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AmeriVap Systems Vapor Blitz II
Prices start at : 2699.99 USD / Each

No chemicals translate into reduced chemical expense, and no MSDA training or MSDS administration. Bed Bugs Dust Mites Hotel/Motel Industry Restaurant/Food Service/Hospitality QSR and Casual Dining Supermarket and C-stores Healthcare Industry Rent To...
Protecta EVO Mouse Bait Station
Prices start at : 7.72 USD / Mouse Station

It is a versatile and time efficient mouse-sized bait station - expertly designed for professional results. Mice Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use Place Station near Baseboards, Corners, along Walls 6" x 3 7/8" x 1 1/4" The station can hold two...
Tandem Pro 2000CV SSX Mop (Mop Only)
Prices start at : 599 USD / Each

For use with the Tandem Peo 2000CV Steam Cleaner Heavy-duty steam mop cleans floors vertical surfaces and even ceilings.
Tebuconazole 3.6F
Prices start at : 87.89 USD / 1 Gallon

Its low use rates and easy to mix formulation makes Tebuconazole 3.6F convenient to apply. Brown Patch Dollar Spot Necrotic ring spot Anthracnose Fusarium Patch Gray leaf spot Snow molds Nursery Landscape Turf (non-residential) Golf Courses Preventive...
Tandem Pro 2000CV
Prices start at : 3999 USD / Each

The 6-bar steam pressure and an accessory kit that is second to none make the Tandem Pro an ideal chemical-free alternative for cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces encountered in commercial cleaning settings.
PO-267 1 gallon Pump Cylinder
Prices start at : 24.26 USD / Each

Description: replacement pump cylinder for 1 gallon B&G sprayers Material/Construction: Brass Used For: replacement brass pump cylinder Features: Sold by the individual part PO-267 (22027500) by B&G Equipment Company is specifically sold for use as a...
Contrac Meal Bulk Rodent Bait
Prices start at : 93.55 USD / 25 Pound Bag

Contrac Meal Bulk will kill the target pests in 4-5 days after initial feeding. Contrac Meal Bulk should be kept away from pets, children, and non-target animals. These rodents can consume a lethal dose in one nights feeding.
Catchmaster Rat Glue Boards - Glue Tray 48R
Prices start at : 14.66 USD / 2 Pack

Many of our customers prefer Glue Traps as a form of rodent control because it is a cheaper alternative to other control methods and does not require the use of toxic chemicals. Hercules Putty comes in each package to secure to floor.
  •  Catchmaster Rat Glue Boards are inexpensive.
  •  Catchmaster Rat Glue Boards do not require the use any toxic baits
  •  Catchmaster Rat Glue Boards are simple and easy to use..
Barricade 4FL Herbicide
Prices start at : 164.99 USD / 1 Gallon

Purchase Barricade 4FL Herbicide Today and Get Free Shipping! Good to be used on more than 221+ species of ornamentals. The maximum application rate for Bermudagrass, Bahiagrass, Centipedegrass, Kikuyugrass, Seashore Paspalum, St. Augustinegrass, Tall...
Essentria IC3 Natural Pesticide
Prices start at : 32.93 USD / 1 Gallon

Turf and Ornamental: Ants Aphids Armyworms Bagworms Beetles Billbugs Chinch bugs Chiggers Crickets Cutworms Earwigs Fleas Grasshoppers Hyperodes weevils (adults) Japanese beetles (adults) Lace bugs Mealybugs Mites Mole crickets Scale insects Sod webworms...
Genus Fli Fly Light
Prices start at : 162.91 USD / Each

Dimensions (H:W:D)535mm x 299mm x 86mm (21in x 11.7in x 3.4in) Weight 2.9kg (6.39lb) Power 30 Watts Unique design features for low and high angle and sideways UVa transmission to attract more flies faster.
Mantis Flylight 1x2 (110V)
Prices start at : 176.54 USD / Black

Each flylight does come with a light bulb(s) and one glue board(s) already installed in the unit ready to be plugged in and start catching flies. Flying insects There is really no absolute rule to fly light positioning but they do need to be positioned...
Alpine Termite And Ant Foam
Prices start at : 26.87 USD / 20 Ounce Can

With Alpine Foam you can treat subterranean and drywood termites, including termite swarm sites and localized termite infestations in wall voids and other areas. Ants (including Argentine foraging Carpenter Ghost Pharaoh White Footed; Excluding: Fire...
B&G Versafoamer HH - 1 Gallon Foamer
Prices start at : 176.54 USD / Each

There is an optional plastic drain tip that can be used to apply Microfoam EF microbial cleaner to floor drains. The Versafoamer HH is designed for years of dependable service and most replacement parts are interchangeable with the standard B&G 1 Gallon...
E-Pro Insecticide
Prices start at : 31.56 USD / 1.25 Gallon

Feet of surface. Permethrin 36.8% Solution per 1000 cubic feet of surface. Per 1 gallon water; apply 2 oz. E-Pro in 2-1/2 gallons water to treat 64-80 head. To 10 gallons of diesel or mineral oil; apply 1 gallon solution per 750 sq.
Nitrile Chemical Gloves- Green
Prices start at : 3.98 USD / Each

Because this synthetic rubber is created from the acrylonitrile monomer 2 it makes them extremely resistant to chemicals. Before using our gloves take care to read all labels and precaution for recommended PPE gloves for the specific product you plan...
Naprovit Pro Plus Natural Misting Chemical
Prices start at : 89.99 USD / 64 Ounce

An automatic misting system dilution table is found on the label depending on the tank size of your misting equipment. This product can be used indoors in animal shelters, boat houses, daycare, fruit packing, kitchens, mobile homes, ship holds, attics,...
Brio Pro 1000CC Microfiber Wall Mop Pad
Prices start at : 18 USD / Each

For use with the Brio Pro 1000CC wall cleaner attachment They are secured with four elastic straps and a reinforced sleeve to hold the pad in place. Microfiber pads for the SaniSteamª floor mop are washable and reusable.
B&G Flex-A-Lite 2600 Fogger
Prices start at : 260.93 USD / Each

Flying insects and crawling insects such as ants cockroaches fleas food product pests (grain beetles weevils and moths) fabric pests such as clothes moths drywood termites silverfish etc.
Camelot O
Prices start at : 129.37 USD / 1 Gallon

Use Camelot O in a disease control program at 0.5 to 2.0 gallons per 100 gallons (64 to 256 fl. Controls Anthracnose Black Spot Dollar Spot Leaf Spots Powdery Mildew from developing on plant surfaces Greenhouses Herb/Vegetable Crops Shadehouse and Turgrass...
Trapper Monitor & Insect Trap
Prices start at : 0.49 USD / Each

Trapper Monitor & Insect Traps can be used by itself as a monitoring tool for any rodent or insect activity or it can be used as part of a program for insect or rodent control alongside baits, insecticides and other form of pest management.
Armadillo Scram Repellent
Prices start at : 121.49 USD / 25 Pound Bag

Where the area permits, apply Armadillo Scram Professional in a band at least 30 ft. Using a rotary spreader, cover the entire areas where armadillos are with a 2-phase application over a tho week period.
Sevin SL Carbaryl Insecticide
Prices start at : 132.99 USD / 2.5 Gallon

Carefully review the entire product label before use. Suitable for use in/on ornamental trees and plants turfgrass brassica (Cole) leafy vegetable crops fruiting vegetables leafy vegetables pasture and grasses grown for seed rangeland and more.
Kaput Combo Bait Mini Pellets Place Packs
Prices start at : 32.55 USD / 22 Pound

Also, remember to put all food supplies in hard to reach places and away from the floor where rodents can get them. Rats: Apply 4-16 blocks per placement in intervals of 15 to 30 feet in infested areas.
3M Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator 7800S-M
Prices start at : 37.99 USD / Each

Cartridges are not included Available in air purifying respirator (APR), supplied air and powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) Compatible with attachable welding shield, Compatible with certain first responder cartridges, Compatible with certain powered...
  •  Can be used with a passive or electronic clip-on welding lens
  •  Double-flange faceseal and 6 adjustable straps help provide a secure fit
Cynoff Insecticide Dust
Prices start at : 24.14 USD / 1 Pound

Cynoff Insecticide Dust is applied at 0.5 of a pound per 1,000 square feet. Cynoff Insecticide Dust should be placed where children and pets will not be exposed to it. Zeta Cypermethrin 0.075%, Piperonyl Butoxide 0.150%
Universal Extension Pole
Prices start at : 19.59 USD / Each

Use with yellow or blue duster heads. Part number - 1730BK-2S Strong steel pole measures 71.25-inches collapsed and with 2-separate sections totaling 125-inches long when fully extended.
Exocutor 30 Fly Light
Prices start at : 163.33 USD / Each

Staggered tube positioning ensures that the maximum amount of UV light is radiated from all areas of the unit, luring flying insects into the highly effective triangular killing grid.
Catchmaster 96M Mouse Tray
Prices start at : 0.48 USD / Each

Great for use in: Kitchens Resturants residences food processing plants food plants zoos and other sensitive areas where the use of poison is discouraged or prohibited. Of catching space, it is the largest the industry has to offer! Simply pull Catchmaster...