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Urban Certified Organic Farm/Homestead
Price : CALL

Call Mark at 775-450-8165 for more information. Minutes from downtown Carson City and Lake tahoe. Zoning is limited agricultural use, meaning you have the right to raise and sell crops and livestock from the property.
Carson City
2011 JACK COUNTY TANK Vacuum Tank Trailer
Prices start at : 32800.00 USD

STOCK #F740, "For Sale Price" is for straight cash outright price ONLY, FOR SALE, RENT, OR LEASE, Monthly Rental $1640 - DOT & License Plate Included, Rent To Own $1613/Month, Lease For $1148/Month - 12 Month Minimum, Nationwide Delivery Available, 2011...
  • Width: 96 in.
  • Height: 11.2 in.
  • Length: 43 ft.
  • Tire Size: 24.5
  • Composition: Steel
  • Suspension: Spring
Need a place for my dogs, cats & chickens
Price : CALL

All my chickens are pets. I'm looking to rent/lease a place where my dogs can bark, my roosters can cock-a-doodle-do, and my cats can purr. I need a place close enough to Pittsburgh, so I can drive into town to see my son & best friend (and maybe teach...
United States
Wanted: Grass Based Dairy Farm
Price : CALL

All areas considered. Farm must have either a mid/high-line swing parlor or a low-line parallel parlor and abundant water. Will also need a rough idea of the farm's grass production capability and how manure is handled.
United States
Need trommel screen
Price : CALL

Should have contract by 5/15/09. Despitew the deadline required to be at least 90 days out, I will need it much sooner. All dirt needs to be removed for grinding of wood. I have +/- 200,000 cu.
United States
Horse trailer rental
Price : CALL

I am a construction contractor that has many years experience with on and off road equipment handling. Would be nice to have compartments but not required. Gooseneck trailer with living quarters.
United States
Refrigerated Truck for Festival
Price : CALL

Help!! It is for the end of July/1st day of August 2009 It is a very well attended fund raiser in Carmel Indiana, just north of Indy, and I need it t I need to rent (hopefully at a very good rate) or see if someone has a refrigerated truck I could use...
United States
The hydraulic cylinder
Price : CALL

Wait for you give us the kind suggestion . Our dream to complete our products type and improving our quality and processing technically. We can handle with the technical in the most of the hydraulic cylinder .