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Pest Disease Controls Garden Supplies For Sale In Aurora

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Gopher and Mole Repellers, Set of 12
Prices start at : 9.95 USD

Gopher and mole repellent pegs contain an organic mix of soybean oil and garlic that, when dropped down a hole, "blast" the animals' tunnels with an offensive smell that drives them away.
  •  Note: Pegs are strong smelling; wearing gloves when handling is recommended
  •  Package of 12 repeller pegs
  •  Safe for plants, pets and children
  •  Effective, long-lasting and humane deterrent for gophers and moles
Pest Fence
Prices start at : 69.95 USD

Soft polyethylene mesh and sturdy plastic poles provide a barrier around vulnerable plants. The solid plastic fence poles have pointed ends so they're easy to push into the ground.
  •  Prevent dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals from getting into your garden
  •  Polyethylene mesh and poles, polypropylene clips
  •  Fence is 131 feet L x 42" H
  •  Easy to set up, no tools required
Chicken Wire Cloche
Prices start at : 24.95 USD

In the garden, this chicken wire cloche protects prized seedlings, lettuce plants and ripening strawberries from nibbling wildlife and curious cats. Indoors, place it over an arrangement of houseplants, candles or curios to transform them from ordinary...
  •  Place over houseplants to keep cats at bay
  •  16" in diameter x 12-1/2" H
  •  Create tabletop displays with vintage charm
  •  Protect seedlings from nibbling wildlife
Go Awaytm Deer and Rabbit Repellent Spray
Prices start at : 14.95 USD

To effectively repel deer, rabbits and tree squirrels, spray this product on foliage, stems, buds, fruits and blooms. This product can also be used to repel animals from chewing wood structures and fences.
  •  Protects gardens and valuable landscaping
  •  ​Active ingredient: capsaicin and other capsaicinoids
  •  For application on fruits, vegetables, flowers, ornamentals and grasses
  •  Made with hot pepper extract
Diatomaceous Earth, 5 Lbs.
Prices start at : 23.95 USD

Made from the mineral remains of single-cell aquatic plants, diatomaceous earth is a super-fine dust that kills by abrading and dehydrating crawling insects. Apply as a dust or a slurry.
  •  For use indoors or out
  •  Kills insects in 24 to 48 hours
  •  5 lbs.
  •  Diatomaceous earth (including silicone dioxide, other oxides and moisture) 100%
Bonide Copper Fungicide
Prices start at : 24.95 USD / 16 OZ Concentrate

For controlling early and late blight, leaf spots, downy mildew, anthracnose and certain other fungal diseases on various vegetables, flowers, ornamentals and fruits. Won't burn plants.
Garden Disease Control Spray Seed, Pest and Disease
Prices start at : 15.00 USD / Quart

A natural spray that treats several garden diseases! Powered by a naturally occurring microorganism that preys on disease causing bacteria, ready-to-use Garden Disease Control treats plants afflicted with powdery mildew, rust, leaf spots and more.
  • Dimensions: 5 x 3 x 11 in
  • Weight: 2.75 lbs
Prices start at : 10.95 USD / 0.75 lbs

Fights lawn diseases too! Product Flyer – PDF Product Label – PDF Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) – PDF DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Proportions vary for lawn, root or foliar application.
  • brand: Novozymes
Sluggo – 10 Lb.
Prices start at : 58.00 USD / 1 Unit

Non-toxic to children, pets, or wildlife. A unique blend of mollusk bait and iron phosphate, a naturally occurring soil mineral that breaks down into fertilizer. Ingestion causes feeding to cease for immediate plant protection, and death within 3-6 days.
  •  Organic Seeds, Plants, and Supplies
  •  OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) Listed
EndAll Insect Killing Soap Seed, Pest and Disease
Prices start at : 40.00 USD / 1 Gallon

Gentle on Plants, Killer on 45 Different Insects! Organic Insect Killing soap is an effective, ready-to-use spray that kills 45 different insect species in any stage of life, from egg to adult.
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 5 x 3 x 11 in
Garden Fungicide
Prices start at : 6.95 USD / 3.00 lbs

Purchase by the case and save! Please call 1-800-289-6656 for pricing. Can be used up until the day of harvest. Spray at 7 to 10 day intervals following rain, or as needed. Available as a 32 oz ready-to-use spray (shown) or as a 16 oz concentrate —...
  • brand: Safer Brand
Summerweight Garden Fabric
Prices start at : 8.95 USD

Ideal for summertime pest control, this garden cover effectively screens out Japanese beetles, potato beetles, cabbage worms, leaf miners, carrot flies and most vine borers. It transmits 85% of the light to your plants without allowing heat build-up,...
  •  Cold protection to 28 degrees F
  •  Featherweight polypropylene
  •  85% light transmission
  •  Thicker and more durable than other lightweight fabrics, yet doesn't cause heat build up
Deer No No, Set of 6
Prices start at : 34.95 USD

Stop deer from browsing your garden beds and borders with the pungent odor of citrus! Deer No No comes in convenient pouches to hang from the branches of trees and bushes. They work in any weather and protect your valuable plantings for at least a year.
  •  Set of 6
  •  3" L x 2-1/2" W x 1-3/4" H each
  •  Each nylon pouch contains a soap-based product of mixed fatty acids
  •  Humane, chemical-free repellent won't harm animals
Garden Insect Spray, Pest and Disease
Prices start at : 25.00 USD / Pint (16 Ounces)

Gardeners mix four tablespoons of concentrated liquid Monterey Garden Insect Spray to one gallon of water (or as much is needed for a single treatment) for easy foliar applications.
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 5 x 2 x 6 in
Sticky Aphid/Fly Traps Seed, Pest and Disease
Prices start at : 6.00 USD / 5 Traps

Monitor and control flying pest! These 4″ x 7″ Sticky Aphid/Whitefly Traps unfold to expose adhesive on both sides to cover approximately 30 sq inches per trap. Yellow coloration of weatherproof cards attracts aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers, froghoppers,...
  • Weight: .2 lbs
  • Dimensions: 5 x 8 x .2 in
Split-Bamboo Fencing
Prices start at : 29.95 USD

Maintain your privacy or define an Asian-themed area of the garden with this handsome bamboo fencing. Naturally durable bamboo cane is interwoven with galvanized wire for added strength in the garden fence.
  •  Easily install a privacy fence in an afternoon!
  •  Made of natural bamboo with galvanized wire
  •  Bamboo fence is the perfect complement to an Asian-style garden
Combat Max Roach Killing Bait, Small Roach Bait Station, 12 Count
Prices start at : 6.11 USD / each

Like all Combat products, these baits target the nest to eliminate the source of the problem. Simply place them down for up to six months of effective roach control. The baits are formulated with food that specifically attracts German roaches and other...
  •  Includes 12 child-resistant bait stations
  •  These baits target the nest to eliminate the source of the problem
  • Features: Starts killing in hours Quick kill formula Kills up To 6 months No vapor, fumes or odor Child-resistant baits
  • Brand: Combat
  • Assembled Product Weight: 0.209 POUNDS
  • Model: 00023400519101
Bonide Beetle Killer Ready to Spray
Prices start at : 18.99 USD / 32 OZ

Ideal for all beetle types including, Japanese beetles, cucumber beetles, June beetles, bean beetles, and Colorado potato beetles.
Price : CALL

KILLER INSECT RTU ANT SHLD GAL Insect killer ant shield ready to use size 1 gallon Kills ants and other pests on contact and keeps on killing for up to 9 months indoors; the convenient sprayer hose and cap assembly makes it easy to treat nests directly,...
  •  Ready-to-use spray
  •  spiders and other pests in and around your home.
  •  Kills a variety of ants
  • Assembled Product Weight: 11.22 Pounds
  • Model: HG-51301
Mole and Vole Repellent, 5 Lbs.
Prices start at : 15.95 USD

Save your lawn and garden from destructive diggers without harming them or the environment. Just sprinkle these castor oil-impregnated clay granules on grass and flowerbeds — the powerful time-release action goes right to work and repels for a full...
  •  5-lb. shaker container
  •  Repel moles, safely, humanely and naturally
  •  Clay granules impregnated with castor oil
Chapin 2 Gal. Sprayer
Prices start at : 47.00 USD / 1 Unit

Pump sprayer with patented Sure Spraytm anti-clog filter and 4" fill cap. Includes 2' wand and an assortment of nozzles for different spray patterns. Holds 2 gal.
Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent Granular, 2 lb
Prices start at : 11 USD / $5.50 / lb

Unlike other deer and rabbit repellents that require the animals to browse to be effective, Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent Granular works on scent, so deer and rabbits don't even have to take a bite to be repelled.
  •  Apply year-round
  •  Harmless to plants and animals
  •  Rain resistant
  •  Repels deer and rabbits from low-growing flower beds, landscaped ornamental gardens, ground cover and lawns
  • Assembled Product Weight: 2.35 POUNDS
Dr. Pye\'s Scanmask 10 Million Live Beneficial Nematodes - Kills 230 Different Bugs
Prices start at : 17.99 USD / each

BN will attack over wintering adult insects, pupae, diapausing larvae, and grubs when they are in the soil, bark, or even ground litter. BENEFICIAL NEMATODES These microscopic insects will seek out and destroy over 230 kinds of soil dwelling and wood...
  • Brand: Orcon
Harris Boric Acid Roach Killer With Applicator
Prices start at : 8.99 USD / each

It's also formulated to eliminate waterbugs and silverfish. Harris Boric Acid Roach Killer with Applicator: This boric acid powder for roaches is a unique formula that attracts insects.
  •  16 oz bottle of Harris roach killer
  •  Number: HRP-16
  •  MANUFACTURER: PAPER PAK PRODUCTS INC. INDICATIONS: Attends pull ons 7 with leakage barriers for heavy protection, large, #25032
  •  Its leakage barriers provide the ultimate defense in preventing leakage.
  •  Kills roaches, palmetto bugs, waterbugs and silverfish
  • Model: HRP-16
Prices start at : 24.28 USD / 3.00 lbs

Apply only once per year. This insecticide must be absorbed through the roots to ward off infestations. Benefits: • Formulated for fruits and vegetables • Product is carried into new tissue as the plant grows • Need only one application per year...
  • brand: NPK Industries
Nuvan ProStrips (3x60gm) Large- Dichlorovos DDVP Pest Gasser
Prices start at : 35.26 USD / each

Prostrips control flying and crawling insects by utilizing controlled release technology to slowly diffuse a deep penetrating vapor in enclosed spaces for up to 4 months. Prostrips control flying and crawling insects by utilizing controlled release technology...
  • Brand: AMVAC
Deer Chasertm
Prices start at : 39.95 USD

A beep, tweet or honk may startle them at first, but they soon learn to ignore it and get back to foraging in your garden. Human voices make them particularly nervous — talk radio is ideal.
  •  Protects your landscaping and garden from hungry deer
  •  Plastic housing
  •  4" W x 10-1/4" H
Bonide Wilt Stop Ready to Use
Prices start at : 14.95 USD / 40 FL. OZ.

Bonide Wilt Stop Ready to Use protects plants from drying out, drought, wind burn, sun scald, winter kill, transplant shock & salt damage, Wilt Stop also extends life of cut flowers, Christmas trees, Live Wreaths and Cut Greens.
Spectracide Ant Shield Outdoor Killing Stakes (HG-65597), 6 pack
Prices start at : 6.97 USD / each

Once found by ants the bait starts killing within hours and provides protection for up to 3 months. Scout ants seeking food for their colony find the bait station and begin feeding.
  •  Starts killing in hours
  •  All-weather station
  • Assembled Product Weight: 0 oz
  • Model: HG-65597
  • Brand: Spectracide