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☆ Pink Iris Flower

Iris, Pink Parfait
Prices start at : 16.99 USD / 3 Bare Root Plants

Almost reminiscent of a rose, this double-flowered Siberian iris has a gorgeous swirl of petals in a pretty shade of pinkish lavender, with a touch of white on the outer rim. Easy to grow and care for, iris is a staple of perennial gardens, providing...
United States, Pennsylvania
Pink Attraction Reblooming German Iris
Prices start at : 9.99 USD / 1 Bareroot Plant

Deer tend to avoid. Spread, making it a nice size for perennial gardens and borders. Gorgeous pink, ruffled flowers open in abundance in mid spring, perfuming the spring air with a sweet fragrance.
United States, Indiana
Tickled Pink Flower Mix
Prices start at : 16.99 USD / 21 Bulbs

It will provide exceptional colors and performance year after year as well as a fantastic fragrance. This excellent mix included 6 bulbs of Jan Bos, the best-selling hyacinth worldwide, and 15 bulbs of anemone White Splendor.
United States, Pennsylvania
Dried marigold flower
Production field is in Romania southern part. Samples and pictures can be send. I have 200kg of dried marigold flower production 2010.samples and pictures can be send. Dried marigold flower.
Romania, Bucharest
Natural chestnut flower honey
It is different. Our honey is not like Chinese one. Tbilisi, GEORGIA Our company selling natural Chestnut flower honey and Acacia honey in big quantities. Mr. Otar Gulua Import-Export manager Ltd TAPLIS MTA #38-60 Vazha-Pshavela ave.
Georgia, T`bilisi
Pink Pendant Passion Flower (Passiflora racemosa ‘Pink’)
Prices start at : 14.95 USD / 4" Pot Size

Pink Pendant Passion Flower (Passiflora racemosa ‘Pink’) A strain of the famous Passiflora racemosa ‘Red,’ Pink Pendant Passion Flower has long clusters of 6-12 dark pink blooms that appear on pendant racemes from summer to fall.
United States, Connecticut
Pink piglet
Worth texas and would love a live baby pig perferbly pink but any color will do. I will try my hardest to pick it up anywhere or work out transportation I would lovvvee a baby pig preferbly pink but tan or black will do!! much wanted!!
United States, Texas
United States, Louisiana
United States, Oklahoma
Pink shrimp
I can do as you wantin difrent type for example tail on/headless/head on/peeled shirimp and in difrent size as you want I would package as you like and add ingradiant up to you budget of transfer with you and about price talk with you later.
Iran, Bushehr
Astra Pink Balloon Flower Seeds
Prices start at : 3.95 USD / (P) Pkt of 20 seeds

Pkt is 20 seeds. Unlike earlier varieties, Astra boasts a whopping 90% germination rate, so you get more plants from every packet of seeds. A Park High Performer! With the Astra series comes a whole new era in Balloon Flowers, with so many improvements...
United States, South Carolina
Pink Guava fruits of pulping purpose
Pink Guava fruits suppliers from bangalore we supply Pink Guava fruits of pulping purpose daily basis 40 Mt tonns and fresh fruits of table market also contact us Pink Guava fruits suppliers of pulping purpose daily basis 40 Mt tonns and fresh fruits...
India, Karnataka
Potbellied Pigs all black and pink
They will not be ready to leave their moms until the end of November. I have several all black and pink with black piglets for sale. Located in Salem, Ohio. Call or text (330) 277-6509 if interested.
United States, Ohio
Wanted iris bulbs
I want the bulbs or the seed of any kind of Iris flower, or lily flower, for lily, i prefer to lilium Royale,, thank you Oriental iris that can live in Indonesia, tropical country..please give me an information about it..
Indonesia, Yogyakarta
Japan, Tokyo
United States, Washington
Accent Pink Hybrid Impatiens Flower Seeds
Prices start at : 2.95 USD / (P) Pkt of 30 seeds

Pkt is 30 seeds. Accent begins blooming in early spring in the semi- to fully-shaded garden or container, and keeps coming all the way to frost! In southern areas, it has been known to overwinter.
United States, South Carolina
Miniature Pink Passion Flower (Passiflora sanguinolenta)
Prices start at : 12.95 USD / 2.5" Pot Size

Small, 1,” pink blooms arrive in succession throughout the summer months making this plant a great candidate for garden containers. Miniature Pink Passion Flower (Passiflora sanguinolenta) Free blooming and diminutive in size, this native of Ecuador...
United States, Connecticut
$2 iris bulbs!!!
Before the Storm, Blushing Pink, Brown Lasso, Carolina Blue, Caroline Jane, Celebration Song, Chapeau, Columbia Blue, Dodge City, Dotted Swiss, Dreamy , Dusky Challenger, Early Purple, Exotic Isle, Fluted Lime, Full Tide, Gala Madrid, Gay Lavenia, Grand...
United States, South Carolina
Magnolia flower
Magnolia flower on stemfull bloom by 11/30/06for photo shootwhitewith petalssome leaves Looking for magnolia flower on stemneed by 11/30/06...for photo shootfull bloom
United States, New York
Dwarf Iris for Sale
They need a new home! Nice Dwarf Irish rhizomes - freshly dug - variety 'Blood Tyme'. These Will bloom in early to mid spring depending on location. I live in Zone 5. They are a very deep purplish red color and will be a standout planted in a grouping
United States, Indiana
Flower engineer
Occupation: enseignant (ingénieur-professeur) à un lycée au profile Agricole (Lycée technologique „Alexandru Borza” de Cluj-Napoca) 8. Arhitecture du paysage à présent, je poursuis la troisième annèe du doctorat en Floriculture 7.
Canada, Quebec
Canada, Ontario
Rumania, Cluj
Dandelion Flower Heads Needed for Wine
Ever since I was a kid my mother had told me about how my grand ... I have been home brewing wine for the last year and part of the reason got into this is to make dandelion wine. Ever since I was a kid my mother had told me about how my grand father...
United States, New York
United States, Pennsylvania
United States, Maryland
Pink Gerbera Daisies
Willing to pay up to $3/plant 60 light pink gerbera daisy plants needed for early July. Potted Plants, approximately 4 in. Same color light pink. Pink daisies need to be the same shade pink and have 2-3 flowers per pot.
United States, Massachusetts
United States, Connecticut
United States, New Hampshire
Calla flower
Total units, specified in colors: alba: 500 units cristal: 460units pink: 500 units purple: 400 units hot: 30 units mango: 190 units cream: 265 units yellow: 150 units Avaible in the next colors: white, alba, cristal, pink, purple, hot, mango, cream and...
Colombia, Antioquia
Iris Variegata
Prices start at : 107.66 USD / Liner/15 Tray

These are the most reliable and disease-resistant of all Tall Bearded Irises. The brightly colored, striped foliage of Sweet Flag Irises effectively add interest and cheer anywhere they are planted.
United States, New York
Iris Concertina
Prices start at : 88.35 USD / Liner/15 Tray

This variety is considered an Intermediate Bearded Iris, intermediate in height between Tall Bearded and Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris. They tend to bloom earlier than Tall Bearded Iris, but later than the Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris.
United States, New York
Iris missouriensis
Prices start at : 14.95 USD / 1 Ounce Package

Wild Blue Iris Seeds Easy to grow and adaptable, this little gem was once thought a weed! Known commonly as Rocky Mountain Iris or Missouri Flag, this field iris is a charming, summer blooming Perennial.
United States, North Carolina
Iris albicans(Lange 1860)
The floral bracts are green merging to transparent. Introduced by the Moors,they planted them in cemeteries centuries ago(cemeteries whites) Collected in 1860 by Lange. 1-3 flowers in a unbranched cluster, some 9cm across,the standard are pure white almost...
United States, Georgia
Pink and white peonies
30 to 40 double bloomed peonies in white and pastle pink needed - and times they are available price also needed. 30 to 40 double bloomed peonies in white and pastle pink needed - and times they are available
Australia, Queensland
Heirloom Iris for sale
Need to divide about every three to four years. They like full sun and bloom in zone 4 to 9 end or May to the beginning of June. Have heirloom iris bulbs for sale. They have been in my husbands family for 80 years.
United States, Indiana
Tiny Tortuga Turtlehead | Pink Native Flower for Sale
Prices start at : 18.95 USD / 1-Quart

The brilliant blooms feature opposite pairs of leaves, forming a Snapdragon-like appearance. Bring beautiful blooms and foliage to your waterside plantings and shady wooded spots with Tiny Tortuga! This often overlooked native is a dream to grow in the...
United States, South Carolina
Walking Iris
Prices start at : 16.99 USD / 5 fans

Browse my store for additional items. Grower Jims Plants and Produce has been farming the same land for 30 years. I use NO chemicals, either natural or man-made, and no products are GMOs. I grow many lesser-known crops that are not widely available from...
United States, California
African Iris
Prices start at : 33.95 USD / #1 Container range: 2.3 - 3.7 quarts (2.5 - 4 liters)

Your African iris is a magnificent Iris variety, with 3-inch blooms shooting up amid the lance leaf-like foliage from spring through fall. The gorgeous blossoms are pristine white, accented with shades of yellow and lavender.
United States, Nebraska