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Anderson Valley Pinot Noir
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8 tons of Ridgetop Pinot Noir grapes available for premium wine production. Roma's Vineyard is located @ 1800 ft on Lone Tree Ridge Ranch in Anderson Valley. Long term contracts negotiable.
Wanted Pinot Noir Grapes
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I need enough grapes to grow approximately 10-15 plants. I am looking for a small amount of seeds for pinot noir grapes. I am guessing that pinot noir will grow well here...although it is a sensitive grape.
United States
Wanted 25 crates of Pinot Nior G
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Pinot Nior Grapes for home wine maker oregon or north california 20-25 crates for private consumption. 25 Crates of wine grapes Pinot Nior type for home wine making northern california or oregon area
United States
Wanted: Pinot Noir grapes
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I am located near San Francisco. I would like to buy a small amount of Pinot Noir grapes (250 lbs) for home winemaking. I would like to buy a small amount of Pinot Noir grapes for home winemaking.
United States
Wanted Organic Pinot Noir Wine
Price : CALL

Looking for 2500 gallons of california certified organic pinot noir wine sourced from northern california. Looking for quality finished product, in barrels ready to be transferred for bottling.
United States
2009 Pinot Noir Grapes
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5 tons of Pinot Noir grapes from Lake County property. 5 tons of Pinot Noir grapes from Lake County property (Soda Bay Road). Premium Pinot Noir grapes from reputable vineyard. More grape varietals for sale also!
Home wine making
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I am making one barrel of wine for my first time I have a chemist to help me but I need a small amount. I am willing to do whatever I have to. If someone has some grapes left over I will be glad to drive up in a truch and buy them from you.
United States
2 Bushels of Red Wine Grapes
Price : CALL

I am looking for about 2 bushels of red wine grape to make some wine at home. I do not need a large amount in the tons.. Just a few bushels.
United States
New York
4 ac Russian River Valley Pinot
Price : CALL

Absolute Prim location anywhere! Next to fameous vineyards in Sonoma Co., CA, Russian River Valley/ Green Valley Appelation. Clone 777 & 667 on 101-14 rootstocks. Russian River Valley / Green Valley Pinot Noir approx 5-15 tons.
Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Grapes
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These grapes have made award winning champagne and still wines. Anderson Valley Pinot Noir. Clones are Pommard, 667 and 115. We also have eighteen acres of Pinot Noir planted in 2000.
Underwood Oregon Pinot Gris, Can
Prices start at : 7.99 USD / ea

These are the most approachable and ready-to-travel anywhere wines. Underwood is the perfect wine to enjoy anywhere, any day of the week.As do its Pinot Noir and Rose counterparts, the Underwood Pinot Gris speaks of a journey across Oregon.
Wolfberry color
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This product has been exported to EU, Japan, USA, Asia etc. It is absolute a natural pigment abstracted from the fruit of raw Lycium chinense mill by modern biotechnology.Widely used in foodstuff and cosmetics coloring .
Tomato color
Price : CALL

Package: carton, with double vacuum poly bags inside, 2.5kg/bag,25kg/carton, or to pack as per customers\' demand. It is enthanol-soluble and oil-soluble, but water-fast.The mixture of tomato color and oil are yellowish-orange.The tomato color is the...
SA Peruvian Pinot Noir
Prices start at : 10000 USD

Pinot Noir delivered a true black female cria, sired by Snowmass Midnight Diamante, on 8/26/2016. Pinot Noir delivered a true black male cria, sired by Snowmass Midnight Diamante on 4/20/2018.
  • Dam color: TB
  • Heritage: Full Peruvian
  • Breed: Huacaya,
  • Status: Proven
  • Sex: Female,
  • Sire color: Medium Silver Grey
Color sorter machine
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Rice color sorter,colour sortex,color sorting machine,sorting processing machine,refining machine,seperation machine Jiexun color sorter offers best sorting result for milk white rice with carryover rate of more than 10:1 Rice color sorter/ sortex/ sorting...
Purple corn color
Price : CALL

Cyanidin-3 -glucoside and other Cyanidin pigment are the main parts of the Purple Corn Color.We can see red to purple red liquid to pulverescent solid with our naked eyes. It is absolute a natural pigment abstracted from Maiz morado or Maiz kullby ,etc...
Pepper, Sweet, Pinot Noir Hybrid
Prices start at : 5.99 USD / 3 Plants

Like its namesake, this attractive 5" long sweet bell pepper shows a tremendously broad range of impressions. Firm, thick walled fruits are crisp and very sweet, with a clean refreshing aftertaste, produced on highly adaptable plants that set in cool...
  • Sow Method: Indoor Sow
  • Type: Bell
  • Sow Time: 8-12 weeks BLF
  • Planting Time: Spring
  • Fruit Size: 5 inches
  • Days To Maturity: 70 days
Matua Pinot Noir Rose 750mL
Prices start at : 9.99 USD / ea

Cheers! 750 mL Pairings: Fresh salad of mango and chopped mint with pan-seared fish and a drizzle of lime juice. Mouth-wateringly good! We made sure you'd know just the right temperature to enjoy Matua Pinot Noir Rose by adding Chill Check thermal labels.
White and colored Lincoln long wool
Price : CALL

Organically grown with no pesticides and ... Organically grown with no pesticides and some fleeces are coated. Lightly washed and skirted. Minimal vegetable matter, and what is in fleece comes out with processing.
Gallatin Gateway
Young horses PRE andalusian for sale. All colors
Price : CALL

With all documention. If you are intereset can contact with ad. Colours black, brown, bayo and albino. Colours black, brown, ... We ara in Lerida (Spain) We have a good descendents young andalusians horses PRE.for sale.
Meiomi Pinot Noir Wine, 750 ml
Prices start at : 19.99 USD / ea

Complementary blending achieves wines that are easy to love and hard to forget. Smooth, opulent layers of lemon peel and stone fruit are heightened by sweet smells of creme brulee, butterscotch, baked apple, shortbread, roasted marshmallow, and spices.
Mirassou Pinot Noir Wine, 750 ml
Prices start at : 8.99 USD / ea

Bottle California Wine Flavors of cherry, strawberry jam, raspberry and pomegranate meld with hints of oak and vanilla for a well-balanced wine with a round, full mouthfeel. Mirassou Pinot Noir is crafted in honor of our historic connection to this elegant...
Mark West Pinot Noir Wine, 750 ml
Prices start at : 9.99 USD / ea

It is rich in texture with a lingering finish. This Pinot Noir has abundent flavors of red and black cherry with a note of spice.
Exclamation London Planetree
Prices start at : 29.95 USD / 1 pcs

In the spring and summer they have, lush green foliage that turns a shade of golden yellow in the fall . They'll create cool areas in your yard; over the drive way and even shade your home to cut down on AC bills during the summer and to provide heat...
  • Spacing: 40 ft.
  • Mature Height: 50-60 ft
  • Drought Tolerance: Moderate
  • Mature Width: 35-45 ft
South Carolina
Fort Mill
Hibiscus ‘Pinot Noir\' (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis hybrid)
Prices start at : 19.95 USD / 4" Pot Size

‘Pinot Noir' is easy-to grow and forms a nice, upright bush. The flowers have a hint of pink in the petals. Hibiscus ‘Pinot Noir' (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis hybrid) ‘Pinot Noir' has exceptionally large, 8-9” flowers that are light lavender with maroon...
  • Grows to: 2-4'
  • Hardiness Zone: 10
  • Sun Requirement: Full Sun
Bota Box Pinot Noir Wine, 3 lt
Prices start at : 16.99 USD / ea

This medium-bodied Pinot Noir has plush flavors of cherry, strawberry and soft, toasty oak, which lead into elegant mid-palate tannins and a clean finish. Aromas of cherry, blackberry and cocoa.
The Magic of Green
Either one will go with the house, whether it is red, blue, white, yellow, brown, another shade of green or multicolored. It is associated with Ireland more than any other country.
El Segundo
2001 GMC Sierra SLT 2500HD 4X4 Extended Cab
Price : CALL

Impeccably maintained/Mint condition..not a scratch to be found!!You will really be impressed! NEW INJECTORS COME WITH A 1 YEAR WARRANTY Brand new BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires.
Kentucky Coffee Tree
Prices start at : 79.95 USD / #3 Container range: 2.3 - 2.8 gallons (10 - 12 liters)

For a beautiful tree with unique features and a hardy disposition, the Kentury Coffee Tree is an excellent choice. Kentucky Coffee Tree is very hardy, tolerant of many conditions including drought and urban environments.
  • Soil Type: Widely Adaptable
  • Brand: Nature Hills Nursery
  • Mature Spread: 40 - 50 feet
  • Mature Height: 60 - 75 feet
  • Flower Color: Insignificant