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Eurasia Biofuel Database
The World Biofuel Portal offers to you a really revolutionary product: updated Biofuel Database. You will have an opportunity of placing the information about your company, and this will allow you establishing strong business relations and also attracting...
Israel, HaMerkaz
Grants and Funding ltd.
We are a company that deal any many agricultural commodities. We are based in the UK but have contacts and refineries at our disposal throughout Europe. Our main product of interest is rapeseed oil for the use and manufacturer of Biofuels.
United Kingdom, Essex
Microalgae Culture, Hatchery
Graduated as a fidheries biology technician 1997 work as a manager on a cattle and sugar cane farm 1998 start my own business (bakery) 1998 worked as a manager in a ice cream place in miami 2005 working on a bakery in minnesota 2005
United States, Minnesota
Canada, Manitoba
Italy, Sicilia
Bioren Biofuels SLU
We have extensive experience in trading biomass. The following products are buy/sell Wood Pellets Wood Chips Natural Almond Shells Palm Kernel Shells Olive Cake Olive Stone Olive Meal Olive Cake Pellets Straw Pellets Sunflower husk pellets
HBF Biofuels Ltd
Biodiesel Manufacturing Company currently manufacturing biodiesel from waste oil collected locally.
Management, biomass, biofuel
Doctoral Thesis: Food or Fuels? Professional Training Counsellor (since 2009) and member (since 2005) of the Association of Doctors of Agronomy and Doctors of Forestry of the Province of Agrigento, in Sicily (Italy) Professional qualification to work...
United Kingdom, Greater London
Italy, Sicily
Germany, Berlin
Pagano Biofuels, LLC
New Biodiesel producer plans to manufactore 250k gal to 1 million gallons first year operations
Advent Biofuels, Inc
Advent Biofuels import ,distribution and Manufacturing of different blends of Biodiesel (B-99, B-100 etc;) We also are involved in Edible and Non Edible Oils such as Soy, Palm and Rapeseed feedstock.
Triangle Biofuels Industries, Inc.
Triangle Biofuels Industries (TBI) is a North Carolina based biodiesel producer that makes premium biodiesel from virgin and waste vegetable oil (WVO) obtained from local sources.
Switchgrass Alamo, Grass Seed
Prices start at : 136.00 USD / 5 Pounds

Switchgrass is a rhizomatous, warm-season bunchgrass that is native throughout most of the U.S. It is a major component of the Tallgrass Prairie ecosystem. Alamo originates from Live Oak County, Texas.
United States, Indiana
Seeking environmental research position
Seeking to contribute to environmental research in biofuels or bioremediation with the use of my varied and strong research background. Extensive research experience in microbiology, protein chemistry, antibiotics.
United States, Massachusetts
United Kingdom, Hampshire
Switzerland, Geneve
Seeking farm manager position
Computer skills and competences Competent with Microsoft Office, iWork, Adobe Creative Suite programmes. I also have some experience with Statistical software, AutoCAD, HTML, and programming in php and Delphi.
Australia, Western Australia
Australia, Queensland
Australia, Northern Territory
DECLARATION I hereby declare that the above information is true to best of my knowledge. Balaraman Address : #30A/51, Bakers Street Choolai Chennai - 600 112, Tamil Nadu, India. Inplant Training : Undergone 10 day training in Balaji Distilleries( Kingfisher-thiruvallur).
United States, California
Canada, Ontario
United States, Maryland
Researchers to Play with Poplar Photosynthesis
“If successful, our research could lead to poplar that requires up to 80 percent less water for biomass production and consequently will be able to grow in more marginal habitats.
United States, Pennsylvania
Deer feed,white burn corn,
I have for sale the following, White burn corn, soybeans,corn,deer feed.You may buy in bulk or bagged. I can ship any where in U.S and export overseas.Email for a prompt quote. NJH farms offers various grains, biofuels,gingers,crawfish,animal feeds,sugar,wheat,and...
United States, Indiana
Marine biologist
My thesis work was in seasonal produccion of biodeposits for a massive mussels (Mytilus chilensis) culture in Yaldad Bay, Chiloe. I'am work in my practice in a hatchery of oyster, scallops and mussels, with all task about hatchery and laboratory, like...
United States, California
Canada, Ontario
Chile, Los Lagos
Timberlands,farms and ranches for sale in Mexico
Timberland with good timber,oak,pine,tropical woods and also farms with good profit for growing grains,veggies,fruits ,vegetables for biofuel ranches excelent for animal raising and hunting and grow pasture,grains in Mexico
Mexico, Durango
Veg Oils - Palm/Canola, etc
Regards, Tim Vorick BioFuels Merchant We desire long term contract for Rapeseed/Palm Oil. We have a Bio Diesel refinery in Texas (USA). We are Green Hunter Energy, Inc. We will buy FOB at your origin, load to our own chartered vessel.
United States, Texas
Research staff
Co-authored a paper entiltled “A preliminary study on the growth of Indian spiny lobster, Panulirus homarus, in relation to moulting” for the 18th National Symposium on Reproductive biology and Comparative Endocrinology, held at Department of Zoology,...
Australia, Queensland
Canada, Northwest Territories
United Kingdom, Bedfordshire
Need Cottonseed oil in Bulk
I can handle a certain degree of contmination (water, solids, etc). I am seeking bulk cottonseed oil for bio fuel project. I am in Brady TX and your source needs to be in Central West Texas.
United States, Texas
Seeking Research assistant position
NVQ in English level 2 and 3. 1997- 2002 First Degree in Ocean Sciences, specialising in Environment and Marine Pollution. UK Dissertation: “The effect of microalgal diets on growth, biochemical composition and fatty acid profile of Crassostrea corteziensis...
United Kingdom, Cornwall
Spain, Galicia
Portugal, Madeira
Prices start at : 9.1 USD / 1.00 lbs

Reduces soil compaction, too! Available size: 8 oz Container DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Mix in your hose-end sprayer or watering can and spray onto soil surface, water in with a sprinkler.
United States, Montana
Wanted Sugar Beet Variety seeds
I am with Arkansas Biofuels Enterprises LLC I will trade free advertising for you on my website as well as credit for seed production on my website Enough seeds for greenhouse studies is also adequate.
United States, Arkansas
United States, North Dakota
United States, California
Research and development
Matambo, T.S., Paine, J.I.P., Coetzee, M., Koekemoer, L.L. 2009. Our research group is currently investigating ways of producing Bioethanol using microbials and bioreactors through fermentation.
United Kingdom, London
South Africa, Gauteng
United States, New York
Seeking hatchery manager position
Fish husbandry, live food and microalgae culture, system design and management I am also investigating the use of the microalgae Nannochloropsis oculata as a phytoremediation agent for the re-circulating system effluent.
Australia, South Australia
New Zealand, Hawke's Bay
Brazil, Rio Grande do Norte
Researchers Make Microbial Breakthrough
For example, a simple change in the colon’s microbial population can contribute to the development of inflammatory bowel diseases. “U of I’s research has created an enzyme cocktail that can release simple sugars from hemicellulose and, in turn,...
United States, Pennsylvania
Metropolic Import Export Trading
Import and Export of crude and refine sunflower oil, biofuels
Algae Is The New Protein
They actually didn’t set out to develop a bacon-flavored algae, rather they were trying to develop a variety that would boost rate of gain for albacore tuna. You might find some of this stuff interesting, too: The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural...
United States, Pennsylvania
Wanted Rapeseed Oil
Looking for a supplier of Rapeseed oil, crude or refined for biofuel prod. Target price USD 400/MT, quantity from 20MT to 12500MT/month depending on your ability Target price USD 400/MT, quantity from 20MT to 12500MT/month, we are direct producer, we...
Sweden, Jonkopings