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Silky Sugoi Pro Arborist Saw With Scabbard, 14.5-inch Curved Blade
Prices start at : 96.95 USD / each

A great value! Razor-sharp for ultra-fast cutting plus you get the scabbard, too! This professional arborist saw has a razor-sharp edge and an ultra-fast 14.5-inch curved cutting blade.


    Product Benefits

      • Hard chrome plating resists resin and corrosion: Product Benefits
      • 5.5 point blade (5.5 teeth per inch): Specs
      • Black poly handle: Specs
      • 14 1/4" curved cutting blade: Specs
      • Perfectly balanced, rugged, one piece construction with a large precision cut tooth pattern: Product Features
      • Because impulse-hardening is not applied, the blade can be sharpened with a file: Product Benefits
      Louisville/Jefferson County
      Silky TSURUGI Large Tooth Hand Saw with Sheath, Curved Blade
      Prices start at : 89.95 USD / each

      Silky has taken the unique design of the straight Tsurugi and tweaked it just a bit in shape and size. And as if the saw alone werent enough, the Silky TSURUGI CURVE comes in a unique aluminum scabbard that can be attached to the belt or leg depending...

      Product Features

        • light weight, well balanced: Product Features
        • Cuts on the "pull" stroke: Product Features
        • 13in curved blade: Specs
        Louisville/Jefferson County
        Bahco 30-inch Replacement Blade for 930BS Bow Saw
        Prices start at : 8.99 USD / each

        Save on the cost of a new saw and just replace the blade! Extra blade with peg tooth pattern for the 930BS saw.
        Louisville/Jefferson County
        ARS Folding Pruning Saw, 6-inch Straight Blade
        Prices start at : 24.99 USD / each

        Smooth cutting on the pull stroke. Precise, clean and accurate cutting due to the unique tooth design! This versatile saw has a precise cutting efficiency that is specially suited to the demands of vineyard, orchard, and horticultural work.
        Louisville/Jefferson County
        ARS Professional Arborist Saw with Scabbard, 9.5-inch Straight Blade
        Prices start at : 53.99 USD / each

        Rubber-padded handle for incredible comfort plus superior steel delivers a saw for optimal pruning! The newly-designed rubber-padded handle design delivers a non-slip grip and ultimate comfort.


          • High Carbon, Steel Impulse Hardened, Hard Chrome Plated Blade Finish: Specs
          • 9.5 in blade length: Specs
          • 16 in over all length: Specs
          Louisville/Jefferson County
          Corona Hand Shears, 5.25-inch Length
          Prices start at : 19.99 USD / each

          Light and small for those delicate jobs. 1.5-inch precision ground, forged carbon steel blades, vinyl-coated handles. Ideal for orchids, bonsai, any delicate work. 5.25-inch overall length.
          Louisville/Jefferson County
          Bahco Professional Heavy Duty Loppers, 2-inch Cutting Capacity
          Prices start at : 122.99 USD / each

          The ultimate loppers for ultra-tough jobs with a big 2-inch cutting capacity! Cuts limbs up to 2 inches thick with ease. 2-inch cutting capacity; 32-inch overall length. Softer bumpers for better shock absorption plus a newer grip design enable easier...


            • Bypass blades: Specs
            • Rubber bumpers: Specs
            • Overall weight 5lbs: Specs
            • Overall cutting capacity 2in: Specs
            Louisville/Jefferson County
            Leonard Pink Traditional Bypass Pruner with Sheath and Belt
            Prices start at : 47.99 USD / each

            They feature a durable forged aluminum handle and high-carbon steel blades. We engineer all our products to provide you with years of use. We cover these products with our lifetime warranty!


              • Bright pink handle makes the pruner easy to spot in the landscape, reducing tool loss.: Product Benefits
              • Handle color: Pink: Specs
              • Belt size (inches): 29 to 46: Specs
              • Case length (inches): 9-1/2: Specs
              • Pruner blade material: High-carbon steel with chrome plating: Specs
              • Cutting capacity (inches): 1: Specs
              Louisville/Jefferson County
              ARS Professional Pruning Saw, 13-inch Even Toothing Curved Blade, With Scabbard
              Prices start at : 51.99 USD / each

              Tough enough for the professional arborist yet extremely comfortable to the hand! This curved arborist saw features a rubber-padded grip design for non-slip grip and ultimate comfort.


                • Even tooth pattern: Specs
                • 13-inch long blade: Specs
                • Includes a reversable scabbard that can be worn on either side of the hip, with a roller inside to allow the blade to slide in and out easily: Product Features
                Louisville/Jefferson County
                Leonard Pruner and Dual Case Combo Kit
                Prices start at : 77.09 USD / each

                We've combined our popular 1286 Pruning Shear and SC89 Dual Pouch Case, tackling pruning diameters up to 1in effectively. Save nearly $15.98 over buying each individually!
                Louisville/Jefferson County
                Silky Gomtaro Pro Sentei Pruning Saw With Scabbard, 11.75-inch Straight Blade
                Prices start at : 71.95 USD / each

                11.75-inch straight cutting blade; weight of 0.8 lbs. Includes polypropylene sheath. Chrome-plated hard steel blade resists rust and is taper ground for efficient cutting. Impulse-hardened teeth stay sharp longer.

                Product Features

                  • Strong one piece construction: Product Features
                  • Includes a polypropylene sheath. NOTE: some catalogs may show a yellow sheath and handle; they are now all black: Product Features
                  Louisville/Jefferson County
                  Felco Replacement Blade for F621 Saw
                  Prices start at : 42.39 USD / each

                  Save on the cost of buying a new saw and just replace the blade!
                  Louisville/Jefferson County
                  Replacement Blade for Corona QS7800 QuickSaw Folding Saw
                  Prices start at : 26.29 USD / each

                  Replacement Blade for Corona QS7800 QuickSaw Folding Saw
                  Louisville/Jefferson County
                  True Friends 11.25-inch Blade Hedge Shears, 25.5-inch Overall Length
                  Prices start at : 139.99 USD / each

                  Comfortable hardwood handles make this brand popular. Weight of 3 lbs. Locking device for setting blade tension. Comfortable hardwood handles. A True Friends shear with a little extra length, with 11.25-inch hollow ground, hard chrome blades, notched...


                    • Overall weight 3: Specs
                    • Hardwood handles: Specs
                    • Now with shock absorbers: Specs
                    • Made in Germany: Product Features
                    • Hollow ground, hard chrome blades: Specs
                    Louisville/Jefferson County
                    Arborist Professional Speed Saw, 26-inch Curved Blade
                    Prices start at : 72.99 USD / each

                    Extra large teeth with gullets make this a favorite of arborists! From Cooper Hand Tools Nicholson, this saw is a favorite of arborists. 26-inch curved blade; weight of 1.36 lbs. Extra large cutting teeth and gullets for speed cutting; cuts on pull stroke.
                    Louisville/Jefferson County
                    Bahco Professional Ergonomic Pruners, 0.75-inch Cutting Capacity
                    Prices start at : 43.99 USD / each

                    These angles maintain a neutral position for the wrist during use, preventing wrist bending and excess strain. Innovative ergonomic design; real comfort validated by hundreds of tests and 5 years of research! This innovative high-cut quality pruner is...
                    Louisville/Jefferson County
                    Felco Model 4 Hand Pruners, 1-inch Cutting Capacity
                    Prices start at : 45.49 USD / each

                    The quality of the classic 2FEL without all the refinements to keep the cost lower! This lighter model, like all other Felco products, continues the tradition of workmanship. 8.25-inch overall length; weight of 7.8 oz.
                    Louisville/Jefferson County
                    Okatsune 7.625-inch Blade Hedge Shears, 30-inch Overall Length, Bumpers
                    Prices start at : 109.99 USD / each

                    This steel gives the shears maximum sharpness and cutting power. Ultrahigh on the Rockwell scale, the tempered steels measures a Rockwell hardness of 60. These hedge shears deliver smooth, precise cuts regardless of the foliage you are pruning.
                    Louisville/Jefferson County
                    Bahco Professional Lever-Action Loppers, 1.5-inch Cutting Capacity
                    Prices start at : 79.99 USD / each

                    Lever action delivers extra leverage to reduce cutting effort up to 50%! Bahco's first lever-action cutting loppers utilize an added pivot link to provide extra leverage, reducing cutting effort by as much as 50%.


                      Product Benefits

                        • Overall length 31 & 1/2": Specs
                        • The black contour grips allow for a secure grip even with perspiring hands: Product Benefits
                        • 1 & 1/2" cutting capacity: Specs
                        • Ship wt 5 lb: Specs
                        • The cushion bumpers relieve the stress of constant cutting action: Product Benefits
                        Louisville/Jefferson County
                        Corona Root and All Purpose Saw, 6.5-inch Tapered Blade
                        Prices start at : 15.49 USD / each

                        Precision-made high carbon steel blade has 7 teeth per inch. Aggressive teeth for strong cutting of large roots and branches! Plus, an ergonomic, comfortable handle! For medium to large roots and branches, cuts on both the push and pull stroke.
                        Louisville/Jefferson County
                        Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw
                        Prices start at : 17.99 USD / each

                        Available in 7in or 10in. The 10 in blade handles larger branches with no problem, and the 7 in blade blasts through small and medium branches with ease! Use it for faster, cleaner, smoother, easier cutting of either green or hard, dead, and frozen limbs.

                        Product Features

                          • Impulse-hardened teeth for long service life: Product Features
                          • Ergonomically designed, comfortable, co-molded handle: Product Features
                          • Blade Length: 7in
                          • Hard chrome plated blade: Product Features
                          • Available in 7 in or 10 in long blades: Specs
                          Louisville/Jefferson County
                          Silky PocketBoy Folding Saw with Carrying Case, 5 or 6.7-inch Straight Blade
                          Prices start at : 36.95 USD / each

                          Though compact and small, it delivers extraordinary cutting power! Plus get a free carrying case with your purchase. The non-slip rubberized handle provides a sure and comfortable grip even in the most difficult operating conditions.
                          • Teeth per Inch: 8.5
                          • Ship Wt: 0.5 lb
                          Louisville/Jefferson County
                          Replacement Hand Grips for FEL8 or FEL9 Pruners
                          Prices start at : 19.19 USD / each

                          Felco quality you can count on!
                          Louisville/Jefferson County
                          Felco Model 310 Stainless Steel Light Pruners, 0.4-inch Cutting Capacity
                          Prices start at : 22.99 USD / each

                          Loop to add your own strap. Lightweight, with a slender profile that easily cuts in tight spots. One-hand opening latch and lightweight makes this one fantastic light pruner! Collect flowers, harvest fruits, and do light pruning with this Felco pruner.


                            • Ideal for cutting flowers and fruits, and light pruning work: Product Benefits
                            • Hardened nylon handles: Specs
                            • Soft spring: Product Features
                            • Wt 3.9 oz: Specs
                            • Stainless steel blades: Specs
                            Louisville/Jefferson County
                            ARS Long-Reach Scissor Shears, 7.75-inch Length
                            Prices start at : 23.99 USD / each

                            7.75-inch overall length; 3.5 oz weight. Designed for extra reach and leverage! Similar to the ARS60 model, these shears have slightly longer, hard chrome-plated 2-inch steel blades for extra reach and leverage.


                              • Overall blade length 2in.: Specs
                              • Overall length 7 3/4in.: Specs
                              Louisville/Jefferson County
                              Bahco Bow Saws
                              Prices start at : 23.50 USD / each

                              Plastic grip, pointed nose. When rakers are shaped properly and their depth has been set accurately, they pull out shavings of wood rather than sawdust. Choose your blade length below.


                                • Steel frame: Specs
                                • Hardened and tempered high quality steel blade: Specs
                                • Application: Green/Dry Wood
                                • Weight: 1.7 lbs
                                Louisville/Jefferson County
                                Fanno Replacement 13-inch Curved Saw Blade for 20S, 514S, PS13
                                Prices start at : 17.99 USD / each

                                Save on the cost of a new saw and just replace the blade! Tri-edge style pole saw blade - super fast, super clean! Use with the 20S aluminum socket. 13-inch cutting edge.
                                Louisville/Jefferson County
                                Corona Forged Classic Cut Bypass Lopper, 2.25-inch Cutting Capacity
                                Prices start at : 56.99 USD / each

                                The Shock-Stop bumpers brings even the biggest cut to a gentle stop. Featuring resharpenable replaceable Radial Arc bypass blades made of fully heat-treated steel alloy. For an overall length of 36in, 32in or 26in.
                                • Length: 26in
                                • Hickory handles: Specs
                                Louisville/Jefferson County
                                Corona Heavy Duty Hand Pruners, 1-inch Cutting Capacity
                                Prices start at : 35.49 USD / each

                                Popular bypass design, backed by lifetime warranty! These heavy duty pruners are great for any pruning job and feature high carbon Cronnium steel alloy blades. Thumb latch and no-slip vinyl grips over aluminum handles complete the design.
                                Louisville/Jefferson County