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Saddle Accessories Horse Supplies For Sale In St Catharines Niagara

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Contoured Relief Horse Saddle Pad
Prices start at : 115.95 USD / each

Durable cotton duck top with 1" wool felt bottom. The pockets contain 1/2" wool shims, which can be removed to better fit your saddle. Contoured along the spine for an instant fit.
St. Catharines Niagara
Tierra Contoured Wool Bottom Horse Saddle Pad
Prices start at : 119.95 USD / each

Pad has a 1/2" felt center and a 1/2" tan wool bottom with top grain wear leathers. The Tierra-style woven Navajo blanket top is perfectly contoured for a more natural fit.
St. Catharines Niagara
Ultra Cinch Straight w/Hospital Felt
Prices start at : 19.95 USD / each

Nickel-plated buckles and center dee rings. Constructed with heavy 3" premium brown nylon webbing doubled, stitched, and backed with non-allergenic hospital felt.
St. Catharines Niagara
Reinmaker Horse Saddle Blanket
Prices start at : 99.95 USD / each

When saddled with ReinMaker, the horse and rider are united in destiny. Good Medicine limited edition Reinmaker saddle blankets are hand-loomed of 100% New Zealand wool. Power comes from physical strength, wisdom, compassion, and understanding, all gifts...
St. Catharines Niagara
Trail Gear Pommel Bag
Prices start at : 47.99 USD / each

Ruggedly constructed from 600D polyester with a polyurethane coating for weather resistance, this bag is designed to stay in place with hook and loop straps that secure to the saddle's pommel and adjustable straps with quick-release buckles for easy tie...
  •  Mesh side pockets with drawstrings for easy access and cleanout
  •  Measures 6" L x 3-1/2" W x 10" H
  •  Multiple pockets offer plenty of storage in a compact bag perfect for day trips
  •  Perfect for storing smaller necessities including cell phones, small cameras, water bottles and more
St. Catharines Niagara
Contour Felt XT Lite 1\
Prices start at : 247.50 USD / each

Two-piece technology consists of a contour cut over the spine, and cutout at the withers and under the rigging for a perfect fit. The internal base layer system creates a non-slip, close contact technology designed to lock down your saddle and protect...
St. Catharines Niagara
Tacky Too Trail Horse Saddle Pad
Prices start at : 102.59 USD / each

It does not pull or collect hair, and doesn't trap heat or sweat. The Tacky Too is a high tech pad with bound edges and leather wear leathers designed for trail saddles. Has a close contact feel, absorbs shock and is easy to clean.
St. Catharines Niagara
Leather Therapy Wash
Prices start at : 16.95 USD / each

No buildup in tooling areas to worry about. Concentrated micro-suds lift out embedded dirt leaving leather clean with a wonderfully soft feel. Recommended by The Horse Journal. Safely and effectively deep cleans even the toughest grime problem without...
St. Catharines Niagara
100% Wool Felt Trail Horse Saddle Pad
Prices start at : 110.69 USD / each

Oil tanned wear leathers. Color on wear leathers varies. The contour shape allows the pad to fit properly. Designed specifically for trail saddles, the 3/4” wool felt pad absorbs more moisture than synthetic products, releases heat build-up and breathes...
St. Catharines Niagara
Leather Saddle Bag
Prices start at : 128.95 USD / each

Reinforced strap closure with nickel-plated steel hardware is doubled and stitched in the center for added durability. An excellent bag that will last for years. Each pocket measures 9"W x 11"H x 3 1/2"D.
St. Catharines Niagara
Lexol Leather Conditioner
Prices start at : 22.95 USD / each

Lexol Leather Conditioner is scientifically formulated to preserve the strength, beauty, and utility of leather - old or new. Lexol penetrates easily, leaving a soft, rich lustre. Brings new life and resiliency to old or neglected leather.
St. Catharines Niagara
Small Horn Bag
Prices start at : 38.99 USD / each

Buckled straps to hold each bag securely. Camera/phone pocket on one side. Two pommel straps on horn hole for maximum security. Nice and handy small horn bag for quick trips.
St. Catharines Niagara
Sensorflex Wool Felt Horse Saddle Pad
Prices start at : 99.99 USD / each

Featured video, click image to play.
St. Catharines Niagara
Tacky Too Trail M2 Lite Horse Saddle Pad
Prices start at : 125.99 USD / each

The M2 feature is a new lightweight moisture management felt. The Tacky Too Trail M2 Lite has everything you could ever want in a pad. The pad also compacts at pressure points to fill up gaps and ease saddle fit.
St. Catharines Niagara
Wool Blend Traditional Cowboy Roper Cinch
Prices start at : 36.95 USD / each

Hand-crafted buckles have washers on each side of the tongue to pull and hold straight to prevent galling. 31-strand black and white twist wool blend cinch with black nylon sewn center, billet pocket, and straight-pull stainless steel buckles and dees.
St. Catharines Niagara
Tack Sponge
Prices start at : 3.49 USD / each

Just the size to fit easily in your hand. Can be boiled to sterilize. Ideal for cleaning and working with tack.
St. Catharines Niagara
Prices start at : 63.95 USD / each

A complete matching set that includes a 3” back cinch and flank billets.
St. Catharines Niagara
Tucker Wool Blend Felt Round Contour Horse Saddle Pad
Prices start at : 119.95 USD / each

Pad is cut-back to provide pressure relief in the withers; shock-absorbing felt wicks away moisture; suede leathers and spine. Specifically shaped for Tucker Saddles, this 1/2” pad will conform to the horse's back for optimum comfort.
St. Catharines Niagara
Nylon Tie-Down
Prices start at : 14.95 USD / each

48” long adjustable nylon tie down strap with brass-plated bolt snap.
St. Catharines Niagara
Nylon Tie Strap
Prices start at : 9.95 USD / each

Durable 6' nylon tie strap in an array of colors.
St. Catharines Niagara
Contoured Hobble Strap
Prices start at : 5.95 USD / each

Replacement straps hold western fenders, stirrups, and stirrup leathers together.
St. Catharines Niagara
Pessoa - X-Change System Plate
Prices start at : 45.00 USD / each

The rider can modify the width of the tree using any of our interchangeable gullet plates with on a screwdriver. Plates fit all Pessoa XCH saddles. Many Pessoa saddles are available with the new interchangeable gullet plate X-Change system.
St. Catharines Niagara
Sandwich Performance 1\
Price : CALL

This will increase the longevity of your saddle pads. The unique wither cut of the pad and the high leg cut outs provide a comfortable fit on your horse's back that protects against pressure points.
St. Catharines Niagara
Action Rigging Ring
Prices start at : 3.99 USD / each

Action Rigging Ring Action Rigging Ring. Color: Brass Size: 3 3/8 Heavy solid brass ring.
St. Catharines Niagara
Stirrup Leather Buckle
Prices start at : 2.99 USD / each

Color: Stainless Steel Size: 2 Stirrup Leather Buckle Stainless steel stirrup leather buckles make adjusting quick and easy.
St. Catharines Niagara
Circle Y Double & Stitched Flank Billets
Prices start at : 49.49 USD / each

Circle Y Double & Stitched Flank Billets Double & Stitched Flank Billets
St. Catharines Niagara
Billy Cook Saddlery Leather Flank Billet
Prices start at : 15.99 USD / each

Billy Cook Saddlery Leather Flank Billet Heavy single ply skirting leather flank billet with soft saddle lace tie.
St. Catharines Niagara