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Madison Planters
Prices start at : 44.76 USD

By repeating a single style of planter, your artistic arrangement will have a unified look. Pre-drilled holes in the bottom ensure proper drainage. Madison planters are a natural for flowers, herbs and vegetables; the larger planters also accommodate...
  •  26" Madison Planter: Top diameter 26", base diameter 16", 26" H
  •  Weighs 18 lbs.; holds 83 quarts of potting mix
  •  Weighs 4 lbs.; holds 14 quarts of potting mix
  •  Double-wall design insulates roots against extreme temperatures
  •  10-year guarantee against chipping, cracking or fading
  •  16" Madison Planter: Top diameter 16", base diameter 10", 16" H
South Carolina
Galvanized Chicken Wire Basket with Pot
Prices start at : 14.95 USD

With as many ways to look adorable as there are hours of the day, this novel duo is a sweet way to add more beauty to your space. Ideal for African violets, herbs, trailing plants, and more.
  •  Pot is 4" in diameter with a 3-1/2" in diameter saucer
  •  Galvanized metal and terra cotta combination looks terrific
  •  Handle is 4-3/4" W x 7-1/4" H
  •  Basket is 4-1/2" in diameter
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
South Carolina
Gardener\'s Best Potato Success Kit
Prices start at : 39.95 USD

Complete kit lets you grow potatoes anywhere, without the hassles of tilling and hilling. It also aerates soil, prevents heat build-up and allows excess water to drain away. Just add seed potatoes! Our Gardener's Best Potato Grow Bag has reinforced handles...
  •  Grow potatoes anywhere!
  •  Save compared to the price of individual components
  •  Grow Bag is made in USA
  •  Note: Fertilizer contains peanut meal
  •  Includes tan Grow Bag, potting mix and fertilizer
  •  One brick Eco-Co Coir (coconut fiber): hydrates to 10 quarts
South Carolina
Plant Caddy
Prices start at : 27.95 USD

Spare your back and save your floors from damage with this solid cedar caddy that makes it easy to move big, heavy planters — up to 200 pounds. The easy-glide urethane wheels roll smoothly over decks, patios and even carpets.
  •  Comes fully assembled
  •  Wheels glide smoothly, won't mar floors or carpet
  •  Solid SFI-certified cedar with urethane wheels
  •  Rectangular caddy: 19" x 12"
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
South Carolina
14” Moss Basket Liners, Set of 3
Prices start at : 19.95 USD

Place this attractive liner in your wire or hayrack hanging basket, then fill with potting mix and you're ready to plant. Made from preserved moss secured to a sturdy mesh backing, it's reusable again and again.
  •  Sized to fit most 14" hayrack hanging baskets
  •  Preserved moss with mesh backing
  •  14" in diameter x 1/2" thick
  •  May also be used as a soil topper
South Carolina
Galvanized Chicken Wire Hanging Basket
Prices start at : 14.95 USD

Galvanized chicken wire adds an unexpected but welcome touch and has a low profile too — so the focus is where it should be, on your flowers. Everything about this hanging basket sets it apart from its competition.
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
  •  Chicken wire basket is beautiful and reusable
  •  14" in diameter x 3-3/4" H
  •  Unique profile creates fresh appeal
South Carolina
Teak Window Boxes, 6”
Prices start at : 69.95 USD

The wood comes from sustainably managed hardwood plantations in Costa Rica. Create beautiful floral displays in our elegant teak window boxes, which are highly weather-resistant thanks to the natural oil content in the teak.
  •  No liner required
  •  Teak will weather to a beautiful silver-gray
  •  Made of 3" x 3/8", sustainably managed Costa Rican teak
  •  Planting depth is 5"
  •  30" window box holds 9 quarts of container mix; 36" holds 11 quarts; 48" holds 15 quarts
  •  Choice of three lengths: 30", 36" and 48"; all are 6" wide and 6" high
South Carolina
Tall Fairfield Patio Planter
Prices start at : 110.00 USD

Dress up your landscape with these elegant, self-watering planters. With the best UV protection in the industry, these planters have a 15-year guarantee against fading. With clean lines and raised panel detailing, they have the look of fine woodworking.
  •  Holds 32 quarts when sub-floor is left in place
  •  Made in USA
  •  High quality, UV-protected polyethylene never needs painting or staining
  •  Protect from freezing temperatures
  •  Holds 50 quarts of potting mix if sub-floor is removed
  •  UV-protected polyethylene
South Carolina
Fairfield Window Box Brackets, Set of 2
Prices start at : 42.95 USD

These elegant curved brackets look just like real wood, but they're made from high-quality polyethylene so they're easy to clean with a simple rinse from the garden hose. They attach easily to the Fairfield wall mount supports and add a beautiful finishing...
  •  Material resembles wood but is easy-care polyethylene
  •  11" L x 3-1/2" W x 6" H
  •  Set of 2 brackets
  •  Window box not included
South Carolina
Gardener\'s Revolution Honeycomb Tomato Garden Kit
Prices start at : 69.95 USD

Success starts in the roots. Also great for peppers and eggplant. Customizable support. Dual-Hydrate Watering System. Our redesigned support is extra-sturdy for this year's tomato bonanza! Nothing tastes better than tomatoes harvested fresh from the vine!...
  •  Five Snap-Lock Rings are 14-1/2" L x 8-1/2" W
  •  Easy assembly
  •  Planter holds one compact determinate (bush) tomato plant
  •  Make it mobile! Add optional
  •  Support is 33" H installed
  •  Planter and support: polypropylene, BPA-free polypropylene liner, aluminum, powder-coated steel wire
South Carolina
Gardeners Revolution Honeycomb Tomato Planter Support Extension
Prices start at : 12.95 USD

This extension provides an additional 15" of support to the Gardener's Revolution Honeycomb Tomato Planter, creating a 48" high support. Growing taller tomatoes? It includes a support pole, connector and three Snap-Lock Rings.
  •  16" W x 15" H x 13-1/4" deep installed
  •  Aluminum, UV-resistant polypropylene, powder-coated steel wire
  •  Extension provides 15" of additional support for tomato plants
South Carolina
Planting Tray, Large
Prices start at : 22.95 USD

Use it under houseplants as a humidity tray. The generous 2" rim contains the mess. It's also indispensable in the mudroom to corral wet and muddy shoes and boots. This heavy-duty, leakproof tray will come in handy all around the house and potting shed.
  •  ​46-1/2" L x 15-1/2" W x 2" deep
  •  Made in England
  •  Durable recycled polypropylene
  •  Large, watertight tray for seedlings and houseplants
South Carolina
Viva Self-Watering Rolling Planter, Square Small
Prices start at : 49.95 USD

Self-watering pots minimize maintenance chores and provide plants with the consistent supply of moisture they need to thrive. Stylish square planters add a punch of color and instant drama to your deck, patio or balcony.
  •  Vibrant, high-gloss, 14" square pots create eye-catching plantings
  •  UV-stabilized polypropylene
  •  Water reservoir holds 1 gallon
  •  We recommend two 20-quart bags of our premium
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
  •  Holds 24 quarts of potting mix
South Carolina
5” SurfaceSaver, Set of 2
Prices start at : 7.95 USD

Protect your deck, patio, porch floor or front stoop from stains caused by water drainage and condensation under potted plants. Surface Savers lift plants so water can drain freely from drainage holes, helping to keep plants healthy.
  •  Prop potted plants up off decking, floors and other surfaces
  •  Creates a stable and sturdy base for plants
  •  Plastic (60 to 70 percent recycled)
  •  5" Surface Saver supports up to 450 lbs.
  •  Holds plants approx. 3/4" off surfaces
South Carolina
Gardener\'s Best Deluxe Potato Grow Bag
Prices start at : 29.95 USD

Higher yield with less risk of waste. Fold for storage, reuse year after year. Nylon handles make the bag easy to move. Made from long-lasting, BPA-free polypropylene fabric, this ingenious Grow Bag takes the guesswork out of harvesting.
  •  19" in diameter x 13-1/2" H
  •  Grow potatoes anywhere — no hilling or digging!
  •  BPA-free polypropylene, nylon handles
  •  Harvest potatoes that are ready, leave the rest to continue growing
South Carolina
Faucet Kit for the CedarLast Potting Bench
Prices start at : 39.95 USD

Create an instant, dedicated outdoor faucet for your CedarLast Potting Bench — and make it the ultimate potting bench you've always wanted in the process! Use to water plants, clean pots, rinse vegetables, or fill up watering cans quickly and easily.
  •  Hose: 5/8" in diameter, 7/8" with coil
  •  Kit includes everything you need to get up and running with minimum fuss
  •  No more trips to and from the spigot — water is available where you need it
  •  34" L overall
  •  Assembly required
South Carolina
Lima Self-Watering Planters
Prices start at : 54.95 USD

Made from polyethylene resin, our Lima planters resemble aged pottery but are infinitely lighter and much more durable. Their classic silhouette is highlighted by subtle surface texture and an antiqued finish.
  •  Holds 16 quarts of potting mix and 1 gallon of water
  •  16" top diameter planter is 13" H with a 9" planting depth
  •  Pottery look — without the weight or fragility
  •  Polyethylene
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
South Carolina
Planter Casters, Set of 4
Prices start at : 19.95 USD

These durable caster wheels are designed to be inserted in the legs of our Standing Garden, and can also be used as replacement casters for our SunLite Gardens. The casters provide mobility for ease of cleaning, moving your planter from room to room,...
  •  Urethane wheels are great for hard floors, decks and patios
  •  Simple assembly: Before planting, insert the casters into the legs of the planters
  •  Add easy mobility to your Standing Garden
South Carolina
Adjustable Self-Watering Railing Planter, 24”
Prices start at : 29.95 USD

No tools, mounting hardware or drilling required. Not suitable for round railings. The evaporative grid self-watering system with 1-quart reservoir helps keep plants healthy and lets you water less often.
  •  Drainage holes protect from over-watering during times of heavy rain
  •  Adjusts to fit railings from 1" to 4-1/4" wide
  •  Weighs 2 lbs.
  •  Self-watering system reduces watering chores and keeps plants healthy
  •  Holds 12 quarts of potting mix
  •  Water reservoir holds 1 quart
South Carolina
Solar Illuminated Planter, Tall
Prices start at : 119.00 USD

By day, this frosted white planter adds a contemporary accent. This planter is 18" in diameter and 32" tall with a 10" planting depth. You can choose color-changing mode or select a single color.
  •  Run time of 6 to 8 hours on a full charge (6 to 8 hours in full sun)
  •  Translucent polyethylene, LEDs, wiring
  •  10' cord to solar panel
  •  Powered by the sun so you can display it anywhere
  •  Rechargeable NiMH batteries included
  •  New design for easy operation and assembly
South Carolina
Brunello Planters
Prices start at : 14.36 USD

Made from UV-resistant, high-density polyethylene, these rugged planters easily withstand both high and low outdoor temperatures. If displaying indoors, use a saucer ( sold separately ) to protect surfaces from water damage.
  •  31" Brunello Planter: Top diameter 31-1/2", base diameter 17-3/4", 25" H Weighs 8 lbs.; holds 178 quarts of potting mix
  •  Resembles handmade pottery but is much lighter and more rugged
  •  27" Brunello Planter: Top diameter 27-3/8", base diameter 16", 21-1/2" H Weighs 8 lbs.; holds 166 quarts of potting mix
  •  Drainage holes in bottom;
  •  10-year guarantee against chipping, cracking or fading
  •  Double-wall design insulates roots against extreme temperatures
South Carolina
Appian Vessel Urn Planter
Prices start at : 216.00 USD

It is available with and without a drainage hole. The planter is easy to maintain, and can be wiped clean with water and a cloth or sponge. It is resistant to fading, cracking, and decay.
  •  Measurements: 30" H x 20" W x 20" D
  •  Made in the USA
  •  Carefully stained to give the appearance of age
  •  Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery
  •  Overall product weight is 24 lbs
South Carolina
Greene\'s 16\
Prices start at : 74.99 USD / each

The bed is made out of chemical free and naturally rot resistant North American cedar. The bed even comes with a fabric liner. It assembles with a rubber mallet using the time tested and proven Greenes Fence Company dovetail design.
  •  Naturally rot and insect resistant North American cedar
  •  Untreated cedar safe for veggies
  •  Beautify your outdoor living space with the convenience of gardening without bending over
  •  Naturally rot and insect resistant north american cedar
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Cedar
South Carolina
Viva Matte Self-Watering Rolling Planter, Round Small
Prices start at : 49.95 USD

Bring fresh style and let plants take center stage! The elegant colors and subtle matte finish on this 14" diameter planter invite creative displays. Built-in casters make it mobile, so you can roll it to a sunny spot on the deck or out of the way for...
  •  We recommend two 20-quart bags of our premium Organic Self-Watering Potting Mix; each of these planters holds 24 quarts
  •  Hidden casters make it mobile
  •  Easy-care, rolling planter in matte colors bring sophisticated style
  •  Holds 24 quarts of potting mix
  •  UV-stabilized polypropylene
South Carolina
Extra-thick 2-Ply Reinforced Card Frame 68\
Prices start at : 64.99 USD / each

8pcs T-type Tags & 1 Gloves Free A pair of gloves provided to give you more convenience and comfort when working in the garden and 8pcs T-type Tags to help you record the growth process of flower and vegetable; Features 1.No need any tools--- just piece...
  • Features: Multilayer Galvanized Paint Advanced Installation Design 68" x 35.5" 8pcs T-types Tag & A pair of Gloves High-levelWood Packaging Extra-thick 2-Ply Reinforced
  • Material: Metal
  • Brand: Kingbird
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 01DG
South Carolina
Home Balcony Plastic Table Decor Flower Plant Pot Planter Container Holder White
Prices start at : 11.89 USD / each

Accessory only, plants are not included here. This series of flower pots are very cute, with different colors, and made of high quality materials. With Unique Bargains' products, the exposure to these chemicals may be of no significant risk to you, but...
  •  Perfect for bringing natural gree
  •  Made of sturdy long lasting material that will hold a plant for years.
  •  Perfect for bringing natural greenery and bright style to your indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Color: White
  • Material: Plastic
South Carolina
Demeter Corrugated Metal Raised Bed, 34” x 34”
Prices start at : 39.96 USD

Raised beds are easier to plant and tend than in-ground beds, with fewer pests and weeds. Richly hued raised beds made from sturdy yet lightweight powder-coated steel complement your landscape and showcase plants.
  •  Grow a beautiful and productive garden in a small space
  •  12" deep to accommodate large, deep-rooted plants
  •  Like this style? See the whole
  •  Holds approximately 230 quarts or 9 cubic feet of soil
  •  Sturdy and stylish metal raised bed
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
South Carolina