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128 oz. Ready-to-Use Weed and Grass Herbicide
Prices start at : 14.97 USD / each

People and pet safe when used as directed. Ready-to-Use Weed and Grass Herbicide features a organic, fast acting formula that quickly kills undesired weeds and vegetation, including grasses and broadleaf weeds.
  •  For best results spray in the heat of the day
  •  1 Gal. bottle covers 300 sq. ft.
  •  Safe for Edibles
  •  People and pet safe when used as directed
  • Product Width (in.): 4.5
  • Extended Control: No
United States
1.5 lb. Organic Granular All-Purpose Fertilizer with Biozome, OMRI Listed
Prices start at : 3.97 USD / each

The first fast-acting organic fertilizer for results you can really see. Jobes Organics Granular Fertilizers with Jobe's Biozome is a new and unique family of 100% organic fertilizer formulas.
  •  Increases microorganism activity for a healthier, living soil
  •  Re-apply every 6-8 weeks during growing season
  •  Easy to use, just work into the soil around the plants, mix 1 cup into every 10 cu. ft. of garden space
  • Product Width (in.): 6
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Should this product not perform to your expectations, Easy Gardener will refund you its purchase price or replace it with the same product.
  • Fertilizer Features: No Additional Features
United States
1 Qt. Organic Fungus and Pest Control
Prices start at : 15.97 USD / each

Organic Laboratories 1 Qt. Concentrate Organocide is an organic insecticide and fungicide that is ideal for the health and environmentally conscious consumer who doesn't want to sacrifice performance in their DIY pest control when going green.
  •  Reduced risk of leaf burn for greater plant safety
  •  Use weed killer in the garden to kill problem insects and control for common fungal diseases
  •  Comprised of 100% food grade materials and works without the use of toxic poisons
  •  Organic
  •  Covers up to 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Product Depth (in.): 4.5
United States
20 lbs. Organics Lawn Food
Prices start at : 20.13 USD / each

Made from organic, all natural ingredients, it feeds the soil, helping reduce thatch, develop a deep root system and add important nutrients to your lawn. Kellogg Garden Organics Lawn Food is perfect for creating a thicker, greener lawn.
  •  Great for All Types of Grasses
  •  Pelletized for easy application
  •  Pelletized for Easy Application
  •  Organic
  • N-P-K Ratio: 4-4-4
  • Compatible Grass Type: All Purpose,Bent Grass,Bermuda,Bluegrass,Centipede,Fescue,Rye,St. Augustine (Floratam),Tall Fescue,Zoysia
United States
8 oz. Triple-Action Neem Oil
Prices start at : 9.43 USD / each

The oil is not harmful to beneficial insects such as ladybugs and honeybees and is safe around mammals, birds and humans. The Southern Ag 8 oz. Concentrated Triple-Action Neem Oil is a botanically derived organic pesticide that helps control fungi, insects...
  •  Organic pesticide that is safe around mammals, humans, birds and many beneficial insects
  •  Spray application for hassle-free lawn care coverage
  •  Kills insects and controls fungal diseases indoors and outdoors
  • Contact or systemic: Contact
  • Pre-emergent: No
  • Form: Liquid
United States
0.0011 lbs. BurnOut  Weed and Grass Killer RTU
Prices start at : 14.97 USD / each

Burn Out is rainproof when dry, works at temperatures as low as 40°F and does not translocate. Made from natural ingredients. Burn Out kills all types of actively growing weeds and grasses.
  •  Organic
  •  See results in less than 1 hour
  • Weed Type: Annual Bluegrass,Bahia Grass,Broadleaf Signal Grass,Cinquefoil,Dandelion,Lambsquarters,Mustard,Quackgrass,Ragweed,Tall Fescue,Wild Carrot
  • Application Type: Pump Spray
  • Extended Control: No
  • Product Depth (in.): 3.36 in
United States
4 lb. Organic Granular Fruit and Nut Plant Food with Biozome, OMRI Listed
Prices start at : 6.98 USD / each

With Jobes Organics you will see results faster. Jobes Organics Granular Fertilizers with Jobe's Biozome is a new and unique family of 100% organic fertilizer formulas. The secret is in Jobe's Biozome, a consortium of three microorganisms bacteria, mycorrhizal...
  •  Fast-acting 100% organic formulas
  •  Fast results you can really see
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Should this product not perform to your expectations, Easy Gardener will refund you its purchase price or replace it with the same product.
  • Package Size (lb.): 4
  • Product Depth (in.): 3.5
  • Product Width (in.): 7
United States
Trident\'s Pride by Bare Ground 1 Gal. Ready-to-Use Liquid
Prices start at : 23.06 USD / each

Just Scentsational's Trident's Pride by Bare Ground is an all-natural cold pressed fish hydrolysate packed with vitamins, amino acids, microbes and enzymes and other nutrients that all soils and plants require for rapid, dynamic and optimal growth in...
  •  Reduces the need for chemical fertilizers
  •  Organic
  • N-P-K Ratio: 2-3-1
  • Volume (oz.): 128
  • Compatible Grass Type: All Purpose
  • Returnable: 90-Day
United States
Allfenz Deer Fence 7ft x 100ft Black
Prices start at : 13.62 USD / each

It is made up of black polypropylene mesh to withstands outdoor elements. Polypropylene Deer Barrier protects lawn and garden plants from animals such as deers. It is easy to install on fence posts or it can be attached to trees.
  •  Polypropylene mesh construction
  •  3/4" mesh
  •  UV protection
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.00 x 4.00 x 43.00 Inches
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer Part Number: DF8410034B
United States
Grower\'s Edge Soft Mesh Trellis Netting w/ 6\
Prices start at : 1 USD / each

Install vertically or horizontally depending on your gardening application. Nylon mesh is durable and long lasting. 6 in square reach through holes. Soft, non-abrasive mesh gently protects stems, vines and foliage.
  •  Ideal for guiding and supporting vine, flowering and vegetable plants
  •  Has a soft, non-abrasive mesh gently protects the stems, vines and foliage
  •  6 inch square reach through holes
United States
Fence4ever Tan Beige 5\'x50\' Fence Privacy Screen Windscreen Shade Cover Mesh Fabric Tarp
Prices start at : 52.99 USD / each

It provides a nice look and brings privacy to ideal applications for home, yard, tennis courts, barriers, construction sites, landscaping and concert events. Fence4ever 5'x50' 5ft tall tan fence privacy screen windscreen is made of high quality pure virgin...
  •  100% High quality PURE virgin polyethylene material for maximum UV stabilization.
  •  50' long x 4'10" tall Fence4ever fence privacy screen windscreen, Fits perfectly for 5ft tall fence, Visibility Blockage: 93%
  •  Thick Aluminum ANTI RUST grommets placed evenly apart 12'' vertically and 24'' horizontally on all 4 sides.
  •  100% High quality PURE virgin polyethylene material for maximum UV stabilization and wind circulation.
  • Brand: FENCE4EVER
United States
Wonder Soil Potting Wafers (40, 1-3/16\
Prices start at : 6.9 USD / each

4.Uncover holes; plant as usual. 2.Slowly add 1 to 1 1/2 cups of water per wafer. 7/8" wafer Fills a 50 cell plug 1-3/16" wafer Fills 606 or 804 size insert 1-5/8" wafer Fills a 2-1/2" to 3" pot 2-1/2" wafer Fills a 3-1/2" to 4" pot 4" wafer Fills a 6"...
  •  Greenhouse Megastore
  •  Customer Service (888) 281-9337
  • Brand: IGC
United States
EasyFlex Tree Trunk Protectors, 6 pack
Prices start at : 16.64 USD / each

EasyFlex Tree Trunk Protectors, 6 pack: The round tube form supports itself and will not lose its shape in hot sun, unlike other flat tree guards. Tall coils were specially developed to blend with tree bark.
  •  Natural bark color blends with most tree bark
  •  Coiled design retains shape in all weather conditions
  •  Expansion tabs connect coils for large trees
  • Material: Plastic
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 9.50 x 2.50 x 13.50 Inches
  • Assembled Product Weight: 1.4 oz
United States
25 lb. Lawn Food Fertilizer
Prices start at : 18.63 USD / each

Purely Organic Lawn Food contains no dangerous chemicals or harmful ingredients. And can be used all year long. Purely Organic Lawn Food is a new all-natural lawn fertilizer. It covers 5,000 sq.
  •  No unpleasant odor
  •  Convenient and Family Friendly- No Restrictions on Re-Entry Time
  •  Promotes a Lush, Green Lawn
  •  Non-manure based fertilizer
  • Compatible Grass Type: All Purpose
  • Post-Emergent Weed Control: No
United States
Greenes Fence 18\
Prices start at : 58.19 USD / each

The edging features a flexible plastic backing and attached metal stakes for easy installation. Use it to protect the soil and mulch in flower beds, line pathways, or create tree rings.


    • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 18.00 x 1.50 x 7.00 Inches
    • Material: Wood
    • Manufacturer Part Number: RC32B-12PK
    • Model: RC32B-12PK
    • Brand: Greenes
    • Half-log design has a staggered height of 5" and 7": Yes
    United States
    Specrail Standard Aluminum Fence Panel
    Prices start at : 24.85 USD / each

    They offer the widest selection of any ornamental aluminum fencing company, and their extraordinary line includes 11 styles, 4 grades, and 5 colors. Every piece they manufacture represents their strong commitment to meeting the needs of their customers...
    •  Maintenance-free design means no painting or staining
    •  Use with Roxbury garden perimeter double swing gate
    •  Easy to install
    •  Measures 36W x 24H inches
    •  Not designed to be mixed and matched with other brands
    • Brand: SPECRAIL
    United States
    Agfabric Standard Insect Screen & Garden Netting against Bugs, Birds & Squirrels -
    Prices start at : 12.99 USD / each

    Insect net helps reduce the indoor precipitation and the indoor evaporation. Material: 100% New HDPE, UV resistant Color: white Width: 4', 5', 6.5', 8', 10', 16', 20' Lifetime: 3-10years Advantages Easy to install -Cover it directly; Build a hoop or a...
    •  Mesh size 1mmx1mm
    •  Garden netting for safe and effective barrier excludes many types of pests, including insects, birds and animals
    •  Can be cut into other sizes as needed, can be used in the all growing season
    •  Sunlight can through, no need to remove when watering
    • Model: INP65010B
    United States
    Dura-Trel Providence 6.25-ft. Vinyl Wall Trellis - Mocha
    Prices start at : 52.3 USD / each

    Dimensions: About Dura-Trel Inc. You'll love watching the vines make their way to the top of the Dura-Trel Providence 6.25-ft. But we also have something our competitors don't - a custom production process that blends the efficiency of large-scale manufacturing...
    •  Side Posts: 2L x 2W inches
    •  Vertical Rails: 0.875 inches
    •  UV-resistant so it won't fade in the sun
    • Assembled Product Weight: 12.0 Pounds
    • manufacturer_part_number: 11177
    • Features: maintenance free vinyl side posts measure 2" l x 2" w quick & easy to assemble required free ground anchors included dimensions: 22" wide x 75" high
    United States
    7.32m /24FT Garden Border Fencing Fence Pannels Outdoor Landscape Decor Edging Yard 12 Pack
    Prices start at : 35.76 USD / each

    •  1pc: 610x330mm/24x13inch (including spike)
    •  All dimensions are approximate and taken at the maximum points of the item, unless otherwise stated.
    •  NOTE:
    •  12pcs: total length 7.32 metres/24ft
    • Color: White
    • Features: Suitable For Soft Well Dug Earth & Soil Not suitable for hard ground
    United States
    Arboria Andover 5 ft. Cedar Wood Arch Trellis with Optional Side Wings
    Prices start at : 126.37 USD / each

    In addition, Arboria offers a complete line of imported casual furniture crafted from superior grade hardwood. Optional wings offer additional style and privacy for your garden, patio, or spa.
    •  Two 3-foot metal stakes included for simple installation
    •  Wing dimensions: 22.6W x 1.3D x 47.5H inches
    •  Trellis dimensions: 36.25W x 2.3D x 66.8H inches
    •  Finger jointed construction
    • Brand: Arboria
    • Manufacturer Part Number: ARB0311ARB0101
    United States
    White 6ft Tube Slat for Chain Link Fence
    Prices start at : 65 USD / each

    By Slat Depot??? Slats are approximately 68.5 inches long (3.5 inches shorter than the overall height of the chain link fence) to facilitate installation. - enough to cover 10 linear feet of three foot tall chainlink fence.
    •  No tools necessary.
    •  Each bag includes 82 slats and 10 feet of bottom locking channel.
    •  Easy to install. No tools necessary.
    • Material: High-Density Polyethylene Plastic
    • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 70.00 x 8.00 x 4.00 Inches
    • Manufacturer Part Number: ST6WH
    United States
    Black Gold 1402040 16 QT U 16 Quart All Organic Potting Soil
    Prices start at : 18.67 USD / each

    This variety of Black Gold organic soil is for the Western region only, as it is regionally formulated. Regionally formulated, western region only 16 quarts Black Gold 1402040 16 QT U 16 Quart All Organic Potting Soil:
    •  Potting soil
    •  This Black Gold organic soil variant is regionally formulated for the Western region only
    •  Use in hanging baskets, patio containers, herb gardens, vegetable plantings, and anywhere you would like to use an organic soil
    •  Perlite and pumice are added to ensure optimum pore and air space for sturdy growth
    • Brand: Black Gold
    • Manufacturer Part Number: 1373-4009
    United States
    Chapin 6-7748 Replacement Extension Wand, 12 in Length, Poly/Viton, Black
    Prices start at : 7.99 USD / each

    Chapin Replacement Extension Wand, Poly/Viton, Chapin, Suitable For Use With: 2240, 2241, 2242, 3131, 3134, 2771, 2811, 2812, 2813 and 6400 Compression Sprayer, 12 in Length, Black Chapin 6-7748 Replacement Extension Wand, 12 in Length, Poly/Viton, Black...


      • Model: 6-7748
      • manufacturer_part_number: 6-7748
      • Brand: Chapin
      United States
      Prices start at : 21.36 USD / each

      Featuring a low-profile brown finish and a generous 20-foot length, the edging is perfect for keeping grass from spreading, making borders around planting beds, and creating raised layers of mulch, rocks, or soil.
      •  Creates a raised layer of mulch, rocks or soil
      •  Blocks spreading of grass while making a neat border
      •  Comes with 5 stakes
      • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 15.00 x 5.00 x 12.00 Inches
      • Brand: Master Mark Plastics
      • Color: Brown
      United States
      Cape Cod Style Decorative Fencing - White Border Edging - 13\
      Prices start at : 14.85 USD / each

      22' OF EDGING EASY TO INSTALL FLEXIBLE DURABLE AND MAINTENANCE-FREE SAFE AROUND PLANTS Each piece is 33 Inch long and 13 Inch tall and constructed from durable polyethylene plastic with built in stakes that can be anchored into the ground.
      •  - Unlike some treated woods, this fencing is made with BPA-free and FDA-approved polyethylene plastic that's safe around vegetable gardens, pets and children
      •  - Each edging section can be driven into the ground for a stable hold. You only need a mallet.
      •  – Made with very sturdy plastic that doesn't need to be painted, is highly UV resistant to fading and won't rust, peel or crack like wooden or metal fencing


        • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 264.00 x 13.12 x 0.45 Inches
        • Model: 2115-1
        • Manufacturer Part Number: 2115-1
        United States
        Gardenpath 1/2\
        Prices start at : 41.15 USD / each

        Designed with environmentally sustainable wood, this natural bamboo fence is a nice addition to your landscape that is durable and will last for many seasons to come. All Hardware included Easy to install Gardenpath 1/2" O.P. Bamboo Fence in a Bag:


          •  Easy-to-install garden bamboo fence
          •  Easy to install
          • Model: 0420625
          • Features: garden - garden d?cor large garden fence 1/2" outside peeled - natural bamboo garden 1-2 days for processing, and ships within 11 day(s) via drop ship - standard. visiondecor-garden-garden d?cor
          • Manufacturer Part Number: 0420625
          United States
          Agfabric Standard Insect Screen & Garden Netting against Bugs, Birds & Squirrels - 10\'x12\' of Mesh Netting, White
          Prices start at : 14.49 USD / each

          •  Sunlight can through, no need to remove when watering
          •  Garden netting for Safe and effective barrier excludes many types of pests, including insects, birds and animals
          •  Made of high quality see-through mesh cloth with PE material and UV resistant
          • Brand: Agfabric
          • Model: INP10012W
          • Assembled Product Weight: 0.10 lb
          United States