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Spring Annuals

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Noteworthy Flowers from This Year\'s Garden
Some of the more unusual plants that bloomed in my garden this year were just new to me. A few, however, are new to the market too. For instance, my favorite tulip this spring was a recently introduced double Japanese type called 'Akebono'.I loved everything...
United States, California
How to Keep Petunias From Getting Leggy
General maintenance practices can prevent and fix legginess, helping the petunias produce a fresh supply of new buds and blooms.Purchase petunias that have full foliage with leaves forming along the entire length of the stems.
United States, California
How to Deadhead Impatiens
However, even impatiens can benefit from deadheading if the plant has become stressed and has lost the majority of its blooms at the same time.Inspect the impatiens for blooms that are wilting or are turning brown, as well as for any dead leaves or stems,...
United States, California
Sweet Alyssum -- A Tiny Plant with Big Impact
Printed plainly on the packet was a statement that light is required for germination. Because energy is not used producing seeds, these plants are vigorous and bloom over a long season.Sweet alyssum is readily available in flats at most garden centers...
United States, California
Are Petunias Perennials?
Choose short and compact plants at the nursery, preferably ones without flowers, for best results when transplanting. The plant grows 6 to 18 inches in height and spreads up to 4 feet, making it ideal for borders, containers and mass plantings.Petunias...
United States, California
Heart of the Shepherd   s Annual Lamb Cook-Off
We also have recipes if you need some. Here is your chance to try . Heart of the Shepherd is operated almost entirely with volunteers from our local community and beyond. Heart of the Shepherd s Annual Lamb Cook-Off & Appreciation Meal Thank you Volunteers...
United States, Oklahoma
Are Petunias Deer Resistant?
Petunias are susceptible to gray mold, aphid infestation and slug damage. Petunias produce flowers from May through October in a variety of colors, including pink, purple, red, white and yellow.Plant petunias in full sun and well-drained, moist soil.
United States, California
How to Plant Cockscomb Flowers
Also avoid plants that are already flowering because this may be due to crowding or other stresses. Plants usually require more water when they go outside.Warm, cloudy, still days are best for planting cockscomb flowers.
United States, California
Spring is Here, Don\'t Touch That Spade!!!
I'll scatter annual seeds in an empty place where I have dug out a perennial to move, for one reason or another, and haven't found that perfect replacement yet. An overcast, drizzly day is a good time for this.I have experimented too.
United States, California
Puregrown 750 Hemp Sheets
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Puregrown hemp-felt is designed to transport water evenly throughout the entire medium and maintain a perfect ratio of water and air for the development of healthy root systems. This OMRI Listed 100% hemp product is made from fibers grown without the...
United States, New York
Can I Plant Zinnias in Pots?
As they all spread to about 1 or 1 1/2 feet, a good rule of thumb for spacing is to set one zinnia in a 6-inch pot, three plants in a 10-inch pot and up to five zinnias in a 14-inch pot.Plant zinnias in any commercial potting mix, or make your own.
United States, California
Good Flowers to Plant With Marigolds
These "three sisters" complement and protect each other, making all three plants thrive in the same location. For example, green complements red because it's made of blue and yellow while red is not.
United States, California
How to Care For Zinnias
Use clean, sharp garden shears to trim back large stems.As blooms fade on zinnia plants, cut these off just ahead of the first set of leaves on the flower stem. It's important to give plants enough space to grow without crowding, so thin seedlings to...
United States, California
How Often Do You Water Marigolds?
Give them enough water so that the soil is moist to a depth of 6 to 8 inches. Fertilize them regularly, following the package directions for the proper amount to apply.Water marigolds well immediately after planting them in the garden, both to settle...
United States, California
Can You Grow Poppy Plants From Grocery Store Poppy Seeds?
When the plants are about 3 inches tall, thin out any crowded clumps.Poppy flowers last only a few days. Most produce a single pink poppy flower.Annual poppies grow best if they get a period of cold, so it is often recommended that they be planted in...
United States, California
How to Take Care of Lobelia Plants
Deadhead perennial varieties to keep the plants looking their best and promote development of flowers throughout the growing season. Use a liquid fertilizer with a ratio such as 12-4-8, mixed at a rate of 1 teaspoon per gallon of water every two to three...
United States, California
When Do I Cut Back Marigolds?
Dwarf or French marigolds give off natural compounds that are toxic to the nematodes. This technique turns leggy growth on young plants into more compact and sturdy plants. Marigolds are annual flowering plants.
United States, California
How to Help Impatiens That Are Not Blooming
Provide enough water to moisten the top 6 inches of soil at each watering, which is about equal to 1 inch of rainfall. These annual flowers thrive in the cooler weather of spring, but can bloom all summer long with proper care.
United States, California
How to Care for Portulaca
Simply pinch off the stem or cut it off with shears that have been wiped with a cloth soaked with rubbing alcohol.Few pests or diseases bother moss rose. Rust, a fungal disease, may infect a plant.
United States, California
Do I Have to Worry About My Petunias, Pansies and Geraniums Freezing at 32 Degrees?
Plants that have experienced a gradual cooling in fall can survive freezing better than those just planted in spring, which lack such "hardening." Still, you should cover annuals you wish to save whenever frost is forecast, as the meteorologist isn't...
United States, California
When to Plant Gourd Seeds
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration maintains probability data for the first and last frost and freeze of the season in every state. Planting gourds on relatively flat ground with full exposure to sunlight promotes healthy growth and reduces...
United States, California
Can Petunias Be Planted With Marigolds?
Plant them according to cultivar-specific spacing and depth needs. Petunias grow in grandiflora, multiflora, miliflora and groundcover varieties with compact to vining growth, single-to double-petal flowers and many colors.The Clemson Cooperative Extension...
United States, California
Deer Resistant Annual Flowers
Larkspur is sown in the fall for blooms of pink, purple or white in the early spring. They also work well as carpeting around other spring and summer flowering bulbs. They do best in zones 5 to 9.Larkspur is tall and stately, providing an elegant background...
United States, California
Are Petunias Annual or Perennial?
Often referred to and grown as annuals, petunias (Petunia spp.) are technically warm climate perennials. Dig out the root ball in the fall before frost, and transplant the petunias into nursery pots.
United States, California
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United States, Alabama
Alpaca Shearing Day and Sale
On Sunday, learn to felt an alpaca item. Shearing Day is ... Bring your camera and get a shot of the alpaca who provided the raw material for your next project. Take a break from the Memorial Day Winery Tours to watch the alpacas get their annual haircuts.
United States, Oregon
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