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Organic Flaxseed Oil

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Organic Ground Golden Flaxseed
Prices start at : 4.99 USD / 8 oz

However, as they are difficult to digest when whole, you should eat them ground into a meal or powder. Use a specialized appliance or your regular coffee grinder to render them into a fine substance.
  •  Golden Ground Seeds
  •  Country of Origin: USA
  •  Gluten and Cholesterol Free
  •  High in Magnesium and Fiber
  • Total Fat: 12g
  • Sodium: 8mg
New York
New York

We work with all countries. In addition, our factory is engaged in the production of hazelnut in packages of 30,50,100 and 200 grams. In addition, our factory is engaged in the production of hazelnut in packages of 30,50,100 and...
  • Type: Agency,Consultant,Farmer
World Heritage Animal Genomic Resources (WHAGR)

WHAGR VI s innovative approach of a "hub and spoke" network of institutions will broaden these opportunities to all nations and stand out as a new world model of conservation and agricultural education, cultivating the best and brightest animal science...
  • Slogan: Preserving Heritage Breeds for Future Generations
  • Type: Organization

WGS FOODS is a leading supplier of canola oil, coconut oil and ZERO trans-fat oils for the Retail and Food Service markets in the UK, Northern Ireland and Internationally. WGS FOODS is a leading supplier of canola oil, coconut oil and ZERO trans-fat oils...
  • Slogan: Healthy with Canola oil
  • Type: Distributor,Importer,Supplier
Small Organic Farm for long tern lease
Price : CALL

5th wheel trailer on sewer with 2 bedrooms. Wecurrently teach organic gardening classes & have a volunteer group who garden. Current plants/trees include Apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, pears, apples, oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, grapes,...
Urban Certified Organic Farm/Homestead
Price : CALL

Serious inquiries to 2 fully fenced acres, including certified organic gardens and small orchard. Close to Carson City. Monthly rent $ 1800, may include technical expertise to get started.
Carson City
Certified Organic Farm
Price : CALL

Mostly level and all fields in hay. 4 car block garage, 2 car garage w/workshop, 2 car garage Attached to (28' x 72' barn) with full second floor at ground level, 2 car block pavilion 20' x 26'.
Bio-Dynamic/Organic Farm - Buena Fortuna, MX
Price : CALL

PRODUCTIVE/MATURE VEGETABLES, FRUIT TREES, FOREST & MEDICINAL PLANT STRUCTURES & FEATURES Octagonal Bungalow w/Coppla - 7 meters in diameter (Kitchen, Ramada and Shower) Exterior Finish Brick Concrete Block Interior Ceiling Fan Sewer/Water Systems SepticTank...
Baja California Sur
La Ribera
Ozark Mountain Farm
Price : CALL

Custom home on 40 gorgeous acres with more acreage available. Want a Ozark Mountain Long Range View? If you are looking for a horse property that also has a green house, raised beds, mature plantings, lush pastures and five+ acres of your own alfalfa...
Produce farm for sale
Price : CALL

Entire farm is Certified Naturally Grown Pole Barn is 32 x 60, concrete floor. Land includes 4inch water well, 8 ft deer fence, drip irrigation system. Equipment consists of Kubota 34hp tractor, mower, hay rake, dump wagon, flat wagon, manure spreader,...
CoCo peat / Coir Peat Organic Multi Purpose Plan
Price : CALL

RequiredLargest Producers and Exporters of 100% Natural organic Multipurpose CoCo Coir Peat Plant Growing/Potting Medium of different grades for different grower needs and applications.
Tamil Nadu
3-229 varalotti,villipathiri post
USDA organic Neem seed oil (Azadiracta Indica)
Price : CALL

Oils are frequently used to manage insects. Neem oil is a broad spectrum natural insecticide, fungicide, miticide, repellent and insect growth regulator. Listed for numerous insects, but gentle on beneficial insects.
27 Acre Organic Farm Mint 3 bed Home near Lake
Price : CALL

Great vegetable, orchard, only 2 miles to Lake Ontario Corain Countertops, attached 2 story garage, borders NYS Trail System Great country home on quiet rural road - great farmette, horses, alpacas, goats.
Fair Haven
Organic farm in Ireland with stables
Price : CALL

The roads are quiet for riding and training and in 25mins lead you out to open mountains. Ideal equine property in quiet area. There is a wood cabin, suitable to sleep 2 people. It has the potential for a 5 furlong gallop and a cross country jump course.
Souble Fulvic acid
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Total Fulvic Acid content (dry basis): 70% Total Amino Acid content: 4% Total Nitrogen content: 6% Moisture: 10% Fulvic Acid Powder TBIO SuperFulvic TBIO SuperFulvic is successfully applied in agricultural and horticultural crops, fruit trees, landscaping,...
Soluble potassium Humic acid 85%
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Total Humic Extracts (dry basis): 85% Fulvic Acid (dry basis): 15% Potassium (as K2O dry basis): 8% Moisture: 15% Potassium Humate TBIO HumiPower TBIO HumiPower is widely applied in agricultural and horticultural crops, fruit trees, landscaping, gardening...
100% Pure Natural Cold Pressed Neem Oil.
Price : CALL

For More information kindly visit us With Warm Regards, Sundar,S Director GreeNeem Agri Pvt Ltd RequiredExporters of 100% Pure Natural Cold Pressed OMRI certified Organic GreeNeem Neem Oil with highest Azadirachtin value.
Tamil Nadu
3-229 varalotti,villipathiri post
Skokomish Farm - a village around a farm
Price : CALL

Own 40 acres as part of a larger natural farm on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State Live and raise your family on an organic farm at the very end of a county gravel road. We have already sold or have pending sales on 14 of our 18 parcels.
Organic Market Garden For Sale
Price : CALL

Large shop and horticultural greenhouse separate from house supplied with water, 240v electrical service, and furnace ready for your hobby or garden business. House near Madison, Wisconsin with 1 1/4 acre lot.
Agribooster Microbial Fertilizer
Price : CALL

Its efficiency is enhanced further in combination with beneficial microorganisms to stimulate germination especially in seeds with thick cotyledon. Agribooster can: -Promote Faster Growth -Can give Higher Yield/Harvest -Fight pests and insects -Reduce...
Santa Rosa
Incredible Opportunity
Price : CALL

Owners must sell this incredible property near Dade City, Florida, just 45 minutes from Tampa and its international airport. Four-stall barn with tack room, electric and water Storage trailer Some fruit trees (Israeli apple, peach, nectarine, persimmon)...
Dade City
American Bio-Char - Vital Blend
Price : CALL

The incredible surface area of the char allows beneficial bacteria and fungi to move into the pores. This technology was known by the Incas, thousands of years ago, as they turned infertile jungle soil into the richest on the planet.
Seaweed Extract Powder
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Extracting from fresh Ascophylum Nodosum which are natural.non-toxic.harmless and rich in minor elements and natural growth hormones. Total Alginate Acid: 16% Potassium (as K2O dry basis): 16% Total Amino Acid: 2% Total Nitrogen: 1% Mannitol:...
Coir Disc for Propagation trays
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We produce and export various sizes of Coir discs of different diameters like 50mm, 40mm, 22.5mm and Biodegradable Grow plugs for plant propagation industry.
Tamil Nadu
3-229 varalotti,villipathiri post
Northern compost fertilizer M-64
Price : CALL

You can use it in your medicinal and all plants cultivation we can supply Northern Compost Organic fertilizer M-64 Quatation : Northern Compost Organic Fertilizer M-64 Origin : Bangladesh.
Organic farm with cheese factory for sale!
Price : CALL

An estate with a 4 bedroom home, stable, a cheese-factory with EU-certification, garage and workshop in a wonderful natural environment is in Hungary. But not only a dwelling house with barn and animals, but also how to make cheese and the market where...
Organic Gardener\\\'s Dream Farm
Price : CALL

Wood-burning stove in living room. Established herb garden, rose and flower gardens. Exterior is wood and stone with flagstone path leading to front door. - 3 bedroom, 2 bath. Peaceful wooded lot with large organic garden with shade cloth and greenhouse.
Soluble 40% Amino Acid Powder
Price : CALL

The energy saved can be used by plants for other vital processes, resulting in more uniform and lasting growth, especially during the periods of intermittent stress. Compound Amino Acid Powder TBIO Amino Acid Powder The foliar application of amino acids...
Humic acid fertilizer
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Humic acid 70% Humic acid 35-45% + N 10% (granular) Humic acid 30-40%+ N 10% + P 5% +Fe 2% +Cu 0.25%(granular) Humic acid 30-40% +P5% +k5% granular Humic Acid fertilizers produced with new methods that have different percentage of micro and micro minerals.