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Earthway High Output 65 lb Spreader
Prices start at : 139.99 USD / each

On/Off control offers quick, positive control. Powder coated frame. Updated solid linkage. High speed gearbox. 9in flotation tires provide great support and traction on snow and ice.


    • Description: Spreader
    • Ship wt: 15.4 lb
    • 9in pneumatic tires on rustproof poly rims: Specs
    • EV-N-SPRED HIGH-OUTPUT Shut-Off System: Specs
    • 65 lb capacity hopper: Specs
    United States
    Gandy Agitation Jigglers For 6504, 6505, 6506 Spreaders
    Prices start at : 161.59 USD / each

    To eliminate bridging of material in the hopper! Choose the right size below.
    • Ship wt: 8 lb
    • Type: Gandy Agitation Jigglers For 6504T18 4ft Spreader
    United States
    Poly Sprayer - 1 Gal
    Prices start at : 9.9900 USD / Each

    Adjustable nozzle. Orscheln Farm & Hometm Poly Sprayer with anti-clog filter. Ergo hand pump. Large Funnel top opening for no mess filling.
    • Model Number: 20009
    • Applications: Pest control, Weed control, Fertilizers, Cleaning & degreasing, General cleaning, Gardening
    United States
    Chapin 100lb IceMelt Spreader
    Prices start at : 309.99 USD / each

    *Comes with rain cover* This product ships via motor freight. Motor freight shipments are excluded from any free or reduced shipping offers. The unique poly conical auger heps agitate product and minimize clumping.


      • Stainless steel T-handle and frame: Product Features
      • 14" Pneumatic tires: Specs
      • 100 lb capacity poly hopper: Specs
      United States
      Solo Handheld Sprayer 1 Liter
      Prices start at : 14.19 USD / each

      Ideal for misting young, delicate seedlings. With durable components and Viton seals, for easy maintenance. This unique, one hand sprayer incorporates all the easy pump, easy fill, easy clean-up characteristics found on Solo sprayers.
      United States
      32 oz Spray Bottle 3-Pk
      Prices start at : 4.69 USD

      •  Model # 800655
      •  Fill bottles with your favorite cleaner or just plain water
      •  Weight: Approximately: .62 pounds
      •  32 oz capacity for multiple applications including hair, ironing, watering plants, and household cleaning
      •  Spray bottles are made from plastic
      •  Includes three 32 oz bottles
      United States
      SnowEx 3-Point Mount
      Prices start at : 252.49 USD / each

      Adds to the versatility of your compact spreader! 3-Point mount allows SnowEx spreader to attach to the 3-point hitch of compact tractors. Fits SR210X, SP125X, and SP225X spreaders.
      • Adds to the versatility of your compact spreader: Product Benefits
      • Has a 2" reciever to accomodate the mounting on SR210X, SP125X, and SP225X: Specs
      • Mounts to the 3-point hitch on a compact tractor: Product Features
      United States
      Output Tray and Shut-off Kit for Earthway EV-N-Spread Flex-Select Pro Spreaders
      Prices start at : 106.19 USD / each

      Low Output Tray and and Shut-Off Kit for small seed and very low application rates. High Output for large gauge materials including grit and rock salt. For FLEX-SELECT Broadcast Spreaders.
      • Description: High Output Tray and Shut-off Kit
      • Ship Wt: 5lb
      United States
      Orbital Sprayer
      Prices start at : 2.99 USD / Each

      Orschelntm Orbital Sprayer lets you spray cleaning products under, around or into awkward, hard-to-reach places. Landscaping, plant care, and other chores are all made easier and faster using the Delta Orbital sprayer.
      • Product Material: Bottle contains recycled resin
      • Adjustable Spray Pattern: Fully Adjustable
      • Model Number: O3298-ORSC
      United States
      SnowEx 12-Volt Spreader, 3 cu ft Capacity
      Prices start at : 807.99 USD / each

      Powder-coated steel frame, poly hopper, 3-inch auger. 12-volt direct drive motor is mounted in a weather-resistant enclosure. Two preset spinner speeds, 50% and 100%, control a spread width up to 25 feet! 3 cu ft, with a generous 240 lb capacity.
      • Discharge: Auger
      • Power: On/Off Switch
      United States
      Solo Battery Backpack Sprayer, 11.1V Lithium-Ion
      Prices start at : 363.49 USD / each

      Includes a 60" spray hose with a 36" telescopic carbon fiber wand, interchangeable spray nozzle system that is TeeJet(r) compatible and stainless steel ball valve filter prevents dripping.

      Product Features

        • Pressure and output adjustable with a two-step toggle switch. Step 1:36psi, step 2:62psi: Product Features
        • 36" telescopic carbon fiber wand: Product Features
        • Fitted pressure gauge with protective guard: Product Features
        • Wide, padded comfortable carrying straps with quick release clips. Waist belt included: Product Features
        • Battery capacity allows up to 6 hours of operation: Product Features
        • 60" long spray hose for effortless arm movement: Product Features
        United States
        Chapin Backpack Sprayer, 4gal
        Prices start at : 84.39 USD / each

        Featuring four position pressure relief valve, chemical resistant viton o-rings and seals, large opening top, poly wand with three nozzles, comfort grip spray handle and ambidextrous pump handle.

        Product Features

          • Padded shoulder straps: Product Features
          • For professionals and homeowners: Product Features
          • Three-stage filtration system; strainer basket, filter in piston cylinder, and filter in shut-off: Product Features
          • 4 in wide fill opening: Specs
          • Good for herbicides, fungicides, liquid fertilizers, etc: Product Features
          United States
          Hopper Cover For Earthway 100 lb Poly Professional Spreader
          Prices start at : 31.59 USD / each

          Keeps product dry and easier to spread! Heavy-duty rain cover to fit all Earthway models with the 100 lb/45 kg hopper.
          United States
          200 lb. ATV Tow Broadcast Spreader
          Prices start at : 250.19 USD / each

          Treaded turf tires, 10 ft. This spreader features 15 in. Tow-Behind Spreader is ATV compatible and features an adjustable accurate and easy to reach spreader control that can be adjusted from the tractor seat.
          •  200 lb. rust resistant poly hopper
          •  15 in. treaded turf tires
          • Material: Plastic
          • Spreader type: Broadcast
          • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
          • Returnable: 90-Day
          United States
          Spray Gun With Turbo Atomizing Action
          Prices start at : 177.79 USD / each

          Turbo gun w/atomizing spray action
          United States
          Solo Telescopic Carbon Fiber Spray Wand 4ft to 8ft
          Prices start at : 80.89 USD / each

          High reach wand gets into those "impossible" places! Telescoping 4' - 8' carbon fiber wand is super light (4 oz). Easy to use, long reach, low weight, corrosion resistant, and durable - a real Pro-model wand!

          Product Features

            • Corrosion resistant: Product Features
            • Durable: Product Features
            • Easy to use: Product Features
            • Only weighs four ounces: Product Features
            • Fits standard Solo backpack sprayers: Specs
            • High reach allows for more precise spraying in trees: Product Benefits
            United States
            New! Master Gardener 9-Gallon Rechargeable Cart Sprayer
            Prices start at : 229.99 USD / each

            It dispenses material through either the front-mounted nozzle or through the attached 10-foot coiled hose. To cover more ground, use the front-mounted nozzle to create a 50-foot spray.

            Product Benefits

              Product Features

                • Chemical-resistant solid polymer never-flat tires are always ready: Specs
                • Onboard storage rack: Product Features
                • Adjustable handle makes sprayer easy to push or pull: Product Benefits
                • Ideal for dispensing herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and deicers: Product Benefits
                • Creates a powerful spray up to 14 feet vertically and 20 feet horizontally: Product Benefits
                • Adjustable pull handle: Product Features
                United States
                Wheel Spray Wheeled Sprayer 10gal With 72in Spray Width
                Prices start at : 1005.99 USD / each

                It is equipped with larger, easy-to- push pneumatic rubber tires and a heavy gauge steel frame for the (10) gallon tank. The WS-0 Greens Wheelie is a 10 gallon push-type commercial unit featuring the popular Wheel Spray ground-driven pumping system.
                United States
                70 lb. Push Broadcast Spreader
                Prices start at : 269.1 USD / each

                5 sizes available to fit your needs. Take control of your lawn with Master Gardner's line of commercial spreaders that are designed for contractors and perfect for homeowners. Large pneumatic wheels and cushioned handles prevent user fatigue.
                •  4-sided deflector kit included to restrict spread pattern
                •  Clear rain cover prevents material from getting wet and clogging and allows you to see how much product is left
                •  Features a rain cover for all season use and screen to prevent clumps from blocking gate
                • Product Width (in.): 22
                • Returnable: 90-Day
                • Material: Plastic
                United States
                1 lb. All-Poly Duster
                Prices start at : 20.43 USD / each

                Great way to get rid of garden pests. Adjutant pump disperses small puff to large dust cloud. The best way to apply dust.


                  • Product Width (in.): 5.0
                  • Spread width (in.): 0
                  • Product Depth (in.): 5.0
                  • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited 1 Year
                  • Durable poly construction: Yes
                  • Product Length (in.): 20
                  United States
                  SnowEx Drop Spreader 160 lb Capacity
                  Prices start at : 716.89 USD / each

                  Frame is powder-coated. This product must ship via motor freight. 10-gauge wire grid helps break up and filter any clumps keeping the applications consistent. Includes clear hopper cover.


                    • Weighs 55 lbs empty: Specs
                    • 160 lb capacity: Specs
                    • Spreads both ice melt and bagged (but not bulk) rock salt: Product Features
                    • Overall Dimensions are: 28 1/4" W x 36" H x 48" L: Specs
                    United States
                    Backpack Sprayer 4 Gal.
                    Prices start at : 59.99 USD / Each

                    There is a reinforced hose, adjustable cone and fan nozzles along with a strainer/filter basket. It can be used right or left handed. Is a piston backpack sprayer. Opening with filter, chemical resistant viton seals and a poly spray hose.
                    • Model Number: 61811
                    • Fits Brand: Adjustable cone and fan
                    • Mouth Size: 4 in.
                    • Components and Accessories Included: Padded shoulder and waist straps
                    United States
                    Spray Wand Extension, 600mm
                    Prices start at : 13.19 USD / each

                    It is great for small ornamental trees, fruit trees, and any other hard-to-reach areas. Fits all Jacto backpack sprayers! This stainless steel spray wand extension measures 600 millimeters (23-5/8 inches) in length.
                    United States
                    Jacto 2 Gallon Battery Powered Shoulder Carry Sprayer
                    Prices start at : 199.99 USD / each

                    Lever and wand storage clip for easy transporting. 65" chemical resistant hose. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, you can expect constant pressure for 2-4 hours regardless of the battery level.

                    Product Features

                      • Constant pressure regardless of the battery level: Product Features
                      • Lever and wand storage clip for easy transporting: Product Features
                      • Stream spray up to 30 feet horizontal for hard to reach areas: Product Features
                      • Lightweight - less than 6 lbs empty: Product Features
                      • Comfortable, soft, padded quick adjust strap -: Product Features
                      • 65" chemical resistant hose: Product Features
                      United States
                      SnowEx Utility Mount
                      Prices start at : 248.29 USD / each

                      Fits SR210X, SP125X, and SP225X spreaders. Increases the versatility of your utility vehicle! The utility mount provides a Trynex 12-Volt spreader mount for various utility vehicles that don't have a receiver.
                      • Has a 2" reciever for mounting the spreader: Specs
                      • Increases the versatility of your utility vehicle: Product Features
                      United States
                      Gandy Drop Spreader 4ft Spread Width 4 Cu Ft Capacity
                      Prices start at : 2211.89 USD / each

                      Tractor hitch, with 18" high-flotation tires on steel rims. Motor freight delivery.4 cu ft capacity. Two independent drive rotors, with three lengthwise rods for free flow and gentle agitation.
                      United States
                      SnowEx Drop Spreader 160 lb Capacity, Stainless Steel Frame
                      Prices start at : 799.99 USD / each

                      Frame is stainless steel. This product must ship via motor freight. 10-gauge wire grid helps break up and filter any clumps keeping the applications consistent. Includes clear hopper cover.


                        • Weighs 55 lbs empty: Specs
                        • Includes clear plastic hopper cover: Product Features
                        • 160 lb capacity hopper: Specs
                        • Overall dimensions are 38 & 1/4" W x 36" H x 48" L: Specs
                        United States
                        Field King Deluxe No Leak Backpack Sprayer
                        Prices start at : 94.49 USD / each

                        Built in agitator keeps solutions better mixed. Deluxe shutoff with filter, durable wand, and a 4 nozzle option - a brass adjustable nozzle, 2 flat-fan nozzles, and a foaming nozzle.


                          • Wand Length 18in: Specs
                          • 4 gal capacity: Specs
                          • Viton seals: Specs
                          • Includes (1) each: Adjustable Brass nozzle, Low Volume Fan nozzle (yellow), High Volume Fan nozzle (red), and Foaming nozzle: Specs
                          • Gallon graduations molded into tank: Specs
                          • Includes a regulator to maintain 25 psi, for spraying herbicides: Specs
                          United States
                          Horizontal Leg Style Poly Tanks with Plug and Garden Hose Fitting
                          Prices start at : 772.59 USD / each

                          Ideal for storing and transporting water to irrigate where no water is available! Tanks can also be used for agricultural chemicals, industrial chemicals, or for use on commercial spray equipment.
                          • Weight: 118 lbs
                          • HxWxL: 43in x 38in x 68in
                          • Capacity: 335 gallons
                          United States