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5 lb Poultry Conditioner Supplement
Prices start at : 9.49 USD

  •  Weight: Approximately: 5 pounds
  •  Formula should be fed as a supplement with other feed or scratch grains
  •  Amino acids provide the building blocks for muscle growth and development
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 11.5 x 8.25 x 5 inches.
  •  Model # 1000211
  •  Excellent source of protein and energy
Bovi-Shield Gold One Shot - 5 Dose
Prices start at : 20.59 USD

  •  Proven safe in pregnant cows when label directions are followed
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 2.58 x 2.5 x 1.25 inches.
  •  Effective respiratory and reproductive cattle vaccine
  •  Weight: Approximately: 1 pounds
20cc Luer Lock Disposable Syringe - 4 pk
Prices start at : 3.29 USD

  •  The positive plunger stop allows for maximum filling and eliminates costly spills and a serrated thumb press or a positive grip
  •  Luer lock syringes are made specifically for the animal health market
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Weight: Approximately: .14 pounds
  •  Easy to read, bold graduations to ensure dosing accuracy and a medical grade silicon lubricant inside barrel for smooth accurate delivery
Fight Strong for Cow Stress - 130 Ct.
Prices start at : 162.69 USD

Get cows back on feed with Fight Strong for Cow Stress capsules. This is a natural capsule that stimulates rumen function to get cows on feed fast for superior health and productivity.
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 10 x 9.9 x 7.9 inches.
  •  32 g. capsules (130 ct.)
  •  Weight: Approximately: 10.48 pounds
  •  Stimulates rumen function to provide more energy for production
  •  Promotes gut health
Bar-Vac CD/T - 50 mL
Prices start at : 9.39 USD

  •  Dosage- Cattle-5ml, goats and sheep-2ml
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 3.38 x 1.38 x 1.38 inches.
  •  For the immunization of healthy goats, sheep and cattle against enterotexemia & tetanus
  •  Made in the USA
  •  Do not vaccinate within 21 days prior to slaughter
Terramycin Scours Tablets - Box of 100
Prices start at : 69.89 USD

  •  Oral antibiotic treatment for scours caused by E. coli and Salmonella typhimurium
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 5.05 x 2.81 x 2.81 inches.
  •  Weight: Approximately: .78 pounds
  •  Oxytetracycline HCI
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
California Mastitis Test (CMT) Kit
Prices start at : 13.99 USD

I got it a month ago to test for mastitis and it is pretty easy and usuful to use.
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Made in the USA
  •  Consists of 4 cup test paddle and plastic squeeze reagent dispenser
  •  Also includes 16 oz. plastic bottle of California Mastitis Test concentrate and directions
EMT Gel First Aid Kit in a Tube - 1 Oz.
Prices start at : 13.89 USD

  •  Seals & protects wounds
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 9 x 5 x 1.5 inches.
  •  First aid gel & wound treatment for large & small animals
  •  Supports healing process
  •  Weight: Approximately: .13 pounds
  •  Contains natural Hydrolysate of Collagen
Ultrabac 7 Vaccine
Prices start at : 4.59 USD

  •  Dosage - Cattle - 5 ml subcutaneously Sheep - 2.5 ml subcutaneously
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Revaccinate annually - 21 day slaughter withdrawal U.S. Lic. No. 225
  •  Ultabac 7 killed bacterial vaccine for protection against diseases caused by Cl. chauvoei, septicum, novyi, sordellii and perfringens types C & D in healthy cattle and sheep
Albadry Plus Suspension
Prices start at : 34.89 USD

This combination of penicillin G procaine and novobiocin sodium is effective against major staph and strep pathogens. Treat sub-clinical mastitis in dry cows quickly and effectively with Pfizer Albadry Plus Suspension.
  •  Box of 12 tubes
  •  Do not use less than 30 days prior to calving
  •  Fights major staph & strep pathogens
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 8 x 4.38 x 3.25 inches.
  •  Hold milk 72 hrs. after calving
Cattlemaster GOLD FP 5 L5
Prices start at : 27.89 USD

It would be hard to find a more convenient product than Pfizer's Cattlemaster GOLD FP 5 L5. A single dose protects against IBR, P13, BRSV, Lepto 5 and both types of BVD. Cattlemaster GOLD is convenient to administer and safe to use on any calf or cow...
  •  PreZent-A stimulates the immune system
  •  Beef-friendly subcutaneous administration
  •  Provides protection against IBR, PI3, BRSV, Lepto 5 and both types of BVD
  •  Includes Pfizer adjuvant PreZent-A
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
Nolvasan S - Pt.
Prices start at : 34.49 USD

  •  Concentrated chlorhexadine diacetate
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Weight: Approximately: 1.12 pounds
  •  Scented disinfectant
Inforce 3 Respiratory Vaccine - 25 Dose Vial
Prices start at : 35.49 USD

  •  Aids in the prevention of parainfluenza type 3 (PI3)
  •  Fits protocols for incoming stocker & feedlot cattle & transition dairy cattle
  •  For use in beef & dairy cattle of all ages, including pregnant females & newborn calves
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 3.78 x 3.38 x 1.58 inches.
  •  Gives the highest level of protection against bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV)
Empower Boost 40 lb High Fat Rice Bran Horse Feed
Prices start at : 31.98 USD

She does not look like senior and i am thrilled qith how this keeps her happy! I have been using this for about five years now. My hard keepers have put on weight and are super shiny, and slick.
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 30 x 18 x 5 inches.
  •  Empower Boost is an extruded combination of flaxseed and high-fat rice bran
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Ideal for hard keepers, underweight horses, horses in heavy training, performance horses, race horses, and horses requiring nutritional support for Tying Up
  •  Empower Boost is a specially formulated to give your horse an extra boost to train longer, work harder, and perform better
  •  Added selenium and vitamin E provide antioxidant benefits
20cc Nylon Syringe
Prices start at : 6.99 USD

With accurate adjustable dosing options, doses of 1-5 mL can be easily selected and administered. Whether used for vaccinations or medication, Neogen's repeater syringes have been trusted for over 30 years by veterinarians and livestock owners alike.
  •  Designed for one-hand operation and are easy to dis-assemble as well as clean
  •  The syringe also has a dosing nut and luer lock fitting
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Weight: Approximately: .15 pounds
MooCall Calving Sensor
Prices start at : 298.99 USD

An email and app notifications are also sent to give you that extra layer of cover. Then an SMS alert to up to 2 phones is sent to you to ensure that you can be present when calving occurs, usually about 1 hour prior to calving.
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 8.25 x 7 x 4.66 inches.
  •  1 hour advance warning of calving via sms, app and email
  •  Off trail notification if device falls off the tail
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
First Defense - 5 Doses
Prices start at : 34.99 USD

  •  Targets potential sites of intestinal infection
  •  Dissolves readily upon reaching calf's stomach
  •  Provides protective levels of antibodies
  •  Blocks enterotoxigenic E. coli adherence
  •  Contains dried colostral antibodies
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
Bovi-Shield GOLD FP 5 L5 - 10 Doses
Prices start at : 19.79 USD

Pfizer Bovi-Shield GOLD FP 5 L5 vaccine prevents BVDV PI in calves. Just as importantly, it provides this protection for a full 365 days. Bovi-Shield GOLD also helps prevent several other critical diseases, and is safe for pregnant cows when used according...
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 2.78 x 2.58 x 1.38 inches.
  •  Prevents BVDV PI in calves
  •  Aids in prevention of disease caused by the 5 Leptospira serovar
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Aids in prevention of IBR abortions
Eprinex Pour-On Cattle Dewormer - 1 Liter
Prices start at : 116.99 USD

  •  Zero milk withholding, zero meat withdrawal, can used on cattle of all ages and breeds
  •  Fully waterproof, odorless, non-flammable and no need to wear gloves or protective gear
  •  Weight: Approximately: 2.66 pounds
  •  The broadest spectrum and most potent parasite control available with one easy application
  •  Controls more species and stages of internal and external parasites than any other parasiticide
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
50cc Pistol Grip Automatic Syringe
Prices start at : 48.99 USD

  •  Sturdy, comfortable pistol grip syringe allows multiple injections
  •  Clean well and lubricate with silicone oil after each use
  •  Regularly replace washers
  •  Safe, durable plastic barrel with luer lock tip
  •  Mfr. item number - AA014
Calf-Manna Supplement - 50 Lb.
Prices start at : 29.99 USD

Keeps weight on young, mothers and any ill creatures
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Also give to cattle, foals, horses, rabbits, goats, poultry, and swine
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 27 x 17 x 5 inches.
  •  Weight: Approximately: 50 pounds
  •  For all life stages
  •  Keeps animals on feed during times of stress
28% Protein Cattle Tub
Prices start at : 65.99 USD

Always have what I need for farm use and home also. Awesome customer service.
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  200 lb. lick tub
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 24 x 24 x 17 inches. (LTL truck)
  •  For self-feeding to cattle
Polypropylene Hub Needle 18G x 1.5 In. - 100/Box
Prices start at : 16.99 USD

  •  Stainless steel cannula
  •  ISO color-coded cartridges for easy gauge identification
  •  Tamper evident cartridges are safe, convenient, easily disposed of and transportable
  •  Clear hubs for easy viewing of flashback
  •  Anti-friction coating for minimal penetration resistance and animal discomfort
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 8.1 x 3 x 2.04 inches.
ToMORROW Mastitis Treatment - 12 Ct.
Prices start at : 32.76 USD

One key to successful mastitis control is to catch it early. Fort Dodge ToMORROW Mastitis Treatment is used at the first sign of inflammation or any alteration in milk, and it stops mastitis in its tracks.
  •  Use at the first signs of inflammation
  •  Weight: Approximately: .75 pounds
  •  Effectively treats mastitis in dry cows
  •  Fights strains resistant to penicillin
  •  For dry cows
Blu-Kote Topical Germicide & Fungicide
Prices start at : 5.79 USD

  •  Effective treatment for surface wounds, abrasions & ringworm
  •  Highly effective against pus producing bacteria & common fungus infections
  •  5 oz. aerosol can
  •  Made in the USA
  •  Penetrates to reduce pus formation & dry up secretions & pox-like lesions
Valbazen - 500 mL
Prices start at : 42.89 USD

  •  Removal and control of stomach worms, intestinal worms, lungworms, tapeworms and liver flukes
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Weight: Approximately: 1.32 pounds
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 6.5 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches.
Udder Infusion Cannulas  2.5 In. - 3pk
Prices start at : 7.99 USD

  •  Trusted by veterinarians and dairymen alike, this product can help keep your operation running successfully
  •  Ideal Udder Infusion Cannulas are made of nickel-finished brass with a square needle hub
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 5.3 x 3.2 x .52 inches.
  •  Application of medicine can be both time consuming and difficult depending upon a variety of factors
  •  Developed with the health and safety of both the animal and the operator in mind, these cannulas are essential to every dairy operation
Elite 9-HS
Prices start at : 29.89 USD

  •  To protect agains IBR, BVD, PI3, BRSV, Lepto 5 and Haemophilus somnus
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 4 x 2 x 2 inches.
  •  Weight: Approximately: .14 pounds
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
Neogen Shoulder Length OB Glove - 10 Pk
Prices start at : 3.98 USD

  •  Weight: Approximately: .2 pounds
  •  A premium glove at an economy price
  •  The ideal shoulder length glove is designed for ob. and ai use
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 9 x 6 x .5 inches.