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Round Rolling Stone Planters
Prices start at : 63.96 USD

We took our best-selling Viva Rolling Planters and added a contemporary coating that resembles stone or concrete. The self-watering system has a large-capacity reservoir to reduce watering chores.
  •  Small is 14-1/8" in diameter x 14" H with a 10" planting depth
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
  •  Holds 40 quarts of potting soil and 2 gallons of water
  •  Lightweight, self-watering and easy to roll
  •  UV-resistant polypropylene resists fading and cracking
West Covina
Viva Matte Self-Watering Rolling Planter, Square Large
Prices start at : 69.95 USD

At 17-1/2" square, this planter is generously sized so you can create dynamic displays. Built-in casters let you roll it to a sunny spot on the deck or out of the way for a party. Elegant colors and a subtle matte finish bring fresh style and let plants...
  •  Water reservoir holds 1-1/2 gallons
  •  Easy-care square planters in matte colors add a unique sense of style
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
  •  Self-watering so plants thrive and you water less often
  •  12" planting depth
West Covina
Viva Self-Watering Rolling Planter, Square Small
Prices start at : 49.95 USD

Planters have built-in casters, so you can roll them to a sunny spot on the deck, and then out of the way for a party. Self-watering pots minimize maintenance chores and provide plants with the consistent supply of moisture they need to thrive.
  •  Self-watering to reduce watering chores and keep plants happy
  •  Vibrant, high-gloss, 14" square pots create eye-catching plantings
  •  Water reservoir holds 1 gallon
  •  UV-stabilized polypropylene
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
  •  We recommend two 20-quart bags of our premium
West Covina
Eezy Gro Self-Watering Planters
Prices start at : 8.95 USD

Brilliant! You'd be hard-pressed to find a better self-watering planter for lower price. Choose a neutral palette or go bold and bright. Yes! Not only is there a water reservoir in the base of the pot, but sponge-like wicks then take it a step further...
  •  8" planter is 9-1/2" in diameter at top x 8-1/2" H with a 6" planting depth
  •  Holds 15 quarts of potting mix and 3-1/2 quarts of water
  •  12" planter is 13-3/4" in diameter at top x 12" H with a 9" planting depth
  •  Striking and smart design that's also budget-friendly
  •  10" planter is 11-1/2" in diameter at top x 9-1/2" H with a 7-1/2" planting depth
  •  Holds 4 quarts of potting mix and 1 quart of water
West Covina
Lima Self-Watering Planters
Prices start at : 54.95 USD

Generous interior water reservoir supplies plants with consistent moisture. Made from polyethylene resin, our Lima planters resemble aged pottery but are infinitely lighter and much more durable.
  •  Polyethylene
  •  20" top diameter planter is 17" H with a 12" planting depth
  •  Holds 40 quarts of potting mix and 1 gallon of water
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
  •  Pottery look — without the weight or fragility
West Covina
Tall Valencia Planter
Prices start at : 115.00 USD

Use alone as a statement piece, or coordinate with other styles in the Valencia line for a cohesive look. Graceful curves add style, and a UV filter right in the durable resin prevents the color of this pot from fading.
  •  30" height provides a balanced base for tall plants and arrangements
  •  Made in USA
  •  Holds 18 quarts of potting mix
  •  Polyethylene
West Covina
23” Self-Watering Trough Planter
Prices start at : 14.95 USD

All of our self-watering planters protect against drought, but this one does more — it has a water-level indicator that tells you when to refill the reservoir, and a convenient funnel that lets you water from the top.
  •  2-quart reservoir and holds 16 quarts of potting mix
  •  9-1/2" wide by 8-1/2" high
  •  Made of UV-stabilized polypropylene
West Covina
Self-Watering Vertical Wall Planters, Set of 3
Prices start at : 29.95 USD

Each planter has two pockets with a combined soil capacity of 1-1/2 cups. When stacked, any excess water will trickle to the planter below. Group these self-watering plant pockets to create a beautiful, easy-care living wall.
  •  Water reservoir holds 2 cups
  •  Ideal for herbs, trailing plants, salad greens and annual flowers
  •  10-1/2" L x 6-1/8" W x 6-3/8" H
  •  Planting depth: 4-1/2"
  •  Polypropylene
  •  Maximize your growing space
West Covina
Weave Self-Watering Round Planter, 14”
Prices start at : 49.95 USD

A dedicated water port makes refills a breeze. Textured to look like woven wicker, this lovely planter will perk up your deck, patio, or entryway. A generous self-watering reservoir ensures your plants stay hydrated, and a handy gauge shows the water...
  •  Polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene
  •  Water reservoir provides consistent moisture
  •  10" planting depth
  •  Holds 22 quarts of potting mix
  •  Indoor/outdoor use
West Covina
Galvanized Rim Planters
Prices start at : 29.95 USD

Unexpected details, like a flat, 1" wide rim and contrasting steel handles, add a little panache. Plant it up and create some extra curb appeal out front or accentuate your back patio.
  •  Enduring materials for longevity of use
  •  Galvanized steel, 8mm steel rod handle
  •  On-trend styling has timeless appeal
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
West Covina
Solar Illuminated Planter, Tall
Prices start at : 119.00 USD

This planter is 18" in diameter and 32" tall with a 10" planting depth. You can choose color-changing mode or select a single color. By day, this frosted white planter adds a contemporary accent.
  •  New design for easy operation and assembly
  •  Run time of 6 to 8 hours on a full charge (6 to 8 hours in full sun)
  •  1" drainage hole in bottom of planter
  •  We recommend one 20-quart bag of our premium
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
  •  Choose color-changing mode or select a single color
West Covina
Estate Teak Square Planters
Prices start at : 199.00 USD

Its substantial size accommodates larger plantings. Color will gradually weather to a silvery gray. This handsome Estate Square Planter is made from teak that's harvested on a sustainable, environmentally sound plantation in Costa Rica.
  •  Strong, durable, naturally weather-resistant teak
  •  20" square x 20" H planter weighs 29 lbs.
  •  Durable tongue and groove joinery
  •  Teak will weather to a beautiful silver-gray
  •  28" square x 28" H planter weighs 66 lbs.
  •  Sustainably harvested Costa Rican teak
West Covina
Tall Galvanized Self-Watering Trough Planter
Prices start at : 139.95 USD

The patented watering system uses capillary tubes to deliver water from the built-in reservoir to keep plant roots consistently moist. This versatile planter is great for dramatic plantings of vegetables and herbs, and is ideal for adorning a perimeter...
  •  Weighs 21 lbs. 1 oz.
  •  Water reservoir holds 2 gallons of water
  •  Casters let you roll it easily to the perfect spot
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
  •  Generous reservoir so you water less often
  •  Holds 80 quarts of potting mix
West Covina
Terrazza L-Conversion Kit
Prices start at : 29.95 USD

In Italy, where style is everything, these innovative planters beautify residential terraces, side-street cafes, hotel lobbies and hotel courtyards. Our Terrazza L-Conversion Kit lets you convert two Terrazza Troughs (sold separately) into an L-shaped...
  •  Assembly required
  •  Actual Kit dimensions: 16-1/4" W x 16-1/4" L x 16" H
  •  With two Trough Planters, not included, this kit creates a planter measuring 53-3/4" W x 53-3/4" L x 16" H overall
  •  Requires five sets of casters for proper support
  •  Patent pending
West Covina
Giant French Anduze Urn Planter
Prices start at : 276.00 USD

Fiber stone is made of sand and high quality stone particulate that is casted into the surface of the resin mold and finally is reinforced with a fiberglass backing. Each piece is hand-stained by artisans to give the appearance of aged stone.
  •  Lightweight, extremely durable and less fragile than concrete
  •  Overall product weight is 21 lbs
  •  Measurements: 28" H x 25" W x 25" D
West Covina
Valencia Planter, 36” x 22”
Prices start at : 189.00 USD

Double-wall construction with false bottom — can be drilled to allow drainage in exterior settings. Or get an extra one to keep patio pillows and accessories within reach! Easy-care polyethylene is durable, weatherproof, and has a built-in UV filter...
  •  Polyethylene
  •  Stylish tulip shape adds personality to indoor and outdoor spaces
  •  Durable polypropylene is weatherproof and fade-resistant
  •  Holds 60 quarts of potting mix
West Covina
Self-Watering Hanging Basket
Prices start at : 14.95 USD

Convenient refill hole is located at the bottom, so you don't need a ladder to water your flowering baskets. 12-1/2" in diameter, with a flat-bottom design that sits or hangs. A patented dual-action wick system (capillary mat plus evaporation grill) distributes...
  •  Attractive hanging baskets with self-watering convenience
  •  We recommend one 20-quart bag of our premium
  •  Reduces watering chores and provides a steady supply of water for healthy hanging plant growth
  •  Made of shatter-resistant polypropylene
West Covina
Gardener\'s Revolution Classic Self-Watering Patio Planter
Prices start at : 79.95 USD

The clapboard style and self-watering convenience make this versatile planter a perfect fit anywhere you want to grow flowers and vegetables — even landscape plants! Smart features ensure plants have the ideal growing environment.
  •  Holds 60 quarts of potting mix
  •  Generously sized to hold mixed plantings, as well as shrubs and small trees
  •  26" L x 18" W x 17" H
  •  Fabric is imported
  •  Reservoir holds 5 gallons
West Covina
Cambridge 16 in. Square Clay Plastic Column Planter
Prices start at : 72.99 USD / each

Drainage holes to be pre-drilled by customer depending on desired use of the planter. The Cambridge planter offers a blend of modern and traditional design. The curved shape creates a unique and classy look providing a beautiful accent to the entrance...
  •  15-year limited warranty
  •  Tray can be reversed to support a potted plant or removed so the planter can be completely filled with soil
  • Color/Finish: Clay
  • Floor Planter Type: Individual Floor Planters
  • Style: Classic
  • Color Family: Beige
West Covina
Clear Plastic Pot for Orchids 5 inch Diameter - Quantity 5
Prices start at : 10.99 USD / each

Clear Plastic Pot for Orchids 5 inch Diameter - Quantity 5 Clear plastic pot ideal for Orchids and other plants that require light and air to their roots 5 inches diameter X 4 3/4 inches tall Promotes great drainage, humidity and aeration Clear plastic...
  • Color: Clear
  • Material: Plastic
  • Assembled Product Weight: 0.5625 lb
  • Brand: coMarket
West Covina
Medium 14.17 in. x 14.17 in. x 14.5 in. Graywash Color Lightweight Concrete Floral Scroll Foliage Flared Square Planter
Prices start at : 125.99 USD / each

Made of Lightweight concrete through an ecofriendly manufacturing process. Featuring a square shape coupled with soft side curves. Bring attention to any space with these luxurious traditional planters.
  • Floor Planter Type: Individual Floor Planters
  • For indoor and outdoor use: Yes
  • Material: Concrete
  • Container Height (in.): 14.5
  • Returnable: 90-Day
  • Color Family: Gray
West Covina
10 1/2 in. Toad Planter Garden Frog Statue (Holds 6 in. Pot)
Prices start at : 61.05 USD / each

Created with realistic color patterns, textures and finish but a little addition to a toads facial features and eyes were added to enhanced his beauty and make you just fall in love with them.
  •  Toad Hollow combo statue and planter with drain holes for both direct planting or drop potting
  •  We recommend that all products (metal, fabric, wood, cement, polyresin,) placed outdoors be sprayed each year with a clear coat of SunGuard UV Garden Decor protection spray to preserve their original appearance and to extend the life of your garden friends
  • Container Height (in.): 8
  • Returnable: 90-Day
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Style: Rustic
West Covina
European Garden Living Horizonta European Spruce Planter Box
Prices start at : 49.99 USD / each

Drainage Holes: -Yes. Overall Width - Side to Side: -12". Overall Product Weight: -12 lbs. -Ideal for planting flowers, vegetables and herbs. Shape: -Square. -Finely sanded finish.
  •  Finely sanded finish
  •  European design and quality
  •  Product Care: Do not use strong liquid cleaners
  •  Overall Depth - Front to Back: 12"
  • Assembled Product Weight: 13 Pounds
  • Brand: European Garden Living
West Covina
34 in. x 18 in. Safe Finish Cedar Planter Box
Prices start at : 222.61 USD / box

These planters set up in less than five minutes. Or stain it in your preferred color or let the Cedar weather naturally. The ultimate space savers, Planter Boxes fit perfectly in an entrance way, on the patio or on a deck.
  • Color/Finish: Safe Finish Cedar
  • Container Length (in.): 34
  • Product Width (in.): 37.5
  • Material: Wood
  • Product Depth (in.): 21
  • Product Height (in.): 21.5
West Covina
Viva Self-Watering Deck Railing Planter, 16-1/2”
Prices start at : 49.95 USD

Grow colorful flowers, or get fresh plant-to-plate proximity by growing herbs and salad greens within easy reach. Beautify your deck with this low-maintenance, self-watering railing planter.
  •  Self-watering reservoir with water-level indicator keeps plants hydrated
  •  16-1/2" L x 5-3/4" W x 7" H
  •  Polypropylene, steel, PVC
  •  Easy-care planter adjusts to fit standard railing widths
  •  Water reservoir holds 2 quarts
West Covina
Pumpkin 9 in. x 6.5 in Orange Resin Planter
Prices start at : 6.88 USD / each

Container of mums. The high density resin construction resists cracking and offers UV protection. It was designed to hold a standard 8 in. Classic pumpkin planter is an attention-getter.
  •  UV coated finish protects color from fading and is weather resistant
  •  High density resin construction is lightweight and durable
  • Color Family: Orange
  • Package Quantity: 64
  • Container Length (in.): 8.9
  • Planter Product Type: Floor Planters
West Covina
American Imaginations 59-in. W 3H4-in. Ceramic Top Set In White Color - Overflow Drain Incl.
Prices start at : 1629.99 USD / each

This ceramic top set belongs to the xena series This product is a bundle (set of multiple products). Lookout for the inspectors seal. This product is a bundle (set of multiple products).
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Color: White
  • Brand: American Imaginations
West Covina
Planters Pride RZG0072COC 72 Fiber Grow Pellet Greenhouse Kit
Prices start at : 8.76 USD / each

Planters Pride RZG0072COC 72 Fiber Grow Pellet Greenhouse Kit: Trust Planters Pride to bring you high quality products every time. Pellets produce high success rates and bigger plants than competitive pellets Pellets are dried and compressed into a biodegradable...
  •  10.94" x 21.33" x 2.75" clear plastic humidity dome
  •  Industry standard 35mm coir pellets
  •  Includes: plastic tray, humidity dome, 72 coir pellets
  •  Pellets produce high success rates and bigger plants than competitive pellets
  •  Tray and dome are recyclable
  • Model: RZG0072COC
West Covina
Fancy Fluted Round Urn Planter
Prices start at : 188.95 USD

  •  Carefully stained and finished to give the appearance of age
  •  Made of lightweight and weather-resistant fiber stone
  •  Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery
West Covina