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Power Sprayers Lawn Sprayers Spreaders For Sale In Washington

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Lesco Chemlawn Spray Gun Nozzles
Prices start at : 14.29 USD / each

Select the volume that best matches your application. Spray gun nozzles provide good drift control due to large droplet size! Easy threaded connection to Lesco Chemlawn Spray Gun.
  • Color: Blue
  • Rate: 1.5 gpm
United States
Root Feeder for JD9C
Prices start at : 343.29 USD / each

2-hole tip: 3 gpm. Feed from 2 to 10 inches. T-handle and foot plate for stability. Get optimum uptake of nutrients and systemic pest control solutions! Genuine Hudson root feeder attaches to JD9C spray gun to broaden applications.


    • Ship wt 6.1 lb: Specs
    • 2-hole tip: Specs
    • This root feeder will fit the Hudson JD9C gun. However, it will not fit the Hudson 38505 GES gun; different threads: Product Features
    • Foot plate is 6in across overall: Specs
    United States
    Green Garde High Pressure Hose-Tapped Gun
    Prices start at : 181.79 USD / each

    Drip-free shutoff. Will handle 1000 psi per vendor. This gun is tapped to add a pressure gauge for accurate readings. Comes with standard 3-8 gpm nozzle and tip; additional tips and nozzles available.
    United States
    Kings Utility Skid Sprayer, 50 Gal
    Prices start at : 2320.99 USD / each

    Lightweight aluminum frame (frame will not accommodate a hose reel). 50' of 3/8" high pressure hose, jet agitation, and adjustable pressure. Adjustable pattern Green Garde GES spray gun.
    • 5/5/1 Warranty: 5 year frame / 5 year tank / 1 year parts and labor (limited to manufacturers defects). The Honda engines carry their own warranty that is honored by all authorized Honda Small Engine repair shops. See the Honda Distributor's Limited Warranty Policy under Links.: Warranty
    • Sorry, the frame cannot accommodate a hose reel. However, like most King's sprayers, there is a place on the frame to hang the hose that comes with it: Product Features
    United States
    Solo Handheld Sprayer 1 Liter
    Prices start at : 14.19 USD / each

    Features a fully adjustable nozzle, a drip/drift guard and a hinged, multidirectional nozzle assembly. This unique, one hand sprayer incorporates all the easy pump, easy fill, easy clean-up characteristics found on Solo sprayers.
    United States
    Chapin Upside Down Sprayer, 32oz
    Prices start at : 3.99 USD / each

    Made from high quality poly material and adjustable poly nozzle. Quick grab 32 ounce multi-purpose sprayer for spot treatments of herbicides, insecticides or fungicides. It will allow you to spray upside down in those hard to reach places like under leaves...


      • 11 inches tall: Specs
      • Holds 32 oz of liquid: Specs
      • Features a Clog-free Nozzle: Specs
      United States
      Green Garde GES Spray Gun
      Prices start at : 101.99 USD / each

      1/2" NPT inlet. Trigger lock for continuous spray. Good performing gun at a great price! Adjustable from fine spray to jet stream. Additional nozzles sold separately.


        • Has 1/2" female NPT inlet: Specs
        • Weighs 3 lbs: Specs
        • All stainless steel: Specs
        • NOTE: this one is not tapped to hold a pressure gauge. If you want one that can hold a pressure gauge, we have the JD9C: Product Features
        United States
        EcoValve Pressure Regulator
        Prices start at : 21.29 USD / each

        Installation is easy. Choose from varying levels of psi below. Simply screw onto the end of the spray wand just before the nozzle. Please refer to the individual product descriptions for more details.
        • Color: Green
        • Output: 15 psi
        United States
        Birchmeier RPD15 Backpack Sprayer, 4 Gal
        Prices start at : 181.79 USD / each

        The new hose positioning is also a lot handier. The results are an easy to use and quick to clean sprayer. Also includes a non-drip piston pump. This Birchmeier backpack sprayer with proven technology has a new designed external pump which is integrated...

        Product Features


            • Pump handle can be folded up: Product Features
            • Piston pump: Specs
            • New designed click belt system: Product Features
            • Hose outlet turns in working direction: Product Features
            • Tank outlet via suction system: Product Features
            • Max pressure 75 PSI: Specs
            United States
            Chapin 2-Gallon Vinegar Sprayer
            Prices start at : 35.39 USD / each

            Built to handle vinegar! Has vinegar damaged your sprayers? Chapin designed this 2-gallon sprayer for use with horticultural vinegar. This sprayer features vinegar-resistant seals.

            Product Features

              • Vinegar-resistant seals: Product Features
              • Hose-end filter: Product Features
              • Spray Stream Max Horizontal is 23 ft.: Specs
              • Adjustable cone and fan nozzles: Product Features
              • Folding carry handle: Product Features
              • Poly spray handle: Product Features
              United States
              Solo Shoulder Saver Harness
              Prices start at : 30.39 USD / each

              Attaches to Solo backpacks as well as any sprayer with two top strap slots and bottom tube frame. Waist strap is padded for lumbar support. Adjustable straps. Top straps are padded and contoured for the best fit! Harness distributes weight and minimizes...


                • Ship wt 1/2 lb: Specs
                • Black nylon: Specs
                United States
                PCO-Style Poly Tanks with Plug and Garden Hose Fitting
                Prices start at : 262.69 USD / each

                Tank has a wide 8-inch fill opening on the top (black screw-on lid) and comes standard with a 3/4-inch FPT (female pipe thread) fitting and plug. Tanks can also be used for agricultural chemicals, industrial chemicals, or for use on commercial spray equipment!...
                • Weight: 25 lbs
                • Ships: UPS Oversize, 60lbs dimensional weight
                • Capacity: 50 gallons
                United States
                Solo Shut Off Assembly For All Solo Sprayers
                Prices start at : 19.19 USD / each

                Replacement shut off valve assembly for most Solo sprayers! Fits 425, 425D, 475, 475D, 456, and 428 sprayers. Features threaded ports for easy attachment, locking mechanism to lock sprayer in "open" position, and a mounting port for a pressure gauge.
                United States
                Broadcast Push Spreader 75 Lb.
                Prices start at : 39.99 USD / Each

                Precision Products Broadcast Push Spreader features a heavy duty plastic body, u-handle with comfort grips handle and finger tip cable control.
                • Wheel Size: 12 in.
                • Model Number: SB4300RDGY
                • Product Material: 7/8 in. powder coated steel tubing frame
                • Capacity: 75 lb.
                United States
                32 oz Spray Bottle 3-Pk
                Prices start at : 4.69 USD

                •  Includes three 32 oz bottles
                •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
                •  Item assembled measures 10.5 in L x 3.37 in W x 12.25 in H
                •  Model # 800655
                •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 12.25 x 10.5 x 3.37 inches.
                •  32 oz capacity for multiple applications including hair, ironing, watering plants, and household cleaning
                United States
                Rocket Spray Wheeled and Backpack Sprayer 12Volt Rechargeable 5gal
                Prices start at : 462.49 USD / each

                Sprays up to 50 gallons on a single charge. 5 gallon capacity tank handles herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, even chlorine bleach. Reach tough spots with a 25-30' spray distance.

                Product Features


                    • Sprays up to 50 gallons on a single charge: Product Features
                    • Semi-pneumatic 8" rubber wheels: Specs
                    • Handles herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, even bleach (per manufacturer) if cleaned as directed in instructions: Product Features
                    • Reaches up to 95 psi: Specs
                    • Diaphragm pump: Specs
                    • 25-30' spray distance: Specs
                    United States
                    Lesco Chemlawn Spray Gun
                    Prices start at : 88.89 USD / each

                    3/4in FPT with 1/2in barb fitting. Popular and durable spray gun for lawn care applications! Good drift control due to large droplets. Gun comes without nozzles, so choose the nozzle best for your use.


                      • Poly construction: Specs
                      • 3/4in FPT with 1/2in barb fitting: Specs
                      United States
                      Gandy Agitation Jigglers For 6504, 6505, 6506 Spreaders
                      Prices start at : 161.59 USD / each

                      To eliminate bridging of material in the hopper! Choose the right size below.
                      • Ship wt: 8 lb
                      • Type: Gandy Agitation Jigglers For 6504T18 4ft Spreader
                      United States
                      Hudson Piston Pump Sprayer, 4 Gallon, 150 psi
                      Prices start at : 159.39 USD / each

                      The sealed piston pump is equipped with Viton Seals. Solid steel pump handle. It has a 20in brass wand with adjustable brass cone pattern nozzle and includes three plastic flat fan nozzles.


                        • Translucent 4 gallon poly tank to easily see liquid level: Specs
                        • Equipped with Viton seals: Specs
                        • 47 in industrial spray hose: Specs
                        • Solid steel pump handle: Specs
                        • Includes three plastic flat fan nozzles: Specs
                        United States
                        Kings Portable Pressure Washer, 100 gal
                        Prices start at : 2348.69 USD / each

                        50' of 3/8" pressure washer hose, and a quick-connect spray gun. No need to worry about connecting hoses to a water source; it's included in this rig when you fill the 100 gallon polyethylene tank.
                        • With the 100 gallon tank there is no need to seek a spigot each time you use it; fill the water tank and you are ready: Product Features
                        United States
                        5-foot Wand for Field King Deluxe \
                        Prices start at : 52.49 USD / each

                        Extension for that extra reach! 5 foot long tree lance for extra reach.
                        United States
                        SnowEx Drop Spreader 160 lb Capacity
                        Prices start at : 716.89 USD / each

                        Applies with a spreading width of 28 inches from the durable LLDPE safety yellow 160 lb capacity poly hopper. Frame is powder-coated. 10-gauge wire grid helps break up and filter any clumps keeping the applications consistent.


                          • Overall Dimensions are: 28 1/4" W x 36" H x 48" L: Specs
                          • Powder coated steel frame: Specs
                          • Weighs 55 lbs empty: Specs
                          • Spreads both ice melt and bagged (but not bulk) rock salt: Product Features
                          United States
                          ATV Dry Material Spreader
                          Prices start at : 369.99 USD / Each

                          Mounting brackets available to fit ATV's and pickup receiver hitches. Variable speed 12 Volt motor lets you vary the spread width from 5 to 45 feet. Cover sidewalks to parking lots with ice melt or cover odd shaped pieces of lawn with fertilizer.
                          • Swath: 5 - 45 Ft. Variable
                          • Coverage Area: 5 - 45 ft.
                          • Model Number: ATV-DMS-12V
                          • Capacity: 2.2 Cubic Foot Poly Hopper Holds up to 145 Lbs Potash or 99 Lbs Urea
                          • Battery Type Required: 12 Volt
                          United States
                          Spray Vest With Padded Shoulder Cushions
                          Prices start at : 68.99 USD / each

                          Made of butyl rubber with a mesh front for a cooler feel. Fully adjustable side straps and full velcro closure in front provide a comforable fit. Pro-Tex shoulder pads are included.
                          United States
                          Hopper Cover For Earthway High Output Spreader
                          Prices start at : 29.49 USD / each

                          Keeps product dry and easier to spread! Rain Cover for the Earthway spreader model number 2130 and 2030PIP and 2040PIP.
                          • Covers the 2130 and 2030P hoppers, keeping the product inside dry.: Product Features
                          • Dry product is easier to spread!: Product Benefits
                          United States
                          Constructo Galvanized Steel Sprayer
                          Prices start at : 116.99 USD / each

                          The 14-inch brass pump is great for high temperatures and multiple solvent applications. Ship weight: 8 pounds Using the right sprayer is crucial to getting hardscaping jobs done right! When applying paver sealant, you need the right sprayer.

                          Product Features

                            • Sprays up to 35% solids: Product Features
                            • Spray wand is 24-inches long and features a large aperture. Wand is made from strong, curved brass: Product Features
                            • Inside and outside of steel tank coated with Endurall® epoxy: Product Features
                            • Ribbed tank adds strength and protects against dents and dings: Product Features
                            • 2-nozzles, 110-10E and 8004E: Product Features
                            • All viton seals: Product Features
                            United States
                            Kings 3pt Sprayer, 50gal, with Boomless Nozzle
                            Prices start at : 1858.39 USD / each

                            Aluminum frame is lightweight and rust resistant! This sprayer has the increasingly popular boomless nozzle in a three-point rig. Center mount boomless spray nozzle is adjustable in height to suit your application.


                              • Overall length: 30": Specs
                              • Empty weight: 150: Specs
                              • Category 1 three-point hitch: Specs
                              • Boomless nozzle on back sprays up to 22' wide: Specs
                              • Pin width: 23": Specs
                              • Manual shutoff valve controls boomless nozzle: Product Features
                              United States
                              Green Garde Flooding Nozzle, 2 GPM
                              Prices start at : 30.29 USD / each

                              Output of two gallons per minute. Green Garde flooding nozzle for JD9C and 38505 spray guns.
                              United States
                              Earthway 250 lb 12 Volt Spreader
                              Prices start at : 1529.99 USD / each

                              Built on a sturdy 300lb/134kg load bearing stainless steel chassis, the M80ECM is designed to bolt to any vertical or horizontal surface and is built to last. The M80ECM uses a high-torque 12-volt motor, mounted in the hopper and protected from the elements...

                              Product Features

                                • 300lb/134kg Load bearing capacity - what the frame will support: Product Features
                                • 5-Year Limited Warranty: Product Features
                                • 12 volt high torque motor: Specs
                                • Rain Cover included: Product Features
                                • EV-N-SPRED PRO Dual Port Adjustable Shut-Off System: Product Features
                                • 250lb/112kg Hopper capacity rustproof poly construction: Product Features
                                United States