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Ob Equipment Livestock Supplies For Sale In Athens Clarke County

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OB Wire Saw Handles
Prices start at : 9.99 USD / each

Handles for use with the OB Wire Saw.
Athens-Clarke County
Flex Stop Calf Splint
Prices start at : 21.95 USD / each

Corrects knuckling of the pastern in newborn calves. Molded shape to conform to calf's leg and padded to reduce skin irritation. Fastens securely with three straps. Eliminates taping or casting.
Athens-Clarke County
Scrotal Tape
Prices start at : 49.95 USD / each

Measures circumference of bull testicles.
Athens-Clarke County
Twist Link OB Chain
Prices start at : 7.39 USD / each

Nickel plated twist link chains. Handles sold separately.
Athens-Clarke County
Utrecht Fetatome
Prices start at : 396.95 USD / each

Lightweight model with hardened metal head and modified grip features a notched plate for OB chains. OB wire saw (#17141) is threaded around the fetal structure to be severed, inside the cow, and the Fetatome is used as a wire guide to shield the cow's...
Athens-Clarke County
Matingmark Deluxe Harness
Prices start at : 22.95 USD / each

For better monitoring of sheep or goat breeding. Quick fit with snap-lock buckles and easy strap adjustment. Click-in crayon has shallow walls to prevent waste and is easily changed when empty.
Athens-Clarke County
Deep Tissue Probe for Preg-Alert Pro
Prices start at : 470.00 USD / each

Deep Tissue Probe for Preg-Alert Pro is for early pregnancy detection, before 90 days in cows and mares.
Athens-Clarke County
Ru-an Freemartin Probe
Prices start at : 30.89 USD / each

If vaginal length is 7-14 cm, a chromosome testing should be done to confirm if it's a freemartin. It is designed to be used on heifers 30 days of age or less. The crucial probe end length is 7 cm.
Athens-Clarke County
Hog Weight Tape
Prices start at : 4.95 USD / each

Accurately estimate weight without scales.
Athens-Clarke County
Rice Pelvimeter
Prices start at : 254.95 USD / each

Designed to predict calving ease in heifers. Constructed of precision cast aluminum with easy-to-read centimeter scale. A real management tool for heifer selection.
Athens-Clarke County
OB Wire
Prices start at : 23.95 USD / each

Cattle OB Wire Saw J-18 is 11 yards of rapid cutting, rust resistant wire. Useful for removal of dead cattle fetus from womb.
Athens-Clarke County
X-Wide Cow Hobbles
Prices start at : 30.99 USD / each

Deluxe lightweight hobble aids cows following nerve injuries due to calving. Made of 2" wide nylon for strength with nickel plated hardware. Hook and loop leg straps are easy to apply and take off.
Athens-Clarke County
Calf Catch
Prices start at : 61.95 USD / each

Catch 'em on the first try with the Calf Catch. Use at the 5' length or push spring loaded release button to extend to10'. Fits behind pickup seat. Can be used to catch the back leg of calves up to 250 pounds.
Athens-Clarke County
Resuscitator - Aspirator Attachment
Prices start at : 44.95 USD / each

Replacement aspirator for Resuscitator Unit.
Athens-Clarke County
Cow Hobbles
Prices start at : 19.95 USD / each

Durable hobble with Velcro leg cuff adjustments. Made of 2" wide poly webbing with nickel plated hardware. Nylon strap between legs is a fixed 21" length.
Athens-Clarke County
Cable Calf Puller
Prices start at : 317.95 USD / each

Has 9' of aircraft cable with 1500 lb. Capacity plus 50% overload factor. Order OB chains separately. Includes two-section tubular steel shaft, wide cast aluminum breechen, and special cable hook for OB use on the patented Power Pull.
Athens-Clarke County
Lane Ram Ejaculator
Prices start at : 376.95 USD / each

Use for semen evaluation and artificial insemination. 1-1/4" diameter probe. Includes two replaceable 9V batteries for power. A handheld unit that is preset for use with rams and billy goats.
Athens-Clarke County
Dr. Franks Calf Puller Rods
Prices start at : 112.99 USD / each

Replacement rods for Dr. Franks Calf Puller.
Athens-Clarke County
Bailey Ejaculator for Rams and Goats
Prices start at : 379.95 USD / each

Batteries included to provide at least 100 uses. Voltage Switch: Switch inside case should be set at "LO" when instrument is used on goats, or for decreased stimulation when used on sheep.
Athens-Clarke County
Stainless Steel OB Chain
Prices start at : 52.95 USD / each

Professional quality stainless steel OB chain. Will not rust, providing years of service.
Athens-Clarke County
Preg-Tone Pregnancy Detector
Prices start at : 494.95 USD / each

Very high accuracy at 30-40 days gestation. Sheep: Testing may begin with ewe in the sitting position at 35 days, with most diagnoses made by 45 days. Swine: Normal test time is 30-73 days, but testing may begin as early as 18 days.
Athens-Clarke County
OB Handle
Prices start at : 9.49 USD / each

Hook, nickel finish, is designed to grasp chain firmly at any length.
Athens-Clarke County
Cow Lifter
Prices start at : 899.95 USD / each

Sturdy, cradle-like device does away with pressure points, so no bruising or damage to nerve endings which may cause permanent injury. Sling is made of heavy duty PVC strengthened with nylon webbing.
Athens-Clarke County
Prolapse Harness for Ewes
Prices start at : 27.95 USD / each

Ultimate solution to prolapse problem. More important, she must strain by lowering the head which actually pulls the harness more tightly against her "backside." Adjust for length and girth to fit any size ewe.
Athens-Clarke County
Pull-EZE Lamb Puller
Prices start at : 13.54 USD / each

Designed with the safety of both the lamb and ewe in mind. Plastic coated 1/8" airplane cable is stiff enough to hold its shape. Shaped end allows operator to direct head after cable is placed behind ears.
Athens-Clarke County
Calf Warming Blanket
Prices start at : 33.95 USD / each

Adjustable strap at the rear prevents blanket from falling forward. Chest closure features hook-and-loop closure along with quick-release buckle strap. Easy on and easy off. Machine washable.
Athens-Clarke County
Cow Hip Lift
Prices start at : 129.95 USD / each

The cow hip lift collapses for minimal storage space. Powder coated paint finish. Completely adjustable to fit any size of cattle. The cow hip lift is a must when faced with downed cows, calving paralysis or a prolapsed uterus.
Athens-Clarke County
Prolapse Needle for Ewes and Does
Prices start at : 13.49 USD / each

Eye is large enough to accept umbilical tape easily. Suture is passed under the skin around the vulva and tightened just enough to prevent re-prolapsing but still allow urine to pass.
Athens-Clarke County
Spiral Tip Catheters
Prices start at : 10.99 USD / each

Molded spiral tip is made of high quality thermoplastic rubber. With 22" tube and catheter handle. Spiral tip insemination catheters are appropriate for swine artificial insemination.
Athens-Clarke County