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Lightweight With Glade Tough Odor Solutions
Prices start at : 19.99 USD

TidyLock with Ammonia Blocker gives you powerful odor control. It was compounded by being able to order it and have it delivered to my home. An unstoppable combo. Glade Tough Odor Solutions gives you a fresh floral scent.
  •  Strong clumps easy cleanup
  •  Pleasant floral scent - Clean Blossoms
  •  Prevents ammonia odor for 2 weeks
  •  17 lbs. pail
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 14.75 x 12 x 9.5 inches.
Triple Action Scented Cat Litter
Prices start at : 18.99 USD

  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 14 x 9.5 x 7.75 inches.
  •  High quality, clumping clay absorbs and traps liquid
  •  Inner pouch has a no-mess spout and is resealable
  •  Activated carbon and plant extracts eliminate odors
4 oz Adult Crunchy & Yummy Tuna Cat Treats
Prices start at : 1.99 USD

Katy is a very picky eater! When it gets hot and I cannot get her to eat ANYthing else unless it is "people food out of my hand!" she will devour these Tuna crunchy treats! Excellent product!
  •  Your cat will love the crunch and control tartar at the same time maintaining good dental health
  •  Each treat is under 1.5 calories so no need to restrict treat time
  •  Crunchy treat by Purina that is as delicious and savory as its name, Whisker Lickin's
  •  Treats come in a wide variety of fun shapes with a crunchy texture
  •  Formulated for adult cats 1 year of age and older
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 6.5 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches.
40 lb Scoopable Unscented Clay Cat Litter
Prices start at : 9.99 USD

Please bring back the green box fomula!!! This the second time since I started purchasing this littler it has been have changed. Read the reviews in the last month. But is not convenient for use I would pay twice what I was paying for the pre-change formula...
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 13.8 x 12 x 7.5 inches.
  •  Hypoallergenic low dust clay litter allows you to breathe easily in your home
  •  With the Fleet Farm Litter Delight Cat Litter, you can forget about odors and litter dust permeating through your home
  •  Weight: Approximately: 41.67 pounds
  •  Instant clumping on contact
Feline Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor Cat Dental Treats
Prices start at : 9.99 USD

Cats won't touch this latest version. I have been using for years. I honestly can't recommend with them frequently changing formulas. I have seen them go from green, to brown, to green with brown specks now.
  •  Model # 255132
  •  Contains chicken meal, wheat, brown rice, and corn gluten meal
  •  FELINE GREENIES Dental Treats offer complete nutrition and help your cat maintain good dental care
  •  Feed as a snack or treat in conjunction with your cat� regular diet
  •  Unique shape and crunchy texture that's proven to reduce tartar
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 6.75 x 4.9 x 4 inches.
Party Mix Adult Gravy-licious Chicken & Gravy Crunch Cat Treats
Prices start at : 3.39 USD

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] My cat eats her friskies on the dryer so dogs don't eat her to that is a water heater where her friskies party mix is kept she will climb across and knock over the bag of treats instead of...
  •  Formulated for adult cats 1 year of age and older
  •  Low-calorie treat makes it the perfect anytime snack
  •  Weight: Approximately: .4 pounds
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Protein rich cat treat with real chicken as the number 1 ingredient plus savory gravy flavor packed into every crispy bite
  •  Treat your cat with the flavor that makes everything taste better, a spoonful of meaty gravy
Breeze Cat Litter System
Prices start at : 32.99 USD

  •  Disposable cat pads absorbs and controls urine odor for up to 1 month
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Features a pull out tray for disposable cat pads
  •  Dehydrating pellets dehydrate solid waste and help minimize tracking
  •  Includes 1 box litter tray with scoop, 1 bag of litter pellets, 1 pk. of 4 cat pads
Wilderness Adult Chicken & Turkey Soft Moist Cat Treats
Prices start at : 3.99 USD

BLUE Wilderness Chicken & Turkey soft-moist cat treats are the perfect way to cater to your feline's inner carnivore. Loaded with real chicken and turkey, these soft-moist treats have the flavor your cat craves.
  •  Formulated for all adult breeds
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 7.25 x 6.4 x 1.1 inches.
  •  Lean protein in each treat supports healthy muscles for the pouncing, stalking, and chasing your cat loves to do
  •  Great choice for cats with food allergies or food sensitivities
  •  Weight: Approximately: .14 pounds
  •  Each soft, moist bite-size treat is loaded with real chicken and turkey flavors to reward your four-legged friend the perfect way
Katz Kuddlerz Safari Print Cat Toy Assorted
Prices start at : 5.79 USD

  •  Elongated catnip filled plush toy with crinkle and feathers
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 20 x 3.5 x 2.8 inches.
  •  Weight: Approximately: .19 pounds
  •  Selection may vary by store
LightWeight With Glade Clumping Litter - 8.5 Lb.
Prices start at : 12.49 USD

TidyLock with Ammonia Blocker gives you powerful odor control. Glade Tough Odor Solutions gives you a fresh floral scent. Light as a feather, fresh as a blossom. An unstoppable combo.
  •  Weight: Approximately: 10.4 pounds
  •  Locks in moisture, powerful odor control
  •  Pleasant floral scent - Clean Blossoms
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 13.5 x 9 x 6.25 inches.
  •  Strong odor control for multiple cats
  •  50% Lighter, 100% Glade Tough Odor Solutions fresh
1.6 oz All Life Stages Salmon Flavor Pill Pocket Cat Treats
Prices start at : 5.99 USD

I've learned it's not the product, it's the pills in question. They're the number one veterinarian- recommended choice for giving pills. Don't be afraid to try the different flavors, and if you need two use them! At least if they don't work, you will...
  •  Model # GRN02142
  •  Cats love the soft morsels and the built-in pouch makes it easy for you to conceal most pill capsules or tablets making sure your cat gets the full benefit of their medicine
  •  Contains probiotics for intestinal health
  •  Includes one 1.6 oz package with approximately 45 pill pocket treats
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 7.4 x 4.8 x 1.5 inches.
  •  Each treat is only 3 calories each, a much healthier alternative to putting pills in human food
Party Mix 20 oz Adult Treasure Island Flavor Crunch Cat Treats
Prices start at : 7.99 USD

They love the Friskies snacks [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] What a bountiful delight! Every crunchy, yummy, delicious bite lets your cat know loud and clear - it's Party Time! Eve is finicky but the soup bowl seriously went “too...
  •  Protein rich cat treat that is flavored with salmon, shrimp, and tuna so your feline friend is sure to get all the sensational seafood flavors they love
  •  Resealable canister with a twist-on lid keeps the treats fresh, easy to access, easy to store , and super crunchy
  •  Crunchy texture has a fantastic taste and helps to keep the teeth clean which promotes good dental health
  •  Fun-shaped treats you can toss to make your cat work for them and are easy to grab with their paws
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 6.6 x 4.3 x 4.1 inches.
  •  Model # 5000096307
ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box
Prices start at : 129.99 USD

It is wonderful, worth every penny of cost! My cat loves it too! Your cat will always have a clean, fresh-smelling litter box, and you'll enjoy a home that's effortlessly odor-free.
  •  Model # PAL00-14242
  •  Crystal cat litter absorbs urine and dehydrates solid waste to remove odors
  •  Weight: Approximately: 18 pounds
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 28.5 x 20.25 x 7 inches.
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Low-tracking crystals don't stick to your cat's feet and are 99% dust-free
Large Gray Litter Box Mat
Prices start at : 4.99 USD

I actually use these mats to protect the cat doorbell mats on my front and back porch (Yes, my cat is spoiled).
  •  Weight: Approximately: 1.16 pounds
  •  Soft rubber surface to keep mat in place
  •  Decorative design
  •  Designed to trap litter and prevent unwanted tracking throughout the house
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 23.5 x 16 x .2 inches.
Snag-Proof Cat Collar - Lilac Daisy
Prices start at : 2.95 USD

  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 6 x 2 x 1 inches.
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Decorative accent gives your kitty flair!
  •  3/8 in. wide snag-proof nylon web
Meaty Pate w/ Real Chicken & Tuna Cat Food
Prices start at : 0.44 USD

Soft grounds featuring real chicken and tuna make this 9Lives Meaty Pate' dinner a meal to remember. Plus with all the nutrition your cat needs for a healthy and happy life it's no surprise that this dinner is a favorite among felines.
  •  Flavor your cat will love with the nutrition it needs for a long, healthy life
  •  Feed an adult 6-8 lb cat or a 3 lb kitten (1) can twice a day - Adjust as needed for your cat's age and activity level
  •  Made with real chicken and tuna
  •  Weight: Approximately: .34 pounds
Look Who\'s Talking Cat Toy Assorted
Prices start at : 2.99 USD

  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 5.5 x 3.5 x 1.2 inches.
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Makes noise that attracts cats
  •  Catnip filled cat toy
Chicken & Cheddar Cheese Flavored Cat Treats
Prices start at : 1.49 USD

  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 8 x 4.5 x 2 inches to 8.5 x 6.25 x 2.4 inches depending on size selected.
  •  Resealable bag keeps treats fresh
  •  Crunchy treats with a delicious chicken and cheese flavor that cats love
  •  Feed 2 treats for each pound of body weight, not to exceed 10 treats per day
  •  2 fun shapes
Froggy Frolic Teaser Catnip Toy
Prices start at : 6.99 USD

  •  Packed with 100% pure & potent catnip
  •  Produced without chemicals or pesticides
  •  Weight: Approximately: .04 pounds
  •  Interactive cat toy allows you to use the ring to make the frog bounce and bob
Kitty Power Paws Brown & Tan Siberian Mountain Plush Cat Tree
Prices start at : 149.99 USD

  •  3 plush, dangling swat toys hang playfully from the cat bed, providing opportunities for jumping, pouncing, and play
  •  Features a comfy day bed with a round, making your kitten feel more secure and less vulnerable to sneak attacks
  •  Prevue Pet Products Kitty Power Paws Siberian Mountain Cat tree provides the perfect place for lounging, sleeping, scratching, hiding and playing
  •  Weight: Approximately: 47 pounds
  •  Jute rope scratching posts offer an appealing texture for cats, curbing inappropriate scratching behaviors
  •  Two jumping platforms provide your cat with room to jump and play
Yesterday\'s News Cat Litter - Unscented
Prices start at : 17.99 USD

  •  Made with recycled paper
  •  Paper pellets are 3x more absorbent than clay
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 26 x 16 x 3.5 inches.
  •  99.9% dust-free
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
Single Cat Scratcher
Prices start at : 4.99 USD

  •  Model # CS1
  •  Weight: Approximately: .6 pounds
  •  Includes KONG's premium North American catnip
  •  KONG's Naturals Cat Scratchers satisfy your cat's natural scratching instincts by encouraging appropriate scratching behavior
  •  Scratch pads are reversible for extended use
3 Blind Mice Catnip Toys - Assorted
Prices start at : 6.99 USD

  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 5 x 4 x 1.1 inches.
  •  Feathered mice catnip toys are irresistible to cats
  •  Assorted colors
  •  Filled with pure & potent catnip that drives cats wild
  •  Updated colors in ultra-soft plush with long fluffy feather tails
Adult Light Cat Food
Price : CALL

It has fewer calories than the Hill's Science Diet Adult Optimal Care? Original formula and contains L-carnitine to help your cat turn fat into energy. It also has a high fiber content to keep her satisfied between meals.
  • Life Stage: 1-6 Years
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Protein 35.5%, Fat 9%, Crude Fiber 4.8%
  • Ingredients: Brewers Rice, Corn Gluten Meal, Chicken By-Product Meal, Whole Grain Corn, Oat Fiber, Chicken Liver Flavor, Soybean Mill Run, Animal Fat (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols and Citric Acid), Powdered Cellulose , Lactic Acid, Dried Beet Pulp, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Sulfate, Soybean Oil, Choline Chloride, Taurine, Iodized Salt, Vitamin E Supplement, vitamins (L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate (source of vitamin C), Vitamin E Supplement, Niacin, Thiamine Mononitrate, Vitamin A Supplement, Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Folic Acid, Vitamin D3 Supplement), Fish Oil, minerals (Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Oxide, Copper Sulfate, Manganous Oxide, Calcium Iodate, Sodium Selenite), L-Carnitine, preserved with Mixed Tocopherols and Citric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Beta-Carotene, Rosemary Extract
Wholesome Essentials Adult Chicken & Whole Brown Rice Recipe Dry Indoor Cat Food
Prices start at : 0.89 USD

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Indoor Adult Farm-Raised Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Cat Food always starts with great tasting chicken and contains a unique blend of whole grains. This natural cat food provides fiber for healthy digestion and essential...
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 17.75 x 8.5 x 5 inches.
  •  Contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  •  The Adult Farm-Raised Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe features farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient for clean nutrition in every bite with plenty of protein for healthy muscles
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Formulated with ideal calorie content to help maintain a healthy weight for indoor cats
  •  Formulated for indoor adult cats 1 year and older
Super Scoop Clumping Litter - Fragrance Free
Prices start at : 14.99 USD

It combines powerful baking soda crystals with ammonia odor neutralizers to eliminate the toughest odors on contact. Great for fragrance sensitive cats and their owners. An odor free home starts with ARM & HAMMER Super Scoop Clumping Litter with Ammonia...
  •  Provides rock-solid clumping for easy removal
  •  Weight: Approximately: 42 pounds
  •  99% dust free
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 13 x 11.75 x 6 inches.
Temptations Adult Jumbo Stuff Chicken Flavor Cat Treats
Prices start at : 3.19 USD

If your kitty is BIG on chicken flavor, this treat will get her purr engine revving! New TEMPTATIONS JUMBO STUFF Tasty Chicken cat treats are BIGGER TREATS with more of the IRRESISTIBLE filling that they love.
  •  Crunchy outer shell helps to control tartar buildup to support good dental health
  •  Treats are packaged in a convenient lock and seal pouch for maximum freshness
  •  Weight: Approximately: .36 pounds
  •  Delicious and protein rich jumbo-stuffed chicken treat for a huge and delightful taste and flavor your cat will fall in love with
  •  With a low calorie count in each treat these little goodies are the perfect reward or snack that can be easily given daily
  •  A 100% nutritionally complete and balanced diet option
Adult Cat & Kitten Wet Food 5.5 Oz.
Price : CALL

Enhanced with vitamins, minerals and superfoods such as pumpkin, quinoa, cranberries and blueberries, this easily digestible canned formula is designed to meet the everyday needs of your cat.
  • Size: 5.5 oz.
  • Flavor: Chicken or White Fish Chicken
  • Model Number: 261
Glowing Collar - Glowing Lime Skulls
Prices start at : 5.19 USD

  •  Breakaway safety buckle will release if collar is caught
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Adjusts from 8-12 inches
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 9 x 1.4 x .6 inches.