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☆ Roses Patio Furniture

Sustainable Patio Furniture
America is the world’s largest single importer of wooden furniture, with garden furniture representing one-fifth of the wooden-furniture market — thus, the furniture purchase you make this summer could impact the rest of the world.
United States, Pennsylvania
Furniture Polish
Prices start at : 4.68 USD / 2.00 lbs

Features: • Rapidly biodegradable ingredients are gray water, sewer and septic safe • Contains NO OSHA-listed hazardous ingredients or known carcinogens • NO animal testing • Safe for indoor air — NO toxic petroleum solvents! • Made in the...
United States, Montana
Wanted veterinary furniture
Island workstation, T configuration, for patient preparation in small animal hospital Hi! For prep area in smal animal hospital I need a island workstation, with a tub and a fauchet and a spray unit , T configuration.
Finland, Etela-Suomen Laani
Finland, Lansi-Suomen Laani
Finland, Ita-Suomen Laani
Patio Knife
Prices start at : 26.99 USD / DeWit Patio Knife

This Garden Knife is a handy tool that cuts weeds, roots, and digs out small rocks. Doubles as bulb planter or a mini trowel. Constructed of tempered boron steel to hold a very sharp edge with ash hardwood handle.
United States, Pennsylvania
Patio GardenHouse
Prices start at : 799 USD /

Features: • Combines quality components with functional design • Attractive and durable redwood frame — resists rot and insect damage! • 4.5 mm double-wall polycarbonate insulates while providing diffused sunlight • Pre-assembled panels ensure...
United States, Montana
Replacement Outdoor Furniture Cushion
Prices start at : 4.9900 USD / Each

Made in the U.S.A. Patterns may vary. It has a knife edge and ties. It is spun polyester fabric in bright print for outdoor use, cleans easily with a solution of mild soap and water.
United States, Missouri
Furniture for sale
Both of sets are in very good condition look completly new just 1 year old. Dining room 8 pieces set for $750.00 and living room 6 pieces set for $ 750.00or best ofer. Reason for sale...moving
Canada, Ontario
Replacement Outdoor Furniture Cushion
Prices start at : 4.9900 USD / Each

Made in the U.S.A. Patterns may vary. It has a knife edge and ties. It is spun polyester fabric in bright print for outdoor use, cleans easily with a solution of mild soap and water.
United States, Missouri
Patio, Tomato Seeds
Prices start at : 75.00 USD / 1,000 Seeds

Fruit with attractive dark green rugose foliage. Good things can grow in small spaces! Patio hybrid produces delicious, approximately 4 oz. Easy to grow, Patio thrives in pots, containers and small gardens.
United States, Indiana
Patio and Lawn Co
We manufacture farm, ranch, landscape and Oceanic products in the USA.
Patio Snacker Cucumbers
Prices start at : 3.95 USD / 20 seeds

Striped and spotted cucumber beetles, aphids, squash bugs. A favorite in cuisine worldwide, cucumbers possess health benefits too numerous to mention. See chart below. Whether you are tight for space or just want a terrific container cuke, this one's...
United States, Oregon
Patio Star Squash
Prices start at : 3.85 USD / Sold Out

Overall Rating:. Cure 10-14 days; Store 1-2 months for best flavor; Will keep 4-6 months. Plant after frost danger when soil warms to 65°F. Spotted and striped cucumber beetles, vine borers and squash bugs.
United States, Oregon
Patio Potato Kit
Prices start at : 44.95 USD / 1 Each

Of Banana Fingerling (11631), a yellow skinned fingerling type with a nutty flavor. Along with the bags you get two of our most popular seed potatoes. Grow your own fresh dug potatoes right on your deck or patio! This money saving kit includes 2 packages...
United States, New York
Patio Pride Pea
Prices start at : 4.25 USD / / pkt

Canada, Ontario
Patio Container Garden
Prices start at : 19.99 USD / 1 Collection (4 Pkts./ 1 Ea. Variety)

'Spacemaster' Cucumber - A compact cucumber that's ideal for containers or hanging baskets. For full sun locations. 'Sweetheart of the Patio ' Tomato - Semi-determinate, compact super-producer of supersweet cherries.
United States, Pennsylvania
Patio Baby Eggplant
Prices start at : 4.25 USD / 25 seeds

Plants grow best in fertile, well-drained soil; raised beds and plastic mulch (black or silver) provide extra warmth in the spring. Use row cover until first blooms appear. The almost-black fruit are deliciously mild with less bitterness than comparable...
United States, Oregon
Voilà! Patio Complete
I’d also like to get a few of the new Invincible Spirit hydrangeas. They are a pink version of my favorite Annabelle hydrangeas, and a percentage of the nationwide sales go to breast cancer research.
United States, Pennsylvania
Ash / Oak Solid Furniture Panels
We have sold furniture glued boards. Wood: Oak, Ash In very good quality and attractive price. We invite you to cooperate. - Translated with google
Poland, Małopolskie
Belgium, Wisconsin
Veterinary furniture for sale
Email me with your needs. Shorline kennels, cabinets, wet table, reception room chairs and table, large two station reception desk, surgical table, x-ray view boxes and lots of equipment.
United States, Washington
Looking for furniture aspen
I will be traveling from the silverthorne area (i-70) back thru denver and south on i-25 back to the oklahoma line. I will be delivering 10 to 20 cords of oak firewood in the next few weeks just west of denver co, i need to find furniture grade aspen...
United States, Colorado
Large Patio Raised Bed
Prices start at : 10.00 USD / 1 Each

A quick and easy way to add a raised bed to you deck or balcony! The large capacity of this raised bed allows you to plant several rows of your favorite garden vegetables conveniently on your deck or balcony.
United States, New York
Small Patio Raised Bed
Prices start at : 11.95 USD / 1 Each

This raised bed comes with drainage holes and measures 10" high x 39" long x 10" wide. Planter makes a great herb garden or can be planted with lettuce and greens for fresh salads all season long.
United States, New York
Outdoor Indoor furniture garden patio log style Chairs Tables Swings naturally rot-resistant and very durable
Opting for the best white cedar furniture for your home and backyard is a choice you will not regret! All Cedar Looks products can be used both outdoors and indoors. By opting for Cedar Looks furniture, you choose the beauty, durability and superior quality...
Canada, Québec
Belgium, Wisconsin
Urban Patio Gardens: Designing A Patio Garden In The City
One of the easiest ways to keep from feeling restricted by space is by allowing for mobility. If you’re, odds are you get a lot more direct sunlight than if you’re planting in a walled-in backyard.If your patio really receives little light, opt for...
United States, Ohio
Container Roses: Growing Roses In Pots
If the container rose is going to be left outside or in an exterior environment exclusively, an outdoor potting soil mix is fine to use. They must have a drain hole in them or be of a type that I can easily drill drain holes in the bottom.
United States, Ohio
Patio tree rose seeds wanted!!!
Please reply to this email as soon as you read it. I want to send these seeds to an address in the USA asap. How long does it take to deliver the seeds? I need to buy around 50 patio tree rose seeds urgently for the coming christmas.
United States, Massachusetts
Canada, British Columbia
New Zealand, Hutt
Modish Furniture Co., Limited
We are supplier and wholesaler for many kinds of furnitures, pet furniture,such as dog house,cat house, pet bed is also available.
Ban ilay furniture & wood
We can supply company with teak hardwood grand a to c
United States, California
Outdoor patio/garden furniture made of Northern White Cedar - Round/Square Tables, Benches, Chairs, Swings, Armchairs and Others
Ideal for your backyard, patio or garden, Northern White Cedar (Thuja Occidental) furniture is exceptionally durable. White cedar is a very light wood that provides natural resistance to insects and rot, making it a highly valued and highly durable wood...
Canada, Québec
Belgium, Wisconsin
La Boit Vet Box
Overall dimensions 37 " wide, 22.5" tall, 30" deep. Center lower drawer big enough for buckets, upper left drawer locks. Good unit to work from, carries all the necessities and keeps items organized.
United States, Tennessee