that's missing is the lid for the power switches. It's easy to clean and does a great job on the eggs. We had used this egg washer to do on average 90 DZ eggs a day.
United States, Washington
Farm-Fans Grain Dryer Model 750
Dryer being replaced by vacuum cool tower dryer, only reason for sale. Required Farm-Fans continuous flow grain dryer, three phase 230 volt, liquid propane dryer currently drying grain and is in excellent condition
United States, Ohio
Get Off The Beaten Path At Sojourner’s Homestead
Lili DeBarbeiri Built in the 1930s, the farm grew everything from potatoes to peanuts and sold its crops locally for a number of years. “We enjoy the interaction with people,” Terri Allen says.
United States, Pennsylvania
Farm Business: Cane Creek Farm
But Lynn’s knack for education resurfaced after a few years, and in 2007, she worked with Georgia Organics, a nonprofit that ­focuses on getting organic produce into Georgians’ hands, to develop an organic-growing curriculum.
United States, Pennsylvania
Fiore di Capra: Tucson’s Goat Dairy And Creamery
Find out what the demand is in your area by going to farmers markets and stores. “In addition to my dairy goat project, I was also involved in the dairy foods project where we made all sorts of products with the milk of our goats.” Swift fell in love...
United States, Pennsylvania
Farm Business: Freedom Run Farm
Today, Freedom Run Farm holds the distinction of being the first farm in Kentucky to be 100-percent grassfed certified by Animal Welfare Approved , a label that means that the animals are raised according to strict welfare and environmental standards.
United States, Pennsylvania
Farm Business: Farm n’ Wild Wellspring
After going to pastry school and working in a bakery, Christensen traveled North America with Outstanding in the Field , an organization that sets up farm-to-table dinners at local farms across the U.S. using locally sourced ingredients.
United States, Pennsylvania
Q&A With Cycle Farm
With over 40 different crops and an active CSA, the duo is committed to building community through the use of human-powered and regenerative farming practices. How do you use bicycles in your farming?
United States, Pennsylvania
Guidestone Farm Ventures
“Another goal is to help people understand what will nurture the earth, what will nurture them and their families and how can they connect more deeply where they live and develop a sense of place.
United States, Pennsylvania
Colorado’s Mountain Goat Lodge
Bring to a boil, then turn down heat and simmer for 10 minutes, until the chia seeds have thickened the fruit nicely. “We hope to add additional classes in other homesteading topics, such as soap and lotion making, gardening, and canning,” says owner...
United States, Pennsylvania
Farm Business: Ridge To Reef Farm
Local chef Mike Matthews teaches teams of visitors how to work with local foods in the community kitchen. Ridge to Reef Although it’s really an out-of-the-box experience for most, we regularly hear from our visitors afterwards in how it made a difference...
United States, Pennsylvania
Farm Startup Advice From McKenzie Inn Bed-and-Breakfast
Before he was able to farm successfully, he experienced his fair share of learning curves. The McKenzies run a Saturday farmers market in nearby Eloy. Arizona’s McKenzie Inn pioneered the organic food movement in their area of the state and are making...
United States, Pennsylvania
Organic Farm Business: The Natural Trading Company
“Diversity is important in farming; when a crop doesn’t do well it’s helpful to have other crops as a backup to make up the difference and keep the business going.” Kaminsky is a true businessman and has carved out a valuable niche in his community.
United States, Pennsylvania
4 Lavender Tips from Los Poblanos Inn
The ranches head lavender farmer Jason Bean shares these lavender tips. When You Visit Los Poblanos manages to be both calming yet bustling with a real sense of community. Here are some activities and attractions you can’t miss during your visit: Farm...
United States, Pennsylvania
Off-Grid Cattle Ranching At Cold Creek Ranch
“Clifton and the other scattered towns in the area were built to supply the growing, dynamic needs of livestock and mining industries over a wide region. Schwennesen and his wife, Jean, are no armchair ranchers, even though between them they hold two...
United States, Pennsylvania
Aquaculture: An Open Frontier In Farm Entrepreneurship
Also, when one considers that polluted seafood can poison the public, and that contagion can spread between wild and domesticated creatures, harming the fisheries, there is a stronger case to support public oversight of aquaculture.
United States, Pennsylvania
A Peek At Maple Syrup Making From Vermont’s Sugarbush Farm
When You Visit Five miles from Sugarbush is the Billings Farm & Museum , a working dairy farm with a living history museum showing farm activity in 1890 with restored farm house. Let your customers know that their decision to visit must be made just...
United States, Pennsylvania
Leaping Lamb Farm: A Mountain Farm Getaway
You’ll see grapevines put in by the first owners—nearly as old as the orchard—a large market garden, and 20 acres of cross-fenced pasture. Established in 1862, Leaping Lamb Farm in Alsea, Ore., was a working farm the very beginning.
United States, Pennsylvania
5 Beginning Farmer Tips From Sleeping Frog Farms
As a Certified Naturally Grown farm that eschews chemical fertilizers for sustainable soil amendments like bat guano, it produces some of the healthiest, most nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables in Southern Arizona for restaurants, farmers markets and...
United States, Pennsylvania
Q&A With Neva Hydroponics
Owned by Pat and Cammie Wohlgemuth, who, until Neva, had owned and operated a U-pick strawberry operation for some 13 years. The Canadian prairies can be challenging for farmers with extreme temperatures and short growing seasons.
United States, Pennsylvania
Support All Model 88 to 200,00 Eggs incubator
The Automatic egg incubator, With hatcher system Automatic control on temperature and humidity, Also, In Egg turning system Automatic. Looking forward your Email and talking. Such The above 1000 USD in your country just need 200 to 300 USD is Okay, By...
China, Sichuan
This Is Hobby Farming: The Poultry Farmers
Kristina Mercedes Urquhart “The slower growth makes for a generally healthier bird that can walk around our pastures and eat bugs and grass and exercise, unlike a Cornish Cross which can become lame simply because it’s been so overbred for meat growth...
United States, Pennsylvania
3 Almond Tips From Fat Uncle Farms
For the eco-conscious traveler, there’s an Amtrak station at Surf Beach, about 20 min from the farm, where farm owners shuttle up to five people up to the farm. The ranch is surrounded by plenty of outdoor activities guests can enjoy.
United States, Pennsylvania
Farm Business: Welty Mandarins
The Parkers consider the development of online sales, successful grassroots marketing and product diversification some of their biggest successes to date. Like many small-scale farmers, Welty Mandarins isn’t yet at the point that James can quit his...
United States, Pennsylvania
This Is Hobby Farming: A Brush With Destiny (And Water Buffalo)
Most promotion so far has been by word of mouth. “Really, I just talk to everybody I know,” she says. “Three new moms on the milk line would bring milk production up to 230 pounds a day,” she says.
United States, Pennsylvania
Farm Business: Longest Acres Farm
With this base, you can then lease land around you, thereby increasing your size but with no need for mortgages and large monthly payments. I recommend investing in a home base for your operation that has a barn, or storage and a few acres, depending...
United States, Pennsylvania
Learn To Grow Organic With RichCrest Farms
He doesn’t use mechanized tools to cultivate the land, and he allows buffer zones for wildlife to border the property. In the heat of the desert garlic, okra and black-eyed peas do well.
United States, Pennsylvania
4 Tips For Fostering Beauty On A Desert Ranch
The sky’s the limit,” Holnback says. Westry willed the property to his brother William, who also operated it as a cattle ranch, although he left the real work to a ranch foreman and cowboys.
United States, Pennsylvania