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What Is Lewisia: Information On Lewisia Care And Cultivation
It couldn't be simpler to grow Lewisia bitterroot plants. Its taproot was also used as a food by the Flathead Indians. With all the other garden chores required for a healthy garden, you can rest with Lewisia care.
Wild Carrot Seed needed
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I do not need domestic carrot seeds or any other vegetable or any other seeds so do not email me unless you can provide Daucus carota ssp. It must be wild carrot seeds, which is also known as Queen Anne's Lace.
United States
Dried marigold flower
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Samples and pictures can be send. Production field is in Romania southern part. Dried marigold flower. I have 200kg of dried marigold flower production 2010.samples and pictures can be send.
Natural chestnut flower honey
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Mr. Otar Gulua Import-Export manager Ltd TAPLIS MTA #38-60 Vazha-Pshavela ave. Our honey is not like Chinese one. It is in dark color because of chestnut flower composition and acacia honey is very tasty.
Dandelion Flower Heads Needed for Wine
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This would be my first attempt at it and considering that I live in New York City I don't have much access to dandelions. Ever since I was a kid my mother had told me about how my grand ...
United States
New York
Kwekerij Jaap Duijs
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Also sending bulbs all over Europe. Breeding Rhodohypoxis, xRhodoxis and Tulbaghia. A small nursery with all year round lots of flowering bulbs on pots. Lots of new plants, see flowers on website.
Magnolia denudata tree seeds
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It has been cultivated in Chinese Buddhist temple gardens since 600 AD. Magnolia denudata, known as the Yulan magnolia (Chinese: p ), is native to central and eastern China. Magnolia denudata a rather low, rounded, thickly branched, and coarse-textured...
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Hardy hibiscus seeds from bushes they are 6 to 7 years old. When purchased the names on them were "clown", similar to the current swirl, "old yellar" and Luna white. Hardy hibiscus seeds for sale, the are from this summers flowering and still in their...
North Kansas City
Parmotrema lichen extract
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Gan efficacy of taste, cool. We hope you will give us reply by return mail so that we should start business with you immediately. Cooling blood, bleeding, detoxification. Another rule can be made into tincture body ringworm, tinea cruris is very effective.It...
Dog wood seeds and other seeds buying from u.s.a
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2 kg 7.pagoda dog wood seeds.2kg 8. Stella pink.2kg 5. Want buy dogwood tree seeds and other seeds from your company.please quto us as belows item. Aka tsuki dog wood seeds . 2 kg please recomend us other kind dog wood seeds.(no need oriental dog wood,s)...
gyosan 2 gil 23-2
Offer pyethrum refined pale extract and related
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At present, we are able to supply main products as following; 1) Pyrethrum refined extract 50% 2) Pyrethrum flower powder, pyrethrin content:1.2%-1.5% 3) Pyrethrum marc: pyrethrin contents: 0.01%-0.03% Now with large quantity of pyrethrum extract supply,...
Galax urceolata
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The round basal foliage is shiny green, leathery, and often has a reddish tint. These evergreen leaves are held on long petioles. Galax plants in 25 bunches.Spike-like racemes of dainty, white flowers grow on leafless stalks, 8-15 in.
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Acacia honey, buckwheat honey
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We export the honey to EU and other countries. Our honey is rape honey,ELA ,LA ,white honey, buckwheat honey, sunflower honey,linden honey,vitex honey,poly flower honey,acacia honey,We could supply the honey in bulk and retailed.
Prices start at : 6.99 USD / each

Blooms in spring and summer. Colors vary from plant to plant and can be either solid or striped colors. Native alpine plant is now available in a wide variety of pastel colors. Great perennial for rocky areas, especially rock gardens.
  • Genus: Lewisia cotyledon 'Rainbow Mix'
  • Max Height (feet): < 1
  • Zones: 5-8
  • Deer Resistant: Yes
  • Plant Lighting: Full Sun, Partial Sun/Shade
Lakes - Tall Timber
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Remarkably, unspoiled beauty of former Boy Scout Ranch. Come see for yourself! Awesome trees, lakes, and quiet serenity. Storage for boat or RV. Rolling hills, unique rock outcroppings, wild flowers, and panoramic view of blue hills in distance.
Salvia divinorum plant
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Please do not mistake the two. It is commonly found in southern Mexico, Central America and South America. Salvia is a herb (perennial) that is a part of the mint family. The plant has large green leaves with white and purple flowers that typically grow...
100% cotton compressed towel magic gift towel
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As regard to the pattern or style, we could offer plain dyed, reactive printed & velour, jacquard, embroidery. 100% Cotton Compressed printed magic towel Specifications: 1.Material:Cotton/Organic cotton/Bamboo Fiber/Microfiber/Wood Fiber/non-woven 2.30x30cm...
Automatic tea bags packing machinery
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This machine is suitable for packing such products as broken tea, coffee, ginseng essence, diet tea, health-caring tea, medicine tea, yerba mate tea, as well as tea leaves and herbal beverage, etc.
Organic Gardener\\\'s Dream Farm
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Kitchen appliances and dishwasher included. Sunroom / studio with lots of light and space. Wood-burning stove in living room. Established herb garden, rose and flower gardens. Property has its own well.
Small Organic Farm for long tern lease
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Small greenhouse, horseshoes, disk golf. Wecurrently teach organic gardening classes & have a volunteer group who garden. Building and infrastructure: 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom completely remodeled farm house.
45*3W led grow light
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Built-in cooling system (thermostatically controlled fans) solve the heat dissipation excellently 7. Our common light ratio :8:1 , 7:2 , 7:1:1 with the mixture of red , blue , orange ,yellow and white lights , or customized as your requests 5.
Lobaria pulmonaria
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Products have been exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, France, the indicators meet the export standards, welcome to pharmaceutical companies, distributors to negotiate to buy the product using plastic bags, packaging, outer lining aluminum...
Refined sunflower oil for sale
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Refined sun flower oil for sale at good price. We will be very happy to read from you with all your pac Our inspection is been carry out by sgs testing office but you can still bring in your your own inspectors to inspect the oils if want as for the delivery...
Direct From Grower $3.50/lb
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Plant Description Trefoil grows in zones 3-9, height 18 to 22 inches. Seeding rates of 8 to 10 lbs per acre is recommended under normal conditions. The plant seed head clusters to six pods which resembles a bird s foot .
Ecosystem Vertical Growing System
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Vertical growing is one of the latest breakthroughs in hydroponic growing techniques. Your plants then grow horizontally towards the light and you flower them very young for a very short final plant size.
Rose City
Nutriplant  AG
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Spray diluted NUTRIPLANT AG evenly on foliage using any conventional spraying equipment. Manganese aids in sugar metabolism, and molybdenum is involved in the transport of phosphorus, a very important element in energy transport and storage.
Queens Village
49 Acre Farm/Ranch, 3 Bed, 1.5 Bath
Price : CALL

The Old Oregon Trail runs the length of the property alongside the creek. It's a perfect climate for fruit and we were planning a vineyard and small winery. Call 541-877-tw There is a huge garden area which is essentially flat and is flood irrigated.
Baker City
50 Pound Bag - Birdsfoot Trefoil Seed
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Plant Description Trefoil grows in zones 3-9, height 18 to 22 inches. Seeding rates of 8 to 10 lbs per acre is recommended under normal conditions. The plant seed head clusters to six pods which resembles a bird s foot .
**Spacious Country Farm for Sale in WI **
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Perfect for a large or growing family. The other bedrooms have hardwood, as does the Master, but it is carpeted. 5bd, 2.5bth Home,fm rm,lv rm, fireplace, laundry rm, 3 seasons room,10 Acres, pond.