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Insectrin X Permethrin Concentrate - 8 Oz.
Prices start at : 6.99 USD

  •  Mix with water or CT neutral oil for use as a spray
  •  Weight: Approximately: .56 pounds
  •  Mix with CT neutral oil for cattle backrubber use to control horn flies, face flies, horseflies, ticks and ear ticks
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 4.75 x 3.25 x 1.63 inches.
  •  Contains 10% Permethrin
Metered Air Freshener Refill - Cinnamon & Spice
Prices start at : 4.89 USD

  •  Odor-control fragrance
  •  Weight: Approximately: .75 pounds
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 5.63 x 2.75 x 2.75 inches.
  •  Can be used in dispenser (sold separately), or on its own
6.9 Oz Equine Mosquito & Fly Spray
Prices start at : 9.89 USD

  •  For use in the Country Vet Maximum Strength Metered Dispenser (sold separately)
  •  Contains 1.76% Pyrethrins from chrysanthemum flowers to effectively kill and repel flies
  •  Model # 342033CVA
  •  EPA Registered and USDA rated for use in food processing and handling areas
  •  Weight: Approximately: .75 pounds
Insectrin Dust Bag Kit
Prices start at : 59.99 USD

  •  Model # 1499610
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: NJ WV CA AR NM VA ME DC DE MT CT NV NC PA
  •  Kit includes 1 12.5 lb cartridge ProZap Zipcide Dust and a refillable mildew-resistant canvas dust bag
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 18.38 x 15.75 x 4.25 inches.
2.5 Gal Backrubber & Pour-On Insecticide
Prices start at : 40.99 USD

  •  For use on beef cattle, dairy cattle (lactating and non-lactating) and swine
  •  Model # 0896010
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 14.5 x 8.5 x 6.5 inches.
  •  Ready to use insecticide to be applied directly or with the use of back rubbers to livestock
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
Sticky Roll Deluxe Hardware Kit
Prices start at : 41.99 USD

  •  USDA testing shows it captured 92% of available flies
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Weight: Approximately: 4.02 pounds
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 10.3 x 8.55 x 7.1 inches.
  •  Extra refills sold separately
  •  Safe and effective system is easy to install
1 Qt 13.3% Permethrin Concentrate
Prices start at : 21.49 USD

  •  Use on beef and dairy cattle, horses, sheep, goats, swine, poultry, dog kennels and back rubbers
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA NY
  •  Makes up to 266 gallons
  •  Weight: Approximately: 2 pounds
Bovi Strips
Prices start at : 12.89 USD

  •  Simply tie the Bovi-Strips to the Bovi-Rub for additional insecticide application to the face & sides of cattle & other livestock
  •  The Bovi-Strips face flaps are designed for use with the Bovi-Rub for effective & economical control of face flies, horn flies, lice & ticks on cattle & other livestock
  •  Superior wicking action allows for low stress application of insecticides
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 14.5 x 5 x 3.5 inches.
25 Oz DyFly Aerosol Insecticide
Prices start at : 19.89 USD

  •  Kills and repels house flies, horn flies, gnats, mosquitoes, roaches, waterbugs, sowbugs, ants, crickets, wasps and hornets and more
  •  Contains 0.5% Pyrethrin and 5% PBO
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 12.25 x 2.63 x 2.63 inches.
  •  Safe for use in bottling plants, breweries, homes, bakeries and more
2.5 Gal Beef & Dairy Ready-To-Use Insecticide
Prices start at : 29.99 USD

  •  Model # 1146010
  •  Weight: Approximately: 18 pounds
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Can be applied by spray or fog
  •  Contains 1% Vapona
Aqueous Fly Spray Pyrethrin RTU - Gal.
Prices start at : 17.99 USD

  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Leaves no oily residue
  •  Weight: Approximately: 7.5 pounds
  •  Ready-to-use water based insecticide for use on horses and cattle to control flies, mosquitoes and gnats
Milky Spore Powder 40 oz Organic Japanese Beetle Grub Control
Prices start at : 79.87 USD / each

Milky Spore is a bacteria that attacks the larvae stage of the Japanese beetle. Just apply and water in. One application kills Japanese Beetle grubs for 10-years guaranteed. Certified organic, it is safe for use around pets, water supplies and will not...
  •  Organic - certified by OMRI
  •  1-application is guaranteed to last 10-years
  •  Safe for Edibles
  • Product Depth (in.): 8.25 in
  • Product Height (in.): 10.25 in
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
16 oz. Aerosol Carpenter Bee and Ground-Nesting Yellow jacket Killer Foam
Prices start at : 4.17 USD / each

Carpenter Bee and Ground-Nesting Yellow jacket Killer Foaming Aerosol features an expanding foam spray to provide coverage in hard-to-reach areas. This spray is designed to kill yellow jackets and carpenter bees on contact.
  •  DIY pest control kills carpenter bees and ground-nesting yellow jackets
  •  Use to treat active nests
  •  Kills carpenter bees and ground-nesting yellow jackets on contact
  • Concentrated or Ready to Use: Ready to use
  • Product Depth (in.): 2.78 in
  • Application Type: Aerosol
10 lbs. Lawn and Yard Insect Killer Granular
Prices start at : 13.62 USD / each

It is made with a naturally derived botanical oil, and is safe around children and pets. 1 bag covers up to 20,000 sq. EcoLogic Lawn and Yard Insect Killer Granular kills ants, fleas, ticks and other insects as listed.
  •  Made with a naturally derived botanical oil
  •  Kills ants, fleas, spiders, mosquitos and other listed insects
  •  Kills ants, cockroaches and other insects as listed
  • Product Height (in.): 3.5
  • Pest Type: Ants,Aphids,Armyworms,Beetles,Chinch Bugs,Crickets,Cutworms,Fleas,Leafhoppers,Mealybugs,Mosquitos,Palmetto Bugs,Roaches,Sod Webworms,Spiders,Ticks
  • Product Width (in.): 12
10 oz. Milky Spore Powder Japanese Beetle Grub Control
Prices start at : 29.83 USD / each

The milky spores grow and multiply inside the grubs killing them in days and then they are released back into the soil as the grub decomposes where they will lay dormant until another grub comes along and repeats the process.
  •  1 application is guaranteed to kill Japanese beetle grubs for 10-years
  •  Kills larvae (grub) stage of Japanese beetle
  •  1 application is guaranteed to work for 10-years
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
  • Returnable: 90-Day
  • Pest Type: Grubs
4 lb. Fire Ant Killer Granules
Prices start at : 5.92 USD / each

Apply the granules directly to the mound. Control fire ants around your home with Compare-N-Save fire ant killer granules. Bag will treat up to 1,000 sq.
  •  4 lb. bag treats up to 1,000 sq. ft.
  •  Apply directly to the mound
  •  Controls fire ants around homes, lawns and landscapes
  • Pest Type: Fire Ants
  • Organic: No
  • Pest Common Name: Ants
GoodEarth - Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth
Prices start at : 12.98 USD / bag

Use in animal feed. Use around the home and garden. 100% food grade diatomaceous earth.
  •  Safe for Edibles
  •  100% food grade diatomaceous earth
  •  100% organic
  • Product Depth (in.): 6
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor,Outdoor
  • Application Type: Dust
2 lb. Fire Ant Bait
Prices start at : 18.97 USD / each

Once you distribute a circle of bait around the mound, it's only a matter of time before the worker fire ants share it with the queen. After the queen eats it and dies, her colony dies with her.
  •  For outdoor use
  •  Destroys visible and hidden mounds
  •  Kills the queen fast
  • Safe for Pets: No
  • Product Depth (in.): 4.25 in
  • Application Type: Bait
Home Defense Max 2.5 lbs. Ready-to-Use Insect Killer Granules
Prices start at : 6.98 USD / each

Simply apply Ortho Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Granules around the perimeter of your home foundation for up to 3 months of control. Whether you have ants, spiders, centipedes, or other home-invading insects, you can count on Ortho to keep them out.
  •  People and pets may re-enter area after product is watered in and allowed to dry
  •  Kills ants, spiders, centipedes and other listing, home-invading insects
  •  Treats an average 2,000 sq. ft. home more than twice
  • Concentrated or Ready to Use: Ready to use
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
  • Product Height (in.): 10.8 in
Ant Attack Ant Eliminator
Prices start at : 14.54 USD / package

Dual action control- attacks and kills young ant larvae in nests and repels adult ants from building new nests in treated areas. Simple spray the nematodes where ants commonly build nest in lawns or along garden borders.
  •  Controls common red and black ants
  •  Safe for Pets
  •  Safe for Edibles
  •  Rain-fast, so no need to reapply after rain fall, moisture helps nematodes last longer in the soil and further penetrate ant nests
  • Concentrated or Ready to Use: Ready to use
  • Product Width (in.): 3 in
Chinch Bug Busters Chinch Bug Eliminator
Prices start at : 23.56 USD / each

Each package contains the toughest nematodes on the planet which kill southern and hairy chinch bug. It's an easy 3 Step application, just open the package pour the nematodes and surfactant into your hose end sprayer (or watering can), fill with water...
  •  Organic
  •  Works on all chinch bug species (common, southern and hairy chinch bug), as well as other mobile turf and garden pests such as billbugs, sod webworms and cutworms
  •  Safe for people and pets to use treated area immediately after use
  •  Safe for Pets
  • Product Height (in.): 3 in
  • Pest Common Name: Fleas
16 oz. Neem Oil
Prices start at : 23.99 USD / each

70% Neem Oil is a broad spectrum insecticide, miticide and fungicide that controls numerous diseases as well as mites and insects. Use it on vegetables, fruit trees and ornamentals.
  •  Contact insecticide and miticide that kills aphids, scales, whiteflies, leaf rollers, mites and more along with their larvae and eggs
  •  Covers up to 5,000 sq. ft.
  •  Preventative and curative fungicide that controls powdery mildew, rust, scab, black spot and more
  • Product Height (in.): 9 in
  • Product Width (in.): 4 in
  • Returnable: 90-Day
1 lb. Ant Killer Dust
Prices start at : 6.19 USD / each

Ideal for crack and crevice treatments, as well as application directly to fire ant hills, Terro Ant Dust can be used both indoors and out. The waterproof dust won't wash away in the rain and will remain effective up to eight months.
  •  Contains deltamethrin [(s)-alpha-cyano-3-phenoxybenzyl-(1R,3R)-3-(2-2 dibromovinyl)-2,2-dimethyl cyclopropanecarboxylate] (0.05%) and other ingredients (99.95%)
  •  Ideal for crack and crevice treatments
  • Product Height (in.): 10 in
  • Returnable: 90-Day
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
  • Product Width (in.): 3.1 in
32 oz. Ready-to-Use Bug Killer
Prices start at : 7.32 USD / each

Use in your lawn care throughout the growing season to kill insects with short pre-harvest intervals for edibles. Spray thoroughly on all surfaces of plants to control nuisance pests such as fleas, ticks, spiders, Japanese beetles and outdoor roaches.
  •  Safe for Edibles
  •  Trusted for over 50 years
  • Concentrated or Ready to Use: Ready to use
  • Pest Common Name: Ants,Aphids,Bed Bugs,Beetles,Caterpillars,Earwigs,Fleas,Rats,Ticks,Worms
  • Pest Type: Ants,Armyworms,Aster Leafhoppers,Bed Bugs,Brown Dog Ticks,Crickets,Cucumber Beetles,Cutworms,Earwigs,European Corn Borers,Firebrats,Flea Beetles,Fleas,Japanese Beetles,June Beetles,Lace Bugs,Leafhoppers,Leafrollers,Mealybugs,Millipedes,Rose Aphids,Squash Bugs,Tent Caterpillars,Thrips,Ticks,Tomato Hornworms and Tobacco Hornworms
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
10.5 b. Diatomaceous Earth Food
Prices start at : 21.99 USD / each

5 Lb. Harris Ground Fresh 100% Diatomaceous Earth is a natural product. It is OMRI listed with the Organic Minerals Research Institute and meets organic use standards. Use to protect your garden plants.
  •  OMRI listed with the organic minerals Research Institute
  •  Use to protect your garden plants
  •  Safe for Edibles
  •  Safe for Pets
  • Returnable: 90-Day
  • Product Width (in.): 11 in
20 lbs. Roundup for Lawns Bug Destroyer
Prices start at : 26.97 USD / each

Plus, it keeps on killing for up to 3-months. Roundup For Lawns Bug Destroyer is a dual-action formula that kills bugs above and below the lawn's surface. It kills 100+ listed insects, including ants, grubs, spiders, fleas, ticks, fire ants, sod webworms...
  •  Safe for Pets
  •  Kills ants (including fire ants), armyworms, billbugs, chiggers, chinch bugs, European crane fly larvae, fleas, grubs, mole crickets
  •  Won't harm lawns
  •  Kills over 100 listed insects and keeps killing for 3 months
  •  Roundup For Lawns Bug Destroyer is a dual-action formula
  • Safe for Edibles: No
32 oz. Fogging Insecticide
Prices start at : 10.47 USD / each

The Cutter 32 oz. Fogging Insecticide kills mosquitoes and biting flies. Designed to help keep outdoor gatherings and your home's exterior areas comfortable. This insecticide is ready to use (no mixing required) so that you can begin treating areas right...
  •  Same effective system used by professionals to kill mosquitoes
  •  Safe for Edibles
  •  For outdoor use only
  •  Safe for Pets
  • Pest Common Name: Flies,Mosquitos
  • Product Height (in.): 10.25 in
10 lb. Bug-B-Gon Max Insect Killer for Lawns
Prices start at : 6.97 USD / each

It kills 100+ insects including ants, fleas, ticks, chinch bugs, spiders, sod webworms, and armyworms. It kills both above and below the surface. Bag will treat up to 10,000 sq. So, whether you see insects or not, your lawn is protected.
  •  Rids your lawn of over 100 types of insects including ticks
  •  Use from lawns to vegetable gardens
  •  Works above and below ground for up to 3 months
  •  Continues killing for up to 3 months for an insect-free lawn
  • Pest Type: Ants,Armyworms,Beetles,Carpenter Ants,Chiggers,Chinch Bugs,Codling Moths,Crickets,Cutworms,Earwigs,Firebrats,Flea Beetles,Fleas,Harvester Ants,Leafhoppers,Locusts (Grasshoppers),Mealybugs,Mole Crickets,Moths,Palmetto Weevil,Pecan Weevils,Potato Leafhoppers,Scorpions,Sod Webworms,Sowbugs and Pillbugs,Spiders,Taxus Weevils,Ticks,Weevils,White Footed Ants
  • Product Depth (in.): 3.00 in
Bed Bug Mattress and Box Spring Protective Covers King (2-Pack)
Prices start at : 87.87 USD / each

Fabric is comfortable and breathes well. Mattress and Box Spring Cover King Size (2 Pack). Protects mattress and box springs from invasive insects. Fits mattresses up to 16 in. Prevents stains on your mattress.

Bed Bugs

    • Concentrated or Ready to Use: Ready to use
    • Fabric is comfortable and breathes well: Yes
    • Product Depth (in.): 10.5 in
    • Pest Common Name: Bed Bugs
    • Pest Type: Bed Bugs
    • Returnable: 90-Day