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Lawn Garden Seeders, Sprayers Spreaders Horse Supplies For Sale In District Of Columbia

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Lawn & Garden Sprayer
Prices start at : 33.60 USD / each

Lawn & Garden Sprayer Multi-purpose sprayer for Herbicides, Pesticides, Fertilizers and general cleaning, SureSpray Anti-clog Filter, Translucent Tank, Ergonomic pump handle, Funnel top for easy filling
District of Columbia
Prices start at : 12.99 USD / each

Machete Machete in stock and ready to ship. Caution: sharp blade. Shop our on-line catalog with over 120,000 products for you and your horse. Cutlery steel blade, black poly handle.
District of Columbia
RL Pro Piston/Diaphragm Pump Backpack Sprayer
Prices start at : 173.30 USD / each

RL Pro Piston/Diaphragm Pump Backpack Sprayer RL Pro Piston/Diaphragm Pump Backpack Sprayer in stock and ready to ship. Size: 4 Gal Capacity Flow control with lock-on and positive lock-off.
District of Columbia
RL Pro Piston Backpack Sprayer
Prices start at : 115.99 USD / each

Size: 4 Gal Capacity RL Pro Piston Backpack Sprayer High density polyethylene tanks: designed for large professional applications.
District of Columbia
Farm And Field Sprayer
Prices start at : 41.00 USD / each

Farm And Field Sprayer Poly unit comes with 42 inch nylon reinforced hose, 12 wand, and adjustable fan nozzle. Funnel top tank for easy filling. Patented anti-clog filter; ergo handle for comfort.
District of Columbia
Solo Handheld Sprayer 1 Liter
Prices start at : 14.19 USD / each

This unique, one hand sprayer incorporates all the easy pump, easy fill, easy clean-up characteristics found on Solo sprayers. Ideal for misting young, delicate seedlings. Features a fully adjustable nozzle, a drip/drift guard and a hinged, multidirectional...
District of Columbia
Ergonomic Hand Held Spreader
Prices start at : 19.20 USD / each

Ergonomic Hand Held Spreader Ergonomic Hand Held Spreader is an excellent product we know our customers will love. Color: Red Size: 1 Pound Hopper Has a 110 cubic inch capacity, high rpm gearbox with enclosed smooth anti-skip gears.
District of Columbia
Handheld Sprayer 1.5 Quart
Prices start at : 42.49 USD / each

Meets professional standards for plant, janitorial and pest control uses! Precision pumping system with fully adjustable nozzle. 1 1/2 quart capacity. 60 psi working pressure.
District of Columbia
Chapin Poly Pro Series
Prices start at : 36.19 USD / each

The Chapin Pro Series are poly sprayers that are designed for fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide and watering applications. Choose from 1, 2, or 3 gallon models. The large opening measures four inches for convenience in filling and cleaning.

Product Features

    • Ship Wt: 5.7 lb
    • Large four inch opening for easy filling and cleaning: Product Features
    • Translucent Poly Tank with pressure relief valve allows for viewing of tank level without having to remove pump cap, immune to most fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, yet lightweight and durable: Product Features
    • Cushion Grip Shut-Off with padded cushion grip, built-in filter, Viton Seals, poly fan nozzle, and a poly and a brass adjustable nozzle: Product Features
    • SureSpray Anti-Clog Filter: Product Features
    • Applications: Fertilizers, Fungicides, Herbicides, Watering: Product Features
    District of Columbia
    Leonard 70 lb Broadcast Spreaders
    Prices start at : 423.99 USD / each

    Hopper cover and screen included. Ship wt 34 lbs. Professional spreaders that will apply a wide variety of flowable material with perfect pattern accuracy! From turf fertilizers and pre-emergents to ice melts and seed, the AM70 offers the biggest bang...
    • Type: Stainless Steel Frame
    District of Columbia
    SRW XY Xylene Specialty Cleantm
    Prices start at : 35.39 USD / each

    Makes cleaning up sealers a breeze! SRW Specialty Cleantm XY Xylene Solvent is a fast-acting solvent. It aids in tool clean-up and overspray. Use it to thin and dissolve acrylic sealers.
    District of Columbia
    SnowEx Spreader Cover
    Prices start at : 52.49 USD / each

    Fits SR210X, SP125X, and SP225X 12Volt spreaders. Keeps the product in the hopper dry, allows it to flow freely, less clumping! Addition of the SnowEx Weather Cover to the SnowEx 12Volt Spreader will prevent moisture contamination into the spreading material...


      • The clear materiel offers a "visual" on the quantity of contents in the hopper: Product Benefits
      • Clear heavy-mil plastic: Specs
      • Fits the Snowex utility spreaders SR210X, SP125X, SP225X: Specs
      District of Columbia
      New! Chapin Hand Crank Spreader, 1.6 Liter Capacity
      Prices start at : 11.99 USD / each

      Buy one and use it year-round! Lightweight, durable, and versatile! The Chapin 1.6 liter hand-crank spreader features a scoop design. An enclosed gear system prevents debris and keeps the unit running smoothly.


        Product Features

          • Dimensions (inches): 12 x 7 x 6-1/5: Specs
          • Capacity (liters): 1.6: Specs
          • Enclosed gears: Product Features
          • 3 gate gate-adjustment settings allow for a wide range of materials: Product Features
          • Trigger-style gate control: Product Features
          District of Columbia
          Birchmeier Backpack Sprayer 4gal
          Prices start at : 314.89 USD / each

          Reliable, practical, with a long service life due to: Durable, chemical resistant brass cylinder! Birchmeier has spent the last 130 years perfecting their top of the line quality sprayers! Pump piston with an easily adjusted gasket.

          Product Features


              • Max output of .58 gpm: Specs
              • Quick adjust straps and a strong stainless steel base to keep it upright: Product Features
              • Why does it appear there is a bottom slot missing for one shoulder strap but not the other (at the metal base of the sprayer)?: FAQ
              • UV stabilized heavy duty 4 gallon container with large filtered opening: Product Features
              • Adjustable brass nozzle: Specs
              • Builds pressure to 87 psi: Specs
              District of Columbia
              Jacto 3 Gallon Backpack Sprayer with Poly Piston Pump
              Prices start at : 79.99 USD / each

              Ultra comfortable, contoured, lightweight professional-grade 3 gallon backpack sprayer. 3-year warranty, see owner's manual for details. Combines lightweight comfort with durability and a highly efficient design.

              Product Features

                • Contoured tank for comfort and complete emptying of tank: Product Features
                • Stainless steel spray wand: Product Features
                • Internal piston pump to eliminate leakage: Product Features
                • Lever and wand storage clip for easy transporting: Product Features
                • Hydraulic agitation system: Product Features
                • Ergonomic trigger valve with locking trigger and integral filter: Product Features
                District of Columbia
                Constructo Galvanized Steel Sprayer
                Prices start at : 116.99 USD / each

                Ship weight: 8 pounds Using the right sprayer is crucial to getting hardscaping jobs done right! When applying paver sealant, you need the right sprayer. Hudson coated both the inside and outside of the steel tank with Endurall.

                Product Features

                  • Features a brass Thrustlesstm control valve - lasts longer and shuts off quickly: Product Features
                  • Equipped with a Continental ContiTech Frontier extreme chemical-resistant hose: Product Features
                  • Inside and outside of steel tank coated with Endurall® epoxy: Product Features
                  • 2-nozzles, 110-10E and 8004E: Product Features
                  • Spray wand is 24-inches long and features a large aperture. Wand is made from strong, curved brass: Product Features
                  • 14-inch brass pump is great for high temperatures and many solvent applications: Product Features
                  District of Columbia
                  New! Jacto Compression Sprayer, 1-1/3 Gallon Capacity
                  Prices start at : 31.99 USD / each

                  A decompression valve enables you to remove the tank lid safely. It is small enough to carry and sturdy enough to work all day, every day! Tough yet portable! This handheld Jacto Compression Sprayer features a durable 1-1/3-gallon tank with a piston-style...

                  Product Features

                    • Cone nozzle adjusts for more control: Product Features
                    • Trigger valve is sturdy yet lightweight: Product Features
                    • Decompression valve enables you to remove the tank lid safely: Product Features
                    • Wide funnel-type opening makes filling easy: Product Features
                    District of Columbia
                    New! SnowEx 100-Pound Broadcast Spreader
                    Prices start at : 319.99 USD / each

                    This walk-behind spreader features a non-corrosive LLDPE poly hopper. SnowEx includes a poly hopper cover with each spreader. SnowEx builds this spreader with the professional in mind.


                      Product Features

                        • Broadcast diameter (feet): 20: Specs
                        • Distributes rock salt or other pelletized material in a 20-foot diameter: Product Benefits
                        • Includes a hopper cover: Product Features
                        • Overall length (inches): 50: Specs
                        • Non-corrosive LLDPE poly hopper: Product Features
                        • Overall height (inches): 28: Specs
                        District of Columbia
                        One Hand Sprayer For Lawn And Garden Use
                        Prices start at : 16.99 USD / each

                        One Hand Sprayer For Lawn And Garden Use One Hand Sprayer For Lawn And Garden Use comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! The One Hand Sprayer, One Liter size, Features A New Cup-Device For Vertically Adjustable Spraying and Drift Protection.
                        District of Columbia
                        Flow Valve 21psi for SP Sprayers
                        Prices start at : 20.19 USD / each

                        This allows for precise applications. Controls flow and pressure! Maintains constant flow rate through nozzle regardless of variations in input pressure. Choose valves for Solo, SP, or Field King backpack sprayers.
                        District of Columbia
                        Solo Pro-Spot Drift Guard
                        Prices start at : 8.59 USD / each

                        Control spray drift in close-up targeted applications! Small shield is favored for spot treatment of herbicides in tight spaces. Popular for use in container nurseries and landscapes.
                        • The benefit of reduced drift is it protects the desirable plants around the weed. Also it saves on herbicide: Product Benefits
                        • 2" wide x 3" deep: Specs
                        • The drift guard reduces drift when spot spraying dandilions or other broadleaf weeds: Product Features
                        District of Columbia
                        Chapin 80-Pound Contractor Spreader
                        Prices start at : 171.99 USD / each

                        This spreader features an 80-pound capacity hopper with an enclosed gear system. Designed for strength AND precision! Chapin designed their Contractor Turf Spreader to withstand the elements.

                        Product Features

                          • Hopper capacity: 80 pounds: Specs
                          • Powder-coated steel frame: Product Features
                          • Finger-grip on hopper edge for balanced lifting: Product Features
                          • Enclosed gear system: Product Features
                          • Includes rain cover and hopper grate: Product Features
                          District of Columbia
                          Earthway EV-N-Spread Flex-Select Pro Spreaders
                          Prices start at : 392.29 USD / each

                          Frame has a load bearing capacity of 250lbs. Interchangeable tray system! Introducing the EV-N-SPREAD FLEX-SELECT Interchangeable Tray System, exclusive to EarthWay! You can select one of three optional uniquely suited trays that includes precision engineered...
                          • Ship Wt: 30lb
                          • Description: Earthway 80lb Spreader Pro
                          District of Columbia
                          Backpack Piston Pump Sprayer
                          Prices start at : 108.99 USD / each

                          Backpack Piston Pump Sprayer Backpack Piston Pump Sprayer. 4 foot hose for easy reach and padded shoulder straps. Large opening with filter basket. Shut-off valve and wand with an overall length of 28 inch for hard-to-reach places..
                          District of Columbia
                          Kings Portable Pressure Washer, 100 gal
                          Prices start at : 2348.69 USD / each

                          Clean vehicles, equipment and hard surfaces anywhere! Skid-mount 100 gallon portable pressure washer offers professional cleaning in a skid design. No need to worry about connecting hoses to a water source; it's included in this rig when you fill the...
                          • With the 100 gallon tank there is no need to seek a spigot each time you use it; fill the water tank and you are ready: Product Features
                          District of Columbia
                          New! SnowEx 12-Gallon Walk-Behind Liquid Sprayer
                          Prices start at : 829.99 USD / each

                          The boom-less front nozzle makes short work of long walkways. This sprayer features both a heavy-duty wand and an adjustable boom-less front nozzle. Use the SnowEx 12-Gallon Walk-Behind Liquid Sprayer to apply your eco-friendly brines solutions.

                          Product Features

                            • Powder-coated steel frame: Product Features
                            • 12-volt 1 GPM/60 psi pump: Product Features
                            • Overall width (inches): 28: Specs
                            • Spray wand gets into hard-to-reach places: Product Benefits
                            • Rechargeable battery: Product Features
                            • Heavy-duty wand: Product Features
                            District of Columbia
                            Jacto 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer with Brass Piston Pump
                            Prices start at : 134.99 USD / each

                            This 4 gallon sprayer is popular among farmers, landscapers and construction crews who need extreme toughness and resistance to abusive chemicals. Brass piston pump for extra long life and chemical resistance.

                            Product Features

                              • Heavy-duty trigger valve is field serviceable: Product Features
                              • Color: White
                              • High density polyethylene UV-resistant tank: Product Features
                              • Internal mechanical agitator for constant mixing: Product Features
                              • Anti-corrosion electrostatic powder paint on metal components: Product Features
                              • Brass piston pump for extra long life and chemical resistance: Product Features
                              District of Columbia
                              Earthway Variable Speed Controller For M21P M21SS M40 Spreaders
                              Prices start at : 238.39 USD / each

                              Wiring harness and on/off switch included. For use with all Earthway 12 volt spreaders! For optional motor speed control without reducing torque, add the variable speed control unit.
                              District of Columbia
                              Pressure Sprayer
                              Prices start at : 45.30 USD / each

                              Newly designed mid-price range sprayer incorporating a large filler opening and the popular funnel top concept. Pressure Sprayer Pressure Sprayer is an excellent product we know our customers will love.
                              District of Columbia