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10 Acres in Ulster County
Prices start at : 699000 USD

Far from the Madding Crowd It speaks to peace and beauty in the country to awaken your spirit to a life enriching experience. 30 minutes to skiing. Wouldn't you love to escape to your own retreat, tucked away where no-one knows you're there?
  • Area: 10 acres
  • Residence: Yes
  • Bathrooms: 3 Bathrooms
Prices start at : 65.00 USD / Plug tray 90 / ea

(He-shou-wu) Legendary Oriental Elixir of Life said to possess fantastic rejuvenating properties. Some believe fo-ti was used by a certain Professor Li Chung Yun who lived to the ripe old age of 256! So the story goes, early in life Li developed the penchant...
  • Uses: Medicinal
  • Duration: Perennial
Lancelot CR (Lancelot)
Prices start at : 14000 USD

Call or email with additional questions or information. His sire is Pincelim, a Manuel Veiga Stallion imported from Portugal and his dam in Finca D'Atela imported from Bessa de Carvalho.
  •  All Around
  •  Registered?
  •  For Sale
  • Color: Grey
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Gaited: No
Calista of WAP
Prices start at : 10500 USD

This girl has it going on! A top placer in large shows as a juvenile and a yearling, Calista is ready to be a standout as a foundation female. Now we're proving his production prowess with our best females.
  • Status: Unproven
  • Dam ARI: 32256376
  • Breed: Suri,
  • Dam color: Dark Silver Grey
  • Sex: Female (Bred),
  • Age: 2 yrs
Las Bonitas\' El Corazon\'s Blizzard
Prices start at : 7000 USD

This young macho immediately impresses with his striking presence, upright stance, and very handsome head. His well-balanced, solidly boned frame sports a well organized, high frequency crimp on a dense, soft handling fleece.
  • Sire Name: El Corazon` di Bella Vita
  • Dam ARI: 31886338
  • Age: 3 yrs
  • Date of birth: 1438214400
  • Status: Unproven
  • Dam color: White
Colorado Springs
 SCHOLASTIC RECORDS: 1 M.Sc. (Agri) Plant breeding and genetics mark obtained(%):95.5 TNAU, Coimbatore 2003 2 B.Sc. (Agri) Agriculture mark obtained(%): 88.5 TNAU, Coimbatore 2001 3 HSC Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology mark obtained(%):92,SRSI...
Tamil Nadu
Deer Park Ironworks Solera Planter with Tin Liner
Prices start at : 137.53 USD / each

Dedicated to creating value for their customers with durable, quality pieces of functional and ornamental wrought iron, Deer Park continues to provide timeless designs while never sacrificing customer service and satisfaction as their pursue their corporate...
  •  Dimensions: 35 or 48L x 9D x 30H in.
  •  For use indoors or out
  •  Choose from available sizes
  • Recommended Use: Residential
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Assembled Product Weight: 31 Pounds
Lancelot CR (Lancelot)
Prices start at : 14000 USD

Call or email with additional questions or information. His sire is Pincelim, a Manuel Veiga Stallion imported from Portugal and his dam in Finca D'Atela imported from Bessa de Carvalho.
  •  Cowhorse
  •  Warmblood
  •  Working Equitation
  •  Trail Riding, Recreational
  • Breed: Lusitano
  • Date Foaled: 2015
An Heirloom Garden
While I groped unsuccessfully for the right words, I could practically hear an umpire yell out "strike three!" It felt like winning the lottery and immediately bemoaning the taxes you'll have to pay on it.
El Segundo
Finnsheep Sheep
Fortunately, birthing problems are uncommon due to the lambs' small size and the ewes make fine, heavy-milking moms. These polled sheep have wool coats that extend to their knees or hocks, straight backs, and slender, wool-free heads.
Price : CALL

By making the Vector300 mechanically driven, yet offering the clearance of a hydrostatic drive machine, we have created a machine with raw horsepower, capable of carrying a load of up to 10 tons of material; yet still offering height for over-the-top...
  • Year: 2018
  • Manufacturer: RBR ENTERPRISE
  • Model: VECTOR 350
Are Boston Ferns Poisonous to Pets?
Some, like the asparagus fern, are called by a variety of names. Discourage the behavior by spraying the foliage with Bitter Apple or a solution of vinegar and water. To create a pet-friendly environment, avoid ferns including the Australian nut, emerald...
Santa Monica
Blooms for Beneficials
Some of the mixes comprise annuals only, while others include perennials, groundcovers and even grasses. Most of the plant species used in the blends are not only useful to your good bugs, they're also beautiful.
Plant biotech jobs in lab
All research activities * Marital status : Married  REFERENCES: 1. Transformation efficiency with respect to cry1Ac gene in IR72 lines was 2.9%. * Microbiological and biochemical techniques: Isolation and maintenance of different microbial...
Tamil Nadu
Cuban Oregano Uses – How To Grow Cuban Oregano In The Garden
It is not a truein the family, Origanum, but has a scent characteristic of the true oreganos. Such is the case with Cuban oregano. Fresh leaves, in small amounts, are used in soups and stews, and in stuffing for poultry and other meat.
Crassula Pagoda Plants: How To Grow Red Pagoda Crassula Plant
Thegenus has over 150 different species, each more surprising than the last. For sheer architectural interest, this unique plant evokes images of a trip to Shanghai where religious temples reflect the unimaginable forms of stacked architecture and astounding...
Purple Sprouting Broccoli Is A Winter Crop Worth Growing
With any luck, your purple sprouting broccoli plants will give you months of harvests. Be sure to pick a variety bred for its prowess at overwintering. An increasing number of gardeners are interested in extending their growing season and growing as many...
3 Lemon-Flavored Herbs For Your Garden and Kitchen
I use these lemon-flavored herbs to season everything from chicken and rice to tea and cookies. I then move the pot back outside in the spring. Pairing well with both sweet and savory dishes, its power is undeniable.
Making a (Back)splash
I used a level to install the peel-and-stick backing, as well as the tiles, pressing firmly to get good adhesion. After the exhausting experience with the tile floors , this was just the shortcut I needed! No need for thinset was just the ticket, but...
5 Reasons Why Nasturtiums Belong on Your Farm
Nasturtiums can tolerate a ton of aphids feeding on them with little ill effects, so having them around as an aphid nursery means they can also help grow a healthy population of beneficial insects who can keep pest outbreaks on other plants in check.
Tuscan Gold\'s Infinity
Prices start at : 20000 USD

He has coverage that reaches between his toenails and to his head giving him teddy bear-like ?carpet ears.? We have decided to limit his outside breedings. His has dense bone of leg that is straight and gives him that typey and powerful look.
  • Stud fee: 1800
  • Date of birth: 1331337600
  • Age: 6 yrs
  • Sex: Male,
Plants For Tea Gardens: How To Brew The Best Plants For Tea
The essential oils of the tea herb are highest in concentration before the heat of the day draws them out of the plant. Plants forare another way to employ your herbs. Bring water to boil, add ingredients, and simmer for five to 10 minutes.
Got Muscle Pain? Plant Crampbark
On our farm it grows in a hedge on the edge of our property in full sun. I love to research native plants . They can both be added with much success to drinks and jams. It has a special affinity for the uterus and is therefore often given for menstrual...
2 Intriguing Plants for the New Year
However, that wasn't the case for basil downy mildew, powdery mildew and black spot, all of which raged through many gardens this season. Tall spikes of raspberry red and orange flowers bloomed non-stop all summer long.
Quality management and technologist role
• Representing the university at respective levels. 1999 - 2002 University of Zimbabwe Harare, Zimbabwe BSc Food Science and Technology 1 (Distinction) (75-100%) • Thirteen (13) distinctions in chemistry; food technologies & engineering; food/nutritional...
About Oak Trees
Most oaks can grow as far north as zones 4 and 5, and some varieties can grow in zone 3. Native to the northern hemisphere, oak meadows can be valuable habitats for wildlife. It should not be near sidewalks or patios because the trunk will flair at its...
Santa Monica
How to Grow Beans
Large, flat, open gardens lend themselves to bush beans that need more room to spread. “If you see a rainy, wet front coming, [it's] best to pull the plants and let them fully dry in an open, indoor area, like a garage, to avoid water damage.” “Most...
A Rooster\'s Fate
It's illegal to keep roosters in many cities. “Roosters are very, very, very, very hard to catch, and when we do catch them, it's pure luck,” Kranig says. About the Author: Jennie Grant is a writer in Seattle who tends to her vegetable garden, bees,...
JT Eaton Kills Bed Bug Plus Spray Aerosol
Prices start at : 14.5 USD / 16 Ounce

On carpets, spray over entire carpet area in a sweeping motion. We do want to stress that spraying an aerosol alone will not be enough to overcome a home bed bug infestation but rather spraying an aerosol should be one of multiple treatment methods in...