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Livestock Waterers Farm Supplies For Sale In Athens Clarke County

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Replacement Float & Arm f/ WFD85
Prices start at : 21.00 USD / each

B79P Plastic Float with Arm for WFD85 and MFD85 field drinkers. B79P includes:Ref. 14, 15, 16 in parts list.
  • Weight: 1 lbs
Athens-Clarke County
Franklin 1/2\
Prices start at : 5.95 USD

1/2" orfice only for the inside of a Franklin Valve.
Athens-Clarke County
Franklin Float Connect
Prices start at : 2.55 USD

It is held by a float screw and connects on to the bottom of the float arm. Plastic piece that sits on top of the float.
Athens-Clarke County
Monticello .25 Orfice Valve w/ Arm & Float
Prices start at : 39.95 USD

Mostly used on cattle waterers such as Franklin, SPI & MiraFount and Pride of the Farm. Blue plastic valve assembly fits a 3/4" FPT with a .25" orfice inlet, includes arm that will fit any length, 2 thumbscrews & plastic float.
Athens-Clarke County
HCP 70 Gal. Aqua Tank
Prices start at : 72.10 USD

Available in Aqua Blue color only. The one piece construction eliminates cracking & splitting common in plastic-welded, two piece construction tanks. 3 year warranty. 43 3/4" x 28 3/4" x 23" Comes with 1.25" drain installed.
Athens-Clarke County
Jug Earth Tube Coupler
Prices start at : 16.00 USD

It is a split plastic coupler that fits into the corrugation of the Earth Tube. Used for joining multiple Earth Tubes.
Athens-Clarke County
Farm Innovator Cast Aluminum Utlity 500W De-Icer
Prices start at : 46.60 USD

Thermostatically controlled to only run when necessary. This donut shaped 500 Watt De-Icer is designed for multiple uses around the farm. Guaranteed for 1 year & SAFE IN PLASTIC. Constructed of Cast Aluminum for ultimate effiency & safety.
Athens-Clarke County
Open Trough Tank Heated
Prices start at : 995.00 USD / each

It is loaded with features not available on any competing trough drinker. 70 Gallon Open Trough Tank offers more features. Grade A compliant. More drinking length. It has 70 inches of drinking length and holds 70 gallons.
  • Weight: 150 lbs
Athens-Clarke County
HCP 100 Gal. Aqua Tank
Prices start at : 81.20 USD

3 year warranty. The one piece construction eliminates cracking & splitting common in plastic-welded, two piece construction tanks. Aqua Blue color only. Dimension: 50" x 33 1/4" x 24 1/4"
Athens-Clarke County
Prices start at : 7.90 USD

Connects valve to 301 round float. A brass rod float arm 1/4" x 7" with threads on each end.
Athens-Clarke County
SPI 354NG Energy Free Livestock Waterer
Prices start at : 770.00 USD

Specs: It is 36" wide x 41" long x 19" tall. With a 40 gallon capacity the waterer has a maximum usage of 200 Beef cows or 90 Dairy cows. The low profile design and fully hinged door provides animals better access to the water.
Athens-Clarke County
600W x 240V Element with Thermostat
Prices start at : 100.00 USD

600 watt x 240 volt heating element with surface mount thermostat included. Arkfeld waterer element & thermostat replacement.
Athens-Clarke County
Mira Fount Valve Plunger Seat Only for BLUE VALVE ONLY
Prices start at : 0.45 USD

Black rubber seat to fit inside the Mira Fount Blue Plunger in a Mira Fount cattle waterer valve.
Athens-Clarke County
Prices start at : 37.90 USD / each

Each valve comes with installation instructions, warranty information and parts list. Fluid level forces the float to rise and close the diaphragm chamber, which expands to stop incoming flow.
  • Weight: 1 lbs
Athens-Clarke County
Franklin Valve Lock Pin
Prices start at : 1.20 USD

This white pin holds the upper arm to the top base.
Athens-Clarke County
Frost Pro Plug O\'Ring Only
Prices start at : 0.35 USD

O'Ring only replacement for Frost Pro Accessory.
Athens-Clarke County
Prices start at : 10.95 USD

Robert's Brass 1/2" plunger only for replacement in existing 1/2" valve.
Athens-Clarke County
Prices start at : 1.95 USD

Robert's 3/4" rubber cup ring that fits on the brass plunger.
Athens-Clarke County
SPI 1 Hole Electric Waterer
Prices start at : 525.00 USD

Meets "Grade A" Dairy requirements (non-siphoning). The polyethylene used in our SPI Livestock Waterers is FDA and HPB approved, food grade, recyclable plastic. 5 year warranty. 22" W x 27" L x 26" H 7 gal.
Athens-Clarke County
15 Gal. Heavy-Duty Rubber Tub
Prices start at : 24.99 USD

  •  Weight: Approximately: 11.58 pounds
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Durable rubber construction
Athens-Clarke County
Pride of the Farm 80 Gallon Polar Max - No Heat
Prices start at : 1054.00 USD

Stainless steel bolts & removable top afford easy access to plumbing. Notched flanges for easy anchoring. Sealed bottom keeps out moisture & rodents. Polar Max Drinkers operate like thermos all year long.
Athens-Clarke County
MiraFount Model 3354-S
Prices start at : 919.82 USD / each

Capacity: 250 hd beef, 90 hd dairy, 4-9 1/2" ball closure, removable end panels. Whenever an animal drinks, it removes a quantity of water which is immediately replaced by ground water through the valve.
Athens-Clarke County
Prices start at : 59.00 USD

The Megaflow is compact, robust and manufactured from non-corroding materials. Its diaphragm principle of operation allows the Megaflow to give flows of up to 90 gallons per minute.
Athens-Clarke County
2900 Lil Spring Waterer
Prices start at : 371.72 USD / each

Approximately 48 lbs. Removable dome for quick and easy access to valve area. Has 2” to 3” urethane foam insulation. 30.5” x 16.5” x 27” tall. 19” drinking height. Sloped bottom for easy clean-out.
Athens-Clarke County
Mira Fount Float Arm
Prices start at : 16.00 USD

Float Arm for the Mira Fount M3330 waterer.
Athens-Clarke County
Farm Innovator Premium Submersible 250W Bucket Ice Chaser
Prices start at : 47.95 USD

Operates effecicently at the bottom of the bucket because warm water rises. Farm Innovator's Ice Chaser operates automatically only during freezing temperatures. 1 year warranty. The 250W elemnt is encased in aluminum for durability & safety.
Athens-Clarke County
Jug Complete Float Valve
Prices start at : 59.00 USD

This Complete Valve is used on the J303 or J303EF Corner Mount Horse Stall Waterer.
Athens-Clarke County
Anti-Siphon Trough-O-Matic Float Valve
Prices start at : 19.99 USD

  •  Includes expansion brackets
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 7.75 x 4.4 x 3.2 inches.
  •  Made of durable aluminum
  •  Made in the USA
  •  Weight: Approximately: 1.84 pounds
Athens-Clarke County
Jug Bottom Weatherseal Kit
Prices start at : 17.00 USD

1 per model EXCEPT 404 models need 2 kits. Weather seal Kit for Jug 101, 202 & 404 with or without heat.
Athens-Clarke County