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Red Japenese Maple
I\'ve been asked if we have done any root pruning to get ready for transplanting this is what i responded: from what i know the tree has not been pruned in 3 years, the women whom the house was purchased from had many gardens & trees which did not work...
United States, Connecticut
Weeping Lace Leaf Japanese Red Dwarf Mapl
(However, I have a reserve price in mind) It will be the buyer\'s expense and responsibility to safely remove the japanese dwarf maple. It\'s dimensions are roughly 4.5 feet wide 4.5 feet deep and almost 4 feet in height.
United States, New York
Resident Canada Geese
They do not have a birthplace up north in Canada. The instinct to fly north to familiar breeding grounds wasYou see, earlier in America's history, migratory Canada geese were fair game for hunting, as they are today, but with a difference:were used instead...
United States, California
Invasive Animal Species in My Yard
Until a baby falls into our hands and we bend over backwards to save its life, rehabilitate it, and happily send it back out into the ‘wilds' (our back yards, usually).Well, that pretty much sums up the invasive list of animals that frequent my back...
United States, California
About Abutilons
Not as prolifically for me as the ones in catalog photos, but those businesses have greenhouses and I don't! They actually are members of the Abutilon rather than the Acer family, but they do flower.
United States, California
Enter Our Second Annual Invasive Species Photo Contest!
We'd like to invite you to enter ourImages of the 2011 winners are by photographers, plantladylin (cane toad), Aqua0174 (purple loosestrife), smallwonders (wool carder bee), and linthicum (eurpopean starling.)
United States, California
The Asparagus Fern
Despite the plant's many positive attributes, gardeners should observe some precautions in its use. The University of Florida Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants recommends that Florida residents not purchase, propagate or plant the asparagus fern.
United States, California
How My Wild Turkey Hunt Turned Into A Hunt For Invasive Plants
If you’re traversing your property for other recreational activities, take a moment to help clean up invasive species and make your land a little bit healthier. The second year, the plants push up tall, slender stalks and produce flowers.
United States, Pennsylvania
Autumn Blaze® Maple
Prices start at : 63.95 USD / #3 Container range: 2.3 - 2.8 gallons (10 - 12 liters)

The Autumn Blaze Red Maple tree has won several “tree of the year” awards for its amazing unequaled qualities, and will certainly be a priceless addition to your home. One of the best things about the Autumn Blaze Red Maple tree is that it’s disease...
United States, Nebraska
Sugar Maple
Prices start at : 39.95 USD / 4" x 4" x 5" Container

One of the most remarkable assets of your Sugar Maple is its sap.  Sweeter than the sap of other Maples, the Sugar Maple sap produces syrup that is less cloudy and of higher quality.  It’s so easy to drain off some sap and boil it down that you’ll...
United States, Nebraska
Goats Enlisted to Fight Invasive Plants
Do you use goats to handle invasive plant species? We’re getting some work done and it’s a great concept to keep moving.” Visitors are welcome to watch the goats “work” at the nature center.
United States, Pennsylvania
Invasive Beetle Threatens U.S. Avocados
Paul Kendra and his colleagues at the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service Subtropical Horticulture Research Station in Miami, Fla., are searching for chemical attractants for beetle traps, treating trees in the ARS avocado collection with fungicides...
United States, Pennsylvania
Sugar Maple Trees: So Much to Offer!
A massive amount of sap must be collected and slowly boiled down, until the resulting syrup is reduced to 1/40th of the original volume. This feature also made it a popular material for railroad ties during the heyday of the rail transport system, and...
United States, California
Summer Red Maple Tree
Prices start at : 44.95 USD / #1 Container range: 2.3 - 3.7 quarts (2.5 - 4 liters)

The leaves grow thick and dense in the heat of summer to provide you the shade you need, when you need it. Then in the fall, the older leaves turn red, while the younger leaves turn yellow and orange providing a drool worthy classic autumn-color leaf...
United States, Nebraska
Red Maple Tree
Prices start at : 35.95 USD / #1 Container range: 2.3 - 3.7 quarts (2.5 - 4 liters)

* Hardy, fast growing * Adaptable to most soils * Easy to grow with few problems For Iron Chlorosis Maple Tree Galls Red Maples are Acer rubrum , and they are native over a wide range from west Texas through Minnesota and into Canada and all states south...
United States, Nebraska
Announcing the Winners of the 2014 Invasive Species Photo Contest
Dave's Garden is home to gardeners from around the world and we want to keep a global perspective on what is considered invasive. Our 2014 Invasive Species Photo Contest wrapped up this week and we're proud to announce the winners.
United States, California
Flamingo Boxelder Maple
Prices start at : 99.93 USD / #3 Container range: 2.3 - 2.8 gallons (10 - 12 liters)

People will be asking what kind of tree you’re growing because it is such a different look for a maple. It’s nicely sized for a garden bed or border or to use as a patio shade tree.
United States, Nebraska
Live Snails for sale Mollusks
Giant african snails and others. Buy live snails for breeding - Helix aspersa Maxima, - Helix aspers aspersa Muller, - Helix Pomatia. Our edible species sold and used in catering belong to two families: - the HELICIDAE family, genus HELIX, - the ACHATINIDAE...
Canada, Quebec
Frozen Blueberry
We offer high and fine quality Frozen Blueberry to our most reliable customers which are situated all round the nation. These Frozen Blueberry are available at market leading prices
Poland, warminsko-mazurskie
Battle Invasive Plants During Planting Day
Sustainable farmers face a lot of daily challenges: battling crop pests without the use of dangerous chemicals, growing nutritious pastures to nourish their grassfed livestock, protecting farmland from urban sprawl.
United States, Pennsylvania
Frozen Rhubarb
Product Season: May-June Product Species: Rheum palmatum Product Specification: 12-15mm cut Packing: 10kg/carton We offer high and fine quality Frozen Rhubarb to our most reliable customers which are situated all round the nation
Poland, mazowieckie
Gazania Seeds Colorado Gold
Prices start at : 5.95 USD / Packet

Golden, daisy-like blooms illuminate the early summer garden and unlike other Gazania, Colorado Gold is cold hardy. This perennial prefers well-draining soil and is drought tolerant once established.
United States, Vermont
Frozen Sweet Corn
Product Season: July Product Species: Royalty-Spirit-Dessert Product Specification: SuperSweet/Sweet Corn Kernel Packing:10kg/carton We offer high and fine quality Frozen Sweet Corn to our most reliable customers which are situated all round the nation.
Turkey, Bursa
Goats supply,Excellent breeds available
Please contact for more information #(802) 729-0326 Saanan, Nubian , Nigerian Dwarf ,pygmy , Alphine ,Pygora, Kinder, Angora , LaMancha ,Toggenburg , Boer , Kiko , Brush goats ,Tennessee Fainting Goat .
United States, California
Rabbit for sale
I am a breeder.sell rabbits of variouse species and colours.well trained and threated.will be ready to supply any amount. I am a breeder.sell rabbits of variouse species and colours.well trained and threated.
Cameroon, Ouest
Snail Farms
Our species include: Roman snails / Helix Pomatia, Helix aspersa maxima, Helix aspersa Muller, Giant African Snails - ACHATINA ACHATINA/GALS, We also breed ratites like Ostriches, Emus and Rheas .
United States, California
Buy Live Snails HERE!!
-Giant Achatina Achatina. We supply the following snails species: - Helix aspersa Maxima, - Helix aspers aspersa Muller, - Helix Pomatia. -GALs Contact for our supplier procedures directly via email
United States, New York
High safrole sassafras oil
Sassafras oil from varied plant species distilled to a safrole content above 90 percent. Ships within 3 days. Possible carcinogen, not for consumption. We sell high safrole sassafras oil in small or medium quantities.
United States, Pennsylvania
Japanese Maple Shishigashira Lions Head Maple
Prices start at : 59.95 USD / 2 Gal. 30 to 36 inches

Avoid using high Nitrogen lawn fertilizer on Japanese maples. Avoid pruning thicker branches that are more than half the diameter of the trunk. This is not to be rushed. Thin the lace leaf trees similarly to the upright trees.
United States, Maryland