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☆ Potato Growing Season

Potato seeds
G.Balestra in (DAFNE) Department. G.Balestra in (DAFNE)Department. I am working with Prof. Dear Sir Ms I am a Ph.D student in Tuscia Unversity. Iam looking for potato seeds which in somehow can be caltivated in ...
Italy, Lazio
Ecosystem Vertical Growing System
Standing just 157cm tall, the EcoSystem can accommodate 20 x Cultilene Maxxima Rockwool Slabs (the best for vertical growing - see related items right) vertically mounted around two air cooled 600 watt lights.
United States, Michigan
Fruit growing
Examine air water and food stuffs I am advanced university student Faculty of History and Geography and I wish to finish my study in your country I speak and write English language well I passed course Word and Excell on PC I passed training for Marketing...
Australia, Western Australia
Niue [New Zealand],
What Is True Potato Seed: Learn About Potato Seed Growing
You’re more likely to see potato seed growing on plants in regions where temperatures are on the cool side; these cool temps combined with long days promote fruiting in potato plants.Additionally, some cultivars are more prone to fruiting than others.
United States, Ohio
For human consumption. Buy 5000 tons of potato and 5000 tons of onions. Preferably in the east coast. Buying 5000 tons of potatos and 5000 tons of onions for Africa. Need the shipment in about 1 to 2 months.
United States,
United States, Colorado
As a direct distributor, manufacturer and exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables from China. Product Name: Potato Place of Origin: China Features: 1) Size: 150g-250g or 250g-350g per piece 2) Good quality Inner packing: Within foam net Outer packing:...
China, Guangdong
Antique 2 row potato planter
Would be a great restoration project or a great lawn farm ornament. This Old Iron Potato Planter was found under much brush and is in amazingly good condition! It is still very strong as we moved it with a strap and back hoe.
United States, New Jersey
Fresh sweet potato from malaysia
Specifications - Red skin and Yellow flesh Place of Origin: Malaysia FOB Price: USD 400-650 /MT Specifications - Red skin and Yellow flesh. Packing: Upon customer request Supply capacity: 500 MT/mth Pls contact us via email if you are interested.
Malaysia, Selangor
Cooler Soil Temperatures Could Shorten Growing Season
Because many growers will have to delay their initial corn seeding, the growing season will likely be truncated, potentially with fewer harvests in late summer and early autumn. Warm growing seasons aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but when coupled...
United States, Pennsylvania
Offer to sell sweet potato
Best regards, Ms Kent. If you interested in importing these items, please contact us through I look forward to receiving your reply soon. Hope that we would have good chance to do business together.
Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh
Watermelons 2013 season
2nd week of April possibly 1st week will be able to get truck and trailer loads of Sangria and Seedless Watermelons.
United States, Florida
Nursery Growing Position
Duties also include managing the operation of the potting facility that generates all trees for the entire farm from liners, managing growing space and time, and working with a sophisticated computerized inventory as well as irrigation system.
United States, North Carolina
Growing organic crops
I require land to rent for farming for growing crops and animal husbandry any where in the UK. I am looking for land which has price listing from £2000 to £5000 maximum. Preferably where there are agricultural equipment available.
United Kingdom, West Midlands
United Kingdom, Northamptonshire
United Kingdom, Dorset
Artichoke Season
Artichoke season has started and cases full of the flower buds are showing up in the markets. Artichoke season has started and cases full of the flower buds are showing up in the markets.  Yummy! We don’t really have the space for a nice artichoke...
United States, Pennsylvania
Growing truffles
I am looking to grow truffles in the southern hemisphere and am looking for details such as soil types, precipitation, seed trees, optimal growing environments, aspect etc Looking for literature on growing truffles regarding soil types, precipitation,...
Australia, South Australia
New Zealand, Akaroa
France, Bourgogne
Cool Season Gardening: Guide To Growing Winter Vegetables
Even if you live in a climate withand heavy snowfall, cool season gardening is a viable option, at least for a while. Just because the days are getting shorter and temperatures are getting lower doesn’t mean you have to close down your garden.
United States, Ohio
Potato Digger
Potato digger needs to be 1 row chain potato digger to suit 25hp - 40hp tractor. Would like to have to use this potato season 2007. Would like to have to use this potato season 2007 if possible but will buy ready for next season if can't get one this...
Australia, Tasmania
Australia, Victoria
Australia, New South Wales
Seeking growing flowers
Certificate Agriculture And Natural Resources Allegany College Of Maryland 21502 Associates Degree Arts And Science Emergency Mnagement Institute Certificate Agriculture And Natural Resources
United States, Maryland
United States, Florida
United States, Hawaii
Growing equipment forsale
Comes with a 6x8 greenhouse brand new also comes with a hp sodium 600 watt type 3 sun light ballast with reflector and a 400 watt sunlight switchable ballast used no reflector co2 kit minus the tank brand new and a cool air blower for greenhouse brand...
United States, Michigan
Potato Breeder
Inventory of Potato Germplasm (Group Andigena) Collection. Joseph, T.A., Pandey, S.K., Krishna Prasad, K.S, Singh, S.V. and Dinesh Kumar.2004. 50 (3): 382-386. Indian Horticulture Vol.48, No.2, July-September, 2003, pp.
United States, New York
United States, Maryland
United States, Idaho
Potato Digger
Hydraulic lift. Prefer location close to michigan but if the price is right I will go further. I am looking for a used one row potato digger that can be pulled behind a John Deere 520 (appx 35hp).
United States, Michigan
United States, Ohio
United States, Indiana
Potato protein
We would like to distribute our potato protein mainly in Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. Available in 25 kg bags. To receive a quotation please contact us.
Hungary, Pest
5 Garden Chores To Jumpstart the Growing Season
I elevate the barrel on a set of concrete blocks. I find that this is a task best completed twice per season, once in the early spring and then again in late summer. As you’re waiting to get your plant starts into the ground, get your garden ready with...
United States, Pennsylvania
2010 Florida Watermelon Season
Fruit size, shape, maturity, internal quality and other variety characteristics are considered when applying a grade to a lot of produce. 2010 Florida Watermelon season is officially underway with planting beginning in South Florida as of January 21,...
United States, Florida
Mushroom Season
Polenta is like corn mush and really good with a bit of mushrooms and gravy.  I also had stinco di maiale , a big leg bone covered with tender meat, sort of like a monster barbecued rib.
United States, Pennsylvania
All Season Sweatshirt
Berne All Season Sweatshirt has a double layered three-piece hood with drawstring, knit cuffs and waistband, nylon front zipper and oversized front pockets.
United States, Missouri
Four Season Harvest
Prices start at : 13.48 USD / 2.00 lbs

Here’s what you’ll find: • Choosing the right crops for the right season • How unheated structures still provide ample protection • Diagrams and advice for building covered gardens • Charts for optimal planting and harvest times • Storing...
United States, Montana
It’s Brooding Season
When you know you’re not hatching chicks, broodiness can be worrisome, because they refuse to care for themselves to ensure the survival of hypothetical babies. But she’s still young and largely undedicated.
United States, Pennsylvania
Sweet Potato Mix, Potato Slips
Prices start at : 35.00 USD / 75 Potato Slip Mix

Don’t know which vairety to buy? Enjoy a mouth watering mixture of sweet potatoes! Get all 3 sweet potato varieties we carry.
United States, Indiana
End Of Tomato Growing Season: What To Do With Tomato Plants At End Of Season
This may not be the best of ideas.There is a possibility that your fading tomato plants have a disease, insects or a fungus and burying them directly into the garden risks infiltrating the soil with these and passing them on to next year’s crops.
United States, Ohio