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Red Coral Bells

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Fire Alarm Coral Bells
Prices start at : 29.95 USD / 5" Container

In mild climates, Fire Alarm is “evergreen” and will give you great color year round. In summer Fire Alarm crowns itself with spikes of pink, bell-shaped flowers that are great to cut for ephemeral summer bouquets.
United States, Nebraska
Plum Royale Coral Bells
Prices start at : 29.95 USD / 5" Container

You can divide clumps in fall. Its foliage changes to a silver with a purple tint in winter.  More sunlight is needed for more purple color or it will have a silver overlay. Vibrant Purple All Season Heuchera Plum Royale(Coral Bell), Heuchera 'Plum...
United States, Nebraska
Blackout Coral Bells
Prices start at : 35.95 USD / #1 Container range: 2.3 - 3.7 quarts (2.5 - 4 liters)

Glossy “black” foliage and creamy white, floral bells. With foliage so dark that it’s nearly black, the dainty blooms of Blackout present a sharp, decorative contrast.  The creamy white bells rise above the foliage on tall stalks in late spring,...
United States, Nebraska
Autumn Leaves Coral Bells
Prices start at : 29.95 USD / 5" Container

Fall is when Autumn Leaves really lives up to its name as it displays blazing garnet-red color that will demand the notice of every passerby. A few of these would look beautiful in your perennial border or work well as edging plants.  Autumn Leaves would...
United States, Nebraska
Delta Dawn Coral Bells
Prices start at : 29.95 USD / 5" Container

The most lauded feature of your Delta Dawn is of course its unique foliage.  Rounded, scalloped-edged leaves present dynamic color with their energetic blend of lime and yellow, accented with red veining.
United States, Nebraska
Plum Pudding Coral Bells
Prices start at : 33.95 USD / #1 Container range: 2.3 - 3.7 quarts (2.5 - 4 liters)

 This Heuchera adds brilliant and exceptional color to the darkest spot in your garden! * Heat and humidity tolerant * Impressive foliage * Small compact Keep Your Coral Bells Looking Good
United States, Nebraska
Planting Coral Bells: Tips For Growing The Coral Bells Plant In Your Garden
The spikes of tall, bell-shaped blooms is where the coral bells flowers get their name and are just as impressive as the foliage color, blooming in late spring to early summer. Not only will you receive lots of flower color, but you’ll fall in love...
United States, Ohio
Heucheras: A conversation with Heuchera breeder Dan Heims
We do none at Terra Nova. I like to say we breed the "old-fashioned way with the highest technology available."is only a way to do cuttings in mass quantities, it's not rocket science, but requires very clean, virus-free stock and sterile conditions at...
United States, California
Purebred red wattler heritage hogs
Pig swine boar gilt hog piglet They will be available around 9/1. I have 7 purebred registrable purebred red wattler piglets available. They are all Registrable. Reserve now before there gone.
United States, California
Red Wattle Hogs - Registered
Delivery available to a limited area. Red Wattle weanling piglets - ready to go - naturally raised on pasture - no chemicals, no hormones, no pesticides. Best Heritage Pork there is.
United States, Tennessee
Meat Hogs Now & 4 litters  due December
Member ALBC and Red Wattle Hog Association Contact . Otherwise, the price for each is $350. Ten Red Wattle Meat Hogs ready for sale -- various sizes, weights, and costs to you! Two Red Wattle meat hogs, 100 pounds each, $450 each.
United States, Missouri
2009 AJRBA Res. National Champion Red Brangus
She was born 3/22/08, i have won showmanship with her several times, and she has won many titles. Nothing wrong with her. Please call or e-mail for more info. There is NOTHING wrong with her, i am just a college student and have no time for her anymore,...
United States, Florida
Red oak, white oak, white ash and walnut
Available for F Shipment White Oak 4/4-8/4 Red Oak 4/4-8/4 White Ash 4/4-/8/4 Walnut 4/4-8/4 Please send us you enuiries so we may offer you most compettitvely. Red oak, white oak, white ash and walnut We have a large stock of stable kiln dried semi-processed...
Germany, Berlin
45 Red Angus Cows
Good solid set of calf raising cows will do it all dewormed , vaccinated and preg checked 2nd and 3rd periods mostly red cows few charolais crosses on them. 45 head of 4 to 7 year olds 1250 to 1300 lb cows.
United States, California
Red wine extract
1)Red wine extract Polyphenols 30%-60% UV 2)Red wine extract Resveratrol 0.5%-10% HPLC 3)Red wine extract Anthocyanins 2% 4% UV Red wine extract Specifictions: 1)Red wine extract Polyphenols 30%-60% UV 2)Red wine extract Resveratrol 0.5%-10% HPLC 3)Red...
China, Hunan
Precision Cut Lumber - Architectural Structures
OUR LUMBER LIST : Teak, Balau, Pinkyado, Selangan, Padauk, Pine, Oak, Merbau, Alan Batu, Keruing, Mersawa, Kampus, Sandalwood, Beech, Maple, Tamarind, etc. Our markets include : USA, Canada, Japan, UK, SE Asia, Australia, Polynesia, Maldives, Qatar, UAE,...
Thailand, Chiang Mai
Red globe grapes for sale
Size: 23mm up Packing: 5kg, 8kg, 9kg, wooden and plastic box or carton, one layer 1 Skin Colour:deep red; 2 Flesh Colour:creamy yellow; 3 Flavor:Crisp and sweet; 4 Soluble Solids Conc.:16%;he grapes are in several varieties including American grape,royal...
Cameroon, Littoral
Oak Flats Farm - Otsego Seed
I have access to ship using FedEx shipping. Whole acorns without caps. All are of excellent quality. Over 300 pounds of red oak acorns are available for sale. They are dry and are stored where they receive lots of air.
United States, Michigan
Coral Bead Plant: Information On The Care Of Coral Beads
During the early summer months, the plant blooms in a profusion of small white flowers. As flowers bloom and berries begin to form in the springtime, increase your watering regime to ensure moist soil during summer months.
United States, Ohio
Looking for SPS, Ricordia, Zoes
Inspection, CITIES, and shipping to Vancouver are absolute must. Please feel free to contact me Please feel free to contact me. Looking for suppliers of SPS Ricordia and Zoanthids.
Fiji, Eastern
Canada, British Columbia
Vanuatu, Malampa
Red Japenese Maple
I\'ve been asked if we have done any root pruning to get ready for transplanting this is what i responded: from what i know the tree has not been pruned in 3 years, the women whom the house was purchased from had many gardens & trees which did not work...
United States, Connecticut
Black bean red
Package: carton, with double vacuum poly bags inside,2.5kg/bag,25kg/carton, or to pack as per customers\' demand. The raw materials is the spermoderm of black bean It is water-fast.
China, Heilongjiang
What Is A Coral Vine – How To Grow Coral Vines In The Garden
Coral vines can reach up to 40 feet (12 m.), often growing 8 to 10 feet in a single season.freestar.queue.push(function() { googletag.display("div-gpt-ad-300x250-ATF-1"); });. Before you get too excited about growing coral vines in your garden, be aware...
United States, Ohio
Guatemala Rhubarb – Tips For Growing Coral Plants
The species tends toat the base of the plant and can also be propagated by. The foliage is deeply lobed, up to 12 inches across and cut into 7 to11 leaflets in a palmate form. They are vigorous plants that can grow 6 to 10 feet tall and up to 20 feet...
United States, Ohio
Coral Tree Information: Learn About Growing Coral Trees
Find out how to grow coral trees and add some of their intense beauty to your garden.and are primarily found in South Africa and South America. These tough seeds wind up tossed from surf on fertile tropical soils where they take off and eventually adapt...
United States, Ohio
Bulk Red Wine for sale from Portugal
Physical examination - Chemistry: Alcohol Content: 13.0% (v / v) Total Acidity: 5.4 g / L (tartaric acid) Volatile Acidity: 0.57 g / L (acetic acid) pH: 3.54 Dry extract: 31.3 g / L Points of color: 10.8 Very good for: fish and meat dishes well prepared...
Portugal, Lisboa
Red dry wine in bulk
EXW Price- $1,2 per liter. In stock-5liter. Armenian Areny red dry grape wine in bulk alc/cont 11,4%. Free sample is available. Annual capacity- 1liter. Plase of origin- Ararat valley, Armenia.
Armenia, Erevan
Red dry wine in bulk
Color: Dark red, velvet. Type of the wine: Red dry wine. Characteristics: Pleasant fresh taste typical for this grape variety and pleasing acidity. Type of the wine: Red dry sparkling wine.
Armenia, Erevan
Red dry wine in bulk
Characteristics: Pleasant fresh taste typical for this grape variety and pleasing acidity. Color: Dark red, velvet. Origin: The wine is made from Areni grape, belonging to the kind Vitis Vinifera, cultivated at Vayots Dzor and Armavir marzes.
Armenia, Erevan