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Viva Matte Self-Watering Rolling Planter, Round Small
Prices start at : 49.95 USD

Bring fresh style and let plants take center stage! The elegant colors and subtle matte finish on this 14" diameter planter invite creative displays. It's self-watering, too, to reduce watering chores and provide plants with a consistent supply of moisture,...
  •  Holds 24 quarts of potting mix
  •  1-gallon water reservoir
  •  Easy-care, rolling planter in matte colors bring sophisticated style
  •  UV-stabilized polypropylene
  •  14" in diameter x 14" H
United States
North Dakota
Prices start at : 29.95 USD

When it's time to move large planters, potted shrubs, trees, or even rocks, use this ingenious hauling device to do the job and protect your back from injury. Just place the self-cinching straps around most any object up to 6 feet in circumference, grab...
  •  A safe, easy way to lift planters, potted shrubs, trees, rocks and other heavy objects
  •  Weight capacity is 200 lbs.
  •  Labor-saving tool protects your back
  •  Designed for 2-person use
United States
North Dakota
Gardener\'s Revolution Classic Vine Planter
Prices start at : 119.00 USD

Dual-Hydrate Watering System. The perforated planter with sidewall ventilation and lightweight Grow Bag liner air-prune roots, ensuring a dense, vigorous root system that can take up more water and nutrients — the secret to super-productive plants.
  •  Fabric is imported
  •  Classic clapboard style complements any setting
  •  Holds 60 quarts of potting mix
  •  Planter: 26" L x 18" W x 17" H
  •  UV-resistant polypropylene, BPA-free polypropylene liner, aluminum, powder-coated steel wire
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
United States
North Dakota
Weave Self-Watering Round Planter, 14”
Prices start at : 49.95 USD

Textured to look like woven wicker, this lovely planter will perk up your deck, patio, or entryway. A dedicated water port makes refills a breeze. A generous self-watering reservoir ensures your plants stay hydrated, and a handy gauge shows the water...
  •  Holds 22 quarts of potting mix
  •  Reservoir holds 5 quarts
  •  10" planting depth
  •  14-1/4" dia. x 14" H
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
United States
North Dakota
Viva Self-Watering Deck Railing Planter, 23-1/2”
Prices start at : 59.95 USD

This self-watering railing planter brings the garden closer to your door. With a 7" planting depth, you can grow a wide variety of plants: flowers, herbs, salad greens, trailing vines — the options are many! Adjustable, low-profile metal bracket keeps...
  •  Fits standard railings with widths between 3-1/2” and 5”
  •  Self-watering reservoir with water-level indicator keeps plants hydrated
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
  •  Water reservoir holds 3 quarts
  •  Big enough to grow flowers, herbs, greens or a mix!
United States
North Dakota
Signature Plus Mailbox Post with Planter
Prices start at : 189.99 USD

Refresh your home's curb appeal by upgrading your mailbox post. Like our matching Fairfield planters, it has the best UV protection in the industry, with a 15-year guarantee against fading.
  •  The look of fine woodworking in easy-to-maintain, high quality polyethylene
  •  41" L x 8" W x 56" H overall
  •  UV-protected polyethylene
  •  4 x 4 wood post, mailbox, and mailbox mounting hardware not included
  •  Fits medium-sized mailboxes at least 6-1/2" wide and weighing less than 14 lbs.
United States
North Dakota
Long Basket for the CedarLast Potting Bench
Prices start at : 28.95 USD

How many times have you wished you had a way of keeping potting essentials at your fingertips, but had to dig through an unwieldy bag or go all the way back to the garage to retrieve something?
  •  For use with CedarLast Trellis or Potting Bench
  •  Powder-coated steel
  •  30" W x 3-1/4" H x 7-1/4" deep
  •  Holds up to 25 lbs.
United States
North Dakota
Mazzano Self-Watering Planters
Prices start at : 49.95 USD

This resin planter looks like cherished pottery, but it's considerably lighter and much more durable! Self-watering feature reduces the need for frequent watering, yet keeps plants hydrated and happy.
  •  19" top diameter planter is 13" H with an 8" planting depth
  •  Hand-painted resin
  •  Hand-painted resin resembles kiln-fired pottery
  •  Self-watering insert delivers consistent moisture to thirsty plants
  •  Holds 15 quarts of potting mix and 1 quart of water
United States
North Dakota
Galvanized Self-Watering Planters
Prices start at : 89.95 USD

Dress up your porch, patio, deck, balcony or poolside! Aluminum trim with a faux wood finish gives this ultra-durable, galvanized planter a modern edge. This versatile planter is ideal for vegetables and herbs, and casters let you roll it easily to the...
  •  The first rolling, self-watering, galvanized planter!
  •  Innovative watering system delivers moisture as roots need it so plants thrive
  •  Assembly required
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
  •  Built to last, with galvanized walls, aluminum trim, and casters for ease of movement.
United States
North Dakota
Hooks for the CedarLast Potting Bench, Set of 6
Prices start at : 19.95 USD

You could hang a bowling ball from one of these hooks and it wouldn't even flinch. Hooks fit the slats of the CedarLast Trellis too. Better yet, keep gardening tools at the ready, hang extra hose, and ensure that essentials are at your fingertips when...
  •  3-3/4" H x 3-1/4" deep
  •  6 powder-coated steel hooks each have a 10 lb. capacity
  •  Powder-coated steel
  •  Hooks slide easily over the slats and stay put — no slipping or swiveling!
United States
North Dakota
Gardener\'s Revolution Vine Trellis
Prices start at : 14.95 USD

This trellis is specially designed to fit our Honeycomb Planter, creating a self-watering planter with integrated trellis system. 55-3/4" high installed. Ideal for growing cucumbers, peas and beans, as well as annual flowering vines like sweet peas, mandevilla...
  •  Powder-coated steel wire
  •  Designed for use with the Gardener's Revolution Honeycomb Planter
  •  Honeycomb Planter is sold separately
  •  Simply remove the tomato support and install this vine trellis
  •  18" W x 55-3/4" H
United States
North Dakota
Gardener\'s Revolution Honeycomb Vine Garden Kit
Prices start at : 69.95 USD

Success starts in the roots. We recommend using the included tie-back to secure the planter to a post or railing. The integrated trellis makes it ideal for cucumbers, peas and beans and other vegetable vines, as well as annual flower vines like sweet...
  •  Organic Self-Watering Potting Mix: Canadian sphagnum peat moss, peat humus, perlite, limestone, gypsum, mycorrhizae
  •  Trellis: 54-1/4" H installed
  •  Easy assembly
  •  Kit includes Honeycomb Planter, integrated 54-1/4" high trellis, one 20-qt. bag of Organic Self-Watering Potting Mix and 1 lb. of GSC Organic Fertilizer
  •  Planter is UV-resistant polypropylene, BPA-free polypropylene liner, aluminum, power-coated steel wire
  •  Vegetable and flower vines will climb high and produce abundantly
United States
North Dakota
Viva Matte Self-Watering Rolling Planter, Square Large
Prices start at : 69.95 USD

Elegant colors and a subtle matte finish bring fresh style and let plants take center stage. At 17-1/2" square, this planter is generously sized so you can create dynamic displays.
  •  We recommend three 20-quart bags of our premium Organic Self-Watering Potting Mix; each of these planters holds 55 quarts
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
  •  12" planting depth
  •  17-1/2" square x 16-3/4" H
  •  Self-watering so plants thrive and you water less often
United States
North Dakota
23” Self-Watering Trough Planter
Prices start at : 14.95 USD

All of our self-watering planters protect against drought, but this one does more — it has a water-level indicator that tells you when to refill the reservoir, and a convenient funnel that lets you water from the top.
  •  Self-watering reservoir keeps plants lush and healthy
  •  9-1/2" wide by 8-1/2" high
  •  Grow flowers, vegetables and herbs on your deck or patio
United States
North Dakota
Classic Sienna Raised Garden Bed Versailles Sunburst 1” Boards
Prices start at : 279.00 USD

Inspired by the gardens of the Palace of Versailles, the elegant Sunburst Raised Bed creates a centerpiece feature that leaves an impression on any garden aficionado. Bring a French flair to your garden, and with three levels and nine separate planting...
  •  Composite boards are made from 38% post-consumer recycled plastic and 62% sustainable hardwood fibers
  •  Soil capacity is 18.9 cubic feet
  •  Low maintenance - boards will not rot, warp, splinter or fade
  •  Dimensions: 96"L x 96"W x 16.5"H
  •  Joints are 100% recycled ABS resin
  •  Easy, quick installation
United States
North Dakota
14” Moss Basket Liners, Set of 3
Prices start at : 19.95 USD

Place this attractive liner in your wire or hayrack hanging basket, then fill with potting mix and you're ready to plant. May also be used as a decorative topper for container plants.
  •  Set of 3 sheets
  •  Sized to fit most 14" hayrack hanging baskets
  •  14" in diameter x 1/2" thick
  •  Preserved moss with mesh backing
United States
North Dakota
4\' Fairfield Window Box
Prices start at : 140.00 USD

But unlike wooden window boxes these are virtually maintenance free because they're made from high quality polyethylene — there's no need for annual painting or staining. With the best UV protection in the industry, these window boxes have a 15-year...
  •  Made in USA
  •  Holds 48 quarts of potting mix
  •  48" L x 11" W x 10-1/2" H
  •  Protect from freezing temperatures
  •  Built-in water reservoir reduces maintenance chores and keeps plants healthy
  •  Water reservoir capacity: 4 gallons
United States
North Dakota
Bloem Milano 4 Piece Rail Planter Set Terra Cotta
Prices start at : 28.48 USD / each

The kit includes 3 rail planters and 1 modular planter. The rail planters fit 4" or 6" wide rail. The planters are constructed of a durable polypropylene material, enabling years of functionality and reliable use.
  •  Indoor or outdoor use
  •  Each: 21L x 7.25W x 5.75H inches
  •  Removable drainage plugs help protect against over-watering
  •  Kit includes (3) deck rail planters and (1) modular planter. Display planters together in a group or each planter individually on a side table, windowsill or makes a great herb garden in the kitchen.
  •  Durable polypropylene in terra cotta finish
  • Features: products dimension: 2138"lx205"wx115"h" comes with 3 milano railing planters and 1 milano modular planter perfect on any four or six inch rail use indoors or outside
United States
North Dakota
Eco Wood Treatment, 2 Oz.
Prices start at : 19.95 USD

Made from naturally occurring plant and mineral extracts, this wood preservative penetrates wood fibers to provide protection from sun and water. A single application results in a long-lasting, maintenance-free surface.
  •  Protects outdoor wood surfaces with a single application
  •  Apply with a brush, roller, sprayer or by dipping
  •  2-ounce packet of powder makes 1 gallon of preservative, enough to treat up to 150 square feet
  •  Penetrates wood fibers for long-lasting protection
United States
North Dakota
8” SurfaceSaver
Prices start at : 7.95 USD

Protect your deck, patio, porch floor or front stoop from stains caused by water drainage and condensation under potted plants. Because air can circulate under plants, surfaces will dry quickly and mold and mildew won't grow.
  •  8" Surface Saver supports up to 450 lbs.
  •  Holds plants approx. 3/4" off surfaces
  •  Plastic (60 to 70 percent recycled)
  •  Creates a stable and sturdy base for plants
  •  Choice of Black or Terra Cotta
United States
North Dakota
Pot Risers PR 2-6 Indoor & Outdoor Potriser
Prices start at : 14.86 USD / each

Pot Risers PR 2-6 Indoor & Outdoor Potriser: Brighten up your living space for yourself or entertaining guests with the Pot Risers PR 2-6 Indoor & Outdoor Pot Feet Potriser. Made for large containers or statuary, these tools encourage plant health and...
  •  Protects surfaces from staining and rotting
  •  Invisible pot feet
  •  Cushioned support
  •  Encourages plant health
  •  Elevates two large pots
  • Color: Black
United States
North Dakota
Home Dek-Decor 12” Planter for 6” Railing
Prices start at : 12.95 USD

A simple, budget-friendly way to brighten your deck. So, go ahead and get creative! The U-shaped base of this planter is sized to fit snugly over standard 6" railings — no installation or guesswork needed! And it's big enough to accommodate multiple...
  •  Holds 9 quarts of potting mix
  •  Polypropylene
  •  Generous circumference accommodates plant multiples
  •  GSC Exclusive colors: Blue, Margarita, Turquoise, Yellow
  •  6" planting depth
United States
North Dakota
Flower Pot Urn LILIA 14.4 Inch, White Color
Prices start at : 11.64 USD / each

Note: Please note that No Plants or Gravel included with this item. Instead of soil, different types of peat mixtures can be used, suitable for your plant. For indoor use, drainage holes are at your discretion.
  •  Dimensions: 14.4 diam. x 16.5H in.
  •  2 piece planter urn
  •  Durable, reusable, and UV stabilized
  • Color: Jade
  • Manufacturer Part Number: URLIL14WHI
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 14.40 x 14.40 x 16.50 Inches
United States
North Dakota
A&B Home Lilibeth Blue & White Planter, Tall
Prices start at : 25.42 USD / each

Your beautiful plants and blooms should be kept in an equally beautiful planter! With the distressed blue and white finish, the Lilibeth Planter Planter is an elegant way of housing your flora.
  • Assembled Product Weight: 6.83 lb
  • Glossy Finish: Yes
  • Brand: A&B Home
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color: White Blue
United States
North Dakota
Planter Casters, Set of 4
Prices start at : 12.95 USD

This set of four durable wheel casters is designed to be inserted in the base of the Revolution and Terrazza Planters. The casters provide mobility for ease of cleaning, moving your planter from room to room, rearranging or simply rotating your planter.
  •  Casters let you easily rearrange planters as needed
  •  For use with our Revolution and Terrazza Planters
  •  The plastic adapters that come with these casters are not needed for the Terrazza Planters
  •  Durable urethane
United States
North Dakota
Greenes Fence 4\' x 4\' x 10.5\
Prices start at : 118.61 USD / each

It has an open bottom design and is made from rot-resistant cedar. Greenes Fence 4' x 4' x 10.5" Cedar Raised Garden Bed with CritterGuard Fence System: Grow your favorite herbs, plants and vegetables with the Greenes Fence Cedar Raised Garden Bed with...
  •  Quick and easy setup
  •  Open bottom design
  •  Naturally rot-resistant cedar
  •  Just slide the boards into the corner posts, attach the caps and add soil and plants
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Wood
United States
North Dakota
5 Pack of Durable Black Plastic Growing Trays (Without Drain Holes) 21\
Prices start at : 14.42 USD / each

Made of durable plastic. Use as a drip tray for trays with holesUse as a grow tray for growing hydroponically. Quantity 5 - Durable Plastic - NO Drain Holes -- Perfect for use as a drip tray, hydroponic growing and seed starting -- Approx: 21" by 11"...
  • Brand: Living Whole Foods
  • Color: Black
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 12.00 x 12.00 x 4.00 Inches
United States
North Dakota
Universal Square Planter Saucers
Prices start at : 12.76 USD

Ridges on the saucer's surface elevate the pot slightly so water drains freely, preventing over-saturated soil. You might think that run-of-the-mill saucer is doing its job of protecting your floor, but on moving your potted plant you could discover that...
  •  10-year guarantee!
  •  10-3/4" saucer (interior dimension) is 14-1/2" ​square overall x 1-1/4" H
  •  Rugged polyethylene won't chip, crack, fade or leak like thin plastic or vinyl saucers
  •  Size options are listed by interior dimensions
  •  8-3/4" saucer (interior dimension) is 12-1/2" square overall x 1" H
United States
North Dakota
Plant Caddy
Prices start at : 27.95 USD

Spare your back and save your floors from damage with this solid cedar caddy that makes it easy to move big, heavy planters — up to 200 pounds. The easy-glide urethane wheels roll smoothly over decks, patios and even carpets.
  •  Made in Vermont
  •  Back-saving caddy moves planters weighing up to 200 lbs.
  •  Square caddy: 11-3/4" sq
  •  Solid SFI-certified cedar with urethane wheels
  •  Wheels glide smoothly, won't mar floors or carpet
United States
North Dakota